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  1. The northern german mustards (dusseldorf et al) vs the southern (Bavarian) are quite different, and I would really enjoy an in-depth introduction to the various styles.
  2. I find that in the mustard world, the german mustards are very under represented. I bought "The Complete Mustard" by Robin Weir, only to discover that there was no mention of any German mustard or mustard inspired dishes from Germany.
  3. Violin_guy

    Dinner 2021

    "Nice" Burgundy? Lol! That's a fantastic Burgundy from a great vintage. Well done you!
  4. Are those sour oranges like Seville oranges?
  5. Arbroath smokies are in no way related to Masgouf. Masgouf is a large freshwater fish (usually carp) that is grilled in front of a live fire, crisping the skin. Arbroath smokies are saltwater fish (haddock) that after gutting are salted whole, then hot smoked (indirectly) in an enclosed container (barrel or kiln) for a period of time.
  6. I use this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjbmTxhX7qE
  7. I'm afraid this is getting off topic. Sorry to be so specific, but I was referring to only the grades of Hungarian paprika. I still don't have an answer to my question in general, though I appreciate the input. Under what circumstances would I use one grade or another? Different dishes? Is one grade better for fish, one for poultry, one for game etc? Or is it just personal choice?
  8. Violin_guy

    Dinner 2021

    Oh man, that's an excellent bottle of wine. Last time I had it was 2011 or so. Lucky you!
  9. @Duvel Thanks, can you go into detail? Do you mean that this is the paprika to use with carp, or any fish? Can you tell me why, or if rózsa paprika applies to any region of hungary, or is associated with a type of cooking? Also, is rózsa a particular variety of pepper, or more of grading system? I'm keen to learn! Vielen dank!
  10. @BonVivant What does "Rose" refer to? I love the culinaria series, btw.
  11. @Nyleve Baar Thanks for your comments! Is there a way to PM you? M
  12. What I am really after is someone with a really in-depth knowledge of hungarian paprika, that can explain the grades as listed above, and their individual uses.
  13. I grow and dry my own https://www.reneesgarden.com/products/hungarian-magyar and have had good success, but I want to delve much deeper into the classifications. M
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