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  1. C. sapidus

    Breakfast 2024

    Leftover peas topped with an over-easy egg and pickled shallots
  2. C. sapidus

    Dinner 2024

    Shrimp and spinach pesto, braised endive with kielbasa
  3. Dunno anything about ‘Hercules’, but welcome!
  4. I like onions. I think onions make everything better. Whatever the recipe calls for, I am likely to use more (assuming cooked onions, not raw). Often I cook onions down to a fraction of their initial volume, pure oniony goodness, as is done in many Indian recipes. See also: garlic and chiles. If the amount of onions was critical, clearly the recipe should provide some sort of +/- tolerance, in weight and/or volume (but preferably weight). But I have become a loosey-goosey cook over the years. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. C. sapidus

    Breakfast 2024

    Kielbasa with spinach, cilantro, goat cheese, and egg, flavored with chile serrano, onion, and garlic. Am I the only one eating breakfast these days?
  6. C. sapidus

    Breakfast 2024

    Spinach, chorizo, and egg, topped with pickled shallots. Added chopped cilantro stems to the spinach. Blended chipotle in adobo, tomatillo salsa, ginger (!), cumin, and cream, and mixed in with fried onion and garlic, and Mexican oregano. Would have been prettier if I didn't drop the fried egg (in the pan, not on the floor). Whoops
  7. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and safe travels. I appreciate the updates, but also understand when posting to random strangers in the internet is not your top priority.
  8. Mrs. C's sourdough bread. Best one yet! Side note: Mrs. C does glass fusing, and the plate the loaf is sitting on was one of her recent projects.
  9. C. sapidus

    Breakfast 2024

    Sweet potato, baked and then sauteed in butter with onion, ginger, garlic, cayenne, cumin, and garam masala. I am often dissatisfied with savory sweet potatoes but this was quite satisfying. We had a pre-baked sweet potato because Mrs. C had air fried one last night, and it was still there this morning . . .
  10. C. sapidus

    Dinner 2024

    Rajas de chile Poblano, mushroom, and chorizo tacos with tomatillo salsa and shallot relish
  11. C. sapidus

    Breakfast 2024

    Mushroom and chorizo tacos with white onion, garlic, and chipotle in adobo. Cumin, cinnamon, feta, and half-and-half to finish, topped with cilantro and chopped salad. Mushrooms were fried in leftover garlic oil. I might make something similar for dinner.
  12. C. sapidus

    Dinner 2024

    Pollo escabeche with carrots and potatoes, flavored with pickled jalapenos and the pickling juice, green olives, garlic, black pepper, and Mexican oregano.
  13. Welcome! Glad you un-lurked. 🙂
  14. C. sapidus

    Breakfast 2024

    Paneer cheese in chipotle sauce with roasted garlic, tomato, black pepper, and cloves. Topped with chile Poblano, onion, and cilantro in a Parmesan cream sauce. So kind of a Mexican-Indian-Italian mash-up.
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