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  1. There are no reviews of the recipe…I might wait until someone attempted them.
  2. @blue_dolphin many thanks for your detective efforts. You are correct on all accounts.
  3. I just found the original recipe for the fennel….it’s from The Mozza Cookbook, page 241.
  4. I forget the origin of the recipe and it is a bit more elaborate than what I do now. For 1/2 a fennel: Basically I toast some fennel seeds then crush them, about 1/2 teaspoon. I layer thickly sliced fennel on a buttered dish that holds the fennel in one layer. I sprinkle on the fennel, salt, and pepper. Then pour on about 1/4 cup Sambucca and about 1/2 cup chicken stock. Dot with butter and put in a 375 oven or CSO. Bake until tender. Then I crank the temp to make sure the fennel is browned a bit and the liquid is reduced. That’s a rough guide. Just check it while roasting and adjust as necessary.
  5. Ribeye, baked potato with all the fix’ns and fennel braised in Sambuca and toasted fennel seeds. We rarely have sweets.
  6. @ElsieD if you are a member of Eat your Books you could look at the index of recipes.
  7. @C. sapidus Has some great advice. That’s exactly what I did and had the station idea too. We had a tea and coffee area where all the cups, tea making equipment and supplies fit together. Then the prep area with drawers that held knives, mis en place bowls, etc. we also had an interior designer who had been trained in kitchen design. I reviewed all my lists of wants, etc. with her and she came up with a plan that needed just a few tweaks. Well worth the money and I just went with her hardware choices, etc. she also picked all the colours for our big house. She was amazing.
  8. I will add my welcome. Looking forward to seeing your food.
  9. For me the major feature of my Phillips Airfryer is the easy clean up. After a quick wipe with a paper towel into the dishwasher it goes. No oil splatter on the stove. I usually wipe down the interior but it isn’t very greasy. I use it for everything: chicken legs, hamburgers, rack of lamb, pork belly, etc. it does a fantastic job so quickly. There are only two of us so it is big enough. The major limitation is the size. Cooking for more than two would be a challenge. I suppose one could cook in batches as it is so quick. But you could still use it to make components of a meal like frying meatballs for a sauce, browning meat for a stew, etc. One could deglaze the drip tray if you are worried about loosing that. i bought a cheap one to test out whether I wanted one. After a year the electrical parts broke so I bought a good quality Phillips.
  10. If it is not your forever home then I’m with @gfweb, renovate for resale. There are so many options nowadays, you could update the kitchen in a way that you can enjoy it without breaking the bank. It is all about compromises.
  11. We used super steam at 350 for 15 minutes for Asian dim sum. Perfect cook.
  12. I loved the lace on the pan fried dumplings.
  13. @ElsieDi would just search on utube for a demo of how to use a canister…there are tons of them and they are very good. I think I got mine at Superstore or Great Canadian Wholesale Club if you have one near you…or Amazon. good luck. just charge the cylinder with the cream in it and store in fridge. Use it as many times as the cream lasts then disassemble and clean. That’s it. I do clean the tube the cream comes out if after each use but that is minor.
  14. I use my CSO also. For a crowd I use my electric warming tray as above to keep my food and limited number of plates warm.
  15. We have one of these…very handy https://www.amazon.ca/NCnnwovf-Ounce-Measuring-Liquid-Espresso/dp/B09ZV4CSBJ/ref=sr_1_145_sspa?crid=IG4LZU8FJFMG&keywords=measuring%2Bcups&qid=1697412620&sprefix=Measur%2Caps%2C484&sr=8-145-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGZfbmV4dA&th=1
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