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  1. I think mine came with the machine and it is the 'ancient horizontal extruder that works with the pasta meat grinder :-(( Good to know. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for all the options...a work in progress!
  3. I have an older KA pasta extruder model. I've used it a couple of times but have had difficulty getting the correct consistency so it extrudes. Do you use different doughs for the different extrusion plates? Would you be so kind as to post the recipe you are using to make such lovely pasta? Please and thank you.
  4. Here's one of a number of recipes on this website using plantain...some are sweetened and perhaps Ronnie would like those. My friend who is part West Indian makes these...delicious.
  5. Okanagancook

    Breakfast 2020!

    Coincidence, I just made my first batch of English Muffins from Peer Reinhart. i cooked them in a cast iron fry pan. 15 min for each side at 300 f...and there in is the problem..trying to maintain that temp. Used a thermapen to check the internal temp got to 200f. We loved the texture
  6. pass the salt was the second one I watched....only trouble is the five minute wait!
  7. Went down the rabbit hole of Joseph's Machines...brilliant...shared with many in isolation. I wonder if he shares his household with anyone....no room really. But nonetheless, a good pass time for those unable to go out 🤪
  8. Can't say we have had any off tastes.
  9. IGA chopped about $2.29. We also enjoy the PC Vegetable Medley.
  10. Frozen vegetables are really quite good when given some love. For example, bagged frozen, chopped spinach at our local small chain grocery is fabulous..very hard to tell it's frozen. We also like the 'vegetable medley' which has green bean, mini carrots, peas, corn and lima beans. Just say'n.
  11. My DH who isn't a foodie quite enjoyed it especially the very chaotic quick fire challenge. I agree, the wrong person got tossed..not the first time. It was interesting to see J. Tower as a judge. Cooking over a fire would be very challenging but who the hell pours oil onto fish when it is on the grill...that alone deserved an ejection.
  12. I roast my extra garlic and freeze it. I slice the top off, add a sprig of thyme, s & p, olive oil all wrapped in individual foil packages. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes can be put together really quickly. sorry, I see now this is a repeat of a previous suggestion..except I don’t bother to do anything with it before freezing...but if you are short on freezer space Alex’s idea is great.
  13. I know everyone is hoarding. Everyone is selling shares. South of the border guns are flying off the shelves. sociology 101....crowd behaviour Doesn’t make it smart. Everyone needs to stop.
  14. North Americans need to stop hoarding. Buy in your normal quantities and the supply can cope. They can’t cope with hoarding.
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