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  1. Thanks for the pictures. I am eyeing those fabulous looking leeks.
  2. Modernist Cuisine might enlighten us. I am moving and have packed mine🤪or All About Braising by Molly somebody or other.
  3. Well, it is hard work looking after a veggie patch, picking, cleaning, bundling and tending the sales table. Seeds are not cheap either and then here is growing seedlings prior to planting.
  4. @TdeV could you tell me more about your zucchini. What was the marinade.
  5. Okanagancook

    Dinner 2021

    @Smithynow you mention it, looks like a pie. At first I thought it was a pork chop.
  6. Great looking pizzas everyone. We are moving and a 10 minute walk away is a wood fired pizza place with excellent reviews. I am afraid with limited storage space and condo restrictions on what kind of cooking device one is allowed on the balconies we will be walking.🤪
  7. I have an Excalibur drier which I find fantastic. Recently I wanted to convert my frozen roasted garlic and regular garlic into dried powder. It took a number of hours..lost track how many…at least 24. Just sliced the garlic. the powder is amazing. Just like when I dried sliced onions and made a powder. yes the house smelt delicious.🤯
  8. I don’t know…sometimes we try to fit a round peg in a square hole. Duck breast in an air fryer might be just that. I vote for Pan frying over medium heat to render the fat and get crispy then finishing on the other side to desired internal temp, rest and eat.
  9. Thank you. It makes one want to make mis en place.
  10. A couple of years ago I threw my scapes into the food processor then onto drying racks. The resulting dried scape is easy to cook with. I also mixed with salt and made little gift packages of garlic scape salt. I vacuum sealed the excess in smallish bags and I still have some. We are moving to a condo with just a lower fridge freezer compartment. So our new challenge is to shop more often, but less volume and try to keep a small stash in that freezer. I am currently drying the tomatoes coming out of my last garden at this house…kinda sad but time to move on.. We will live very near to the summer farmers market so we plan on raiding that for fresh veggies.
  11. Sometimes there is nothing like a snappy meat tube enveloped in a cottonwool wrap.🤪
  12. I have a Phillips which I use fairly frequently. The best part is how easy the clean up is. For example we had burgers done in the air fryer and we just wiped it out with a paper towel and put it in the dishwasher, no splatter on the stove and I did the buns in the CSO. I also make appetizers like samosas, spring rolls, sausage rolls, etc. In it. No deep frying yet they come out nice and brown and crispy inside of 10 min.…really handy. The capacity works for the two of us but for a family of four you would need a larger machine. I move it from the pantry counter to the kitchen counter to use. Not a big deal. I love mine but as noted above depends on what kind of cooking you do. Lately due to health issues I am looking for ease of preparation…one day I will get back to cooking more elaborate meals. Hope that helps.
  13. We had live fresh spot prawns a few years ago. They were so beautiful I just wanted to taste them without too many other flavours interfering. I poached them in salted water with a squeeze of lemon. That would be my recommendation.
  14. Our 16 yr old Miele is recommended. Quiet. Cleans perfectly.
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