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  1. A few pages back on this post I asked about adding body to oatmilk-based ice cream. @andrewk512 responded with a suggestion of 4% inulin. I have not had a chance to try this yet. Meantime, I happened to be looking over ingredients for Bruster's oat-milk based ice creams, and in addition to a few other oils and creative ingredients, they add pea protein powder. Could this be a way to add body as well? I've had pea protein powder and it is quite strongly flavored and puts a very dry, powdery, mealy texture into any drink or food product. They must be using very little, so perhaps this idea is not quite right. It does appear towards the end of the base ingredients list before getting to the salts, gums, etc. while the rapeseed/canola oil is ahead of both it and dextrose. Hmm, maybe it's the oil or a combination of both the oil and protein. Link here as an example, click the "nutrition info & allergens" for the pdf.
  2. jedovaty

    Dinner 2022

    Celeriac is a very underappreciated food. Awesome
  3. jedovaty

    Dinner 2022

    The most epic bastardized falafel made from kitchen remnants over eggplant/avocado dip and topped with not-tahini sauce. I've never made falafel before, can't believe it, so easy!
  4. jedovaty

    Dinner 2022

    I'm growing eggplant in my bucket garden first time and am about to have a ton to harvest.. any tips on making eggplant curry, or is it as simple as a saute with spices and aromatics, then stew a bit in some variation of milk product?
  5. Gotcha, thanks @andrewk512. It was definitely not that. Best analogy I can think of: dilute some milk in water, it'll taste like milk but be missing that creaminess, which I'd characterize as missing body. It was thin, but not sloshy/melty.
  6. Got it! Can you describe with "thinness due to high freezing point depression" is? I know what freezing point depression is, but I don't understand the "thinness due to high" that precedes it.
  7. Powdered oil? That is so bizarre wow! Very interesting reading up on the topic, too, wasn't aware it was a thing, thanks for that Unfortunately, the intended recipient is allergic to casein (hence no dairy) and this product has sodium caseinate which after some research looks like the specific product would be a problem. Drat. I'll try finding similar products now that I know what to look for, or maybe I'll try adding a neutral oil, or maybe an avocado and see what happens. Or maybe I can get my hands on some ice cream bean fruits somewhere, hmmm.
  8. I made dairy-free cookies and cream this weekend and it had good taste and sweetness, but no body. I used mostly oat milk with a spoon of vegan cream chesee (trader joe's brand has the most neutral taste of them). I used sugar, dextrose, and corn syrup in a 3-2-1 ratio, and also added a tablespoon of inulin. Sine I've no idea what I'm doing and it was late, I didn't track exact measurements. Suspect there wasn't enough fat? I made another similar batch adding coconut creme, great body but the coconut was too strong and overpowered the oreos. Egg allergy, so cannot add eggs. Any suggestions? Pour some oil into it, more inulin or?
  9. jedovaty

    Dinner 2022

    I think the baking is part of the flavor.. the cheese does brown a little bit, and I wanted to try it. I've been roasting whatever leftover tomatoes I have with herbs, OO, etc as an easy sauce base for years, family taught me the technique. I recently read an older post on this forum where someone posted the technique a few years back
  10. jedovaty

    Dinner 2022

    I read a super simple recipe someplace on the interwebs: bake feta with cherry tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil, then stir in noodles with a little cooking water and basil. Tastes great, but texture was a little grainy.
  11. jedovaty

    Lunch 2022

    Leftover fridge stuff salad with honey mustard dressing.
  12. Whoops, sorry, didn't click with me that you did not have a vitamix, hopefully the aldi-branded blender can handle berries. I don't see why it wouldn't. Good luck
  13. Hi: First a tip: if you use the vitamix (or any fast-home mill for that matter), it helps to keep your berries in the freezer, you'll end up both preventing bugs in the long term and keep the flour from overheating. Many people on the internet recommend not overheating the flour since apparently it'll lose its nutritional component, because, you know, it's not like it'll get baked in the oven at a higher temperature later 🙄 I used the vitamix to grind wheat berries for a long time (5200 model from 2010), and it was great. A friend had a mockmill and, we compared the results of baked bread afterwards (did not compare the flour itself, decided to use the flour for our tests). There was no noticeable difference, and our conclusion to why get a dedicated machine: first and foremost, get one if you want one; second it is nice having a mill size via setting and just pushing a button to go vs setting a timer with the vitamix; and third to have a nice appliance to look at. Again, slight differences in flour consistency, grind size, etc, did not make a difference for us home bakers. So try before you buy. You will need to experiment with timing first. Now some fun stuff. Also, if you like the end results from the vitamix, you might decide to investigate their dry container. I have both thanks to costco bundle, and a few years ago compared the two side by side grinding 1 cup (~175g) frozen berries for 45 seconds, then sifting from a 40-mesh sieve from breadtopia. I should have used a larger quantity, but I typically only need less than 1 cup whole wheats. I lost the photo I took of the results, but here was the difference: - Dry container: flour measured 85F temp, and sifting revealed incomplete grind, leaving 57g in the sifter (68% extraction) - Regular container: flour measured 96F temp, and sifting revealed much finer, more complete grind, leaving 24g in the sifter (86% extraction); there was still an errant berry or two. Funny coincidence with the flipped numbers. The dry container would probably yield similar results if we let it run longer, and certainly had the option to do so since the temperature was lower. I will also guess that it would perform better with a bit more quantity, as it sent the berries flying in the container vs. the vortex of the regular one. The dry container creates an "inverse vortex" and I think this design is meant to keep temperature lower, let you grind more quantity and longer, and thus achieve a more uniform particle size. We concluded the dry container is not a required purchase unless you use the vitamix often for other purposes and don't want to wait for it to dry or clean between uses. The dry container is is nice luxury to have if you have the space for it and use the blender on a regular basis. Before I got a wet grinder, I also used the dry container to make nut butters, results were same as standard container but was slightly easier to get the goods out due to orientation of the blades. And even more fun stuff: I also have an ek43 coffee grinder (don't judge me). I stopped drinking coffee and, not wanting to sell this grinder, decided to try it with wheat berries. It grinds up small quantities faster than the vitamix and appeals to my inner lazy because I don't have to time to get my desired grind size. Naturally, this became my current flour mill. And more FWIW, I had an opportunity to test out Maelkoenig's flour burrs, and didn't find any material differences compared to the coffee burrs for the small quantities I mill. If you've read this far, here's one more thing. One day I accidentally bumped the grind size setting on the ek43 so it was set to fairly coarse when I milled the wheat. I baked with the flour anyway, and I really enjoyed the result.. the texture of the resulting bread was excellent, a bit moister than if the flour were finely ground. Anyway, I may not have a blast chamber or chamber vac sealer or a centrifuge or homogenizer or whatever else gadgets everyone here has, but I still feel like I belong because I'm using a >$3,000 grinder to mill flour for my bread. So there. 😝
  14. Aww dag nabbit! I bought last time and got the 5 button version, now they have the 7 button version for $10 more. Bah. Oh, well.
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