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  1. Made a whole chicken tonight. I’ve got to say I’ve never seen a chicken hold onto so many of its juices. You can squish around the liquids underneath the bubbles in the skin. Lots came pouring out as I carved the bird. The chicken was cooked perfectly. I’m just not sure if I like my chicken this juicy. The jury is still out. Cooked some brussel sprouts from the garden for 10 minutes at 212 with 100% humidity. Threw two knobs of butter, salt, and pepper inside the pan before placing it in the oven. Easy side dish as the chicken was resting.
  2. I think you could pull after 17 minutes. The rest of the baking will get you to the ideal temperature. Or you could just set the temp to slightly above 135 and pull a sous vide express. Just need to adjust to the new cooking techniques. I'll be writing a thorough review that I hope to have published this weekend. Both the cons and pros. There's a number of things in both categories, but overall I believe it's outweighed by the pros... will find out if this remains to be true after doing a chicken and some bread this weekend.
  3. Maybe slightly. Didn't have the probe in it during the final cooks so I can't say for sure. I enjoyed it. I pulled mine out at around 126 but that took 90 minutes to achieve. Then you fire the oven up to 400 and give it several rounds of quick bakes and reglazing. Nothing wrong with the oven itself but the recipe is faulty and I didn't notice it until later on.
  4. Steamed and glazed salmon tonight. APO recipe thought the salmon would reach 130 core temperature when set at 130 for 17 minutes. Grossly under estimated. If I were to remake this, I'd stop at around 120 and expect to reach up to 130 during the high heat sessions...
  5. Steamed and broiled cauliflower
  6. I was thinking of that. Wasn’t sure how it would turn out in the end... didn’t think about the sanitizing the probe itself. I imagine that as long as it was cleaned since last use, any bacteria in introducing wouldn’t be a large enough inoculation. Can never be too careful though.
  7. Inspired by it. Used the same times and temps
  8. Just in a frying pan. I think 180ish Fahrenheit. 100% steam. Texture inside was very custardy. I liked it a lot.
  9. Steamed omelet this morning
  10. Me too. Seems Anova agrees with me as they are checking the recipe and thanked me for the feedback. I've got two rib eyes cooking right now at 129f (what I consider medium rare). Didn't do the probe as I didn't want to puncture my food at these low temperatures due to surface bacteria not getting heated once it's brought to the inside.
  11. Do you think I'm being overly paranoid about surface bacteria entering the steak through the thermometer puncture? Compared to mechanical tenderization, it's a whole lot less holes..... I typically sous vide at 131 which is a pasteurization temperature but for a really long time (much longer than I sous vide for). I tend not to worry about pasteurization as I know the bacteria on the surface will be killed with a good sear. But I don't normally puncture a hole in my steak prior to sous viding it.... I wonder if this is an unintended consequence of "Express Sous Vide" that wasn't thought a
  12. In the app these are the recommended temperatures for steak. I know that steak is sterile inside so as long as I seat the outside I should be fine. However, this is for the sous vide express option... so I risk contamination of the inside the steak but poking it with a probe? Similar to mechanical tenderization? Will these temperatures sterilize my steak in the 30 minute estimate? Seems risky but I don’t have pasteurization times and temps memorized for this low of a temp.
  13. Preheating the rear burner now. Quick question for those who have it. Is it tough for you to remove the drip tray? I wasn’t able to remove it without lifting the oven. Can’t imagine when it’s full and the oven is cooking. Is there a secret to detaching it?
  14. Mine just arrived in Calgary Alberta. A lot larger than I expected! I use to fit a Breville Smart Oven air in the same place and the Breville is a dwarf compared to the Anova. Way more height.
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