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  1. That zapping will happen on my control freak, full size induction range, and other portable units. I tend to find it happens more on smaller pans when the output is very high. It seems to go off and on. When I first got induction I was told this sometimes happens with clad pans due to space between each layer. I’ve never let it worry me.
  2. I only have the frying pan, not the saucier/chef’s pan. Should still be able to do poached eggs, but only shallow frying, if that, in the frying pan. I could use my own cookware but it won’t have precise temperature control.
  3. The thing is I don’t have two Hestan pans. So I think to be absolutely fair I’d have to run them separately. But it isn’t like anyone’s going to use a Hestan pan on a CF.
  4. I will probably do a comparison between the OneTop, Cue, and CF. While I was disappointed by the OneTop, the Cue seems to have a good reception amongst owners. Excited to try it out.
  5. So I received a complimentary Hestan Cue to test out. It arrived the other day, but I’m in Italy. Will be back in Canada in a couple weeks and will test it out. Any specific questions that anyone would like answered as part of the review?
  6. And I thought I was crazy when I first bought this thing. It's proving to be much more useful than I could have possibly imagined.
  7. Good idea horseflesh. If it works, I think I'll be doing a lot more baking. I just went through my pantry last week and sealed a bunch of flours and stuff that normally get thrown out well before I use them all. This included some OO flour for pizza making. Today, I went to go use it. I just cut a little slit in the corner of the bag. So easy to just pour out what I need and then vacuum seal again! Much easier than scooping it out of a bag
  8. Thanks you all. I've never seen instant yeast vacuum sealed locally, so that's good to know.
  9. Anyone know if you can vacuum seal yeast? I always seem to buy too much of it, and I hate to see it go to waste. But I could see it killing it off. Also what about products with yeast in them (e.g. pizza dough)? If anything, I'll just it to nicely seal them in a bag that's not vacuum tight.
  10. Woke up and found a link to this on the comment section of my website. Looks like an excellent resource: http://thecontrolfreak.breville.com/ (I think someone from Breville might be reading this thread and saw that there was a demand for this )
  11. Thanks. But that doesn’t appear to be counter height. Already have a dining table on the deck.
  12. Took my induction unit outside for the first time. Only had a very low side table, so I used that. Absolutely loved it! Made me wonder why I haven’t been cooking outside more this summer. Only problem was the height. Anyone know of any good counter height tables that can stay outside all year: rain, shine, and -40 degree weather? Anything specifically labeled “outdoor kitchen” or “outdoor countertop” seems to be overpriced.
  13. I own the bimaterial spoon and ladle. First got the spoon based on Kenji's recomendation. I like it for my nonstick and enamel cookware. I've never been a fan of wooden or plastic spoons. The little bit of silicone gives it the flexibility to reach all the corners, but the plastic gives it sturdiness. I use it daily.
  14. Nice! I just recently put away my second control freak for counter top space. Plan is to only take it out when needed.... bet I'll have them both out by the end of next week You're kitchen is oddly familiar. I just recently bought one of those giant wire shelves and put a bunch of pans and appliances on it. I also see you have a VacMaster, a Le Creuset bimaterial ladle, and a Breville Smart Grill I'm actually getting rid of my grill. Packed it away when I got the control freak as I find a large frying pan or grill pan works even better on it Just haven't sold it yet.
  15. So for some reason my local Sobey's is clearing out their selection of Ghiradeli chocolate chips These are my favorite kind of chocolate, and unfortunately I've never been able to locate the baking bars in Canada, so I rely on the chocolate chips. The chips were initially 50% off, and then they marked them down another 50%. So $1.40 a bag! I cleared out what they had on the shelf (just 8 bags). I'll be returning later to see if they restock the shelves. I tried other Sobeys and unfortunately they've only marked them 50% (and not the additional 50%). Needless to say I'll be doing lots of melting and tempering on the CF Also utilized my Vaccum chamber I bought a couple months ago. Vaccuum sealed in mason jars and put in the freezer.
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