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  1. That’s not bad. Does it maintain this gradient at higher searing temperatures? I’ve added the mini griddle to my Amazon wish list.
  2. Thanks. I'll have to take a look at them... I've already spent a small fortune on kitchen equipment since schools have been dismissed for the summer 😂 I just saw the baking steel is out of stock on Amazon.ca. I'll have to see if I can source any of your suggestions from Canadian suppliers
  3. No way to change the default (as far I know). I'm assuming you are using an adapter on the Canadian model? If I was in your situation, I'd give it a try on fast.... for certain applications (like searing). The unit, from my understanding, is still 1800watts. Yes, there's a little bit of an extra draw from the adapter, but I've plugged mine (USA model - also 1800 watts but with a standard 15-amp plugin instead of the 20-amp that comes with the Canadian model) into a 15amp circuit that had a couple other things plugged in drawing a little bit of power. Never had a problem. I'd avoid things like boiling a large pot of water or heating up a large pot of oil (I think they draw the most power) but searing/panfrying/sauteeing/simmering should be okay..... Luckily I live in a kitchen with 20 amp circuits throughout the kitchen... so I never worry and it gives me a little of extra wattage to plug in other things. I only plug it into a 15 amp circuit when I'm cooking outside (if I run the extension cord inside, I have to leave the screen door open a crack and a bunch of bugs get inside) The only time I've ever had the CF blow a breaker on me was when I brought it to a friends house. I found out they had aluminum wiring and it as just a bit too much for it to handle. I solved the problem by plugging the control freak into the plugin on the stove... Does your stove have an additional plugin? Maybe give that a try...
  4. It's never going to be "equal" but I am left wondering if it's usable? Technically a 10-inch pan is larger than the coil but if it's made out of good materials, the drop off can be minimal.
  5. I've thought about it but I was worried about heat conductivity... It works great? Geeze.. now I might need to buy one...
  6. Welcome to the club! Where abouts in Canada are you located? No too many Control Freak owners up here I haven't done poached eggs in a while... I really should take advantage of the CF for that... Traditionally, I'll create a little whirl pool before inserting the egg... I'm sure I did the same thing the couple times I poached an egg on the CF... don't recall it sticking
  7. Also some stainless works very poorly, or not at all on induction, maybe this pan is composed of various types and hence the spotty pattern? Again guessing...
  8. That's quite the odd result. I've had overshoot, but never 340 degrees. Largest overshoot tends to happen on smaller pans. Most of my regular pans might have 5-10 degree overshoot that stabilize once the pan comes down to temperature (it seems like the CF software is "smart" and adapts once it learns how the pan heats up and responds to changes in power). Also the pattern is odd as it over heated on the edges.... I'm wondering if the center of the pan did not make proper contact with the through-the-glass temperature sensor (like it was warped?)... so the machine kept heating up and up and overheat the sides that were making good contact with the glass and hence affected by the induction element? Just guessing...
  9. There's nothing to stop you from overhanging the black square on top. I'd avoid doing it at the front as the heat may transfer to the controls.... but on the other hand, I've had hot oil overflow on me and cover the entire control freak. Didn't damage anything. It's built well and you can see it getting abused in a commercial kitchen and coming out fine. Weight also shouldn't be an issue --- I frequently heat up a 12 qt pot of water to get a head start on sous vide. I think technically it's over the limit stated in the manual; however, there was a promo video PolyScience produced that advocated using the CF to simmer a full 12 or 16 qt stock pot of soup overnight. Not sure about GN pans. I use Anolon Novell Copper for my nonstick, All-Clad -Triply stainless most days for stockpots, saucepans, and skillets. I have a 10", 12" All Clad D7 Skillet and a D7 Saute Pan for when heat distribution really matters. I also use a large Le-Creuset Dutch Oven on it no problem.
  10. The manual states a maximum bottom surface of 10" in diameter. The induction coils aren't this thick so it does count on your pans having good conductivity. You can also go larger, but then good conductivity starts mattering more and more if you want to heave as even heat as possible across the pan.
  11. I've found using a pressure cooker, I have to set the temperature much lower than what my math dictates. Otherwise I get too much venting. But yes, I can stabilize it pretty easily. Wonder if it's my pressure cooker? It's a Fissler VitaQuick. It can't really be the CF as the temperature control is flawless on an open pan (I.e. If I set a pot of water to 180 using pan control, the water will eventually reach 180 inside the pot). Or perhaps some venting is normal? I always thought it shouldn't vent until 15PSI is reached.
  12. If you get it, be sure to post your experience with it. I too am intrigued by 2600W for large quantities of liquid and oil. I'd still keep on of my Control Freaks, but maybe sell the other one as the higher wattage would expand my options considerably. That is if it's high quality and reliable like the CF.
  13. Thanks for the insights! If the vollrath doesn't compensation, wouldn't it make sense to set it at a lower temperature, not a higher temperature? Like let's say you wanted to heat it to 300. If you set it to 300, it would wait until the sensor was 300? Surely the pan would be hotter than 300 at this point as it needs to travel through the glass? IF you set it at 290, the pan should be closer to 300... no?
  14. Yeah. I have heard good things about it too. It was second on my list when I bought the CF.
  15. I know the Vollrath mirage series is known for temperature accuracy. Not sure how they do it. We have a mirage cadet at my school in the foods room... never used it though.
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