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  1. The technology already exists with EVs. Regardless, as we add more renewable sources of energy to the grid, we will need to establish a network of storage, decentralized or centralized. Renewables have fluctuations in production in addition to consumption. There’s times in the day when lots can be produced but little is consumed, and vice versa. Storage will be key to replacing the non-renewables.
  2. Heard about this last month and I'm intrigued. Unfortunately not available in Canada. Seems like they have a long term vision of being a distributor of decentralized stored energy that gets deployed back into the grid at peak hours if the homeowner isn't using it. Seems like an interesting concept if it takes off.
  3. For boiling water, turn it up past 235. That's the hottest I've even seen it with a pot of water. Got to remember that the temperature is taken from the bottom of the pan so it can get hotter than 212. For simmering, I'll hover around 212, but turn it down to medium or low power depending on how gentle or rough of a simmer I want.
  4. I bought one earlier this summer. It's pretty good for a small meal. I like it as an outdoor oven so it doesn't heat up the house. I keep it stored outside, even in the rain (covered), and no problem.
  5. Ditto here. Both of mine work as if they are new and get daily use.
  6. Yes, each. Now that being said, I'd pay full price in a heart beat to replace them if anything were to ever happen to them. It's my most use piece of equipment in the kitchen other than the pots and pans that I use with it.
  7. I got lucky and got both of mine for $800 off eBay. They were listed as "demo" units but came in the box with all the packaging perfectly intact. I was able to get both of them by placing a "offer" that was lower than the asking price... I haven't seen anything close to that price since.
  8. Got my pair of thermometers. Just haven't had time to do much with them yet.
  9. I ordered on day one and haven't gotten any notification of shipping yet.... did you get notification when it went out or was it just a nice surprise?
  10. Just a heads up, Breville is offering 20% off the Control Freak until October 17th; the 20% off seems to include Amazon as well. Good deal for those waiting to pull the trigger.
  11. I have a firmware update that was given to me back in 2018. Since then, they've stopped providing updates. I would say use at your own risk though because there are several models of the Control Freak (mainly based on country of origin I think) and I'm not sure if the update is universal.
  12. Manual says it will flash if there is a failed software update.... I'm assuming you weren't updating the software at the time? Have you tried doing a long press of the power button?
  13. Got it for free with Airmiles It makes a good piece of toast. My big complaint though is the orientation of the buttons. It takes up a lot of counterspace when you have to have it oriented that way. If you could align the long part of the toast with the counter, it would take up much less space. I actually didn't really have a spot for it because of this until I rearranged the kitchen with more wire shelving.
  14. All setup. Aesthetically not the best, but functionally it's a big improvement. Should tide me over until I purchase a new place with a bigger kitchen in hopefully 2 years.
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