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  1. Regardless of what plate you use, you'll lose the preciseness and accuracy of the Control Freak... it'll never go above the set temperature but there will be loss of heat from the plate to the cooking vessel. There will never be 100% contact between the two. Now, how much? Depends on the plate and the cooking vessel. It may be pretty minimal. Good thing about the Control Freak though is you can learn what works best with your plate and cooking vessel and then program in the temperature. Or just remember the temperature required like I do these days.
  2. This arrived today... Had some issues upon arrival but was able to get it up and going with some excellent customer service from the Canadian distributor (TesTek)... look forward to experimenting with all the infusion cycles Ignore all the finger prints... that's from all the troubleshooting haha
  3. So I was able to sell my VP215 for a good price thanks to inflation and I just put in an order for a demo unit of the Minipack MX2 for just a small upgrade premium (okay, maybe a $1000 isn't a small price). I know I'm getting a smaller chamber. My supplier says it'll fit a 10x12 bag which should suffice though (I have a bunch of 10x15 bags I'l need to cut down in size). I'm a bit sceptical about the 10x12 size but my brain isn't very good at envisioning geometry. Overall, I'll like the smaller foot print and the aesthetics for the kitchen; there's some additional functionality with humidity sensors that run program that pull and release vacuums in succession to create infusions or to marinate food; that should be fun to play with. Curious if anyone else owns the MX2? I hope I didn't make a mistake as I loved my VP215.
  4. Was able to get the air intake grid cleaned. The filter itself I was able to get mostly clean; needed to use tweezers to pull out some dust lumps though. It’s currently drying.
  5. That could be neat. I teach Foods to middle school students this year, so they would probably get a kick out of that. Not too sure if my skills are up to snuff for folding the chocolate into a basket, let alone teach it, but maybe if I practice....
  6. Hi Mike, Hope you're still around these forums. I see you are in Calgary; me too. Just curious who your local dealer was? I'm thinking about getting a rational when I buy a new place (still a few years down the road) and it would be great to work with someone who's had experience installing one in a residential kitchen.
  7. Melted chocolate chips/butter; butter scotch pudding; and whipped cream.
  8. Jello pudding popsicle. Some *failed* attempts at shaping cheese cake batter.
  9. I’m not sure if they sell it anymore directly; it’s not listed on polyscience anymore. Only thing I have to worry about parts wise right now is the filter though and it will probably just be able to clean it according to instructions.
  10. Confirmed with my thermapen that it got down to -30f. Threw on some mayo just to do a quick test. Interesting texture. Think I’ll do some pudding tonight before testing more complex recipes.
  11. This has always been on my radar, but I never bit the bullet due to the cost. Found a used one on Facebook Marketplace and picked it up for $250 CAD…. I figured at that price it’s worth it for the experience alone. Came from a restaurant that went out of business Firing it up now. Will take a temperature shortly but it’s getting cold. What should I make first?
  12. Just preordered the two-probe option... was just going to get 1... but then I thought what the hey... It should be a fun today for the summer
  13. Just the recipe provided in the booklet; I'l have to try Lebovitz' in the near future.
  14. In the midst of writing a review just need a few more pics. Here’s some peach ice cream I made the other day. anyone pull their pints out after just 13 hours? Getting impatient haha. I’ve done 18 hours and been okay. I think my freezer is colder than most. I guess I could have thrown it outside. -30 today, my own blast freezer.
  15. Finally got some time to play around with this. Currently have the maple gelato recipe from the booklet in the fridge (first one I've made with egg yolks) Also a peach ice cream one (used dairy instead of almond cream) The 24 hour wait is painful haha
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