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  1. atg

    Two-jacket Potatoes

    I've been trying to replicate two-jacket potatos from the 2014 Chicogo Steakhouse menu at Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas' Next restaurant in Chicago. Two intact halfs is the goal. Regarding the dental impliments, I scooped out the majority of the potato flesh and then used the dental tools to scrape off any remaining flesh so that only the skin remained. I did try the scoring and blanching as seen in the video but had issues with the skin tearing. Perhaps I just lack a bit of finesse and need some practice. Image from https://www.nextrestaurant.com/cuisine
  2. Forgive me if this is absurdly obvious, but is there a method to easily separate potato from it's skin without ripping the skin. I tried blanching but was unable to get the skin off in one piece. In the end I used dental scraping tools with some success, but the process was fairly laborious.
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