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  1. If I really wanted to keep the california air one, I'm sure my husband would have figured out how to fix it/replace it (he bough the compressor tape in case any of the connections would be loose), but I don't have much trust in products that have more than one issue wrong right out of the box. At this point I don't want to ask him to make a third trip to home depot with a heavy compressor in tow, but I might change my mind after trying it for a week).
  2. The air filter was badly dented, and there was air coming out of one spot (before any attachments were connected) - husband tightened it up and it became better, but still leaked...Btw, Husky is huge and LOUD...I got the 27 g one, and it's supposed to be only 5 decibels louder, but it is LOUD...hoping that because of its size it won't turn on often.
  3. Picked up my california air compressor from home depot today, connected everything, and was ready to play around with settings, only to discover that the air filter is severely dented and the compressor is leaking air non-stop (outside box was perfectly fine, so not sure about their quality control) - shipped it to store just to avoid it being damaged in transit only to pick it up damaged(. Going to return it to store tomorrow and pick up a Husky (one of the more prevalent choices available for pick up in my area).
  4. I prefer appliances that are well built - commercial quality with a well thought out design/interface. Just because they are commercial doesn't mean they don't have to be beautiful.
  5. It's silly, but I don't like the look of the minipack line, except for the MX2 - I'm 90% settled on it, but worry that the chamber won't be wide enough for a lot of the applications.
  6. Very close to what I ended up getting: I got a set that came with the .7mm needle, hose, air regulator, and a 125ml cup (although with the amounts I do, I would have preferred the 50 ml cup) https://spraygunner.com/grex-tritium-tg-micro-spray-gun-set-with-0-7mm-nozzle/ , this compressor https://www.homedepot.com/p/California-Air-Tools-10-Gal-2-0-HP-Ultra-Quiet-and-Oil-Free-Electric-Air-Compressor-10020C/206644539 (in case I ever buy a spray gun, might not be quiet large enough, but will do), a moisture trap, and a set of natural cocoa butters from ChefRubber (not flavored - same as zen, b
  7. Is the below same as Henkelman, just rebranded? I'm having trouble finding Neo 42 for sale in the US. https://www.katom.com/027-OROSHI16.html
  8. Only because of the size? I haven't seen this model before, but really like how it looks compared to their other machines.
  9. I like that's it's smaller, deep enough for larger jars, and will match my commercial blendtec nicely)). (They would be sitting side by side) But I'm worried that it's not wide enough, and the longer items will have to be on their side when inside the chamber...My other choice is the Wolf vacuum seal drawer, but it would need to have some type of a wood cage built to use before it's actually built in during the kitchen remodel (which won't happen for a few years)....
  10. That's what I've been using, a large cardboard box, for spraying entrements with martellato velvet spray in a can so far.
  11. I also have Kerry's EZTemper)), but I don't have a basement, so kitchen clean up it is for me.... I'd love to do more per month and sell them as a hobby, but I can't do that legally from home as I have two cats which the state considers pests....I've considered renting space in a shared kitchen type of place, but that is a bit too much with my level of knowledge and a full-time job, at this point.
  12. I have this melter https://www.tcfsales.com/products/248-chocolate-melter-6kg-mol-dart/ and a heat gun. Would the melter work or would it heat the gun disproportionately on one side? If so, I can always put it on a towel in the oven on proof setting with the air circulating to heat it evenly... I like the idea of using a plastic heat pad, as in one of the Grex videos, but all the ones I've been able to find are covered in cloth.
  13. So, not much clean up of the are surrounding, just the booth itself? Having to clean the whole kitchen after spraying a couple of molds seems a bit too much... Wish their last coupon was still active, too impatient to wait for a new one(
  14. BTW, for anybody interested in the difference between a .5mm and .7mm needle on Grex, here's a useful video.
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