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  1. Has anybody experienced a strong plastic/chemical smell with their premier melanger bowls? It barely had a smell at first, but when washing it with water after the sugar cleanse it appeared and I'm worried it will contaminate any praline I attempt to make in it((.
  2. Could the problem have been putting them in the water while sous vide was preheating? (~15 minutes)
  3. My dried egg whites didn't whip for some reason (2 teaspoons dried egg white to 2 tablespoons very warm passion fruit juice), so I used these pasteurized eggs and am now freaking out a bit...but I continue eating the dessert, so it appears my addiction to sugar is greater than my fear of food poisoning((
  4. I sous vide them with Breville Hydro Pro as its first run. It is cooking something again right now - checked the temp with two different thermometers, and it is within .5C of the temp on display. And it has a pre-set for pasteurizing eggs, so it is unlikely that I've entered the temp wrong.
  5. Well, just after ordering a separate sous vide probe and tape for Joulle, it decided to glitch on the second cook - kept loosing power and tripping outlets (even though more powerful appliance work fine in those outlets) and then gave me a propellor error even though it was spinning freely. It is currently en route back to amazon and I'm on my second day of playing around with the Hydro Pro. First cook - pasteurized eggs - adjustable propellor speed came in handy. Currently cooking - creme brule - hopefully I tightened the jars enough, would hate to ruin them with water. I love, love, love the convenience of a display (Joulle needed to connect for ~15 seconds every time I checked on temp/timer), but it is huge compared to Joulle and I will need a wider container for some of the cooks if I decide to keep it (which I'm currently very tempted to...)
  6. So...I've pausterized 5 super fresh eggs at 55C for 2 hours to use egg whites in a dessert where they won't be thoroughly cooked (hot syrup added). As I've started cracking them - the egg white is very cloudy and the yolk is somewhat gel like (when broken will run, but much thicker than a regular one). After reading through this whole topic, I'm questioning (1) How well the egg white will whip and hold it's shape, (2) are the egg whites truly pasteurized and safe. I guess, to be truly safe, I'll use dried egg whites, but that is no fun because (a) I couldn't find organic ones, (b) I can still taste them in the final product even with vanilla((, (c) I forgot how much liquid I was adding to them that worked perfectly (as websites differ slightly in their recommendations).
  7. And with what Brix do I start on day 1?
  8. To get the 6-8 week safe storage at room temp when covered in chocolate, at what Brix should the syrup be by day 7-10 for orangettes? (Increasing by 2 degrees each day with additional sugar?)
  9. Has anyone tried this? Would this work for chocolate-covered citrus peel? How long would it keep for?
  10. SweetSymphonybyM

    Dinner 2021

    Recipe for the cabbage salad?
  11. Recently received my order from Beanilla - Tahitian Vanilla beans (Tahiti) and Madagascar Organic beans. Glad to report that both were of good quality, plan on purchasing more from them once these are used up.
  12. I already own a blast chiller, so that was the reason for the question. Most of the recipes I've looked at so far, mention an ice bath, and I was just wondering how necessary it was. I've ordered the sous vide tape and will be using a thermometer to monitor most sous vide cooking.
  13. What is better for cooling food after sous vide, blast chiller, ice bath, or blast chiller + salted ice bath?
  14. Thank you, Baldwin's book sounds exactly as what I was looking for. I am trying to follow the strictest guidelines, so it is comforting to know that sous vide might help with some of the recipes one would normally abstain from during this time. I actually made the ChefSteps curd recipe (except with passion fruit and yuzu) this past weekend as the first thing to use Joule for, and was wondering if it is more safe/truly pasteurized as opposed to the stovetop version I usually make. Sous vide seemed a bit safer, as I could hold it at a higher temp for longer, without scorching. I didn't agitate the bag during cooking, but I did blend it before vacuum sealing.
  15. I understand that everything will come with experience, but I'm currently pregnant with my first one and am a bit freaked out about undercooking things. Most websites vary so much in their recommendations, and I would love a professional source to tell me for how long and at what temp to hold ice cream bases, curds, etc. for them to be pasteurized/safe. One can usually find the final/goal temp, but not so many details as for how long it has to stay at that temp to be safe. I dislike that Joule can only be controlled through the phone, but it's size and pretty looks were too tempting at the time of the purchase).
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