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  1. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Thanks for a chart. Those differences in temperatures seem more than reasonable! I'm still waiting for my probe to be fixed/replaced (hoping it's just the probe, not the entire unit). I'm talking to a senior customer service representative, and I should have a new probe shipped soon. I did another test on the One Top using surface temps. This time cast iron. It still overshot by 150 degrees at first, but it's cast iron, so no fear in wrecking the coating! Once it stabilized, it was within 25 degrees at all times. Created some really nicely browned pan-fried french fries. Impressed. Highly recommend using cast iron or stainless steel when using the surface temperature function -- not nonstick teflon coatings. The size of the cooking area seems to be contained to the much smaller inner circle. I discovered this by shifting around the pan and feeling the heat. This is no different from other portable inductions on the market, but I was really hoping for something closer to 10 inches The nice thing is that it's very clear which parts of the pan are getting direct heat.
  2. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Support was super quick responding at first, although their questions weren't relevant. Showed them a video of the problem... and haven't heard anything in the last few hours Guess things got too complicated for support.
  3. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    This is going to be a pain, since the unit is now located in Canada. Hopefully Tasty will accomdate replacement units
  4. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    I just got mine. But I've ran into a few major concerns. First thing I tested was surface temperature control. I put on an All-Clad Nonstick pan (got it as part of a promo, would never buy All-Clad for non-stick otherwise), and set the temp to 375 degrees for some pancakes. I went to grab my temperature gun, and by the time I got back (maybe 15-20 seconds), the pan was well over 500 degrees! I quickly turned it off, and now I'm worried what it did to my non-stick coating I tested it out at lower temperatures, and they too were overshooting by well over 100 degrees... when the one top would initially stop, and regulate temperature, it eventually started to go down closer to the target temperature. Although the temperature would flucuate a lot and sometimes overshoot by 50 degrees. Next I tried the temperature probe. Start up the app. And I get a "Thermometer not detected" error. I check, and sure enough I have it inside the One Top securely. I take it out and plug it back in... the machine makes a dinging noise indicating it's detected, but the app quickly says "Thermometer not detected".... Emailed Tasty.... wonder what will come of this

    I'm tempted! Maybe if my income were a bit higher Why are you parting with it? I've heard good things about it.
  6. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Ah, it makes sense. You have to stop the white from cooking prior to the heat reaching the yolk. Sous vide you can get a similar to texture to poached eggs, but there's a layer of white that doesn't cook (I recall reading somewhere that the two layers of whites cook at different temperature.
  7. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Oh it would for sure be a different temperature. But I'm saying that if you figure out the target temperature of a poached egg, you should be able to just leave it at that if you want to hold it for a while before using. I might be wrong? I'm not sure what target temperature you'd do a poached egg at. It has much more surface area than one inside an egg, so timining shouldnt' be too long, but since you aren't going above the target temperature, it would take longer than a traditional poached one that you just turn off the heat for.
  8. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    The poached egg might work for some time... but I think eventually the amount of time would change the texture... an hour I'd assume is fine (I do that sous vide inside the shell).
  9. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Glad to hear about the accuracy. Mine just arrived in Richmond BC for customs processing. Hoping to get it next week!
  10. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Awesome I look forward to your review.
  11. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Mine is on it's way from Portland to Calgary! Hopefully I receive it by the end of the week, but should have it at the beginning of next at the very latest. Anyone cook anything yet?
  12. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Thanks for the update! In the recipe portion of the app, can you preload timings and temperatures? That peeks my interest, as I'm not really interested in using recipes from the tasty catalog.
  13. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Thanks for doing the measurements, I appreciate it! Yeah, that's huge for a portable. I'm also a bit skeptical that the coil spans the entire black area. But maybe they did invest in it. I've been disappointed with other portables because they don't work great with my 12 inch frying pans. All I need is 10 inches, as the other two inches are not at the base of the pan.
  14. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    If you get a chance, could you measure the diameter of the actual cooking surface (the black part)? I'm just curious if it will accommodate some of my larger pans, and the website only lists the measurements of the entire unit (and I'm a bit skeptical of the measurements customer service gave me, as they are quite a bit larger than any other portable induction I've seen on the market).
  15. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Oh no, that's terrible! They've been pretty good at responding to my questions (within 30 minutes sometimes), so hopefully they will be pretty responsive to your issue! I wonder if I should have my friend check the condition of the item before shipping it off to Calgary.
  16. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Just got confirmation mine arrived Now it just needs to get into Canada lol
  17. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Mine's in Memphis now too
  18. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Nice! My last scan is still Hong Kong Hoping it's pretty direct to Portland (Maybe Seattle or LA first)....
  19. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    12/20/2017 by 8:00 pm. Probably won't get it until after Christmas though as it still needs to shipped from Portland to Canada. I'll be in my current location until Christmas, but after that I'm heading to Calgary. Don't want to miss the arrival of the shipment, so I might put off part 2 of the journey. Will see what my shipping options are.
  20. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Checked my FedEx shipping number. It's being shipped directly from China.
  21. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Just got a text saying mine was shipped!
  22. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    Thanks for the update. I'm resigned to not getting it until I'm in Calgary after Xmas.
  23. Precision induction: Tasty Onetop

    It's a new week... did you end up getting confirmation of shipping?