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  1. I bought a set of three. I believe they are roughly 8.5", 10", and 12.5". An empty 8.5 has a slight wobble that's barely noticeable (I had to go and check, as I couldn't even remember, and I use it everyday)... once you have an egg in it, it no longer wobbles.
  2. Thanks! I was wrong about their not being a protruding sensor. Never looked at it that closely.
  3. Yeah, I guess it would make sense that the in-pot probe could tip something light. The through-the-glass tipping problem I've only seen with the smallest of pans.
  4. Stainless, I think. It's got stainless on the bottom that's got copper sandwiched in. From the description of the luxe, I don't think it would work on induction.
  5. I think there's some miscommunication as I used the word "probe" to describe the through the glass sensor on the Control Freak that measures the bottom surface temperature of the cooking vessel. That protrudes from the surface on the Control Freak. On the Paragon, the temperature mat is all flat and wouldn't cause tipping on lighter weight smaller pans.
  6. That mat doesn't protude, does it though? That sensor is built into the mat, from my understanding.
  7. Paragon doesn’t have a protruding probe from what I can tell. It’s all contained inside the silicone mat.
  8. I second Anolon Copper Nouvelle for nonstick. Great heat distribution that complements the precision of the Control Freak nicely.
  9. I’ve only experienced tipping on very small pans. For example, a half quart all clad butter warner, which ended up being returned due to the control freak not always detecting it (it was too small). I have a 1 quart Calphalon that kind of tips (no where near as pronounced) but it fixes itself as soon as it has contents. No problem with 10 or 8 inch frying pans, but mine are very heavy.
  10. I use these: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/vileda-glass-ceramic-scrunge-4-pk-0427675p.0427675.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA66_xBRBhEiwAhrMuLU0iocUxAjPyAMsQr_K5Nxc_AKXZ7YxAO8O2xhvhxPcKGikSFRfoaxoC_14QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Some people say that it might be a little harsh on the glass top, but it works on removing everything. After using my pair of control freaks everyday for the last 1.5 years, light scratches have been inevitable. Does not detract from the performance.
  11. This is unusual behaviour. I have two USA models and have never seen the content temperature rise above the pan temperature. Of course if you turn down the heat there will be a period of time when your contents will be hotter, but that doesn't seem to be the case for you. I'd exchange the item.
  12. I've used a 12 inch and it works good. There is obviously going to be some gradiation, but it's kept minimal if the pan is made out of good material (I use All Clad D7 and Anolon Copper Nouvelle for nonstick)
  13. 24 hour ferment. Trying to get rounder pizzas.
  14. Not bad for a 90 second bake. Think it would have leopard spotting if I let the dough ferment a bit. Also still working on my launching skills made two pizzas so far today. First one not enough flour, second one too much flour.
  15. Anyone else own this? I bought it as a gift to myself. After coupons and cashback it was around $700 CDN from The Bay. Much cheaper than the original price but still pretty pricey. Cooked up some store bought dough last night. It cooked fast (90 seconds). Going to try it with some homemade dough today.
  16. That zapping will happen on my control freak, full size induction range, and other portable units. I tend to find it happens more on smaller pans when the output is very high. It seems to go off and on. When I first got induction I was told this sometimes happens with clad pans due to space between each layer. I’ve never let it worry me.
  17. I only have the frying pan, not the saucier/chef’s pan. Should still be able to do poached eggs, but only shallow frying, if that, in the frying pan. I could use my own cookware but it won’t have precise temperature control.
  18. The thing is I don’t have two Hestan pans. So I think to be absolutely fair I’d have to run them separately. But it isn’t like anyone’s going to use a Hestan pan on a CF.
  19. I will probably do a comparison between the OneTop, Cue, and CF. While I was disappointed by the OneTop, the Cue seems to have a good reception amongst owners. Excited to try it out.
  20. So I received a complimentary Hestan Cue to test out. It arrived the other day, but I’m in Italy. Will be back in Canada in a couple weeks and will test it out. Any specific questions that anyone would like answered as part of the review?
  21. And I thought I was crazy when I first bought this thing. It's proving to be much more useful than I could have possibly imagined.
  22. Good idea horseflesh. If it works, I think I'll be doing a lot more baking. I just went through my pantry last week and sealed a bunch of flours and stuff that normally get thrown out well before I use them all. This included some OO flour for pizza making. Today, I went to go use it. I just cut a little slit in the corner of the bag. So easy to just pour out what I need and then vacuum seal again! Much easier than scooping it out of a bag
  23. Thanks you all. I've never seen instant yeast vacuum sealed locally, so that's good to know.
  24. Anyone know if you can vacuum seal yeast? I always seem to buy too much of it, and I hate to see it go to waste. But I could see it killing it off. Also what about products with yeast in them (e.g. pizza dough)? If anything, I'll just it to nicely seal them in a bag that's not vacuum tight.
  25. Woke up and found a link to this on the comment section of my website. Looks like an excellent resource: http://thecontrolfreak.breville.com/ (I think someone from Breville might be reading this thread and saw that there was a demand for this )
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