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  1. Yes, they are pretty much used when yellow ripe. But they are also sold dried and are called aji mirasol which are reddish yellow.. the fresh ones have a meaty texture with complex sweetness and mild to moderate heat. one can buy the peppers made into a paste, sold in jars. sorry I couldn’t find a recipe for the Peruvian chicken but the correct pepper would be essential.
  2. Issan Thai food is food from northeastern Thailand. here is a description I found: “Isaan Thai food is renowned for its pungent sauces, spicy chilies, and unusual proteins. It isn’t often in the spotlight but it certainly has its own die-hard fans who will travel far for Isaan food made right. Here are several crowd-pleasing dishes that we’ve eaten and think even first-time visitors will enjoy.”
  3. No such recipe in that book, nor in Pok pok. Can’t find one with Nr. Google. On Eat your boooks nam tok brings up beef salad called nam tok.
  4. Salad 2016 –

    They have not made an appearance for me either, hummmm
  5. Salad 2016 –

    I will second the recommendation for Campari tomatoes in the winter.
  6. Brining, then drying, then marinating?

    Maybe he is after some textural changes with the brine then marinade.
  7. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)

    Just freeze everything save for the veggies or double bag it using the water displacement. It should be good.
  8. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @JoNorvelleWalkerBrown rice is nothing compared to all the freaken Brussels sprouts which I have had to like because they were there on the plate too!
  9. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)

    A little finely diced pancetta,, diced onion carrot and red pepper, garlic, sweet paprika, a little tomato paste, a small amt. of caraway seeds, salt, pepper, flour for thickening and beef stock. If you want quantities PM me. cheers
  10. Gochujang

    @btbyrd that looks interesting. $65 on Amazon.ca!
  11. Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    Now THAT is an inviting dish. The broth looks to be the perfect consistency.
  12. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)

    There is a recipe for beef cheek goulash in The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook by Chris McDonald on p 105. cheeks cut into 3/4 in cubes and browned before going in the bag with the other usual suspects for a stew. Cooked at 77.8 c for 12 hrs.
  13. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    I vote for chucking it in the bin. Even if the numbers don’t make sense, the ingredients do not lie about its poor nutritional value to one’s diet. Just my opinion, no harm intended.
  14. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    The low protein content with tofu as the first ingredient seems odd to me too. Not sure what it is but I would probably not re-purchase.
  15. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    18 g carbs, 1g protein and 1.5g fat account for the calories listed. ingredients are listed in order of amount present. Although the first is tofu, the second is maltodextrin and the third is food starch which would account for the 18 g carbs in 2 tablespoons of product.