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  1. Okanagancook

    Dinner 2020

    Excellent combo of food items. Attention to detail like the finely diced shallot/red onion with the beans. And, some meats just have to be fried...like a pork chop.😃
  2. Okanagancook

    Dinner 2020

    My rabbit story happened when I was 15 and on an exchange with my brother to a family living in rural Quebec...lots of hunting for food to put on the table. One lunch we had rabbit soup. The son of the family had the head in his bowl...he opened up the jaws and ate the little tongue.🤢 Grossed me right out.
  3. I just heated up some German Wieners on steam @ 210 for 10 minutes....perfectly moist...gave me time to toast the buns in a frying pan...with some butter. Ball Park Mustard and red onion added to garnish😬
  4. My Cornish Game Hen in the air fryer was absolutely delicious. I cut it in half after cutting out the back and stuffed some herb butter underneath the skin and brushed some over the skin. It was done in 20 minutes at 400F!! sorry no picture..camera is down.
  5. Okanagancook

    Dinner 2020

    I am a fan of compound butter. If you have Six Seasons his mushroom butter is fabulous. Steak looks like it has a nice crust on it!
  6. The martini with the Seaside will knock your socks off...we do 2 1/2 oz Gin and 1/2 oz Vermouth (it is your standard Vermouth to let the Gin shine). I think will seek out the other spirits on offer at Sheringham....I see a 'tasting' in the offing.
  7. Oh YES. The Seaside Gin is outta this world...a splash of Vermouth and a couple of olives. I see they have the World’s Best Gin sticker on it...a bargain at around $35...we bought six bottles last year when we learned of the award...gave a couple away and find we could do with a couple of bottles in reserve. have not tried their other offerings...what is the Kasuki like? we live in the Penticton area and it is available at three private stores...have not looked in the Government store because I hate buying from them. for those who do not know. https://www.sheringhamdistillery.com
  8. Interesting. I bake mine on a steel plate also but not with broil. They come out nice and soft. Yours look soft too but one probably needs to be very attentive otherwise they would get too charred....I need to try this method...now I am wondering if a quick treatment on the open flame on my Wolfe has range would also get some char (I do this with chapati)...next time I see some experimenting...I like to make mine smaller also.
  9. How do you cook the pita to get the char spots?
  10. Okanagancook

    Dinner 2020

    I made the pork today and sampled some with CSO super steamed mini bok choy. Used country ribs and this is the best I have made yet. The oven temp was perfect...I wanted a little more char on mine so briefly broiled them. The honey finish was excellent. Quite a lot of liquid came out of the meat after 30 minutes..I drained it off and reduced in a sauce pan to serve on the side. I did put a tray of water on the bottom of the oven for moisture. great flavour. Thank you.
  11. We are going to have a Cornish Game Hen. Will use Eat Your Books for a recipe. I have some nice mushrooms which I will stuff. I have leeks which I will make from a Julia Child or Jacques Pepin recipe. Salad to finish the meal. Pineapple ice cream made yesterday for dessert. To start....Some bubbly from our fav winery...Blue Mountain in the Okanagan. With some smoked oysters and bruschetta to go with or may be just good potatoes chips...Lucy Waverman’s favourite accompaniment to bubbly. A Chablis to go with the main. That’s all I got so far.
  12. These chicken thighs might have benefited from being cooking in an air fryer. I just did four thighs that had been marinated in a cashew/cilantro/lime/soy sauce marinade (from Melissa Clark). The air fryer will brown on both sides although the thighs were turned half way since the top does get a bit browner.
  13. Chopped red onion and ball park mustard on a butter toasted bun (or steamed in the CSO).
  14. My DH is doing the grocery shopping for me as I get my medical treatments. I don't want to go to a crowded grocery store with snivelling people around. I gave him my list which he successfully brought home save for a few miscues: Canola oil, No name: I got Corn Oil but it was no name! Cilantro AND parsley: I got one honking big bunch of cilantro and a smaller bunch of, yup, cilantro...he thought it was parsley because it was a different size. Sigh. Orange and Lemon Sanpellorino cans: I got Orange and alas, Grapefruit which I am not allowed. Darn but I will enjoy the orange now and the grapefruit in the summer. Green Peppers: yes, they are green but one has a big hole in it. Eggplant: Yes, but it has a few bumps on it. He gets extra points for this though because he stopped at another store because the first store didn't have nice ones. Clearly he needs remedial shopping class. But I love him anyways..he had a sense of humour about it
  15. I will join you in 'air fryer' love. It does such a good job on meat. Fries do take some experimenting. My latest was to bake the fries which were tossed in a little oil to 1/2 done then into the air fryer to finish them off...works well for timing a meal or if you had guests and wanted to have seconds....or YOU just wanted seconds.
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