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  1. Enjoy your purchase. Use it in the best of health.
  2. She could write. And argue. And cook. The world is a poorer place without her. RIP
  3. 1) Slice up some garlic cloves. Pinch of red pepper flakes. Heat, but do not brown in olive oil. 2) Make some pasta. Add with a bit of retained water to pan. 3) off heat, add lemon juice, canned tuna, parsley, capers. Olives would be good too. Salt as needed
  4. I am jealous every time I see your CSA. Mine has not risen to the occasion, I'm thinking or restarting my "I hate my CSA thread." Beans are Jacob's Cattle?
  5. Looks incredible. They are asking for an order of at least 24 cans for free shipping. At 7 bucks a can that would be an interesting conversation with Mrs. Dr. Teeth.
  6. Good thought. Know your audience
  7. I will agree Ortiz is a cut above anything else I've tried. Current price on amazon is highway robbery, IMO. I have used plain old Genova for pasta sauces with very good results and the current price is less than a sixth the cost of Ortiz when I just checked. Fishing vessel St Jude looks very interesting, may have to order from them.
  8. I got one of these grills along with an electric skillet for my 7 year old to start learning to cook on. He would go nuts for these pork chops.
  9. Wood handle makes me think it doesn't go into deep fat. The fact that it has a lid that seals makes me think it does get submerged when used. Maybe a tea fob? or an infuser, like instead of a cheese cloth bundle.
  10. Dr. Teeth

    Dinner 2020

    That’s a really pretty looking chicken. The skin looks great. What weren’t you happy with about it?
  11. Sorry that happened to you. My wife and I have had really good luck with our shoppers. Usually one of us is online with the shopper when they go through the store. We’ve gotten a couple of things that were sold out online but that they actually had in the store when we asked the shopper. We tip well, too.
  12. Chocolate is super as well. Or both together.
  13. So just turn it off when you discuss top secret information. You can unplug it while you discuss the nuclear codes. I would have thought q branch would have shown you how to do that.
  14. Alexa how many cups in a quart? How many Celsius is 450 Fahrenheit. What’s in a gimlet? Alexa set a reminder to take the garbage out on Wednesday. It’s kinda transformative
  15. It can keep multiple timers at the same time and you can name them. Like Alexa set a cookie timer for five minutes. And it plays music. And keeps shopping lists. And my kids think it’s funny when I yell at it
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