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  1. Chuck is always fine in a braise. I find, however, that when I braise things other than brisket (which you could cut into somewhat smaller and more manageable chunks and trim the fat cap) or short ribs, I always end up wondering why it isn't as good as brisket or short ribs.
  2. Griswold. Ebay. No longer made and collectible, but as long as you don't want an unusual one can be had for <$20.
  3. I'm going to take back my comments about Casey. Having looked at the stories on the net, it looks like her comments were taken off her facebook page and not intended to be public. While I don't think that makes them a whole lot better, it is the nature of the internet to let one shoot ones mouth off. Disappointing finale all around though.
  4. I have a real problem with the random elements introduced to the finale. I think the finale has been a "cook the best meal of your life," straight ahead challenge. I really didn't like the random elements which all went Hosea's way. Casey's comments were classless. Especially if what she was saying was that Carla's cooking school wasn't very good. Utterly classless.
  5. Dr. Teeth


    I think it's one of those "will be around longer than you will" items. I say go for it, as mentioned above, I don't think any pathogenes can grow in it, it just may not taste as good as a newer bottle
  6. Well, c'mon the guy wears a t-shirt that says "I make good babies," in most of the early episodes. Is there any guy on the site over the age of 16 who thinks that's appropriate to wear outside the house (or inside for that matter)?
  7. I like Meritage as much as any place in Boston and it's an easy walk from the Westin.
  8. I'll second, or maybe third the suggestions of Peppin or The Way to Cook. Olney's Simple French Food is also excellent.
  9. My pots. But I'm more passionate about knives. It's because if all my cooking items were consumed in a fire I'd buy the same pots again if I could, but I don't feel as if I've found the one perfect knife for myself yet. So essentially what I'm saying is that I would save my perfect little puppy, but leave my girlfriend, who I'm just not quite able to make it work with, to the flames. I feel bad about myself.
  10. Think like a chef is a great cook book. One of my favorites, really has a focus on teaching technique rather than just recipies. I assume you already have La Technique and La Methode?
  11. Asian markets mostly, I'm kinda mixed on Penzey's a lot of their blends (five spice powder, all their curries) taste a little off to me, particularly if I've eaten the real thing recently.
  12. I'm stumped. He endorses Gustav knives, so I assumed it's one of those, but I would swear, having watched the video twice that it's an offset bread knife and gustav doesn't seem to make one of those. But I mostly just used google, so anyone with with better eyes or actual knowledge might know better than me.
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    All the time. It's sold as "Sour salt" at any supermarket with a Kosher food section. Wine as opposed to wine vinegar also adds an acidic element, surprised nobody mentioned it.
  14. Anybody really think Hosea will be in the finals?
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