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  1. Dr. Teeth

    Krispy Kreme

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had anything other that the original glazed that was worth the calories, or worth passing up another original glazed.
  2. Rabbit and Hare are very different creatures on the plate and require very different treatment. Rabbit is very delicate, Hare not so much. Never heard of jugged rabbit. The vinegar and spices would obliterate what makes rabbit special. Hank Shaw has a very nice section on his site for cooking both rabbit and hare. it’s a great topic. Eager to see what folks cook up.
  3. Agree. Beets in particular roasted at 425 are fantastic for a number of applications.
  4. It’s a bit small to braise in or cook beans, although those are things I love to do. maybe a very small cut like lamb shanks for two or a shakshuka. Except for it being a gift from your BF, I would put it on eBay. Somewhere out there is someone who will love it.
  5. Agree 100%. As mentioned by Weinoo, the Staub goes on sale for 100 bucks each Christmas season. It’s criminal to pass on it at that price. To answer the original question. I think a Dutch oven will work as well as anything and is the most versatile option if you are considering a purchase.
  6. Could also work with applejack or a fruit brandy.
  7. Ad copy says it pairs with rosemary and lemon. Makes me think gin. Maybe with a lemon peel garnish. But there are a number of folks on the site with better cocktail knowledge than me.
  8. None of the items you listed would be on my short list of indispensable kitchen items. The mandolin is the most practical of the three, and very useful if it suits your style of cooking. The smoking gun and grill will sit and collect dust. The Kyocera slicer Margaret Pilgrim mentioned would be a nice stocking stuffer type gift. I’ve used one for years and find it does 90% of the things I would do on a mandolin. They are inexpensive, don’t take up much space and would let you get a sense if a real mandolin is something you would use often. If the slicer sees a lot of work
  9. Enjoy your purchase. Use it in the best of health.
  10. She could write. And argue. And cook. The world is a poorer place without her. RIP
  11. 1) Slice up some garlic cloves. Pinch of red pepper flakes. Heat, but do not brown in olive oil. 2) Make some pasta. Add with a bit of retained water to pan. 3) off heat, add lemon juice, canned tuna, parsley, capers. Olives would be good too. Salt as needed
  12. I am jealous every time I see your CSA. Mine has not risen to the occasion, I'm thinking or restarting my "I hate my CSA thread." Beans are Jacob's Cattle?
  13. Looks incredible. They are asking for an order of at least 24 cans for free shipping. At 7 bucks a can that would be an interesting conversation with Mrs. Dr. Teeth.
  14. Good thought. Know your audience
  15. I will agree Ortiz is a cut above anything else I've tried. Current price on amazon is highway robbery, IMO. I have used plain old Genova for pasta sauces with very good results and the current price is less than a sixth the cost of Ortiz when I just checked. Fishing vessel St Jude looks very interesting, may have to order from them.
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