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  1. Oh boy, I post so rarely that I don't know if his link will show up properly, but I thought you might like it! https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/please-forgive-us-at-blue-apron-for-this-weeks-meals-weve-been-having-a-tough-time-lately
  2. Cuisinart Recall

    Thank you... I have a new blade coming.
  3. Not trying to derail the thread, but one quick bread question, are you using the paddle or the dough hook on your KA?
  4. I just finally got around to trying this for lunch... a little powdered New Mexico chile mixed in before cooking and a bit of butter and cheddar stirred in to finish, it was delicious and almost criminally easy! Thanks!
  5. Thank you, I wasn't quite sure where to start.... point taken on the tester!
  6. I need to bake and freeze up some lamb meatballs, and having recently taken the plunge on a CSO, I wondered if there would be any advantage to steam baking them over doing them in the regular oven, and if so, what you might suggest for time and temp. I am planning to use the recipe for Beacon's Meatballs that FatGuy posted on the meatball thread once upon a time. I tried searching, but have not come up with any combination of terms that gets me anywhere. Any guidance is surely appreciated, even though I am a consummate lurker, you are all my trusted advisors in many matters of the kitchen... including the purchase of way too many books and toys.
  7. It was the whole chapter on Cocktail Cookies that sucked me in.... I love savory over sweet most any day.
  8. Thermomix

    My best guess is that it is a big country and they don't have the sales force in place... But I have, upon ocasion, been known to be wrong. Canada is also a very large country. I would not be at all comfortable with that sales model, and am not entirely comfy with even the thought that I would have to call someone to discuss the purchase, which is the case here. No option to just buy online.
  9. Thermomix

    The cost info that they sent me follows: COST: The Thermomix TM5 is $1,299 USD. For non-California residents there is no tax. SHIPPING: Shipping to your home is included at no cost to you. It will ship from Dallas and arrives quickly in just a few days from the date of your order. (Price includes free shipping to all mainland United States plus Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping to U.S. territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, etc., is not included. Please contact order desk for an estimate.) I
  10. Thermomix

    This is all such great feedback... for the amount of money involved, I would hope to see the amount of love and devotion garnered by the Instant Pot! Very helpful, thanks!
  11. Thermomix

    I got an email this morning that the TM5 is now going to be sold in the US, which, of course, got me to looking into them again. Are those of you who own them still in love with them and using them regularly? I have a couple other large counter top toys (Instant Pot, Airfryer) that have been added to my kitchen Arsenal and are being stored downstairs, as all are BIG. This would definitely fall into that category, as I just don't have room for them on my counters permanently. I guess the good news is that carrying them up and down stairs burns off at least a couple calories.
  12. Meritage...... waiters love to "correct" this one, and, as Wiki puts it, "Frenchify the word" ( from Wikipedia - "Although many people, including many wine experts, have a tendency to Frenchify the word "Meritage" by pronouncing its last syllable with a "zh" sound, as in "garage," the Meritage Alliance specifically states that the word should be pronounced to rhyme with "heritage.")
  13. Pink Slime......... I did a little googling after watching the show and am stunned. I am hooked for the season!!
  14. How much is a dint?

    I was given a book on Russian Cuisine and many of the recipes call for a dint of salt or other dry ingredient... can anyone give me some guidance on what this might be in US measuring spoon quantity? The only thing I was able to find by Googling creatively was one reference to an amount "on the tip of a knife", but that is not terrribly precise either Any direction would be enlightening!
  15. I have been enjoying the Gourmet Live app for the iPad... it was free, the content is free and it is kind of pretty As I understand it, it uses a combination of new and archieved materials. While not, in itself, the most compelling reason to finally get that iPad (and there ARE plenty of reasons!), if you have one, check it out!