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  1. The cocktails you two enjoy always make me think I should venture out of my wine rut and dip my toes into the pond of true sophistication 🧐🥃
  2. I had to add this to my watch list... I lived in Portland at that time and the news of the Bhagwan et al. was fascinating, indeed.
  3. I installed the iPhone app on my iPad and it works just fine.
  4. BetD

    The Drainer Topic

    I hated our drainer, the tray underneath always seemed kinda gross, so I tossed it out years ago. I put a dish towel on the counter for a quick drain, and finish up drying with another and put the dishes away within a half hour or so.
  5. I am not a Walmart shopper, but I just made an exception when I discovered that I could have White Lily flour delivered to MN for pickup at no extra cost. Soft lovely biscuits are now so much easier!! (and, you don’t even have to go inside to pick up!)
  6. BetD

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    These are things of beauty!
  7. BetD

    The Dish Towel

    The mention of “decor” towels spurred me to share this one, mounted on the wall above a door... it has never even been threatened by the proximity of wet hands/dishes.
  8. BetD

    The Dish Towel

    Can’t answer for most... but some do.
  9. Heheheh..... no crawl outs, have a cling wrap cover in place!! (“Cover” being a politer version of what we actually call it )
  10. Our Dustbuster is called “the bug sucker”
  11. I just did some comparison readings with the OT probe and my Thermapen and found that the probe seems to be consistently reading about 5 degrees cooler. I can live with this and now know to double check anything needing a truly precise temp. Added observation... when the water reached a full roiling boil, both the both the probe and the Thermapen agreed... on 209 degrees
  12. When we were kids requesting birthday cake colors, my mom outright refused to do blue frosting. She grew up in a copper mining town and the color reminded her of the toxic tailings.... “blue is the color of poison “, end of discussion.
  13. My broken unit was replaced in a very timely manner and I spent yesterday figuring out just how many of my pans won’t work with it I now have a pot tester magnet hanging on the fridge. So far, have boiled water.
  14. Try following the link on their web page..... https://tastyshop.com/collections/tasty-one-top ?
  15. That might not be a bad idea. The packaging on mine all looked to be in perfect shape, so whatever blow did it in was not obvious in any way. They did respond promptly in a non specific way, asking for patience in resolving, so I am being patiently hopeful that I get a timely, unbroken replacement.