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  1. Just a thought... I think clicking on a NYT recipe always takes me to the mobile app to view it. I am pretty sure I am signed into the app using my digital subscription. This may not be of any help in your case, especially of you are not on a mobile device, but what the heck, it might be a solution.
  2. I see there is a video by Kenji on YouTube, should you feel so inclined...
  3. As I read it, the dough ends up on the cookie sheet with the large bowl inverted over it, acting as a cloche. As I have always been on the edge of panic dealing with the hot DO, it seems worth a try for me.
  4. https://www.burlapandbarrel.com/collections/recommended-products/products/laurel-bay-leaves This powdered bay packs a punch, very aromatic! Recommended equivalence is 1/8 tsp. to replace 1 leaf, I believe.
  5. I am always fearful of preserving, having not had the chance to watch my Grandmothers do it. They had given it up by the time I was in kitchens with them and my mother never did any canning. With that history of trepidation, I was highly amused by this receipt from The Medieval Cookbook, by Maggie Black. The first word spoke to me 😝
  6. Just a few of mine to add to the mix....
  7. OK, I’ll ask.... what IS it? A harmless cake or a frosted terrine of some sort?
  8. There are reasons to be tempted... the ease, the fun of unpacking the goodies... but I fear that in Minnesota winter, much would be frozen and ruined in the delivery process. In the summer, my CSA provides for my needs, but I never get the winter share and I tire very quickly of squash and roots in excess.
  9. Thanks!! I got a kick out of the titles 😀
  10. I am balking at the price tag... $23 for a Kindle version is more that I am willing to part with.
  11. Great stuff, indeed... I would love to have a look at the “Beetle Bailey” MRE one.
  12. I would love more information on these, since I can’t just reach over and snag a couple... they look so tasty 😋
  13. It is a complex list of ingredients including red currant jelly, ginger snaps, prunes and raisins, among others. I suppose the raisins and prunes account for the dark color? Nice to find unexpected treasures when one is digging through hard to get to books, isn’t it! 🙃
  14. If @heidih can’t easily track hers down, I was able to lay hands on mine and will gladly send you the recipes for carp. I see 3, one for Deviled Carp, one for Fish Dalmatian Style and the last for Carp In Black Sauce.
  15. In going down that rabbit hole, I found two more articles I enjoyed.... https://passtheflamingo.com/2018/01/16/ancient-recipe-snails-with-pepper-and-cumin-roman-ca-5th-century-ce/ https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/dormouse-jars-glirarium-rome Enjoy 🙃
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