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  1. I am in your camp on this. I would much prefer not to be over served!
  2. Dayton’s, in Minneapolis, was known for it’s wild rice soup 🥣
  3. This is such a fun thread….. makes me want to head down all the rabbit holes 🕳 🐇
  4. I am also curious about the hash over rice, pleas tell us more about it. 😋
  5. Welcome back to MN and thanks for sharing your adventures, once again… I enjoy them every year!
  6. BetD

    Breakfast 2022

    I honestly don’t know, this just came to me in a newsletter today and I haven’t tried yet. I will though, knowing how much you enjoy the TJ ones.
  7. BetD

    Breakfast 2022

    Hope it is okay to suggest a way to cook your own…. https://www.pbs.org/video/neighborhood-kitchens-neighborhood-kitchens-recipe-scallion-pancakes/ And a link to the recipe…. https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/scallion-pancakes-with-soy-dipping-sauce
  8. BetD

    Food Funnies

    And as a follow up to Field Mouse Pie…..
  9. Try taking screen shots and printing those.
  10. I do… thank you, I will go renew my acquaintance with it!
  11. I am curious about the Mesquite Powder… I am familiar with the trees, but have no experience with it as a seasoning. What are you finding that you like to do with it?
  12. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I am enjoying it so much that I had to stop mid-video to say that 😏 We have visited the Mill City Museum that is in the ruins of the Pillsbury A mill and that was fascinating. This show really rounds out the telling of the story. Should any of you fans of flour ever find yourselves in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend a visit. It is a part of the Minnesota Historical Society and well curated. I will post a link to the Wikipedia entry if you are interested in more info. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mill_City_Museum
  13. These posts from @Toliver have always been a pleasure to read… I have gotten so many great reads!! I will sorely miss seeing his avatar pop up 😕
  14. Good thing we are just talking gadgets… the addition of books would surely break the forum!
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