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  1. I found this reference to ridged bottoms... http://www.ebay.com/gds/How-to-Buy-Vintage-Le-Creuset-Cookware-/10000000178608351/g.html
  2. Yowsers... UPS left a package that I could barely haul into the house today... down the rabbit hole!!!
  3. I see mine is scheduled for delivery on Nov. 9th.
  4. Bacon Bits

    This sounds like a great idea... how much tea did you use? edited because I don't know how to tag a name properly
  5. Old cookbooks

    I totally agree with you on this... great fun reading, and the recipes are not all goop and glop.
  6. Old cookbooks

    A Google image search of the same makes that seem like an excellent idea!
  7. Old cookbooks

    For your consideration, a couple of mid-century " classics"
  8. http://www.midcenturymenu.com is one you might have fun with.
  9. Oh boy, I post so rarely that I don't know if his link will show up properly, but I thought you might like it! https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/please-forgive-us-at-blue-apron-for-this-weeks-meals-weve-been-having-a-tough-time-lately
  10. Cuisinart Recall

    Thank you... I have a new blade coming.
  11. Not trying to derail the thread, but one quick bread question, are you using the paddle or the dough hook on your KA?
  12. I just finally got around to trying this for lunch... a little powdered New Mexico chile mixed in before cooking and a bit of butter and cheddar stirred in to finish, it was delicious and almost criminally easy! Thanks!
  13. Thank you, I wasn't quite sure where to start.... point taken on the tester!
  14. I need to bake and freeze up some lamb meatballs, and having recently taken the plunge on a CSO, I wondered if there would be any advantage to steam baking them over doing them in the regular oven, and if so, what you might suggest for time and temp. I am planning to use the recipe for Beacon's Meatballs that FatGuy posted on the meatball thread once upon a time. I tried searching, but have not come up with any combination of terms that gets me anywhere. Any guidance is surely appreciated, even though I am a consummate lurker, you are all my trusted advisors in many matters of the kitchen... including the purchase of way too many books and toys.
  15. It was the whole chapter on Cocktail Cookies that sucked me in.... I love savory over sweet most any day.