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  1. I want to leave my sourdough (itself, not baked loaves of sourdough bread) for a while (going abroad) but I do not want it to die, can I leave it in the freezer? do you have other ideas?
  2. 'Off' flavor in cooked potatoes

    hmm, what news about granny smith?
  3. 'Off' flavor in cooked potatoes

    there are some interesting facts in here. Kerry, have an idea why is that? and why only frying would remove it (we never fry at home, so it is quite possible we have missed it)? does it mean that is something that in a high temperture would reverse? about the green potatoes, yes it is a know issue they are of a family of fruits and vegetables (and roots :-)) that when green are toxic, tomatoes are too (which is the cause to the time it took the italians to eat them). between the lines I might conclude that the taste problem is something not common in the US right? did any of you try it after expecting to find the taste? if it is the case, maybe it has to do with the minerals in our water too (I think they are supposed to be rich in minerals and that they have fluoride ) I will try the vinigear thing (although it does not explain the taste after baking or cooking it in a soup) . the same taste comes to unpeeled boiled potatoes.
  4. 'Off' flavor in cooked potatoes

    as it seems, the bad taste is easier to sense when cold. I did notice that many people do not seem to care about the taste, and do not recognize it until being told to try and tell. do you all not recognize it? oh, and I think that more time in the refrigirator make it stronger, although my mother are not sure of that (since I did not make a good experiment I will have to rely on feeling for now).
  5. 'Off' flavor in cooked potatoes

    the flavour is something that has nothing to do with the kind or the way of cooking, cooked and baked alike all gain this flavour if they sit chilled for a day or two in the refrigirator. just to straighten things up, if you eat them right away there is no problem.
  6. 'Off' flavor in cooked potatoes

    Hello, I do not know if this is a known issue, but cooked potatoes tend to gain an extra off flavour which I would like to find a way to get rid of. does somebody knows what makes the taste (oxidation?) and how can I prevent it (e.g. brush with lemon juice) , or make it disapear (e.g. cook at a certain way). thank you very much
  7. Strudel(a), how dough works

    well I am working on translating. meanwhile, if the throwing technique makes it like that, can it work for really thin pita bread (like druzian and beduain pitas and lafas) and maybe thins pizza bread, because I always just knead it like any other dough.
  8. Hello friends, I have an old (4th generation min) recipe for strudel. It is wonderful, but... But it calls for things I have never seen in other doughs, and really becomes different. First and most important, you need to knead it just a little and then smash it on a hard surface again and again, why? what is this agressive throwing on the table doing? Second, when you finish, you do not let it cool for half an hour in the fridge, and not under cling film or wet towel, you need to heat a pot and then flip it over the dough (so you have the dough on the table and it is hidden under the upsidedown pot). why is that? what is the purpose of the heat? and third... it can strech like nothing I have ever seen, I strech it by hand untill it is transparent, a bit more than 9 in a pasta machine, and strech it to the size of a whole table from just half a litter size piece. ideas?
  9. Savory mousses

    I dont have a siphon what would I use it for?
  10. Savory mousses

    hi, I am kind of new to the mouses world and I am looking to make a spinach mousse. looking around I have found out that almost every recipie has cream in it, I wondered whether the cream can be substituted with something less fatty and what exactly is the role of the cream? is it for taste, stabillity with the white of the egg or for something else?
  11. Why roux?

    texture, what changes that makes the texture change? because just bumps wont happen if we whisk it good enough, or just mix with water.
  12. Why roux?

    hi, I know that roux is being used to thicken many things, but I could not find a good answer to why do we need to cook butter and flour, why can't we just add the flour to whatever we want to thicken? I have heard it has to do with the taste of the flour, but if so, it happens above 100 degrees? cant we heat the flour itself?