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  1. We did a turkey breast roll one year (in addition to the roasted bird.) I'd wanted to try this recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum's Melting Pot cookbook; it was rolled with proscuitto, herbs and something else. I remember it being delicious but we didn't end up repeating it for Thanksgiving; we had it a few times at Easter alongside lamb. That brings me to another food memory - the sausage bread from the Silver Palate cookbook. I used to have to make several - one for my mom, one for my best friend's husband and one for us to serve. It calls for an insane amount of herbs (chervil, thyme, r
  2. I knew I was living on borrowed time with our 24 year old fridge; it came with the (new) house and we haven't had any problems with it although my husband had been saying he thought it was sounding different. It's in a tight spot, with a useless cabinet above it and not very wide so our options were limited. Our appliance store was upfront with us in July when I ordered a new one, that it would likely be a minimum of 2 months. I also wanted a second freezer for the basement, they said freezers are selling out the day they come in. Both luckily arrived and were delivered last week. Neither
  3. Happy Birthday @Shelby! Hope you have a GREAT day! 🥰
  4. McVities! Thank you, I'd forgotten the name. And the supermarket that does curbside pick up stocks them (AND hobnobs too!) so thank you @AnnaN and @liuzhou - they're in my cart!
  5. I liked Oreos, before they started messing with new flavors. They taste different to me as an adult but maybe it's because I know better. I am reminded of the oreo cookie cake in Maida Heatter's Book of Great American Desserts; she was told that Oreos (at the time) were the best selling commercially made cookie in America so she says she chopped some oreos and added them to the cake she was in the middle of making. It's a great cake recipe BTW! I like Biscoff cookies (and the spread, that is addictive and I can't stay away from it if I have it in the house.) It's not
  6. My first response was "no". Then I wondered how other people do them and this video popped up in a search. I don't know what others call this device, but I would refer to it as a sauce gun.
  7. I've learned a few things from the pandemic, and shopping at Restaurant Depot ...... one day I went down an aisle I'd hadn't been in (I was wandering the store trying to wait until the lines were short). I stumbled on the aisle with powdered Knorr (and some other brand) mixes! Hollandaise from a POWDER?! Alfredo sauce from a powder? Seriously? Sometimes I am really naive, I had no idea you could cheat like that. Then I realized this is the savory side's "bucket frosting". Years ago I sheepishly asked my sale rep if they sold pre-made frosting (I had someone who wanted the Publix kin
  8. I've always washed it by hand, and once or twice I foolishly used a knife to cut some salmon while it was on the grid and it definitely harmed the finish I might dig out the stainless grill and see how it works. ETA: I just looked up replacement parts, the nonstick grid is $47 and change....
  9. Nice job! A beautiful day for a wedding and a lovely cake to match! Congratulations to the happy couple!
  10. If it were a dough type consistency, I'd experiment with lining a rectangular bread/loaf pan with a sling of foil or parchment, press the mixture in, tamp it down, use the sling to get it out when it's firm, then slice it ..... ?
  11. And then, touched broccoli with her hand ? .... blech I wonder if I would have the grace to offer her some hand sanitizer after seeing that. Knowing how other people had bad experiences engaging strangers, I likely wouldn't have but there's hope. Maybe. Maybe not ...
  12. You can add more of the pink to get a vibrant hue....what kind of buttercream are you using?
  13. I'm going to have to think about this...... I don't think my habits are out of the ordinary but now I'm going to have to think about it. I don't fold over the slice of pizza (thin crust) before eating it, I eat the crust too..... if we get Chinese takeout, I always eat it out of the container (my husband puts it in a bowl) and always always always use chopsticks (husband uses a fork) although I haven't had Chinese take out since the start of the pandemic I'll eat ketchup, or pickle relish or mustard on a hot dog. I do have a preference for certain spoon shapes for eating ice cream (but i
  14. If I hadn't bought that Philips IR grill for Christmas last year, I'd be in tougher shape now! I don't use the IP much (except for maybe the beans) in the summer, but it gets a work out in the winter. That grill though, gets used every other day, sometimes even every day, much to the chagrin of the Breville Smart Oven . I'm sure if I told the husband and son that I wanted one of these ovens this Christmas (and I'm not saying I don't!) the first thing I would hear is "oh yeah, what are you going to cook in it"? and then, "where would we put it?"
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