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  1. caramelized sesame seeds? sesame seed brittle, chopped? AUI is selling caramelized cocoa nibs, chocolate coated cocoa nibs and other things like that. Maybe something like that would work? I feel like feuilletine - even coated in cocoa butter - won't give you a substantive crunch....
  2. I've been getting their emails about the March sale and each time, I thought of you and wanted to send them to you but figured I shouldn't tempt you! Glad you are getting it!
  3. I'm going to be thinking a lot about those mussels and that lemon sole! Our fish guy is on vacation til next week and I can't wait for his return.....
  4. I'm not a legal eagle; have you written the site's administrator and asked that the content be removed, and did they respond? Maybe it has to be an eG administrator type that has to get them to remove the eG content?
  5. There is only black currant jam to be had on toast. Well made toast. Woe to the child or husband who thinks it belongs in a peanut butter sandwich.
  6. when I was growing up, Sunday lunch was pasta, homemade gravy (which I later learned from schoolmates who told me: gravy is brown and served with meat, if it's red, it's spaghetti sauce!) and lasted for hours. I got to shape the meatballs in the morning which my grandmother fried then dumped into the gravy with sausage, braicole and simmered for a few hours). I loved all of it. But when I was about 5 or 6, someone in the family decided it was time for me to have a little wine, and they mixed orange juice and red wine (homemade red wine) so I could have some wine and it was vile. I probably
  7. Do you use a scale? Next time, weigh the total amount of batter, then scale it equally by half into the pans. (Something I always do the first several times I make a new recipe) I wouldn't mess with the soda or the BP; you need to soda to balance the PH of the batter (which you are already tweaking with the little bit of molasses in the brown sugar and the acidity of the OJ). If both layers were falling, the leavening might be suspect; but I agree with Shain, it's more likely the pan.
  8. JeanneCake

    Oreo Cookies

    The java chips ones are ok; nothing spectacular but not bad either. I did notice that the curbside grocery store had a family size pack of Dark Chocolate Oreos ❤️ so at long last, I have more of those :)! those pink and green (silver paper toffee paper 😄) ones might be good for a featured cupcake flavor.....
  9. Agree! During a routine health inspection, the agent noted "containers of dried up frosting" - we melt small amounts of colored chocolate in 16 oz deli containers in the microwave for writing on cake, drizzling - and we had the deli containers on the top pan on a covered speed rack. I was going over the write up with her and asked her what she was talking about and she pointed to the deli containers. I asked her why she thought it was frosting (because we put buttercream in lexans to work out of, portioning the plain into bowls to flavor accordingly) since she never asked what they were o
  10. Other than the obvious implication that a health inspector can walk in to the commercial facility at any time to inspect the premises to ensure everything is done properly; I can't come up with anything. The act of melting or tempering doesn't seem to be the issue - I'm wondering if it's the manufacturing of bonbons/inclusions that's the issue. You know, like why you have to have fire suppression if you have an open flame - because it's possible you could saute something and the rising oils could ignite..... so if you're allowed to make candy or chocolate products, you can then have bonbons
  11. soften the butter, don't cream for as long or at a high speed, and try using a perforated sheet pan lined with parchment to bake the cookies. I don't know that this would work but when baking puff pastry and you want it to stay flat, you bake it between sheet pans (have parchment under and on top of your dough when baking) so it's worth a try.
  12. I knew of her work editing The Cake Bible before I'd ever heard of her daughter Alex; the first few times I saw Chef Alex in action on TV I wondered if she was related to the Maria of the Strawberry Maria cake in the book! Such a loss.
  13. You could look at vegan pie crusts - they most likely use a vegan shortening/butter substitute or the one on the blog My Quiet Kitchen has one that is GF, DF and oil free. I looked at it a while ago when we had someone ask for a DF/GF fruit tart 😉 but then they decided against it so we didn't end up making it. (It uses almond flour if a nut allergy is an issue)
  14. I'm biased, because I'm baking professionally. So please take this with a grain of salt .... I would not buy Fat Daddio pans if you gave me twice the amount of money they cost. They don't conduct heat well, and for a 3" tall pan, this will be a problem for you. I own several of these pans and am always disappointed in how they bake. They had odd sized square pans (11") so I bought them and regret it. The corners are rounded, not square. They are lightweight pans. They warp. Cakes don't rise as well in them (due to the pan weight and material). I recently bought some 9x13 pan
  15. 😢 Such sad news. She was a blessing to so many people here, and I hope her family takes comfort in knowing how cherished she was, here and surely in all other areas of her life.
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