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  1. I used to use a plumber's torch until a photograph of me torching mini creme brulees with it was published in the local newspaper (we were doing a charity function). after that embarrassing moment, I started using the ChefMaster torches. Here's a link ChefMaster torch from Webstaurant Store I've used this type/brand for 15 years and they're pretty reliable. Edit: to fix the link
  2. RLB says (in the raspberry puree recipe in the Cake BIble) that it's because the microwave doesn't caramelize the juice so you don't get the cooked taste doing it that way. Her original recipe only made about a cup of puree, and when I was doing it (I used to double the recipe), I used the biggest Pyrex glass measure I had which was 8 cups I think? It was kind of fun to watch it bubble, once I realized it wasn't going to bubble over and make a mess! I'm glad it worked for you; I agree it's a great raspberry flavor
  3. Double handled skillet Double handle small roaster
  4. I am going to miss her so very much 😢 Thank you Kerry, for taking care of her, and of us by giving us the rabbit holes that will keep her alive for us. My condolences on the loss of your friend, and to her family on the loss of such an amazing person.
  5. excellent suggestions, everyone! Thank you. Will let you know what they choose
  6. I'm trying to come up with a one line (read: few words to fit on a menu line) to describe a petite dessert selection. We are introducing two new ones (there are 20 other selections on the menu, clients can pick up to 5 different selections for their menu) because there's a lot of demand for gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options. Some of our selections hit all 3 (oat milk panna cotta for example) but we need to add more vegan options because there's not much to choose from. I'm buying the Very Berry Osa from Felchlin. You can melt this stuff and use it as a tart filling, or a glaze; or you can whip it on a mixer and pipe it into shapes and it will hold that shape. Basically it's a vegan confectionary mass that I am going to whip and then pipe it with an open star tip. Normally I would call it a bonbon. I would prefer to use another word but I'm at a loss for one. I worry that if I suggest calling it a "truffle" people will think "chocolate" and it's not. Anyone out there got a better idea? PS: an example of the menu a client would see is: (vegan) Berry BONBON (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry), hint of lemon The vegan tart petite pastry is listed as: (vegan) Forest Fruit Tartlet, seasonal berry garnish
  7. I tried to do a google search for her chocolate genoise recipe and came up with this blogger's adaptation. My copies of The Cake Bible are at the bakery otherwise i would just take pictures of the recipe pages. Rose's website is www.realbakingwithrose.com if you want to explore. Blogger Chocolate Genoise recipe
  8. I would be tempted to add the cocoa after the eggs are beaten - following Rose Levy Beranbaum's method, take some of the beaten eggs and fold in the cocoa to them, then add this back to the rest of the eggs. She dissolves the cocoa in some boiling water and uses this mixture instead of just adding dry cocoa. Are you using all purpose flour or cake flour?
  9. @Jim D. no I don't reduce the purchased purees, they are ok for adding to buttercream or using as the base for marshmallows. Some are more fluid than others, the raspberry and strawberry has some substance to it but they are still pretty fluid, compared to Boiron though, they're somewhat thicker. If you're thawing/making your own rasp puree, try RBL's method; thaw the berries in a strainer over a bowl to capture the juices and use the microwave to reduce the juice and see if that makes a difference for you. You can add sugar after reducing if you want to. I've also learned that IQF fruit has a lot more flavor than fresh berries, even when frozen/thawed. So saying "home grown berries" is no advantage here! LOL
  10. For what it's worth, in the Cake Bible, RLB uses the microwave to reduce the juice for her raspberry and strawberry purees because it doesn't caramelize and get a "cooked" taste. She thawed frozen berries in a strainer/basket, and reduced the liquid, then mixed the strained solids with the reduced juice. I would put a huge glass measuring bowl/cup in the microwave with the juice and it seemed to take *forever* for it to reduce (and it would bubble up like it was going to go over the top!) but it worked. I even scored a vintage Cuisinart strainer insert on eBay at her recommendation and it absolutely produced a silky smooth puree, no seeds at all! I go through far too much puree for our cakes/mousse/etc so I'm buying Ponthier or Boiron instead of making my own.
  11. Thanks for sharing a little of your life with us! It's a nice escape for me and I appreciate you bringing us along!
  12. I'm trying to remember if I had cravings; I recall being addicted to a specific sandwich/sub that I lived on pretty much the entire summer - a somewhat soft ciabatta with a dousing of basil infused olive oil, sliced mozzarella and proscuitto. I might have changed it up on occasion by adding ripe tomato slices but essentially this was my diet for three hot summer months (the kid was born in November).
  13. I was so tired my first night in NY, I got Shake Shack for the first time (via Uber Eats) and I was pretty happy with it. It was only a few blocks away but I wasn't up to walking/standing in line. twice in one year (having fast food)
  14. I wonder if the other "methods" are synchronized and this "american" service isn't? Just guessing
  15. I, too, am intrigued by the question so I googled it, and this link came up: Table Service Types Hope it helps, at least it's a start
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