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  1. This is a French's product that I bought today - entirely on a whim - thinking because my kid loves pickles, and dill pickle potato chips, he'd like these. He's looking at them with a wary eye and isn't too interested in trying them just yet. I had one; I don't really care for dill pickles and these aren't helping me change my mind. It's crunchy, definitely a dill pickle but I'm a fan of bread and butter pickles on my hamburger so I don't think I'd be putting a dent in this bag Have you tried these? Do you like them? What are you putting them on?
  2. I have enjoyed this week with you, thank you for sharing with us! Had you previously told about what prompted you to leave Canada for Ecuador, and I missed it? After the comment about speaking out and the govt keeping tabs I will admit to some worrying about you and will want to know you and your family are safe.
  3. I want to make the CI Lemon Posset, and I have all the magazines but of course, I can't find the one with the recipe in it. Could someone please PM the recipe or a screen shot of it to me if posting the recipe isn't allowed by their or our rules? Thanks....
  4. Do you know how long the cookies maintain that consistency before they become firmer and not to your liking or not how you want customers to enjoy them? Are you planning to offer only local delivery (within a specific radius of your kitchen)? Or national delivery? Are you asking about how to package them so they stay gooey/soft?
  5. Are you looking for recommendations for commercial equipment or for home use? What kind of institution (school, elderly home?)? Are you looking to just reheat previously cooked meals that are delivered frozen to you? Or are you preparing these meals, freezing them and then delivering them to places that have to cook them?
  6. When I use lemon curd as a tart filling, I sometimes put the tart in the oven for 5-10 minutes to set; it's the same principle as lemon bars. I'm going to venture a guess that you'd want to layer the cake batter in, chill it, use a spoon to make a moat, put the cold curd in the moat then pour the rest of the batter over it.
  7. See if AUI will give you a sample of one. My rep has been generous with samples when I've asked so if you strike with yours, I can ask mine.....
  8. Back up to the ripening bananas in the oven please... how long? what temp? does this only work when the bananas are already mostly yellow? half yellow with some green still? Inquiring minds want to know because this could solve all my "I want banana cake/bread/whatever and all I have are unripened bananas" problems.....
  9. Use a parchment or coated parchment bag, a small one. You will have more control with a smaller bag. Practice writing by placing a template (make one in Word in whatever font you want) on a flat surface, then place a piece of parchment on top and practice, practice, practice. Just scrape it up each time and remelt it. Some people find it helpful to have a "beat" in their head as they pipe (be it in chocolate or buttercream); Margaret Braun says in her CakeWalk book that repeating a rhyme helps (with this little rhyme, I can pipe a nice line - kind of thing) with piping. Your chocolate looks like it is a little more fluid (due to the spread of the lines), maybe let it cool a bit before you pipe. What kind of chocolate you using (some manufacturers make a "writing chocolate" which is kind of like coating chocolate)? I use regular bittersweet to write messages on cakes but admit to using the Felchlin ultra rondos for white because we have it and it is less of a hassle to melt a little bit of that in a deli container in the microwave than to use white chocolate.....
  10. Can I be a spectator next year? I have zero chocolate experience and even less chocolate knowledge but I can wash dishes.....
  11. That's the rub, isn't it? As @pastrygirl mentions the pie has been around forever, people have mentioned it to Tosi before. It seems it's the Target deal that's forcing the issue, not some sudden realization that the name is now socially awkward or inappropriate. The fact that they are publicizing the name change as a "come to Jesus" moment makes me roll my eyes and wonder about the real motivation behind the name revision.They didn't have to change the name; it was just prudent to do so NOW given the circumstances of a new marketing arrangement with Target (and the fact that someone in Cambridge is making enough of a fuss about it); had Tosi not opened up in Harvard Square and not had a Target deal, would the name change have happened at all?
  12. so much for the moral high ground; it didn't occur to them to change it UNTIL they had a chance to make more money with it ....maybe she'll donate a percentage of the proceeds to addiction recovery services.
  13. This is kind of like the aprons thread.... I always wear one in the shop but not at home; and this reminded me that while I turn on the hoods at work almost automatically, I always have to be reminded by my husband to turn on the vent when cooking at home (because he can smell it, which is not a bad thing); but how ironic that I never do it automatically at home.....
  14. You could do the sutures in melted colored chocolate, or you could use royal icing. I was also thinking white, so it would show against the dark but if the medical community recognizes blue or black as sutures, I'd do blue for all that my two cents' is worth 😂
  15. Hmmmm. I wear one at work (in the bakery) but oddly enough I never wear one when cooking at home.
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