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  1. Callebaut Gold chocolate

    Anyone have any info on this? Bake Magazine blurb
  2. I would like to help troubleshoot for you. Can you share your recipe with us? What kind of egg whites are you using (from a carton, from shelled eggs, Eggology)? What kind/brand of butter? What speed on your KA is it when you add the hot sugar syrup (and what temp are you cooking the syrup to?) and what do you turn it down to after all the syrup is added? Is this the same speed when you add the butter? When I have failures with IMBC, it's usually when the syrup is added (the whites collapse). It normally goes to "soup" when some amount of butter is added, then it comes together (emulsifies). Sometimes if it hasn't emulsified by the time I've added most of the butter, I just stop and let it beat (with the whip) for a minute or two and it comes together enough so I can continue adding the remaining butter.
  3. Restaurant/bar equipment delivery

    @pastrygirl - I ordered the case to arrive before Thanksgiving and it turned out RD never placed the order with the manufacturer - so it was delayed. I ordered the larger case but because RD never followed through with the MFG, there were no larger cases available so in order to get something I had to settle for the smaller case. When I called RD to check a status, I got the runaround and then they tried to say it was the MFG holding things up. So I called the MFG and got the true story that RD had asked if they had the larger one in stock (only 1) but they didn't respond to the MFG for 3 days so the MFG sold it to someone else. Then I had to fight with them to refund the difference between the larger and smaller cases. When we were trying to arrange delivery the freight company didn't have the right paperwork and if I didn't get the right paperwork (which had to come from RD) the case would be delayed for another week. When I called RD to ask why the freight company was calling me and not having the right paperwork, RD hung up on me. Mind you, the freight was free, but the aggravation wasn't. I didn't have the case for Thanksgiving and it barely made it in time for Christmas so the entire season was lost. I have enough wholesale work that it didn't affect my numbers but it meant I didn't do a grand opening until Easter So I will not go through that hassle ever again. I would rather pay a few hundred dollars and not have to go through the hassle of where is it, is anything broken, is it the right thing, is it going to get left at the end of our plaza's driveway or will they bring it to the door step.... I need another freezer but I would rather buy from the company I bought most of my other equipment from because they will bring it in, set it up, put casters on it and wheel it where it needs to go. And if anything goes wrong, they will fix it without arguing with me. That is worth the $ to me!
  4. Restaurant/bar equipment delivery

    If you have a technical high school near you, you might approach the culinary staff to see if they have strong students and/or equipment that might help you with moving the equipment into your space. I bought a refrigerated case from Restaurant Depot years ago and the freight company brought it to the front door, but not inside. It was on a pallet so my contractor brought one of those dolly things and brought it inside after having disposed of the packing material (another thing to think about, because your dumpster company is likely to charge you if there is packing material in your trash) and he ended up setting it up for us. But the school was willing to bring over a few strong students and a few instructors to help because I had a co-op student from their school at the time. It is also worth investigating if your local restaurant dealer will negotiate a price on the equipment if you buy it from them. I ended up paying for delivery and set up but the peace of mind that they were responsible for getting it in there and setting it up was worth it. I didn't have to worry that the Webstaurant Store or Big Tray would leave me in the lurch should anything go wrong. I would also never buy any equipment from Restaurant Depot again. Ever.
  5. Intrigued ... so I went and checked. Here's the only comment I found about EZTemper and yes, @pastrygirl, kriss showed up when I did a search on that name so quite possibly he has blocked you (how rude!)
  6. Packaging question

    This place calls them dividers: https://www.brpboxshop.com/3141.html
  7. I would characterize myself as an obsessive student when it comes to cake/pastry/dessert. I WILL make something 10 times to get it right and I will take notes about what worked/didn't work, tweaks, etc. But this is my job so I have to. The flourless chocolate cake I made last week has to be the same as the one I made last year for the client who comes in once a year for his/her birthday treat. It helps that I have that kind of drive, though. Actually I like calling it "passion" better As for real food, I do not have the same "passion" so I make what the family will eat and they go through stages: baked fish with crumbs, chicken/ziti/broccoli, various combinations of pasta/sauce/meat, the meatloaf (minus the Accent stuff) from the Ann Landers' column, the Instant Pot pulled port recipe from a book I got a year ago, and now that I have an IP, pot roast. In the summer, if it can be grilled, it gets grilled and pasta salad with Wishbone Robusto Italian dressing is de riguer. It annoys me to no end that the husband will not eat leftovers. There are only so many meatloaf sandwiches one can eat in a week. I am an adventurous eater, though so I am happy to eat new foods as well as old favorites.
  8. Toffee covered marshmallows

    or sprinkle something on them - like cookie crumbs, chopped heath bar..... you definitely will need a helper for this! And what if you were to put the ends of the skewers into a block of styrofoam covered with waxed paper to catch the drips, so long as your skewers are straight at the ends and not decorative?
  9. I need to go buy some green Peeps and figure out how to make them look like leprechauns!
  10. Caramel issue

    have you changed the brand of corn syrup?
  11. Luis, let's get your book translated! We'd all buy it!
  12. Kitchen space requirements

    I once shared a kitchen with a catering company; the kitchen was the cafeteria in an office building that once had approximately 500 staff in place and they offered breakfast and lunch. (we rented it after the building was converted to different use but the kitchen was still operational) The caterer was a full service catering company; the largest events they did were bag lunches for 1000; and gala dinners for 700. The kitchen was 3000 square feet; this included an 8x10 dry storage, the two huge walkins (one cooler, one freezer, both were about 10x8 or 10x10 as I recall. There were four double stacked convection ovens, a steam kettle, a tilt skillet and a flat top. We also had a 6 burner range and another 10 burner too. There were two dish pits; one wall had a huge three bay with very long drainboards and the other part was the automatic dishwasher. I don't know that this is helpful information for you but I would venture that you need that much space at least. If these golf courses have buildout capability, you might want to consider adding social events (weddings) at some point in the future; but you will never regret building a bigger kitchen then you think you need if you have the space to expand.
  13. I Bought a Tutove – Now What?

    Or Lisa Shock! They are the Oracle of all things culinary , they are supremely knowledgeable and very generous with their skill and knowledge. I learn something from them each time they post (I learn a lot from the rest of you, as well
  14. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    It looks like it could be some type of soy based "butter" or spread. Or a soy mayonnaise?