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  1. AUI Fine Foods sells it www.auiff.com. I buy it regularly, it comes in a 5.5 # box
  2. l got an email that there's a Home and Cook Sales flash sale starting on Monday. Hope it can be helpful.
  3. I am swooning over that menu. Then, the pictures! sent me over the edge; what a wonderful evening 😍
  4. Home and Cook Sales periodically runs factory seconds sales; you sign up to receive emails, you'll get notified when a sale is coming up and then you login (after accepting their terms of sale) and see what they are offering. It's worth waiting for, but it might be a while since they had two big sales for the holiday season. The factory seconds sales are usually only 3 days long so you should move fast if you see something you want. Other than that, I have no suggestions Other than to set up some kind of watch on an auction site like eBay? Good luck. Your search reminds me of wanting a Cuisinart Pro Strainer attachment; it had long been discontinued when I read about it in The Cake Bible and as I recall, it took about a year of patient waiting on eBay for one to come up. I bought it, used it for a few years and then starting buying raspberry puree because of the volume I needed as my business grew. Sadly, I couldn't tell you where it is now. Probably in a box in the basement
  5. I've only done swordfish, sliced onions, steak tips, hamburgers, hot dogs on it; the only time I ever noticed even a whisp of "smoke" was with the hamburgers. I wipe it down once it's cool; the nonstick grid is easy to clean; the drip pan was fine as well. The sides definitely get more "stuff" on it but so far it has been fine with a swipe from a soapy sponge. I have the wire grid too; but I can't say that I'd use it specifically. Maybe if I needed to do two things back to back and couldn't wait to clean the non-stick.
  6. I am loving this grill; we've done swordfish twice since it arrived for Christmas. And tonight we're doing burgers. The kid loves it. Just wishes it were bigger
  7. are there any markings on the box that give more info on the manufacturer?
  8. The type of cookie you're making will help diagnose the issue - and if going from a 6 qt to 20 (with the subsequent increase in batch size) is the only change? Are these the same ovens you've been using all along? No other changes in ingredients (new brand of flour, milk, etc)? What speeds are you using on the 6 qt when mixing? On the 20? Perhaps just try making your usual batch in the 6 qt and make the same size batch in the 20 (well, you might have to double or triple it) and compare what the dough looks like between the two at each step.
  9. Yes the one with the black cover was initially released in French, and then later in English. The purple one is a later edition, assumes a basic level of macaron skill (there's a CD and then a loose few pages with the basic instruction for the shells) and expands into newer, perhaps somewhat more intricate, flavors. When I first got the black book, I had amazing success with macaron; lately not so much. My shells are hollow I wish there was a troubleshooting guide LOL!
  10. if you use an extract, check for alcohol content as some of them can contain anywhere from 15 to 80 percent alcohol (when you paint on fondant, the alcohol evaporates and leaves the color of the paint behind)
  11. It took FIVE years to develop this product?!
  12. You guys are such enablers 🤣 I also bought a Soda Stream thing because I never seem to have enough seltzer in the house (I was lamenting the lack of seltzer when I spotted it on the Wm Sonoma site and figured since I was there, and with the 20% discount ....) I'm probably going to need a kitchen cart, come to think of it. I won't have to worry free-ing up counter space if I do that... Thank you
  13. OK, I can't stop thinking about this grill and how I don't need it but I'd like one. My son LOVES grilled swordfish. I toss it in a little lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and parsley and he will eat a pound all by himself (he's 6' 4"). If this can do an amazing job with swordfish which means I don't have to fight the snow outside on the deck for the next four months, it's going on my gift list. He also loves grilled whole Vidalia onions but that's beside the point. What say you who have one; will this do an amazing job of grilling swordfish? I will make room for it if it can......
  14. I had the same mindset when I started my baking company. I had a 20 quart Hobart, one bowl and one beater and one whip. For about three years I resisted spending the money for a second bowl because it was "so easy to wash it". It was $200 and I didn't want to spend that much (it was many many years ago ;). I was so very very misguided. As soon as I bought the second bowl, my production timing improved so drastically I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. It made a huge difference in what I could get done and couldn't see it until I had the second bowl. Moral of the story: the right equipment makes your life easy. Buy more molds and buy an EZ Temper.
  15. chefwear has been having sales lately; I get emails from them (far too frequently I think); I am sure they will be having more promotions this month. Have you checked their website? If they won't ship to you in Canada, I can send them to you if you want.
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