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  1. I wonder if you sent that image/picture to Replacements, along with a picture of the flatware (maybe a set if you have one so they can see spoons, knives, etc) they might be able to identify it?
  2. Welcome! We look forward to learning as much from you as you hopefully will from us!
  3. This talk of fish markets makes me grateful I have a local seafood purveyor that delivers twice a week. For 20+ years he had a fish market in town then rents got ridiculously out of hand so he started doing "shore to door". He emails a menu twice a week and delivers twice a week; the menu is fairly consistent (calamari, arctic char, salmon, halibut, haddock, scallops, swordfish; shrimp, crabcakes, fishcakes) sometimes sea bass, striped bass, trout, sole; some years he's been able to get softshell crab. He also makes a great lobster dip (for which I have the recipe!) and every time we get it, I say to myself I should make the salmon mousse from the Silver Palate cookbook and then I don't. @Rotuts if you ever want yeast, you're close enough for me to bring it to you
  4. How COOL is that! Nice job :)! 👏
  5. JeanneCake

    Oreo Cookies

    As I was scrolling through the "aisles" putting together a curbside pick up grocery order, I noticed they had Tiramisu Oreos. I took a chance (you don't always get everything you put in your cart) and got a package. They're AWFUL. Blech. yuck. going to brush my teeth these are TERRIBLE. save yourselves the misery that these cookies are
  6. This is a great suggestion; and I would add that sometimes ice cream businesses are licensed differently/separately from other food businesses. Check the BoH page of the town you are looking at to see if this is the case. In our town, ice cream shops are limited to April-October operations - they can't be open from Nov 1 to March 30 (I don't know why). I mention it because even though the fees are likely to be different, the requirements for a different type of food business sharing ice cream shop space *might* require some additional stuff (again, not sure what, but you learn to expect the unexpected in life).
  7. I shared kitchen space for the first 15 years I was in business, specializing in cake/cupcake/desserts (no bread, no breakfast pastries, no confections). A lot of what works and what doesn't depends on the type of kitchen you are sharing with (a coffee shop or restaurant has different "cycles" or rhythm than a catering operation or a corporate cafeteria kitchen that serves an office building and these are all different to a church kitchen, for example). Who you approach will differ in terms of what they are willing to do. In a time of Covid, places may be more amenable to sharing a kitchen because now you're sharing the expenses (such as utilities, pest control, trash removal) but then they have to make room for you - to store your ingredients, equipment, paper goods. You also have to know whether the powers that be (Board of Health, Select Board, the bureaucrats) will allow two food businesses to share a single kitchen (in my years of looking for space to share, I encountered one city that would not allow two businesses to share kitchen space; I found a caterer who had two other businesses sharing their small kitchen and it was utter chaos - I walked away from that). Figure out what kind of space you need to work in (how much table space, refrigeration space, storage space) so you don't waste your time or someone else's while you search. Maybe go with a limited product line for a year. Do not expect a long term relationship; if it works, it will play itself out like that. Tell prospects you already have business insurance, your ServSafe and Allergy certs and this will alleviate any fears they may have. And for those who might be trying to get around the rules, it shows you are serious about your own business. One place I talked ten years ago was going to have me work in an area that was *carpeted* (!) and charge me $1500/month - because I was going to be using the equivalent of 25 sf of space in his cooler and his cooler was on 24/7 (it would have been, regardless of whether he was renting space or not!) There are more opportunities these days in the form of incubator kitchens (which are expensive to rent by the hour) other kitchens designed to help launch food businesses and on social media to advertise that you are looking for space to share, or for someone to share your space; so leave no stone unturned. Ask your local BoH or kitchen supply store if they know of anyone who wants help with their rent or mortgage; ask at church kitchens (there is a church in my town that has a spectacularly outfitted commercial kitchen because they put on a 3 day food festival that draws hundreds and for that week, it is worth it for them to have such an amazing kitchen. While they were interested in sharing it, the town wouldn't allow it Good luck!
  8. After July 4th, I feel like the year just flies by, like the downward slope of a roller coaster. Pretty soon it'll be Labor Day and then...Halloween will look very different this year, I agree. I feel like I want to set up a trough so I can line up candy or treats (like snack bags of chips or doritos) so the kids don't have to stick their hands into a communal bowl, and their parents won't have to worry about it getting handed to their kids. We don't get a lot of kids these days; when we moved into this house 25 years ago, we went through two or three huge bags of candy on Halloween night. Now we're lucky to go through half a small bag. We didn't call the night before anything special, though.
  9. I've just now found this thread and yes, what a wonderful trip, thank you for sharing it. How lovely it must have been to see your family after a long time. Happy Birthday to your mum.
  10. an acid helps to prevent overbeating; you can use cream of tartar, or lemon juice to accomplish the same thing. You add it when it's at soft peak (at least, that's when I add it if I'm using it. I tend to live dangerously when beating egg whites )
  11. I had a dream last night, and all I remember of the dream is that I had forgotten a mask and I was panicked and terrified to go where I was supposed to be going. I must have awakened at that point because I don't remember anything else. I've been doing ok with all the restrictions until now; I had a follow up appointment with my dr two weeks ago and was very firmly told to stay out of stores, to continue to do curbside pickups and stay away from crowds. I think her admonishment pushed me over the edge. Like @rotuts I keep supplies in both my car and the work van: a box of gloves and a box of masks, a container of wipes and hand sanitizer. So I'm prepared. But now I'm thinking I need to do more; even though we tell people we are doing contact free curbside pick up; people are coming into the store. I spent part of today looking for acrylic shields for in front of our cashier's desk.
  12. give them a nice long bath in some vinegar? then you can use it for flavoring .... something? I like Shelby's idea of pepper jelly, it's really good with cream cheese and crackers, or any soft runny cheese on crackers really ...
  13. JeanneCake


    Congrats on the sales! I just got my books today (and I bought the Norpro mold 😊) and I am taking Saturday and Sunday off so I can't wait to get started. I bought some of the new puree flavors from AUI/Ponthier before the lockdown started (pineapple-yuzu-cardamom; rose lychee raspberry) and considering I'm not likely to use them for work any time soon, I might try popsicles! I'll start out slow with some less expensive flavors to master the process Can't wait!
  14. I grilled scallops, for what that's worth. I threaded them on metal skewers and they were great. I don't remember if I brushed them with melted butter or olive oil, or left them plain. I hadn't cooked them the day I got them (or the day after) and it was cook them that day or not at all.
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