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  1. Oreo Cookies

    Let me save you all from the abomination that is the Mystery Oreo; it comes in a white package and you're supposed to "guess" the flavor. One of the girls at work was describing it and I saw some at the supermarket yesterday so I bought a package for work and another to bring home. Gross is what immediately came to mind as I bit into one. It reminds me - and not in a good way - of Trix cereal or if you are old enough, the St Joseph Baby Aspirin that had an orange taste to it. No one at work liked them, so we threw them out. And no one at home is eating them either so they'll be in the trash tomorrow. It's the usual chocolate cookie, with a white filling (no tell-tale bits of anything in the filling so you can't tell just by looking. The cookie part is fine; the filling is what's disgusting. It's a chemical-y orange taste that is awful. So you've been warned - don't go into the deep end of the pool - and if you do, don't say you weren't warned!! LOL
  2. Vanilla sticker shock

    I've had good experiences with Sapna Foods in Atlanta; I use the double fold extract and the vanilla paste and the quality is fine. The vanilla paste is especially good - no added sugar or anything. It's so dense that we normally stretch it by adding extract and it lasts use many months. This past spring, when we needed more vanilla, I nearly fainted when he quoted me close to $300 for a gallon of extract.
  3. Oreo Cookies

    I have just bought two packages of the Cookie Butter Oreo: graham cookie and cookie butter creme filling. They aren't bad. I sort of like the graham cookie part, it's crispy/crunchy. But the creme? Yuck! Biscoff is probably already prepping the lawsuit....seriously, Nabisco why didn't you just buy a few trainloads of Biscoff and use that to fill the cookies with! FWIW: we spit out the apple pie ones and threw the rest of the ETA: apple pie flavored:cookies in the bin
  4. Custom Polycarbonate Molds

    I have never regretted spending the $ when I'm in the thick of things (e.g., running a little late ) and having the extra weight/size/the right tool for the job. Having the wrong tool makes my life miserable. Will you be thankful every time you can scrape the molds without worrying you're exerting too much pressure? How much aggravation will it be to have to deal with the bar or rack to rest them on (I feel like I'm speaking a different language - I have no idea what scraping, a bar, a rack or a melter IS! LOL) So yes, spend the $ now, you will be happy you did later. The return on the investment will happen.
  5. Those are just sugared almonds, we make them often,and I am sure lots of other places do too. We go with a 2/4/6 "ratio" (at least, that's how I remember the proportions: 2,000 gms sliced almonds with skins; 400 gms simple syrup (toss the nuts well in this) then add 600 gms sugar (we use bakers special for everything but any granulated sugar works here) and toss well. Bake at 300 low fan (high fan won't hurt) on well sprayed (clean) sheet pans - toss/break up the clumps after 15-20ish minutes and then bake until they are as dark as you like. They are addictive and I am always fantasizing about pouring chocolate all over them. I usually make a double batch because someone is always filching them while they cool on the speed rack.
  6. I can't get past the "I want to pick it out myself" - whether it is dairy, meat, fish, produce .... I want to know it's not just a few days from expiration or the berries on the under part of the packaging are wet and won't last the day before the whole package goes south. It might be from constantly checking the stuff that we bring in house from our distributors - if I buy a case of heavy cream, I want to know the expiration date is a month out because that tells me they just got it in; versus Restaurant Depot having heavy cream on the shelf that has a use by date within 7 days because that tells me they've been sitting on it for a while and their turnover is not that great. I can send it back if I don't like how something looks when it arrives, and I can bypass the stuff I don't want on the shelf and choose something with a later date/etc. With the meal plan, how do you send back the food if you don't like the look of some of what's in the box? Then what do you do - call for pizza? For those younger people who use it, is there a tutorial or something you can follow along on a smartphone while you do your own prep for the featured recipe/meal? - and getting some experience with it maybe that, in turn, will inspire them after a while to venture out and shop/buy/cook outside the meal plan.....
  7. Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    My sister is lusting after my Instant Pot so I might bite if that makes an appearance. I'm not entirely sure what Prime Day is all about though; is it just hype to get people to buy when they normally wouldn't? Or is it like the day after Thanksgiving where stores/retailers pretend to have phenomenal deals to jump start holiday shopping?
  8. @rotuts In your first post, both links go to Merle Ellis' book - I was about to order it from Amazon when i realized that one of the reviewers mentioned no pictures but your post clearly shows photographs and then I looked closer and realized your posted photos are from The Art of Beef Cutting (had I been paying closer attention to the *title* of your topic!!! LOL). So now I have both books on the way Jack Ubaldi's book is more recipes than a how-to book; I think it was written to help the consumer learn what to buy for what kind of cooking/recipe and how to recognize cuts by shape and not necessarily the name(s) that markets call a particular cut of beef.
  9. Rebecca263 has passed away

    I too, am just now seeing this. I am so sorry to hear the news; I enjoyed her posts and reading her blog. If there was a weeping emoticon I would use it.
  10. Pop Rocks

    We used pop rocks in a frozen dessert (sort of) a few years ago; I bought plain ones from Chef Rubber (outrageously priced I might add) and then coated some in cocoa butter. The chef made lime pops (frozen lime curd on a stick, basically) and these small pops were half-dipped in white chocolate and the pop rocks sprinkled on quickly before the choc set. Not so much bang for the buck, if you ask me ;)!
  11. I had just replaced a borrowed-and-never-returned-back-to-me copy of Jack Ubaldi's Meat Book (I loved the stories; the recipes were good too); but now I want this one! Thank you!
  12. How to Cut Jelly Donuts?

    Umm....so why do you want to cut a jelly doughnut? Just curious!
  13. About 10X and other powdered sugars

    Could you investigate this product? I don't know if European sugar producers use starch in the powdered sugar or not; it's worth checking out. http://www.coupletsugars.com/page/coated_icing_sugar/f1.html And,thinking out of the box, you could use this fondant powder instead of the dusting sugar, so long as it doesn't melt in humid conditions..... (the glucose has virtually no traces of gluten even though it comes from wheat starch - I ran into this with Pate de Fruit,and it turns out glucose is ok. http://www.coupletsugars.com/page/fondant_powder/f1.html
  14. I am in the throes of wedding season (which means I sleep and work and nothing else until a bit of a lull in July); when you are ready, let me know. It's a double martellato; with the four frames, some wire, the tools, the spreader, the stainless sheet to move things on and off; many years ago Kerry very kindly pointed me in the direction of a woman who was closing and I bought it from her. It took a year for me to unearth the second box but finally my husband found the second box tucked away in the basement and I've been using it every few weeks to cut pate de fruit. I was hoping to use it for marshmallows, but we make full sheets of marshmallow and it's easier to cut those by hand if you can believe it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it and if I could find a cart to fit it, I'd keep it. But it is a hassle for me to get the thing out, set it up, cut the Pdf, clean it and put it away. I so very much want to just leave it set up but I can't afford to be without that bit of table space it takes up. I know it's foolish to sell it and then spend three times that on a replacement,but it takes longer to set it up and put it away than to cut a few hundred pieces of PdF.
  15. Hi, and a belated welcome http://mvpgroupcorp.com/hydra-kool/bakery-cases/ is a bakery case I bought two years ago, through the RD Store here in the US; the manufacturer is in Canada. The case look is exactly what I wanted - somewhat sleek, glass shelves, easy to clean. My experience with the RD store was horrible and I will never buy from them again. The case works. You cannot control the humidity in it, and it dries everything out - even though it is a case designed to store bakery items and pastry. We have to take everything out of the case each night and store it in our walk in cooler; and that time adds up. Be aware that a deli case cools from the bottom up; the shelves are cold and that cold radiates up; a bakery case circulates cold air. They are two very different things and many people will tell you they are interchangeable. They are not. There are many wonderful and knowledgeable chocolatiers here who I am sure will help you find other places to look. I myself might have a double Martellato guitar to sell (because I can't find a table for it, and I'm ready to give up. If I sell this, I can just buy a double Dedy and get it over with instead of pissing and moaning every other week when I'm trying to cut pate de fruit and getting the thing out, putting it away, wah, wah, wah :).)