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  1. JeanneCake

    Oreo Cookies

    If you like mint and chocolate, the peppermint bark oreos are quite good. Out of all the flavors they are throwing out there, this is the only one I've really enjoyed. (I like mint oreos so this isn't that far off; the mint in these is not as overwhelming).
  2. JeanneCake

    Suitable size cake for dowel rods?

    Do you mean one cake that has three layers of cake in it? It would probably be anywhere from 4 to 6 inches tall in total. Or three stacked cakes? This would definitely need dowels in the bottom tier (to support the middle) and the middle tier (to support the top).... you can use bubble tea straws or the plastic dowels you can buy in the craft store. ETA: if you are doing a stacked cake, you also want to make sure the cake board (aka cake drum) is strong enough to not flex under the weight of the tiered cake. Each of the stacked cakes are built on a cardboard round that exactly matches the size of the round then you tape the bottom tier to the cake drum; etc...
  3. JeanneCake

    The Fruitcake Topic

    I've made Black Cake a few times - it is *wonderful* and now I am wishing I had this thought a month or so ago so I could have started the fruit. Which brings me to a question for all of you seasoned fruitcake makers: how long can you macerate the fruit - maybe it would make sense to buy a pound or so of different fruits and just keep them in a glass jar with the alcohol year round so you can make the cake when you want to and with your favorite fruits (I am not fond of citron or the green cherries LOL) ?
  4. Agree with pastrygirl; the springform pans aren't essential to the recipe (they probably use it so you can release the sides and get the cookie out more easily); you could probably use a small rectangular (quarter sheet) cookie or brownie pan if you lined it with a foil sling so you can remove the cookie easily.
  5. JeanneCake

    Congrats to Rancho Gordo!

    She thought they were trying to fill the box too much; that seems like she thinks the problem was theirs? You can't fix a problem if you don't know about it and I would much rather a customer tell ME about a problem with my product than to tell everyone else online who can't help fix it! I'd be frustrated too, as a business owner.
  6. JeanneCake

    I need a chocolatier mentor or coach

    There is such a wealth of knowledge here in the various threads and topics! Have you gone through some of the ones you are most interested in, as far as type of recipes? I'm not a chocolatier, yet I learn something every time I read a thread; people are very generous here with their time and knowledge.
  7. JeanneCake

    Shelf life of marshmallow cream?

    cut down on the amount of gelatin and reduce the mixing by a minute each time to see where you want that product to be. I've been using Nightscotman's recipe for years and burned out two small KA mixers when I first started making it; then over the years I started to cut back on the gelatin and the mixing time. Now when I make a full sheet (pan, by doubling the recipe) of vanilla marshmallow; I'm using 1 5/8 ounces of powdered gelatin and beating for only 6 minutes. I get a firm enough set that I can still cut it (or pipe it in to a kiss shape) but sometimes it's still very soft (this happened a few times this summer and I suspect user error more than anything else and it was too "flabby" to cut into squares.)
  8. JeanneCake

    time clock recommendations

    @gfweb, I agree with your assessment! I really like the specialist I am working with now; but I feel like they nickle and dime you every possible step of the way. ADP is worse. I thought about doing Patriot Software but I really need someone else to handle this. I have too much on my plate and too terrified of mistakes!
  9. JeanneCake

    time clock recommendations

    What app or device do you )or your employer) use to track employee hours/schedule, etc. We are a small bakeshop (less than 5 employees) and use a clover device on a tablet for retail transactions. I'm looking for recommendations for a means to track employee hours instead of a paper system. I would like employees to be INSIDE the building to clock in (because I know someone would try to clock in from their phone while still in the parking lot) and I'd like to not have buddy punching. Paychex wants $55 per month (no contract) for their device, which I find outrageous considering what it is and what I am already paying them for payroll processing..... so I'm wondering what you use and would you recommend it?
  10. FWIW I think the #18 cookie looks fine; I wouldn't reject it if I were buying. Sometimes I think we too often undercook pastry in this country - golden brown is appealing . I hope the rent you're paying takes into consideration the type and condition of the equipment there. The first kitchen I rented had ovens literally all over the facility - deck ovens, convection stacks and none of them worked right. When I said to the landlord how much I was wasting in figuring out what worked and didn't work, he shrugged and said he wasn't going to calibrate the ovens or do anything to them because they worked for what HE was doing (roasting stuff). If you decide to stay in this rental kitchen you might want to ask if they will consider rent relief if you calibrate the oven - but that might not solve the problem of an old oven... The incubator kitchen in this part of the state is fully equipped with brand new stuff and they are committed to keeping it in excellent working order because they are charging a kings ransom for it.
  11. where are you located? Anywhere near Boston MA?
  12. JeanneCake

    Finding a Mixer

    First: I am not trying to talk you into or out of buying a mixer. Don't spend money if there's no return on the investment! Having said that however ..... When I first started my business, I had the 20 qt hobart and ONE bowl. I'd have to wash it between batches which didn't seem to be such a big deal; I mean, it doesn't take that long, right? I didn't want to spend $200 on buying another bowl. I was cheap (I still am ) Then for some reason one day I DID buy a second bowl and it changed my production schedule OVERNIGHT! I could make two batches of buttercream one after another; I could get another batch of cake into the oven quickly. I still chuckle at how I thought I was saving $200 but spending by wasting my time . When you need it, you'll know. But keep an eye out for a good deal so you'll know it when it presents itself. I know next year I have to buy a bigger mixer; I cannot do 18 weddings in three days without a 60 qt mixer making buttercream.
  13. JeanneCake

    Finding a Mixer

    @pastrygirl, if you have a choice, get the one that has the rocker switch and a timer dial like this one I've had both types and like this one. You can set to a specific time and walk away and it will stop (check the timing with a stop watch before you buy) which can be a big help if you are trying to multitask I hope I did this picture correctly.
  14. JeanneCake

    Finding a Mixer

    I wonder about the size of the bowl; usually when there is an option to use a smaller bowl there's some kind of attachment that goes on the arms of the mixer to accommodate a smaller bowl but I don't see it pictured?
  15. JeanneCake

    Finding a Mixer

    @pastrygirl - I have owed several 6 qt KA, a 7 qt KA, a 7 qt Viking, a 10 qt Thunderbird, and my old standbys at the shop the 20 and 30 qt Hobart. The little ones don't count; I've burned through three of the 6 qt KAs at the shop. I had to move my 7 qt from home to work and so far it's been fine for 2 years. We keep the 20 qt on a work table on wheels so we can move it if we need to; and not have to take up work table space. The 10 qt Thunderbird was the perfect size for cake batters (I could do a 4# butter batch of meringue buttercream in it) when I didn't want to use the 20 so I would say this 10 qt size might be perfect for you. But don't get the Thunderbird. It stopped working just after the warranty ended; my father thinks it's just the electrical switch but no one around here services this brand (they're in TX I think) and it is collecting dust in the basement. As much as I hate saying this; if there's a Restaurant Depot near you, check out what they have for 10 qt mixers.