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  1. JeanneCake

    The Air Fryer topic

    Sold! And Happy BIrthday to me :)! Thank you both, I can't wait to get it and try it out.
  2. JeanneCake

    The Air Fryer topic

    @gfweb, what's the clean up like when using the air fryer mode? I looked (online) at this last night and really like it; I wouldn't have given it a look without your suggestion so thank you. I know that if stuff splatters all over the inside, it will get less and less use because the clean up outweighs the cooking effort I will especially appreciate this at the holidays when I'm trying to get so many side dishes done and on the table.......
  3. JeanneCake

    The Air Fryer topic

    My birthday is Friday and I think I want to get an air fryer. I would love to make fries/potatoes, chicken wings, chicken cutlets and/or parts, and be adventurous as I get more familiar with this. Which one would you recommend - the Phillips XXL or the Breville? I am an experienced cook if that matters and I have a young adult at home who can snarf down several pounds of chicken if we leave it unattended LOL (in real life I am a pastry chef but that has no bearing on the fact that I can't make a decent pot roast unless it's in the Instant Pot and I am hopeless at pork chops). What say you all?
  4. JeanneCake

    Oreo Cookies

    My husband and child like trying the new Oreo flavors, so I bought the Firecracker ones and the Kettle Corn ones. They didn't care for the firecracker ones At. All. No flavor, no zing, nothing. I myself tried the Kettle Corn ones because I am a popcorn fanatic and yeah, just one was enough. It wasn't bad but if I'm going to have an Oreo, it better be worth the calories.....
  5. JeanneCake

    Unhulled sesame seeds

    Could you try making a sesame brittle with them? I have no idea how it would taste but maybe the caramel offsets some of the bitterness; and if it doesn't, dip it in chocolate
  6. JeanneCake

    sneeze guards

    @pastrygirl, pleasePM me that IG account, I wanna follow it just to snoop
  7. JeanneCake

    sneeze guards

    There are red flags going up for me all over this story.... it took me nearly a year to open in my current space and the projections were that it would take 6 months max. I looked at it in March, the lease was negotiated and signed in September but in April I had hired an architect, in June we were looking at contractors and I had the final revision of plans ready for the Heath Dept to review in Sept. Then the architect screwed it up and it took another 3 months to get plans signed off on and then construction took another 10 weeks. I had no fewer than THREE pre-opening inspections from JUST the Health Department so the fact that this person just slapped a new sign on an old business makes me 1) annoyed, and 2) slightly jealous. Change in ownership (at least here in MA) REQUIRES a re-inspection of a food business. And seriously, if you are going to serve food to the public, you should take it seriously that you don't keep perishables or potentially hazardous foods at RM TEMP, exposed to whatever the wind blows in. Even if she's selling Twinkies for crying out loud, cover them up! I am letter-of-the-law strict about food safety, I cannot take a chance that someone will get a food-borne illness (I worked too hard to get where I am to lose it because someone is careless) and it irritates me to no end that others don't take it seriously. I'm a little cranky today is all....
  8. JeanneCake

    sneeze guards

    Yeah, or let's send someone there to really check the place out. As far as I know in my state (MA) food has to be protected from the public by a guard. Once at a charity Taste of the Town event, the health inspector forced all the participating restaurants to attend a meeting (and she took attendance!) where she explicitly said food had to be protected by a guard. One of the restaurants was forced to rent a cafeteria sneeze guard from the local restaurant supply which completely ruined the appeal of their table. I ended up doing chocolate dipped marshmallows and put them under cake domes and then I never did the event again. But yeah, I wouldn't want to buy anything that was just lying around like that. Those sliced wood platters are not food safe either; it looks as if that cake is assembled right on it but the other (sliced) ones look like there was a board under it but still...... and what's up with the plates right next to the display - maybe it was from an event they did ? (because I am hoping this isn't the way they do things - walk up and we'll slice a cake for you or give you a cupcakes or....)
  9. Happy birthday @Darienne, and Ed, and @kayb! Hope they were wonderful! Husband and child both prefer ice cream cakes because of the chocolate crunchies and if I could buy just those I think they would be more than thrilled Despite everything that I make, I don't have a particular favorite so I don't usually do a dessert on my birthday. However, this year, I asked our local fishmonger (who makes a really nice lobster dip but only for holidays, it's not available otherwise) if he would make some (he said he would) and that will be my birthday "cake" :)!
  10. Her cakes have a fine crumb, yes; the Hellman's not so much (not bad, just different). The Hellman's cake will give you a light, moist crumb; not a fine texture, more of an open crumb. But the cake that your description called to my mind was the one in TCB where RLB talks about her mother's reaction to eating it - something along the lines of eating a chocolate bar. Both copies of the book are at work so I can't look it up to tell which cake it is.
  11. @paulraphael do you have a copy of The Cake Bible? Or Heavenly Cakes? Both are by Rose Levy Beranbaum; the first one has several different types of chocolate cake recipes (all with butter, and the Hellman's recipe too) and the Heavenly Cakes book has a chocolate passion recipe which is excellent too. I don't have a particular favorite among them, they are all good. I also like the chocolate cake recipe in Colette Peter's (cake decorating) books but that one also calls for coffee which you may or may not choose to use.
  12. JeanneCake

    Cake Memories

    @ChocoMom! This is the Wowie cake!!! My mom didn't do the 3 pools thing, she just mixed it up and poured it in a and we cut and ate it from the pan. I use this exact recipe now for our vegan chocolate cake; and if you sub out the cocoa with an equal measure of hazelnut flour (or almond flour) you can make a non-chocolate version and it's really good! We do the almond flour and add spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg) for a vegan spice cake. Yum! My mom's receipe came from the Boston Globe's Confidential Chat page, which was what social media was in the days of handwritten letters (pre-dating even typewriters!). She cut out the recipes and then taped the ones that we liked into a steno pad. Before I left my parents' home I painstakingly copied EACH recipe so I could keep my own copies. I keep the steno pads in my bedside table, along with a few precious books I would not want to replace - A Woman of Independent Means, My Enemy the Queen, and a few Maeve Binchy books - so if the smoke alarms ever go off, I grab these and out the door we (kid, cat, husby) all go.....
  13. JeanneCake

    Cake Memories

    My memories start with a Humpty Dumpty on a wall cake that I made in Home Ec class for my little sister's birthday. My mother says I was never all that interested in "real food" - only what was for dessert. In our house we didn't have cake for dessert much; but I remember my mother making what was called Wowie Cake and Texas Sheet Cake (both chocolate cakes, both wonderful). The Texas Sheet Cake was my favorite. It does not surprise anyone in my family that I am a pastry chef and own my own bakery now....
  14. JeanneCake

    Bathroom Parade, how to manage it?

    In my little town, food businesses are required to have publicly accessible restrooms. Because to get to mine you'd have to go through the food prep area, my health inspector made us get a variance to prohibit public use of our restroom. I'm not about to say no to someone who needs the bathroom. (We also aren't a restaurant or cafe, you come in, pick up your order and go.) My case is very different though; we don't have lots of people asking and the bathroom is easy to maintain. @Thanks for the Crepes I hope you are recovered now and doing much better!
  15. After reading the article, I found myself wondering had I fallen and hit my head... what the hell did I just read? Broken moral compass indeed, I think she's lost any sense of morality. Exactly how do you think you're going to hire staff that will trust you after this move?