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  1. I wash the BBQ grill by hand, always. And tonight I noticed that at least 6 or 8 rows are starting to show signs of losing the finish, on the top. It's not flaking so much as it's just peeled off in those small sections (you can't actually flake it off). Anyone else see this? We use the grill at least twice, sometimes three times a week - mostly fish, veggies, sometimes steak tips and this past week, the boys have discovered grilling burgers and they've had burgers (beef and turkey) three times in five days ๐Ÿ™„ I'm ordering another grid and while I'm at it, another drip pan. I k
  2. How many baskets are you projecting to sell? You don't really know when your customers are going to consume the products so something already shelf-stable might be safer. Consider asking your distributor if they have Peter's caramel blocks or something else that you can safely use while you figure out the canning issue. This way you have no concerns about stuff that is going out the door now, but you have a plan for future holidays (Easter? Mother's Day?) Edited to add: in some of the canning forums I am in, there's been a lot of chatter regarding the shortage of lids last fall
  3. OMG that FB forum is FULL of people experimenting with Valentine's designs. The last post I read was someone struggling to get the shell out of a heart shaped silicone mold (she claims they keep breaking) and people are telling her she should go to the dollar store and get these plastic hearts meant for packaging and use those as molds. Another person chimed in that they were doing round red shells and adding (๐Ÿคข) red velvet instant pudding in place of the cocoa mix. For the love of God people .....! LOL I do have to admit that I was surprised we sold another 50 this
  4. If you were foolish enough to consider exploring how to make a pink hot chocolate, how would you go about it? Use Ruby chocolate, ground up? A touch of powdered color in a Ghiradelli white cocoa mix? I haven't tasted the ruby chocolate to know if it's any good or not, so this could be a fool's errand.
  5. I'm still on the raft! Final count 909 (in the last two weeks). I expect demand to fall off drastically for this and we will probably only make 20 or so a week if that. I had been planning to do different flavors for the winter months (Jan/Feb/March) but I'm not sure about that any more. I wanted to do one with colored marshmallows and a superhero one. Or a Dr Seuss one - a lot of elementary schools do a reading festival around the birthday of Theodore Geisel - at least the ones around here did when I had a child in elementary school! I cannot tell you how excited I am to know
  6. It's worse than Cabbage Patch dolls. Next year you'll find them in the local drugstore, made by Nestle. I am working 14 hour days, coming home and updating our order sheets, sleeping 6 hours and repeating. I've run out of labels, containers (I'm actually now using clear plastic drink cups with lids because everywhere is out of the 3x3x3 clear boxes.) and I am almost out of chocolate. I stopped counting at 600. I'm so tired I can't even cry.
  7. What does the inside of the pan look like and have you ever used crisco (applied with a brush) and floured the pan before baking? Edited to add: Have you ever baked a non-gingerbread recipe in the pan, just to see what happens?
  8. This trend is .... wow. I'm grateful for it because it's bringing in business I might not otherwise have; everyone wants one/some and I am literally making 50-75 of them a day. And selling out. Mine are not even half as pretty as the ones in those articles Being the competitive spirit I am, you can bet that NEXT year mine will be prettier! (I've since corrected the label to be jtcakes.com instead of jtcakes) @pastrygirl, thanks the comparison to crystallization of sugar helped! @JimD thank you for your message; I took a look at it and it made a lot of sense - I will have
  9. Thanks @curls for the video link! I thought I was buying polycarbonate molds from D&R a few weeks back during the black friday sale (there was no picture of the molds on the site and not ever having bought molds before, what did I know!) but they are flimsy plastic so I am not using them and hoping to return them but haven't heard back yet. I also got some plastic molds from a candy supply store before they sold out so that's what I'm using. Anyway, today I just had to do something - we cannot keep up with demand for these things. So, I melted some Felchlin ultra molding an
  10. Thanks, Kerry, I'm glad you have a chance to take a little break from the pandemic ๐Ÿ˜ I'm getting some Felchlin cocoa butter. What i had was Orchid, and it was on sale..... I've asked for help figuring out the age and how it was stored and they are responsive. There is no one around me that has anything, and this tempering by hand is confusing (to me) and time consuming. I've gotten it right, which is encouraging but I have so many questions! I'm using a really viscous 58% and it takes an hour just to make shells for about 2 dz bombs. I have a long long road ahead as far as c
  11. I am clearly doing something wrong - I bought a case of cocoa butter three or four weeks ago from AUI, powered up the EZ and left two containers in for 24 hours. Very lumpy so left it in another day. Still lumpy. Took them out, and forgot to put them back in for the day so the next day they went back in - still very seed-y, lump-y looking. No change after 24 hours. In desperation I melted it all out (took the CB to 93dF) put it back in to see what would happen. (I haven't changed the default temp setting, it's at 33.8) I've lost track of how long it's been in there but this is what it
  12. that makes me remember a line on several menus from various wedding venues "blah blah ... cake decorated to your perfection" ๐Ÿ™„ Seriously? WHO'S "perfection"??? Isn't that why there's a website dedicated to cake fails (cake wrecks) - that was somebody's "perfection" too ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. Julia Child didn't refer to herself as a Chef; she in fact made mention of the fact that she'd never led a brigade so should not be referred to as Chef. The word that's getting to me is "artisanal" - not everything is artisanal ๐Ÿคจ but I see it in regular rotation. I'm not saying there aren't artisanal producers but the term is being applied very loosely IMHO.
  14. Yeah, where did you get the grilling bags? Those look great ....
  15. All of our distributors (who ship to MA from NY, MD and across the country) have warned us that the carriers are "experiencing higher than usual volume" and to count on shipping delays. I'm not sure about the USPS. Better to plan for 3-5 days shipping just in case. Have you sent out test packages to see how things arrive? I think American buttercream made with all shortening is safer than a shortening/butter mix. Some of those UPS trucks are jammed to the gills with stuff so even if it's freezing out, your packages should be somewhat insulated against wild temp swings!
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