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  1. You mean you don't dehydrate, grind, roll, and smoke them?
  2. Alex

    Eggstatic about eggs

    Perhaps the cottage cheese in the mixture calls for a longer cooking time, also that it's in a covered cooking mold. I've even forgotten to do the pressure release after ten minutes and the bites still turned out just fine.
  3. Alex

    Eggstatic about eggs

    Egg bites made in the Instant Pot. I also use local "farm eggs." My go-to is bacon + spinach + Jarlsberg. I'm due for another batch after I pick up some cottage cheese tomorrow.
  4. Alex

    Food Funnies

    If that's real and not digitally altered, that's a classic. On a related note, Ms Alex once had a student who wrote about taking up dog breading as a hobby. (We have an extensive collection of amusing typos from our students over the years. Other food-related ones include a student who liked crap cakes, and another who liked porn & beans.)
  5. Thank you. Unfortunately, all four choices are out of stock at my local store. Not that I would have bought the lavender coconut variety or even the chai.
  6. From Culinary Historians of Chicago: Go to Zoom meeting
  7. Alex


    Here's some high-end hamantaschen ($40/doz + shipping) from Zingerman's. I've never had them, so I can't testify one way or the other, but their rugelach is excellent.
  8. There's a fascinating article about yaupon tea in today's online BBC News. The American Yaupon Association I had not a clue that this existed. Has anyone here had yaupon tea? I've bookmarked six purveyors, so I plan to do some comparison research—and probably some shopping.
  9. Given your choices, I'm guessing you're not in the US.
  10. Alex

    Lentil soup?

    Speaking of French green lentils, here's a recipe I've bookmarked but haven't tried yet (but I will soon): Puy lentils with pork and prunes
  11. Alex


    Thanks for the bump. Vernick and/or Vernick Fish are on our short list for a trip to Philly later this year, virus(s) willing.
  12. Alex

    Lentil soup?

    This one, from Melissa Clark, using red lentils. This one, from Moosewood, using brown lentils.
  13. Has anyone provided a definitive answer to the manufacturer's name? It looks like "Gizen" to me, but I strongly suspect that's not correct. The gadget looks to me like an adjustable grater.
  14. Tonight, with shrimp and andouille gumbo, is Michigan's own Green Bird Dry Riesling.
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