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  1. Keeping bottles stable

    It'll cut back on capacity, but I see that slider rails are available as an accessory. Can you also install additional shelves?
  2. Please see my PM. (eG guidelines insist on handling sales that way.)
  3. Thanks, JNW. Good idea, but I already have at least one offer, so I'd rather keep it pristine.
  4. Yes, if you're willing to cover the shipping cost, which will be at least US$55-60
  5. Having been mightily inspired by our CSO topics, last summer I bought one via Craigslist, from someone who apparently had barely used it. There was water in the tank, but absolutely no sign that any significant baking or broiling had taken place; the interior and pan were like new. The only evidence of any use at all was a very small scattering of bread crumbs. Well, the best laid plans and all that. It's now a year and change later, and I did the original owner one better by never using it at all. It looks really good next to our Breville, but it's time to send it on to its next home. Surely someone out there in eGulletland would appreciate it, even as a second unit. Or a third. I'd just like to get out of it what we paid, so I'll sell it for $100 plus the actual shipping cost. I have the original user guide and recipe book. I'll pack it very well, of course. Please send a PM if you're interested or if you have any questions. Thanks.
  6. Food funnies

    TftC is in good company.
  7. Food funnies

    I'll see your aliens and raise you one wombat.
  8. Food funnies

    Cute. I liked the "Alternate Ending."
  9. Food funnies

    Side salad
  10. Judging Coffee

    Are you familiar with the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel? There also are other resources on that Counter Culture Coffee website.
  11. Food funnies

    Steamed Tofu, Eggplant, And Kale
  12. Wonderbag

    Wonderbag Amazon
  13. Awful to Good

    Next time, remove the seeds before toasting. Then, after toasting the chilis, soak them for a while in very hot water, then discard the water. That should help with the bitterness.
  14. Or to at least minimize the effects of the greed, etc. by eating vegan as much as possible, or at least drastically reducing the amount of animal products you consume, which might allow you to eat more ethically raised local animals and animal products.