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  1. Alex

    Passover 2024

    I'm not a rabbi, but I played one in a production at my synagogue, and my seven-great grandfather was one of the founders of Chasidism, so I declare that ferrets, despite being cute (at least to some people), are not only tref for Passover, but any time.
  2. Alex

    How big is an onion?

    Heh. That's what I would do. But then, I was a math major when I started college.
  3. Alex

    Garlic Presses

    OXO (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) to the rescue!
  4. Ditto. I mean, eggs are high-fat, at least by my way of looking at it> Shel, could you describe a bit more what "low fat" means to you in this context?
  5. #4 indeed, especially for alliums
  6. I wouldn't call it even relatively healthy.
  7. Yep, that's what I said (to myself). With two glasses of wine -- one an earthy orange, one a cava with some oak (!) -- the total was 35.25 euros.
  8. In a sort-of equivalent of one's eyes being bigger than one's stomach, I wound up getting to only nine of the above list, plus three bakeries, a gelato place, and two chocolate shops that weren't mentioned. Bar Mut was a casualty of sleep deprivation. After a 9½-hour red-eye accompanied by a cute but babbling/fussing/crying eight-month-old in the next row, a 2 p.m. lunch was sacrificed in favor of a three-hour nap. I can't remember where I went instead of Maleducat, or why. Xerta turned out to be too late for my schedule. (One week wasn't enough for me to adapt to those 8 p.m. or later dinners.) Sartoria Panatieri was a major disappointment: OK crust, undercooked sausage, liquid-y cheese (and too much of it), bland tomato sauce. The food star of the week was the eight-course prix fixe tasting menu lunch (24.5 euros!) at La Sosenga, an under-the-radar (but not for long) wine bar with thoughtful, creative food that reflects and riffs on Catalan cuisine. Here are the menu (at the end) and some pictures. (I subbed a creamy cheesecake for the French toast.)
  9. Alex


    Tupelo honey is delicious, and relatively expensive. I save mine for drizzling. As others have recommended, go local.
  10. Alex

    Food Funnies

    To un-confuse @Tropicalsenior: The extra time is for "plant."
  11. Thanks. One day I'm scheduled to be not too far on the other side of La Rambla at 10:30, so if I can get myself moving I'll check it out.
  12. I won't be going to the big market (Boqueria) -- too crowded, too many tourists -- but I might go to Santa Caterina, just to look around. A couple of blocks from my lodging there's a small mercat where I'll be buying my yogurt, jamón, etc. I'll keep an eye out for the pepper.
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