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  1. This is from our biggest Farmers Market. Fortunately, at least for social distancing, from November through April the market is open only on Saturdays from 10 to 1. I was there this past Saturday at about 12:30 and there still were customers, although it was quieter than I remember from previous years. We'll see what happens come May 2, when it's scheduled to be open three days per week from 8 to 2.
  2. I have little to no knowledge in this area, so perhaps someone(s) who does can chime in. CNN Business Eater San Fran Business Insurance mag
  3. Thank you. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that there'll be another winnowing in the near future. I love Vermont. Several decades ago, back before I-93 was completed, I came this close > < to moving to St Johnsbury.
  4. If I intend to reuse it, I strain. I don't like those nasty bits in other stuff I make.
  5. Wow. I also bake at 350 and mine are almost always done at 25-28 minutes. Must be the difference between US and Canadian minutes. Let me check. Yep, the exchange rate today is 1.43, so 25 x 1.43 = 35.75
  6. Hey, here in Michigan we take our ramps seriously. Also grilled.
  7. Alex

    Food funnies

    Earlier today I bought a can of Cento white clam sauce. Later today, I noticed this on the side of the can: I had no idea one actually caught clams. I'm imagining a Discovery Channel series, "The Least Dangerous Catch." Oh, and of course we have to be warned:
  8. If anyone would like, I can check my local supermarket (walking distance) for yeast or other items and ship it to you. You can reimburse me via PayPal. ETA: Our nearest health food store has it on order.
  9. Almost 70 here, also don't feel (or look) like it. I still go out, but with the usual precautions. Yesterday = Fresh Thyme market, Sec. of State (required to renew enhanced license in person), Target order pickup, Goodwill donation, Pak Mail donation (they accept certain shipping materials), grocery store (Fever Tree tonic, LaCroix). Today I'll walk back over to the grocery store (lemons, limes, Rx pickup). We have enough wine and booze to last through this pandemic and probably the next one.
  10. Roast, squeeze, and freeze (in single-use portions).
  11. Amazon and Whole Foods and the pandemic
  12. Alex

    Food funnies

    Not always. I think it adds an extra layer of funny knowing what the lunch is saying back.
  13. Alex

    Food funnies

    Basic translation: me: I love lunch lunch: Thank you me: What? lunch: Say it again
  14. I see that Missouri hasn't (yet) closed restaurants and bars to in-house service. That has to be a relief for you. Are you doing anything differently in the restaurant because of the pandemic?
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