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  1. It certainly does. Best Buy and Williams-Sonoma carry it, $450 US.
  2. Alex

    Sheet pan Dinners

    Melissa Clark has several articles about this in the New York Times: one two three
  3. Welcome to eGullet, AL, from another Alex. Cooking well with no restrictions is easy. (Well, not easy easy, but you know what I mean.) Cooking well with multiple restrictions is a creative challenge. You came to the right place.
  4. Well, a cancelled flight was the first domino that led to our deciding to not travel to St Louis this summer. Disappointing, but I hope and trust that Bulrush will be around for many more.
  5. Funny you should mention this. Contacting Rob was on my agenda for next week. I hadn't taken a look at the new plan yet, so thanks for the heads-up. Maybe we can rotate seats every couple of courses. Given the seating change, and, especially, the price increase (is the wine pairing still $100? -- I didn't see anything about that), I guess we need to open the attendance question back up to potential attendees. Our initial list was this: Alex +1 Chris Hennes +1 kayb chefmd +1 cdh (maybe)
  6. Alex

    Taming raw garlic

    It was processing, now it looks like you removed it.
  7. Certainly. Read every post, recipe, conversation, and workshop on eGullet. There will be a final exam. But seriously, folks, as a start, you could do a lot worse than reading through the dearly departed eGullet Culinary Institute (2003-2006, with a very brief resurrection in 2009). The eG Spotlight Fridge, from 2001-2006, also is fun: one two.
  8. Now that's a blast from the past. You mean the Kindle edition, correct?
  9. Ms. Alex and I explore Chicago regularly, but Albany Park is one of the neighborhoods that have so far escaped us. I first got clued into it via a 2013 article in the Reader.
  10. Nice post! I have cousins who live very near the National Cathedral. It's a remarkable building no matter what one's take on religion. Several years ago, before the earthquake damage, Ms Alex and I lucked out and were the only patrons on their behind-the-scenes tour. BTW, it's a far cry from Mario's, but if you're ever by the Cathedral again, I recommend the Neapolitan pizza at 2Amys.
  11. SLB, have you read about this year's anticipated StL gathering?
  12. Alex

    Food funnies

    As you probably know, Amazon recommends books based on one's purchase and browsing history. Their algorithm either has a sense of humor or could stand a bit of fine tuning.
  13. Alex

    Food funnies

    And I can identify with Mike. I probably would have added !!!eeem pleH on the inside of the door. Some of us are still 12-year-olds.
  14. Alex

    Favorite Stouts

    Thank you for the shout-out! They're about a ten-minute drive from us. Even with a Spanish company now a 90% owner, we still think of Founders Brewery as local (which it is, although it's no longer officially a "craft brewery"). I have several bottles of KBS from four and five years ago -- it used to be a much more limited release -- stashed away downstairs. I'm looking forward to finding out how they've aged. Bell's Brewery, as mentioned by Dr. Teeth, is about an hour from here. I've yet to try their Black Note Stout.
  15. Find a grandma. Or, lacking that, an aunt. Ask if you could hang out in their kitchen for, say, three months.
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