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  1. Alex

    Pasta shapes

    I guess my family had better cooks than yours.
  2. Alex

    Pasta shapes

    I grew up eating kasha varnishkes, usually at a relative's house, so I have a bit of sentimental attachment to farfalle.
  3. Alex

    Food funnies

    I despise no pasta. Orzo is weird, but not despicable. And certainly not weird enough to keep it from making its way to my mouth.
  4. Alex


    Welcome, Dakender. You can start your quest here.
  5. My GI system and capsacin don't play well together, so I used cubano peppers and sun-dried tomatoes for the vegetables. I also used Bob's Red Mill g-f white flour, and the biscuits still were wonderful. Ms. Alex is now a huge fan.
  6. Alex

    Frogs Legs

    Sure, why not? (See below for more info.) This is Sam Gross's famous 1970 cartoon from National Lampoon. Here's a great interview with him, in The Comics Journal.
  7. Yesterday's WaPo had an article about one of the recipes in the book: Za'atar Cacio e Pepe
  8. My library system has already ordered two copies. A reservation has been made.
  9. I'll leave recipe recommendations to the more experienced pizza folks. However, you might have a good time looking through this topic about pizza toppings. There are 388 posts at the moment, so it'll keep you occupied for a while.
  10. Welcome to eGullet, Hannah. How did you learn about us? A good number of eG'ers have done food writing, so I suspect you'll hear from some of us before long. In addition to the Food Blogs Kim mentioned, you might want to check out The Daily Gullet. There's also the amusing Daily Gullet Competitions. Neither has been active for quite some time, but they're a fun time suck read. The eGullet Culinary Institute can be an excellent resource for you. Many of us are, ahem, older, so our education about food and food writing began well before the Internet age. I would encourage
  11. Alex

    Food funnies

    Amelia's Farm Fresh Cookies
  12. Sounds like it gives Malort a run for its money.
  13. We have an excessive number of mugs, even after a significant Goodwill donation. Here are our most-used. In order, we have: Wistful kitty. Colorful fish (benefiting Save the Children). Weird kitty. Waechtersbach -- two made in West Germany (!), two in Spain. They're a bit less orang-y in real life. Denby, bought before I knew whay Denby was. Bennington Pottery -- a gift from a friend in the 80s. A promo mug from our favorite local NPR station. We used to have more. Two hand-painted mugs from Poland. One Mikasa, Arabella pattern.
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