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  1. Here's an article from the October 17 Washington Post about airline food. It's pretty basic, but I was stunned by the info and pics about AeroFarms, toward the end of the article.
  2. And I learned a new word today. I knew "aeolian," but never saw that usage w/o the "a" at the beginning. Thanks!
  3. All I could read about the situation today was a NY Times story.
  4. Relevant article in The New Yorker: Can a Burger Help Solve Climate Change?
  5. Yes, that's the premise for the article: pound cake with 7 Up.
  6. Despite its silly title, I enjoyed this article in today's NYT Magazine by Sam Sifton. I'm now curious to read about eG'ers' use of a carbonated soft drink as an ingredient. (Here's a fun map of the regional variations in the US of what soft drinks are called.)
  7. Alex

    All the Cheese Rinds

    I don't, but I'm looking forward to reading about potential uses, as I sometimes (not often, but sometimes) feel a bit guilty about tossing them.
  8. Eating roasted cauliflower at the first Heartland Gathering, in 2003.
  9. Alex

    Lunch 2019

    The cha shao looks wonderful. Could you share or provide a link to the recipe you use?
  10. Earthy Delights, here in Michigan, sells pawpaws and pawpaw products. Not cheap, unfortunately.
  11. You might want to double-check thatI do get their emailings, some of which look like a free shipping offer, but they're not really. I just did a test order for one book, and there was a shipping charge.
  12. Good timing. I'm in the middle of reading The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews: Traditional Recipes and Menus and a Memoir of a Vanished Way of Life, by Edda Servi Machlin, who passed away just last month. Absurd prices on Amazon, but as luck would have it, Eastern Michigan University had one copy that I borrowed via our statewide interlibrary loan system. It's already inspired me to take advantage of our local in-season vegetables and make caponata tonight. I had no idea The Key to Chinese Cooking was out of print. I'm glad I bought a copy when it wasn't. It's been a major go-to reference for me.
  13. Alex

    Lunch 2019

    I learned a new word today (sucrine). Thank you!
  14. Definitely. Let's maybe think about May and all the great spring foraging we could enjoy. And I'd appreciate a chance to explore StL again.
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