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  1. Agreed. I'm hoping Bulrush will be back to indoor dining by the spring, or early summer at the latest. I'm looking forward to planning another road trip.
  2. Full story in The Guardian
  3. 'Fraid not. eG and Nextdoor are my only social media indulgences.
  4. Hey, there you are! We've missed you.
  5. Alex

    Caramelized onions

    I'm with VH. I believe the pieces are of more uniform size that way.
  6. I'm at a loss for words—and that rarely happens. CNN story
  7. Alex

    Oreo Cookies

    Here's an article in today's Washington Post, "Why Does Oreo Keep Releasing New Flavors?"
  8. Not to be a spoilsport, but that was a terrible article. 1. The findings were correlations, not cause-and-effect. Sometimes the author got it right, more or less ("may help", "related to"), and sometimes wrong ("the most protective food", "was shown to improve"). 2. If you study enough correlations, one or more are bound to be statistically significant. (XKCD had something to say about that.) It should have been treated as a preliminary study, then replicated elsewhere, before releasing any findings. 3. "I believe the right food choices can prevent the disease and cognitive decl
  9. Definitely interesting. I just submitted a purchase request to my local library system. Unfortunately, they're not making any new purchases until mid-January, when the next annual budget kicks in.
  10. There's an article about Rob and Bulrush on the BBC News website for December 3.
  11. Alex

    Food recalls

    Dole organic romaine lettuce hearts
  12. Any of Deborah Madison's books would be good, but especially: In My Kitchen The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone or even the 2002 Local Flavors
  13. Here's a fun read for those of us who are interested in both food and etymology.
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