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  1. Here in West Michigan -- where my students always tried, always unsuccessfully, to be granted an official "excused" for opening day of firearms deer-hunting season -- Arby's has offered a venison sandwich.
  2. I almost put this in Food Funnies, but decided it deserved its own topic. There's a French restaurant in New York City, The Simone, that uses an elegantly scripted handwritten menu (see below). Menupages, by necessity, uses a standard typeface (also see below). Of course, this means that someone had to read the handwriting -- which, granted in this case, does not always lend itself to quick comprehension -- and convert it to text via the keyboard. This particular someone apparently was in a hurry or didn't know a whole lot about food, or both. Their (possible) embarrassment is our gain: The restaurant's handwritten "Terrine de Maison" became "Terrine de Macaron" (hmm, there's a dessert idea) Goat Cheese Soufflé became Meat Cheese Souffle caramelized onions --> caesar onions Sweetbreads --> Sweet Breads coarse grain mustard --> cheese grain mustard parmagiano-reggiano [sic] --> parmagiana, nuggets Greens --> Stew preserved lemon --> pressed beds Scallops seared --> Scallops eared a sauce of romaine lettuce --> a saute of romaine lettuce sugarsnaps --> sugargrapes bread crumbs --> bread crushed prune --> puree Chicken (Label Rouge Heritage Breed) --> Chicken (label royal heritage bread) croquettes of thigh, ham, foie gras, mushroom --> croquettes of high, ham, foiegrass, mushrooms thigh slow roasted --> high slow roasted skilled seared --> skillet peared Lamb, oven roasted domestic rack, a sauté of spring peas, ramps, polpettes --> oven roasted domestic pear, a saute of sprig peas, ramen, solpettes
  3. From The Guardian, a denomination-of-origin issue, akin to what happened with Champagne et al.
  4. That was my guess, too. Still, the person apparently didn't bother proofreading -- just like a dismaying number of my former students, some of whom ate "crap cakes" or "porn & beans" for dinner; conducted "taste testes"; asked their "pears" for emotional support; or took up "dog breading" as a hobby. And those are just the food-related ones. In a related vein, a recent email from a local purveyor included this gem: "Under pressure from the popular, large volume producers of Champagne, the French government made the boarders of Champagne larger." Hmm. Were they force-fed foie gras?
  5. Indian cooking and the Instant Pot
  6. Welcome, Ernie. eG'er member @Thanks for the Crepes is also from Cary. Here's a recent post she did about the city.
  7. I just can't cook __________!

    Rice? Really? Have you tried a rice cooker? Even at 5000', it should work just fine. I love ours because it'll hold rice at serving temperature while I finish (or cook) its accompaniment. Wirecutter liked this inexpensive model from Hamilton Beach. To take a step or two up to a "fuzzy logic" model, you could go with Zojirushi.
  8. Hi, Marmish. Glad to know you're still around.
  9. Munching with the Miao

    liuzhou, you may have posted the link somewhere else, but I just found this photo/video gallery about the Miao on bbc.com
  10. Oshi palav

    TThe king of meals, in Tajik culture
  11. That's because one of the pronunciations of the number 4 is "shi," which also is the one for "death." It's similar to the attitude here in the States, at least in some quarters, toward the number 13. Items therefore are sold in fives rather than fours. Other examples of this are sake and tea sets, which in Japan will have five cups. There also are lexical rules and customs about when to use "shi" and when to use its alternative, "yon."
  12. Just Ms Alex and me... NYE Gulf shrimp cocktail Carnaroli risotto with sauteed butternut squash (local), parm-reg, and fresh sage Gruet Grand Rosé 2010 Avocado sorbet NYD brunch Ratatouille omelet bacon (local) toast coffee NYD dinner Rancho Gordo Marcella beans in broth with proscuitto, fresh taragon, and parsley (I dislike black-eyed peas) January 2 dinner Sauteed five-spice chicken livers (local) Cabbage, apples, and onions (all local) cooked with butter and Riesling
  13. Welcome, Danielle. A Happy New Year to you, too. Have you discovered the Philadelphia "Heartland" Gathering forum, from 2012? Those cones are fun. Do you make those in-house, too?
  14. Ah, thank you. I'll be in NYC in March, so perhaps I'll have an opportunity to enjoy Franci's cakes in person, so to speak.
  15. Your typo probably was unintentional, but I like it: "disturbig" times would be those that are especially disturbing. I couldn't find anything one way or the other about this, but I'm wondering if not using italics here was OK because the scientific name was part of a direct quote. In addition, according to this article (pdf file) about the International Code of Zoologial Nomenclature, "The genus, subgenus, species and subspecies names are conventially written in italics; this is advisable but not mandatory."
  16. In Madison, Wisconsin, actually. And the first NORC program was in NYC, at Penn South Houses, in Chelsea.
  17. I'd never heard of the place, so of course I had to do my research, aka Google, where I found this review from The Guardian. (I love the Guardian; it's my most trusted online news source.)
  18. Yep, that's a heck of a collection. We've been to only a few of them (but not Boka itself). Next week, though, will be the first time for GT Prime.
  19. Mario Batali

    Absolutely true
  20. 1) The one I'm eating at next. 2) Salt. Should be obvious why. 3) Are you calling me a tool? 4) Shoraian, in Kyoto. 5) Prices going up. 6) Servers saying "Enjoy!"
  21. Hmmm, indeed. I'm wondering what your delightful governor has said about this, if anything.
  22. That's just one item, though -- not unlimited.
  23. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    We had an absurd amount of leftover turkey stock, so after a "sterilizing" ten-minute fast boil, I used it to make Caldo Verde. I used locally made rosemary-garlic sausage and added a can of cannellini beans, just because. It's not pretty, but it's delicious.
  24. It looks like they pretty much all have 4½ stars on Amazon, so I'd go with whatever color she'd like, if she indeed has a preference. Otherwise, just buy whichever is the easiest to get. Me, I'd probably opt for the Calphalon or the Oxo.