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  1. Next on my list of things to make. Thanks.
  2. Too hot to get out the Instant Pot. How hot is that? We still have snow. Not a lot...but more than I want...which is any. Today will be the first day walking in shoes...east side only. West side is a veritable swamp. It is every year...but I WANT to walk on bare ground in my runners. End of report. When do you expect to be home?
  3. I have really missed seeing your confections now for a long time @minas6907. Glad to see you are back!
  4. I always have a selection on my reading table in the bathroom...
  5. We have a large counter in our garage and have been leaving whatever groceries and stuff out there which could be left. The dog food order went straight into a cloth bag into the freezer to be dealt with later. Today Ed (80 in June...) is off to the pharmacy, the liquor store and the local small grocery to get some fresh stuff. We eat a lot of fresh stuff and therein lies the problem. We have enough in our freezer for about 6 months I think.
  6. Wow. I love your plates. Amazing. Cardinals are wonderful birds. Except when you are staying in North Carolina where they are so numerous and so loud and so incessant in their calls that you could...well...get away from them.
  7. Welcome to the forum, @Francois Royal. I'm always interested in anything chocolate.
  8. Oh my gosh! Wonderful. My Mother had one of those on the stove. What a treat to go back today. We don't. And we don't strain the bacon fat either. But then I have to add, that most of it goes to our two huge Rotties. Not always...but mostly.
  9. Welcome Chef to eGullet. Still beaver....???? Mebbe not.
  10. Well, except for the wine, that could be my kitchen, carnage-wise.
  11. Ed shopped in Super Store this morning (part of the Loblaws enterprise). Had to wait about five minutes to get in and then the shopping was fine. But then...it took over half an hour to check the groceries out. He said the line-up went to the back of the store and half way around. Why were so few cash registers open? Strange use of staff.
  12. Darienne

    Food recalls

    Is it my imagination, or do the majority of food recalls in Canada originate in Quebec?
  13. Had two huge seedless oranges sitting around and decided to try to find a 'whole orange' cake online. Discovered Sunset's Whole Orange Cake on Food 52. Don't have a bundt pan so did it in an angel food pan. Did not add the glaze. BUT...this cake is incredible. Delicious. Absolutely delicious. I think we have a new recipe in the repertoire. Interesting footnote to the recipe. It came originally from a cake called Kissimmee Orange Cake and it used Florida oranges which have a thinner skin. I had two very large seedless types so I cut the peel and pith from the one orange which ended up giving me the correct amount of orange to put into the cake. The bundt pan cake with the decorously draped white glaze would look much prettier, of course.
  14. That's incredible. Other Ed's crop looked like a cross between the barley and the wheat...it definitely had all that beard. I'll phone him to ask. His 'oats' did not look like your photos of oats. And yet to think that this man, a long time farmer, would not know what he was sowing is out of the question, which leaves me confused. Looked through my photos of the farm exterior and couldn't find a photo of the 'oats'.
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