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  1. Kitchen Sink and Faucet

    If I ever get to choose a new sink again...I would pick one large enough to fit in a cookie sheet. And we always stick with Moen faucets. They are guaranteed for life and you can go to the supplier and get new bits for them if necessary for free.
  2. Hospital Time

    When our youngest was born...about 52 years ago...I was in the Jewish General in Montreal. The food was terrific and it was here that I was introduced to that wonder of wonders: cheese bagels with sour cream and a bit of jam.
  3. Costco membership

    Quoting from Larry Olmsted, Real Food, Fake Food: Why You Don't Know What You're Eating & What You Can Do About It, p.79: "While it is easy to make fun of retailers like Walmart, Costco and BJ's, these quantity-focused companies have enormous leverage over producers and suppliers, whom they often force to adhere to higher standards. " This quote comes from the section on fish, but is expanded to say that industry experts say that these "big-box stores" are more to be trusted than regular groceries stores. Olmsted also speaks favorably of Trader Joe's and Whole Food in this capacity. Interesting book.
  4. Hospital Time

    My late Mother used to love to go into the hospital...they gave her hot tea in bed every morning. She was not a foodie. She hated cooking and it showed.
  5. Hospital Time

    All best to you Liuzhou and an early release. In the meantime I'll follow your adventures. Hospitals are my least favorite place I can think of to be.
  6. Costco membership

    Reading this thread sure reminds me over and over that we don't live in the USA. American prices on some items are just SO much less expensive than in Canada.
  7. Costco membership

    We are only two and have an executive membership and find it worthwhile. DH gets our gas through their outlet. And we have lots of storage space which means paper products, etc, can be stored easily. And their cheese is good. Cream, whipping cream. Ed's favorite things...my favorite things.... Meat, although we eat very little...but then the dogs eat a huge lot. Seven years membership for us. It's been good. My biggest complaint (really?) is that as soon as we find something we really, really, really like...they stop carrying it.
  8. Fruit

    And I was just about to say the same thing. Imported, of course...
  9. Fruit

    It's June 9th and we have nada. A penalty of living in East Central Ontario. However, the apple trees are loaded with teensy beginnings of apples once again and we live in hope. Just finished the last of the frozen apple cider from last year. And I have one more frozen applesauce and can make two more loaves of the delicious cake recipe which Arey sent me.
  10. Mind-boggling to say the least. Thanks for the tour.
  11. And you are where?
  12. I am a chaotic cook and my kitchen always looks like a cyclone hit it when I am cooking. Even when I do a complete mise ahead of time. And that's that. If folks are here for a meal...I try to keep the mess to a minimum...but then I seldom actually cook an entire meal when company comes. Pretty much it's something thawed which I made when no one was coming. Sorry. That's the way it is. I have very limited energy now and we still have a lot of company. DH is far more organized when he's cooking. And he does all the short-order stuff like bacon and eggs, etc. And he is the only one allowed to load the dishwasher. End of story on that one. Oddly enough, I am super organized in the rest of my life...and DH is the most unorganized person you could imagine (which drives me crazy with regularity). Now you all know more than you wanted to know...
  13. Yikes? Try buying avocados where I live and have never ever seen them 4 for a dollar. Cheapest ever was probably 79 cents a piece.
  14. Food Waste @ Home

    You, sir, are amazing.