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  1. Yikes? Try buying avocados where I live and have never ever seen them 4 for a dollar. Cheapest ever was probably 79 cents a piece.
  2. Food Waste @ Home

    You, sir, are amazing.
  3. Gotcha. Not looking forward to ever being in an institution. It's often one of those decisions over which the affected party has little if any influence.
  4. Food Waste @ Home

    Wow! This is really something. I wasn't counting peels and core and egg shells and coffee grounds. And canning. A rendering. ChocoMom, I salute you.
  5. Save a place for me in this home for when I 'age out'. (I & DH are both War Babies, a small generation so I understand.)
  6. Food Waste @ Home

    I'm not at all sure why...but we have very little throw-away in our family. Two large dogs which are fed basically raw and human grade food help. So a bit of leftover cooked potato might go into their breakfast. Any elderly vegetables get roasted and go into the freezer for enchiladas. I'd have to think about it for some time to figure out why we don't have waste. Right now my brain is too tired.
  7. Just what generation is this???
  8. ....but still....
  9. I would have to say that most, if not all said by liuzhou, holds true for both of us. Bad falls? Oh yes. And now I never wear sandals anymore to comfort and please my DH. I was reading a novel recently in which the young heroine (in her 30s) takes her vacations at the same spot as her much older friends. Her much older friends were in their 50s. I gagged slightly. The book went back to the library unread. Well, not because of the age thing...it was basically just a piece of pap. As for our eating habits...they get more adventurous with each passing year. Mushy vegetables be damned!
  10. I'm with Tri@Cook on the fig issue. My Mother made Date squares continuously and I hated the filling. Loved the top and bottom...it was just those horrible sweet dates that I loathed.
  11. I am curious. At just what age does one become 'elderly'. I shall be 76 next month with DH at 77. Are we elderly? Not in our own minds. But apparently in the minds of the young whippersnappers (love that word) we are. We are evidently 'old', although much of the time that is hard to accept as a branding. And I hate mushy vegetables. So there.
  12. I'm sure you are correct Kerry. For me the book as a raw beginner was more approachable. Greweling is a wonderful book, but rather intimidating for a beginning at that time working completely by myself.
  13. Greweling is a great book. My first book was Making Artisan Chocolates, Andrew Garrison Shotts. I would recommend that one. Much smaller book, and easy to follow.