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  1. Thanks so much. And thanks for the good wishes. First of all, I'll cut the recipe in half because my dear husband of 59 years will not touch anything which hasn't been cooked by heat. He just won't accept it. It's not intellectual...it's a gut reaction. Plus he just doesn't care for smoked salmon anyway. (Some eGers might recall the thread about bamboo steamers from many years ago. Ed wouldn't accept that either. andiesenji actually sent me a gift stainless steel steamer so that life could carry on. Yes, I love him dearly but am not above twitting him on occasion.) Secondly, I hope I can get away with leaving out the dill. I don't like dill and I won't touch it. It's a long story and I won't bore you all. I guess we are both deficient in some areas. If cutting the recipe in half and omitting the dill is a problem...please let me know.
  2. OK. You are on. I've used your recipes before with success. Salmon is one of the few items that Ed buys top notch quality. If you post or PM me your recipe...please...I'll defrost a piece and do it.
  3. Darienne

    Food recalls

    And here I thought they just made one an ageing human. I have the exact same diagnosis.
  4. Might try the Superstore ones. Thanks Nyleve. (And trust me, I'd never 'happen to end up in Toronto' anymore. We have friends who come regularly from Mississauga and I'll scope that one out. Edit: Nope, way too far out of their way to ask.) Don't think I'm up for making gravlax at this point. But I might try it in the future.
  5. Darienne

    Food recalls

    Would you be willing to post when the problems include raw vegetables, dairy or meat? Probably most on this forum don't eat prepared foods much. Thanks.
  6. Maybe I'll just settle for cod and chips at a local fish place... And I'll make the dessert. With chocolate, of course.
  7. Next time we are in Halifax, we'll go there, but the shipping cost with an extra $20.00 for our country address on top of the already about $45.00 is way out of our snack bracket. We should be in NS in a year or two from now. Thanks Elsie.
  8. Just called them and they don't carry it any more. Thanks, Elsie. Good idea though.
  9. Anniversary, 59 years, is coming up and I would like to have smoked salmon for a treat. We live outside a smallish, provincial Ontario city which is not known for its exotic culinary output. I don't know of any delicatessens which carry smoked salmon and so I am going to have to buy it in one of the mainstream grocery stores. And just noting we don't have a Food Basics or a Longo's in the bunch. I've tried a couple of smoked salmons ...names forgotten...from Costco and found them unsatisfactory. Or am I chasing an impossible dream? Thanks.
  10. Darienne

    Food recalls

    One can only wonder how rubber gets into pork patties. I'm grateful to you, Toliver, for your constant reporting of these problems. Can't be much fun for you though....
  11. Our daughter's BF is from Grenada and he is aware of Black Cake. (He's the most amazing cook I ever met.) I have no idea if there's any connection or not, but when I hear 'Black Cake', I immediately think Caribbean.
  12. I have finally heard from Waterbridge, January 16, 2019, a lovely but, unfortunately, unhelpful letter. I phoned yesterday morning because, as noted on another thread, my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is acting up quite seriously and only my stubborn need to report back on this topic sees me typing this morning. The Communications Manager, as I perceived it, spoke with the unfortunately too familiar lack of attending to the actual question by answering something I did not ask, a common 'political' tactic with which we are all too familiar. I expect she had no other option. And she talked over me while I was talking. She assured me that the change in wrappers is the company's responsible step up in recycling intent. (Ignored my question about the horrible ripping). Apparently, the gold cardboard inserts were only ever in the nut bars according to company policy. I said not so. She ignored my statement. It was definitely in the Milk, Dark and Extra Dark bars. I am not subject to hallucinations nor is the friend to whom I gave the many 'non-existent' cardboards for various craft purposes. "And no, the formula has not changed. Not ever." She suggested that my bars must have been past their legal time dates. (The wrappers are long gone. Who knew I should have saved them? And I guess it must have been my cream, or pot, or spoon which ruined my topping. Yes, I'm being sarcastic now.) "And did I want to speak to the Quality Supervisor?" No I did not. I told her I had figured out another way to still use the bars (and the President's Choice bars also) but she was not at all interested in that. I finally just said, "This is getting nowhere. Thanks for your letter and your help. Good-bye. " And thus, regrettably, it is done but life moves on.