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  1. Thanks palo. I do know about Amazon.ca and the pants I want are right there on the page...however if you read the reviews you will find that they are so varied and so negative that I cannot bring myself to order them: wrong sizes, wrong materials, inability to return them....etc...etc. Nope. Not gonna happen. I'll live without.
  2. That's very kind of you to offer, JeanneCake, but if I do order some, I have friends in Delaware whom I can ask to send them. I do appreciate your generous offer.
  3. Something purely for fun. We always need that. Good to see your name up there again, DDF. 1. Dark Chocolate 2. Raspberry 3. Smoked salmon 4. French fries with lots of crispy bits 5. Lemon and lime anything 6. Real shortbread cookies (have to have enough butter in them) 7. Pecans It's too early for me. I'll get back.
  4. Making Moussaka and Spanakopita for guests and suddenly thought...what will I do with the leftover phyllo sheets. Found this recipe Phyllo Crisps and whipped them up. Forgot that there were only the two of us to eat them...apparently they don't keep well...and we both ate too many. Oh well, this too will pass. However, they were easy to make, quick, no fuss...and delicious. Did not cut them correctly, but it made no difference as to taste. This morning they are still crispy...yes, I just tried one. Now will they last until Sunday night's dinner and the arrival of the guests? I put up a photo only to fulfil my eG obligations. I really am a poor photographer...
  5. Darienne

    Food recalls

    We need an OMG! button.
  6. Thanks but not in these two stores.
  7. Last entries on the subject of chef wear go back to the mid 2007s and so I thought I'd go after it again. I own a pair of chile pepper chef pants by Chef Wear and want to buy new ones. Mine are beyond repairing in the matching cloth...I've run out of parts I could cut out...and I am next buying black twill to repair them. OTOH, I see that I can buy them on Amazon.ca but in the consumer comments I can see that the possibility of getting exactly what you order is a pig in a poke. Sized incorrectly, cheaper material than advertised, and little possibility of returns and refunds. Not to mention that what exactly constitutes a small or a medium? no details are mentioned. Our local restaurant supplier store stocks only black and gangster stripe...that's Peterborough...and I want another pair of the chile pepper pants if I can get them. Does anyone know of some city in Ontario...Toronto, maybe?...that stocks these pants?
  8. I have a pair of oven type gloves called the Ove Glove...as I remember. Bought them a long time ago. I am a woman and don't have large hands. I imagine they would fit my husband's fingers much better and so they might fit you JimD...assuming they are still for sale somewhere. OK. Yes they are still for sale in Canada, at least, at Walmart and Canadian Tire....
  9. Welcome to eG. My husband and I love Indian food and are delighted, as Canadians, that we have access to Indian restaurants and Indian ingredients always and have been for decades. The sad thing about the local Indian restaurants is that there are only expensive ones now in our nearby city. There should be inexpensive Indian restaurants...and indeed there used to be our favourite one which we went to regularly. Good food. Nothing fancy. But that's just my particular city. And so, we now make our own only. My Aunt was stationed in Delhi some of the time during WWII. Now that goes back a bit.
  10. Welcome to the forum, MoonChild. Where in Hawaii are you? And were you born in June?
  11. Darienne

    Food recalls

    So glad you didn't eat it.
  12. Darienne

    Food recalls

    And ours is from Yuma, Arizona. (They moved it overnight....)
  13. Darienne

    Food recalls

    Thanks CD. We don't buy salad mixes with meat either. Didn't know they were even available...still wouldn't buy them. That is reassuring news. I think FreshCo and Sobey's are the same chain. Actually I can't remember buying a salad mix either. We are both doing all the food prep and being both retired do almost everything from scratch. Thanks as always for your help. We do count on you.
  14. Darienne

    Food recalls

    Can you say where the Signature brand is sold. I mean main grocery stores only, like Sobey's or No Frills, FreshCo... Ed, who does the shopping, thinks that Signature brand is FreshCo.
  15. Darienne

    Food recalls

    Just makes me shake my head sadly.
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