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  1. My favorite and there is nowhere where I live to get a decent apple fritter. These are making my mouth water as I look at the picture. If you didn't live so far away, I would be pounding on your front door.
  2. I have the lop-eared bunny mold and each year at Easter make some for our Easter dinner guests.
  3. Darienne

    Mascarpone as sub for clotted cream?

    I've tried some of the recipes on this website with success including making cream cheese and cottage cheese. Here the chef gives a recipe for making clotted cream. I've not tried it. I have no idea of what clotted cream even tastes like...but you could try it. https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/clotted-cream-recipe/
  4. Thanks @JoNorvelleWalkerfor telling me that. I did not know. How very interesting. I thought I was using it in place of eggs. On the other hand, I have no background in either chemistry or cooking and so have only slowly learned how food items work. Because it was less expensive to make with constarch and because I could have a basically unlimited amount on hand as opposed to eggs so to speak...although that not does explain the use of both half and half and heavy cream...but then why should I make any more sense than anyone else...once I found that recipe using cornstarch, I never looked back and it is my go-to base. On my own, I would have used simply 3 cups of half and half, but it was Ed, my husband, raised by a French-Canadian Mother, who loves things which are very rich and quite sweet, who insisted that I use half heavy cream. And actually I don't eat ice cream much at all. Which is more than you wanted to know. Thanks again.
  5. Darienne

    Food recalls

    Had to Google that one. Interesting (if I can use the word) foodborne illness in that it can take up to 70 days to appear. By that time one would have no idea what caused the illness.
  6. I've been following this thread because I am a home-made prolific ice cream maker...husband eats a lot of it and I give it as gifts in our neighborhood. Make a large amount and many flavors each August for our Annual Dog Weekend. I have never used stabilizers ...just don't...no real reason...and my little machine, complete with separate bowl to be frozen pre-churning, I bought second hand years ago. It's so old that the only words still legible on the front of it are 'Cuisinart' and 'Ice'. My point is that I have never had ice crystal problems. Not once. (Watch out for the next batch...) And paulraphael has been my ice cream mentor since Day One.
  7. Darienne

    Aprons: Do you use one?

    I'm like Okanagancook except that I'm more like to spill if I am wearing good clothes than working clothes and if I am working with oil...I'll get it on cotton clothes far more than on acrylic or some kind of synthetic. Of course, that's because it washes out of acrylic sweaters and such with no problem and is much harder to get out of cotton. Yes, I have a small supply of increasingly ugly aprons. Mostly I take off the original back ties and replace them with ties that will go around and tie in the front. Oh,, and they all go up behind my neck also seeing as my top front is where I get most of the damage.
  8. Darienne

    Food recalls

    However, I have read articles concerning contamination of the actual soil involved in these types of cases. That is something to keep in mind also.
  9. Darienne


    Hello smithgirl. Ask away and some one will answer you for certain.
  10. Darienne

    Replacing Liqueurs

    I have no answer for you @EmmMax except to say that there are NO dumb questions. We all had to learn at some point.
  11. Darienne


    Hello @EmmMax. You live in my favorite state (I'm Canadian). My home away from home is Moab. Welcome to the forum. We have a wonderful eG chocolatier from northern Utah, Chocolat. So you'll be in good company.
  12. Darienne

    creaming butter with honey

    I believe that much cheap honey is not honey at all....????
  13. Darienne

    I'm so new, I'm shiny!

    Welcome, mjmmc. Sorry about the rusty backside.
  14. Darienne

    New but old

    Welcome to eGullet from me also. Lovely work.