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  1. Glad about your heat wave being over. Hope ours is also on its way out. And oh yes, know and love that salad. For special occasions only in our house. Too yummy for words.
  2. We are great salad eaters and have meats frozen for Ed for these occasions. In the summer, we eat salad two nights in a row, the third night is something else. But then we eat our big meal at noon. Hummus, Tabbouleh, Potato Salad, Tomato Aspics, Marinated Cucumber, Cauliflower and Carrot Salad, Colored Pepper Salad (from Chefmd), Cole Slaw (Ed's contribution), Multi-Bean Salad. Very little cooking of any ingredients: potatoes, heat up the aspic, cook the carrots...that's it for this lot. And when I am in the mood, I open a can of Hereford Corned Beef. Oh, and some good multigrain bread and butter. Oh yes, and some cheeses. I make enough of each salad to last a few meals.
  3. I will never again (right! as Nancy said: oh yeah?) turn a large bottle of commercial salsa upside down and shake it to get the interior remnants to fall towards towards the top for easy access. Yes. Salsa everywhere: on the cupboard walls, on the floor, on the rug, on my slacks, on my runners, on my t-shirt,...lovely bright red and oh so staining red tomato based salsa. Serve me right for not making it from scratch. And yes. One of us is more likely not to be careful to put tops back on bottles, containers, you name it. And you, gentle reader, know which one of us I mean!
  4. Darienne

    cheese slicers

    Not clear to me how it works, Anna. No cheese slicer has ever been a star in this family and we simply slice it all with a knife. Strangely enough, the knife chosen is a very cheap one, serrated, and was found by Ed in the Drive Shed (it's called a Drive Shed because you could literally drive two 18-wheelers into it and it's a continuous nightmare to me) and was a completely unknown mystery to both of us.
  5. And speaking of 'he' had better not do this ever again, Ed, my DH, put a 'yesterday's cup' of coffee into the microwave to heat it up. Right. Except that he forgot to remove the tag saying "CAF" clipped to the edge of the cup with a plastic and metal black and orange doodad. What a mess. And guess what? He didn't even notice the mess...which I, the dutiful wife, had to clean up. ...he had better not....
  6. Darienne

    ISO Peanut Butter Pie recipe

    Thanks Heidi. Yesterday I made the Epicurious peanut butter pie again and put a raspberry spread under the filling and a dark chocolate ganache over the top. The visitors come in a couple of hours and there's no point in asking for an honest response...I won't get one. I tasted the filling yesterday...and I just don't love it. I like it alright I guess...but it's just not for me. Ed liked it. He really liked it. So I think the answer lies in that response. It's just one of those things I don't like...although I really like peanut butter. Go figure. Lime cream cheese with a chocolate ganache is more my still. But thanks for trying.
  7. Once again, we have this wonderful treat to look forward to. The two of you together make such a terrific team.
  8. Darienne

    ISO Peanut Butter Pie recipe

    I haven't tried Rob's pie. Perhaps I'll do that next. Each August, I give my former confectionery partner a peanut butter and chocolate pie. It's been over ten years now I think. And each time it's been a different recipe.
  9. Darienne

    ISO Peanut Butter Pie recipe

    Good heavens, here I am again, still on the Peanut Butter and Chocolate pie kick. Am making one for July 4th luncheon guests. I'm still finding every single pie recipe basically boring and now having found Chris Hennes' suggestion about a touch of curry powder, I am thinking about that idea. And a dash of salt because the peanut butter is natural. The other idea which came to me was to spread on top of the crust a thin layer of a sauce made from seedless raspberry jam, butter and Chambord. Then the peanut butter filling. And then the chocolate ganache. I love my raspberry jam sauce...and so do others (never let them know what a cheat it is). I'd completely forgotten about buying and using the commercial stuff...although Ed did remind me this morning that it had happened...and here it is in black and white, so to speak. But I never recorded what I thought about it.
  10. Darienne

    The Dishwasher-Loading Topic

    Fair comment. But please tell me why it's the only thing in his life in which he practices that skill? He has no idea of where anything else in the house belongs. I think haresfur got it right!
  11. Darienne

    The Dishwasher-Loading Topic

    Now that is strange. I don't mind unloading at all. As to what I did wrong? It's a mystery......
  12. Not me hurting myself for a change, but my DH, Ed, stabbing himself quite horribly with my trusty bench scraper. I do love my bench scraper. But Ed loads the dishwasher...a man's job, no doubt. I just don't do it 'properly' and who am I to quibble? So Ed took it downstairs and ground off those sharp corners and now we have a defanged bench scraper and all is well. I see on Google Images that all bench scrapers have sharp corners. Lethal.
  13. Darienne

    Cake Memories

    More on the WWII wacky cake. I made the chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache topping and we loved it. And then I made a lemon one (recipe here) but topped it with a chocolate ganache. There is something quite unusual about the texture and taste of the cake I feel. Together we ate half the cake at one sitting...which is completely unheard of...something just kept on pulling us in. Lemon and dark chocolate. Compelling. Thanks for the head's up on this cake recipe. ❤️
  14. Darienne

    Newfoundland Re-Visited

    So you are now one hour and a half ahead of Eastern Daylight Time? I don't know if NL does Daylight.
  15. Darienne

    Newfoundland Re-Visited

    Interesting. Following you on the map.