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  1. So about these sponges...I am prepared to use new sponges every week if that's what it takes. This is for only our home...not for a commercial establishment. Have to say that no one, including guests, of which there are many in the summer, has ever gotten ill in our 'germ-ridden' house. My question: are we then to simply use said sponges...two a week...without attempting to cleanse them in any way during said week? Thanks.
  2. Drowning in Figs!

    Iowa Dee came up first with my idea. Fruit Leather. We had more apples last year...this year we have almost none...and I ended up mixing applesauce with almond slices and made lots of fruit leather. And in the oven which holds so much more than my hobby-type dehydrator. Can you make fig leather?
  3. Did you eat the chicken? Did you get sick? If folks from Guatemala or Nicaragua or etc, etc, can drink the water and not get sick, does this not say more about us than it does about them?
  4. "We therefore rather suggest a regular (and easily affordable) replacement of kitchen sponges, for example, on a weekly basis. " OK. That did it for me. One of the few sentences in the article I could really relate to. Depressing as all get out. Thanks, Lisa for posting it though.
  5. We don't think of Poblanos as hot peppers and usually they are not...but once, several years ago I spent almost 24 hours in agony after cutting some Poblanos. I tried everything...nothing worked. Never before or since. So evidently, they can be very hot and alas! Elsie, yours were.
  6. Where is the laughing out loud button when you need it? We'll try the dollar stores. I was just looking for a quick answer. And, of course, you are correct about what is available in the US versus Canada. A friend from the other side of the border just wrote that her Costco has a lovely single fold napkin...ours does not. DH has looked.
  7. Shop towels sound like a good idea. And I have found online that Vanity Fair napkins are at Walmart. Not my favorite store, (or should I say favourite ?), but I'll give it a try. Also, we have a large group, both daily and overnight visitors, coming for the Annual Dog Weekend and this means a lot of napkins, so I guess I'm looking for two qualities of napkins after all. Thanks for the answers.
  8. Paper napkins in Ontario: DH does not like the single fold napkins which are kind of thin - but likes the double fold napkins which are thicker - but take up double the room in our napkin holder. Does anyone know of an Ontario grocery store which has the thicker single fold napkins? Thanks.
  9. Unless I am mistaken, the manual for my new Breville Smart Oven Pro says nothing about how to use the "Frozen Foods" designation. This category of heating is allowed only at 4 settings: toast, bagel, pizza and cookies. And it says nothing about how to use it. I searched under "frozen foods" in e Gullet and online and still couldn't find anything. No doubt this is my mistake, but someone please help me and tell me what it's for and how to use it. Thanks.
  10. We always cook multiples of rice and freeze the extra (and not vacuum sealed either.) Now maybe we are not very sophisticated in our eating of rice, but I have never noticed any loss of taste or texture in the process. We used to cook rice in a regular pot and now we cook it in a rice cooker. The only difference is that DH hated brown rice when he cooked it...and now it's all we eat when I do it in the rice cooker. Hooray for rice cookers, I say. But then I am not a polished cook and never will be.
  11. Do keep an eye on the dogs for the next couple of days. Cooked chicken bones are brittle and sometimes difficult for a dog's system. Never give your dogs cooked bones...but you may know that already...
  12. Do you roll this dish up to eat it?
  13. Carlota de limón icebox cake?

    Yes, I did use full fat milks also. Just tried it out of the not as cold as it should be kitchen fridge freezer and it's a lovely semi-freddo. (The ice cream is kept in the dog freezer.)
  14. Carlota de limón icebox cake?

    Well, it was tasty but it wasn't a complete success by any means. I realize that I didn't use as many cookies as Kerry did...a mistake. And it didn't solidify as much as I think it should have. Would whipping the evaporated milk have anything to do with that? And hard to believe, one cup of lime juice was really too much. But what the heck. Family will eat anything if it tastes good. The chocolate topping was a good idea. In the end, I have put it into the kitchen fridge freezer, which is not all THAT cold...too soft for ice cream...and it works very nicely as a semi-freddo.
  15. Carlota de limón icebox cake?

    And mine also. The Maria cookies came from the $rama. Followed the recipe except that I whipped up the evaporated milk first before adding the condensed milk and the lime. Did not dunk biscuits, but simply did the layer thing. Then into the fridge with a later addition of a 54% ganache topping. Looks good. Tastes good. I did have this other idea. Our Annual Dog Weekend is coming up...thus trying out the new cake idea...and one of our traditions is the Saturday night Slushy Margaritas. (Well, the dogs are all in bed, you know, by that hour.) I've done Margarita Pie and Margarita Ice Cream also and how about the Ice Box cake a la Margarita? I'd swap the chocolate for whipped cream in that case. I might just try it. Thanks Melissa H for starting this thread!