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  1. Seems to me that the words "salad kit" are a giveaway. Certainly keeps us from buying ready-to-eat processed foods, were we so inclined.
  2. Really unacceptable...
  3. We have an old Breville toaster oven which has given us yeoman service. It's basically pretty dirty inside I think...I am a terrible house keeper and have a wonderful cleaning lady who is not only beautiful, but a total delight and the same age as our youngest and she loves to clean...but I've never asked her to clean the toaster oven. And besides it's on its last legs and slowly dying the deaths of a thousand cuts. Sorry.
  4. I would use them as per @Smithy...a thickener in a soup. Not even necessarily a creamy type soup either.
  5. Incredible! And the Super Bowl is tomorrow. And then what for the poor Ontario avocado lover? No, no, say it isn't so!!!!
  6. Normally in Ontario I would say that avocados are over a dollar each...and sometimes almost a dollar and a half. That's for one.
  7. Does anyone have any idea of why recently we can buy 5 or 6 avocados for such a low price in Ontario grocery stores? As low as $1.99. I love avocados and have been eating one a day for weeks now. And wondering when this bounty will end. Or is there something I should know about avocados which I obviously don't?
  8. My only answer to date is with Basil which I grow in the windowsill and cut off when I need some. The rest is the same as above....
  9. Greetings from someone else who lives in Ontario. There are lots of us in Ontario and soon you will meet more. Good luck in your studies.
  10. Sorry I'm not up on abbreviations....San Francisco?
  11. Facebook must be where I found it. As far as I know I've not installed any apps in our computer life which is very basic. And I can't do Zoom on my desk computer. And our cell phones are the most basic you can buy and you cannot even text on them. We really have not joined the computer generation.
  12. Completely different. Perhaps it has something to do with the locale. My district is almost completely rural...maybe that makes a big difference. I've yet to see anything commercial or inappropriate posted on it. And a couple of young women administer the posts. It seems that most of the items are baby clothes, oddments of furniture no longer wanted, Christmas items (I contributed big time in this one), paving blocks.... I've gotten empty cottage cheese size plastic containers needed to store homemade chicken broth in the dog freezer when our wonderful little Mandy wouldn't drink water but would certainly drink the broth in great quantities. I think that's about as exciting as it has gotten for us.
  13. I think this forum is at least all over Canada and the USA: buynothingproject.org It's where I live and I do belong to the local chapter. So when you need something like....small sized cottage cheese containers....or whatever...you ask on the forum and if someone in your area has them, then Bob's your Uncle. I've received wonderful things using this forum...and also given our own things away to someone who is only too pleased to get them...like our collection of Chinese dishes and bowls no longer in use because we don't entertain any more. (I was about to thank you for pointing me in the direction of this thread...and then discovered that I already belonged. Duh.)
  14. And, dear sir, you have been sorely missed.
  15. Sorry about the hands. I know whereof you speak. Seeing as we are both Canadians and shopping at basically the same stores, could you please tell me of at least one acceptable brand of boxed potato that I can have Ed buy for us. And where in the store might Ed find such an item? Thanks in advance. And please.
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