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  1. Come to think of it, our flyers used to come on a Thursday to start on the Friday. Then some smartie no doubt moved his up one day and sooner or later, they all fell into line. Ed does the shopping in our family and he likes to shop the sales. Somehow he figures the money saved is worth the extra expenditure of time. And he'll happily go to four stores. Some of us certainly don't agree with him, but some of us don't do the shopping any more.
  2. Wednesday night we get the local regional free newspaper with all the ads and flyers in it. And the flyers start on Thursday. Still some of the chain grocery stores no longer produce paper flyers for inclusion in the newspaper, and some put in only a skeleton page or so, but all are online now. Why do the specials in the grocery store begin on a Thursday?
  3. Can't eat a bacon and tomato sandwich on gluten-free rice cakes! Now to find a decent pasta. My first purchase ended up in shreds after cooking. The second one, red lentils, not too bad. Sister-in-law tells me of GoGo Quinoa and now to find a location....
  4. Bought it and tried it and was pleasantly surprised at how palatable it was. Mightily surprised even. And I see that it comes in several formats. It's made in Ireland and imported, maybe by elves. And it ain't cheap by a long shot. Today, a bacon and tomato sandwich for lunch. On bread.
  5. We do have a Sobeys...the only store in town which carries Poblanos, although they are deemed 'hot'...and will hie ourselves off there today. Thanks so much, CD.
  6. So I am gluten-free for a month anyway...along with sugar-free, dairy-free, coffee-free...and so far so good...except for the bread part. Ed bought two kinds of gluten-free bread for me to try last week at a regular grocery store in Ontario. The whole grain bread was from Little Northern Bakehouse and it was awful, both untoasted and toasted. The sandwich bread was from Glutino...now there's an appealing name...and it was even worse. Is there such a thing as a passable...not good...just passable...gluten-free bread to buy in a grocery store in Ontario? No American brands need apply...I won't be able to buy them in East Central Ontario in a small size city. Thanks.
  7. This sounds like exactly my cup of tea. Thanks for posting.
  8. Here's a way to safeguard against such a thing. https://stoveguardintl.com/ We used to have one because Ed left the stove on quite often. It no longer works many years later. It was one of the best investments we had ever made. Ed is better at the stove now, and we haven't replaced it. I believe they now have a version for gas and propane stoves also.
  9. Darienne

    Food recalls

    Found online this morning for our American friends: As of Friday, only red onions have been linked to the multinational outbreak, but U.S. officials say consumers should error on the side of caution when it comes to onion consumption right now. “Thomson International Inc. has notified FDA that it will be recalling all varieties of onions that could have come in contact with potentially contaminated red onions, due to the risk of cross-contamination,” according to the FDA update. “This recall would include red, white, yellow, and sweet onions from Thomson International Inc. Recall information will be made public as soon as it is available from Thomson International Inc.”
  10. Darienne

    Food recalls

    Dear CD, Thanks for keeping us up to date and safe on these issues. And I am delighted to report that our current bag of red onions...without which life would definitively lose some of its sparkle...the onions are Ontario-grown. The tag was still on the bag.
  11. Darienne

    Sheet pan Dinners

    I've never heard of sheet pan recipes before, but your idea sounds brilliant. Thanks for posting it.
  12. Welcome to eGullet, Alexandra. It's a good place to be to find recipes and help with your somewhat challenged cooking life.
  13. Ed really favors a base called Better Than Bouillon for chicken, beef and vegetable stocks.
  14. Could you please point me to Jaymes squash recipe? Tried to look it up and got nothing useful. Thanks, Shelby.
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