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  1. I've never 'cooked' anything mixed in my rice cooker. So far just rice or quinoa. This looks like a good start.
  2. Could you not just cut out a portion of the sugar and make sure you use natural unsweetened peanut butter. (Not advice from an expert...I am the world's worst cookie baker.)
  3. YES!!! And I love it. Mine is turquoise and looks more like this one. A friend gave it to me years ago and I ignored it for years, although Ed used it regularly. Then I tried it and was sold on it immediately.
  4. A year of Covid 19 would be like the first year of a husband's retirement. A friend told me that the first year for her was heck on earth. And when Ed retired...it was the same thing. Mr. Kim will no doubt just get bored with the entire thing and leave you alone. .....I hope.....
  5. Speaking of ginger...I have a wonderful recipe called Triple Ginger Ice Cream. It's on eGulllet recipes posted by FoodMan.
  6. I laughed at some parts. Smiled at others. Lovely story.
  7. Sure. Recipe: Basic Cornstarch Ice Cream 3 cups, a mixture of heavy cream and half & half. (Ed likes his ice cream really rich and so I use 1/2 of each. Left on my own, I'd use 2 cups half & half and only one cup of heavy cream.) 3/4 cup sugar [use 1 tablespoon corn syrup in the mix] Pinch of salt 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1. Heat most of the cream over medium-low heat with the sugar, corn syrup and salt until the sugar is dissolved. 2. In a little bowl, blend cornstarch and remaining cream. 3. A
  8. Ice cream...my husband Ed loves it and I make it continuously in my little ICE-??..well, it's so old and so worn that the name and model are erased from the front. I paid $5 for it 12 years ago in my favorite second-hand store in Moab, Utah. It has the separate interior bowl which must be frozen. I have my own recipe mixture that I use, pretty much no matter what flavors I use. It has no eggs and is based on cornstarch. My ice cream mentor, @paulraphael gave this recipe to me many years ago. (He's gone way past this simple recipe in the intervening years). As fo
  9. Darienne


    A friend gave me a recipe for a similar dish and I eat it for breakfast on toast with mustard. We have decided to call it lentilwurst. David Lebowitz' recipe sounds very nice...although a lot more work than the one I have been making.
  10. About that 'earlier-waking' thingy...No...I wake him every morning to get up and get it. Sad to say, I am still in recovery (I hope) mode from the Lumbar Spinal Stenosis attack. I have always been an early riser...but now I don't rise...I just wake early. For decades, I was the coffee bringer. Still, I am thrilled that he has taken over and is also feeding the dogs their morning meal and bringing me my breakfast in bed. I am still living in hope. And I am one of those "a place for everything, and everything in its place" types because unless someone in the group is, sheer an
  11. Sure you will. You are either one of those kind of folks...or you are OCD, like me. That's why Ed always knows where to find things, (assuming he wasn't the last to use it), and I never do (assuming he was the last to use it.) This very morning, half an hour ago, being a prime example.... Still...he brings me coffee at 6:30 am now so much is forgiven and forgotten.
  12. Oooh...I hate to tell you. I stand caught with my calzoncillos showing. The whole dish (and not traditionally made as it's in a casserole format) was made some time ago and we are eating them defrosted from frozen storage. Please don't pass it on. This is so embarrassing. There's only two of us these Covid 19 days and whatever I make, much of it ends up being frozen for future use. Enchiladas Suizas in my gringo world are pretty much enchiladas with a bechamel sauce topping them. Or it is in my method. My recipe just about predates my life in eGullet. It certainly predate
  13. Upgrade it all by one year. Kyra, our longest living Spoiled-Rotten Weiler, turns 12 which is really quite old for a Rottie, and it's 10 years since I split open my head. I think it will be Enchiladas Suizas this year with commercial corn chips and salsa (oh, how lazy) but homemade sour cream and guacamole. Black beans cooked from scratch this year. Not exciting...but I'm glad to be up and cooking again.
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