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  1. Dipping stem ginger pieces in chocolate and so disappointed that many of them have sprung a little leak. What to do? So I google the question and guess what I get? The last time I asked the question on eGullet with the answers of what to do. With luck I won't forget a third time. How stupid can I be? [Moderator note: The original I will never again . . . topic became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it up; the preceding part of this discussion is here: I will never again . . . (Part 3)]
  2. [Host's note: to avoid an excessive load on our servers this topic has been split. The discussion continues from here.] Many batches of Apple Pie Ice Cream later and I'm still in love...think it's the crust factor although I am embarrassed to say so. I've never had cookie dough ice cream, but I imagine it's pretty much in the same category. I'm thinking about making Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream...or pretty much any pie ice cream...well, not Lemon Meringue...fruit pies, nut pies,...???? Thanksgiving (in October here in the Far Frozen North) might be a good time to try the Pumpkin idea.
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    Hello smithgirl. Ask away and some one will answer you for certain.
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    Replacing Liqueurs

    I have no answer for you @EmmMax except to say that there are NO dumb questions. We all had to learn at some point.
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    Hello @EmmMax. You live in my favorite state (I'm Canadian). My home away from home is Moab. Welcome to the forum. We have a wonderful eG chocolatier from northern Utah, Chocolat. So you'll be in good company.
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    creaming butter with honey

    I believe that much cheap honey is not honey at all....????
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    I'm so new, I'm shiny!

    Welcome, mjmmc. Sorry about the rusty backside.
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    New but old

    Welcome to eGullet from me also. Lovely work.
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    Food recalls

    Done and thanks.
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    Food recalls

    Thanks CD. Are you taking on this task of reporting food recalls for Canada as Toliver does for the USA? If so, many thanks.
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    Ultraprocessed Foods

    But aren't these products over-processed if you buy them at a grocery store and thus deleterious to one's health? What the article is missing to me is any mention of the fact that you can actually make all of these products at home from scratch...well, maybe not hot dogs... And there's no 'instant' when you make them.
  12. Good heavens. Exactly what I was going to say!
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    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome MichaelB23. I've made only one steamed cake but was amazed at how simple the process is and how well it turned out. Who knew?
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    Suddenly came to me. It was ChefCrash in "Baklava, Baklawa". Will do a big Spanakopita next time I guess. But thanks for the information.
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    Actually reading the posts from TFTC this morning put me in mind of some earlier eG posts...I think...which I looked for and couldn't find...I think @heidih was in on that discussion...and heavens knows, she knows where all the bodies are buried...about making a full pan of Spanakopita using a whopping amount of phyllo and not buttering the layers, but slashing the full pan and pouring a whopping amount of melted butter over the top. I have to admit that that method appeals to my nature more than the making separate triangles. I'll just cut it before I freeze it. As for working with phyllo...I've had my dear sister-in-law here to show her how to manage with the stuff...and moreover, not to worry when it tears. In the end, it makes no nevermind. Just stick it together with some extra oil/butter and move on.
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    I've only made the full dish Spanakopita and would like to try this little triangles method. Care to share your procedure, either of you, @Thanks for the Crepes and @heidih please. @Kim Shook also.
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    Food recalls

    Words fail me.
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    Food recalls

    Dog hairs yes (well our own dogs)...mouse or other rodent droppings...no. Thanks, CD.
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    Food funnies

    OMG! Who knew? I am gobsmacked (as the British would say).
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    Food recalls

    Has anyone alluded to where all this rubber is coming from?
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    The Quintessential eG Kitchen Tips/Trucs

    But what about a metal above the stove fan? Won't hold a cookbook, but my earth magnet (Lee Valley) will hold a few pieces of paper and lots of my recipes are computer downloads and print-outs.
  22. Well, I guess I am more curious than embarrassed. Although I use fairly good quality chocolate to make dipped citrus peels, bonbons and so on, I also use a lot of less than good quality chocolate to make toppings on pies and cakes, particularly for friends and neighbors who think that Merkens is delicious. Well, that's unkind, but you know what I mean. In Canada, we have a chocolate called 'World's Finest' and it is truly awful. Oh well. So here is the situation. I have purchased from Canadian Wal-Mart for a good number of years now a bar, Waterbridge Imported Belgian, 400 grams, in Milk, Dark and Extra Dark varieties. And my topping is invariably 4 oz of chocolate and 1/2 cup of half and half or whipping cream. And it always sets just fine. Perfect. About 3 months ago, I made a Milk chocolate topping for a friend who loves milk chocolate. It didn't set. It was soup. OK. But the Dark and Extra Dark still worked fine. Two days ago, both of those were soup. I wrote to Wal-Mart noting the change, and also that the ever-present gold cardboard is now missing from the bars. They apologized profusely and offered me my money back. (In the meantime, I figured out that 1/4 cup of cream would work perfectly.) The ingredients are: for the Extra Dark: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder, soy lecithin and the Dark: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter and soya lecithin. What do you suppose they did to the mix to make it so different?
  23. An addendum to the topic. As uninteresting and lacking in great chocolate taste as the Walmart Waterbridge brand, I have to report that now that I have also tasted the President's Choice offering...the Waterbridge bar is better by far.
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    Food recalls

    There's no rest for you, Toliver.