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  1. Hmmm...I really hated cooking at all until I was about 67 and joined eGullet. An overnight change. And to think that the unknown term "ganache" started it all. Most of all I hate deboning cooked turkey or chicken. Ugh. Still it has changed in our house from throwing away all those bones to making broth for our dogs, particularly Kyra, our 12 1/12 year old Spoiled-Rotten-Weiler, who tends not to drink enough water. Next on the most hated list...defrosting the two big chest freezers...not because I hate defrosting and cleaning freezers, but because I am short by modern standards at probably now 5'2" and reaching to the bottom of the freezer is a painful procedure. And hearkening back to dishwashers, we are a two person (4 bodies) family and the dishwasher is full every evening. I'm not sure how we could use fewer dishes.
  2. @Annie_H Are you giving out a recipe for these crackers, please?
  3. My apologies...I had no idea you had made the eggnog yourself. I would certainly accept it. My sister-in-law is in that vulnerable category. And our vet has a relative who is also. As I have gone about my 'limited' business in the nearby city, I have noticed that some places are far more restrictive in their entry and indoor policies than others.
  4. But you are quite sure they will receive all happily? My sister-on-law just posted that they were cancelling their very small Christmas get together. I would not want to try her on accepting foods... I'm not sure I have the energy this year to make the usual stuff. The Queen's annus horribilis was 1992...Mine was 2020.
  5. Is anyone making any this year? I have a feeling that most folks may not want to accept gifts during this Omicron surge. Our veterinary hospital, to which we usually give something confectionery, just announced yesterday that they were retreating in the opening up of the office, and no one, except the animals, is allowed in once again. I haven't asked if they would receive edibles as usual...but I have a feeling that the answer would be no. What are others doing this year?
  6. As far as I knew...I wasn't allergic to anything. Not any thing at all. So I am taking it all with a grain of sand. However, seeing as I am currently locked in a battle with Lyme Disease, I have decided to err on the side of caution. Sesame wasn't my only 'do not eat' this. All the usual culprits were there. I have to admit that although I can pretty much work my way around most of the so-called problem food...it's not really all that much fun. And I like my coffee (decaf, please) with cream and that's that. Oat cream just doesn't cut it. Sorry to read of your allergy to shellfish. That is scary.
  7. That is really interesting. Recently I saw a Naturopath who gave me this food allergen/intolerance/whatever test and I was stunned to find sesame on my list of foods not to eat. I use a lot of Tahini in Hummus which we eat constantly and also in a cookie strip. I've subbed nut butter in the cookies and so I guess it would make sense to do so with the Hummus also. I have to say that I was really disappointed to learn of this food intolerance...but who knows?...after a few months off these noted foods, my life might be just all that much better...or not. 😏
  8. Never worked properly for me unless I take the timer with me and keep it very close. And yes, it would be either the computer or a jigsaw puzzle...I always have one on the go. Last week I burned...scorched...incinerated...ruined...about 4 pounds of roasted sweet potatoes. And that was with the Cook Stop. Of course I had to set it at long enough to roast the potatoes. I just quickly set it on the standard 'hold' of two hours instead of resetting it for exactly the correct roasting time. Too lazy.
  9. There is an item called Cook Stop and here's one source in the USA. https://www.absoluteautomation.ca/products/cookstop-automatic-stove-shut-direct-wire?gclid=Cj0KCQiAzMGNBhCyARIsANpUkzPoa3gAI0eaYoqesnT5sh3u8jPCfEtFIjD_e7ulSf5bsHxoz2IQGEAaAgDuEALw_wcB It can be installed right into the stove between the wall outlet and the stove plug and it has a lot of different possibilities for turning your stove and oven off. Ed has caused fires in the kitchen twice this year and so we bought one (our second...the first one died a few years ago) and now the stove will turn itself off after 'X' number of minutes if there isn't someone present attending to the stove. There is also one made for gas stoves but it requires a licenced person to install it. The unit does have its drawbacks...the longest you can set it to stay on is two hours which of course means that if your food takes a goodly number of hours to cook/bake/roast/etc, you have to return and reset the thing. The older original model wasn't quite so fancy with all the electronic bells and whistles, but you could turn it off completely if you chose. Not to mention how much more the thing cost in Canada. Rats. You might look into it as a possibility.
  10. Here's an item from Lee Valley...which is in the States now also...which has proved to be very handy in opening things which are under vacuum seal. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/kitchen/kitchen-tools/can-and-jar-openers/44271-lee-valley-jar-opener?item=50K4101
  11. HeidiH will find the thread for sure. She is an amazing archivist for eG. *Host's note: the old topic and the new one regarding this crucial question have been merged. Please see How Do You Deal With Handicaps in the Kitchen? As for the disks on the food processor. A few years ago, before my two Carpal Tunnel surgeries, my hands had become useless and I did finally start to use the disks which had come with the processor. I don't think any processors still have the wonderful disks which I own on my very old machine. The slicer does about 10 different levels and the grater has two sizes. Never again would I go back to using just a knife if I could whiz the stuff through the processor in about 30 seconds. The on-off switch on my processor is kaput but Ed, clever always Ed, has wired the thing so that it works anyway. No safety guard anymore...so that is a factor. I have a big sticker on the processor body warning all comers that the safety feature is no longer and I am VERY careful about taking the plug out the second I am done. THE VERY SECOND. I can think of some eGers I would not let use my machine....
  12. The fingers on my hands are curling tightly under all on their own as I read these last posts. I no longer even own a mandoline.
  13. Good point. Had completely forgotten that one. And Ed just bought some new popcorn last week. It's not been my best year, I fear. Well, 14 months now. I think I am due for some kind of reprieve. I hope. I hope. Thanks for asking, Elsie.
  14. Winter is definitely soup time at the McAuleys. Big time. Yesterday made several containers of Albondigas and several of Harira. A few days before it was whatever was left in the fridge at the time soup. Plus some mystery meat from the kitchen fridge freezer. Delicious none the less. The cellar freezer (we have four altogether) is full of soups. Soup is our every second day supper, while salad is the other.
  15. I'll definitely try to keep this in mind. It certainly beggars the mind.....
  16. https://www.consumerreports.org/food-recalls/trader-joes-chile-lime-chicken-burgers-recall-bone-fragments-a1722277719/?EXTKEY=NF1BNCP3&utm_source=acxiom&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20211120_nsltr_food&utm_nsltr=food Trader Joe's Chile Lime Chicken Burgers Recalled Due to Possible Bone Fragments Found this in my Consumer Reports download.
  17. Hello from someone who lived many years in Ottawa, as a public and high schooler. Husband Ed is from Ottawa. Yes, the chocolate threads are wonderful. You will certainly get lost there. I love working with chocolate although it's not been central in my cooking life for quite a while now.
  18. Might even have to try it. The coconut milk and red quinoa parts got me.
  19. Best I can say, CD, is thanks so much for keeping me (us) up to date on all these problems. You are a brick. If we ever get east again....
  20. Just remembered one thing. Not too exciting...but did the trick in our house. When our three were young and my Mother and Father lived in our city also, I would pick up my Mother in the morning and bring her to the house. Oh boy! She always brought hamburger buns and those American cheese slices and for lunch when the kids were home from school...we lived just a few houses away...I would put the buns and cheese under the broiler and the cheese would puff way up. They really loved that. (You have to remember that we are Canadians and we had only one TV station and only a black and white television. My kids are now 61 and 56, older than many of you.)
  21. I don't know why...but I just don't really like winter squashes. Every year I make some kind of squash soup and eat it once and think how delicious. But I don't want to eat it a second time. Not at all.
  22. Sometimes you really have to wonder....
  23. We have thousands of mushrooms on the farm, but the only ones I would feel confident to eat are the morels and the puffballs. The rest remain unidentified by bone fide experts and thus uneaten. I don't need an expert for morels or puffballs. I've already told the story of this year's puffball crop. Eight lovely looking balls...3 given away...5 straight to the bin..well, over the side into a ditch on our land. But as noted elsewhere, we are having another bumper crop of wild grapes and several friends have been harvesting them. I'm not making any more jelly...still have some left from three years ago...and one of aforementioned friends has now gifted us with several jars. However, I did taste the grapes a couple of days ago and was pleasantly surprised at how much sweeter...well, less excruciatingly tart...they had become. I think we'll gather some and make some grape juice in a couple of weeks. Maybe even after the first frost. We do have 2 apple trees in the back yard. The Northern Spy is dying and gave up only one apple this year, but the Mac produced another bumper crop. Am giving them away like mad, including to a neighbor who feeds them to her Black Angus cattle. And still we have at least 19 trees on the property (counted by the previous owner going back at least 26 years) and many of them are producing great quantities of apples...most of them not incredibly tasty. Here's the bounty on the ground of one tree which sometimes tastes very good...but mostly is fairly bland with a heavy peel. The dogs munch on them on the way by on our daily walk. There are still many dozens left on the tree.
  24. Although I have long given up on the idea of becoming a chocolatier, I do use Lindt almost exclusively now in my chocolate work. It's so easy to get in Ontario. (Not where I live, alas.) Friends who live in Mississauga pick it up for me regularly and another friend who travels the 401 picks it up in Ajax which is very close to Whitby. A local bulk food store carries Belcolade and I'd use that if my friends were unable to help me.
  25. Welcome Jade to eGullet from yet another living in Ontario. Near Peterborough. We know the Whitby/Oshawa area fairly well and have friends living in Whitby. I can't call myself an Ontarian ... I'm a born Quebecoise from Montreal. We don't barbecue but we do eat a lot of chocolate. I had once hoped to become a chocolatier, but realized I had left it too late in my own life so now I just use a lot of this in as many ways as I can find. Hope you enjoy your membership in eGullet. It has meant the world to me.
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