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  1. Everything is late this year on the farm. I'll start looking for Morels this afternoon. Some years we have none however.
  2. By now I have Googled timer on a lanyard and seen that many are out there. And thanks, @Smithy and others for the help.
  3. Yes, but you have to have left the timer somewhere you can hear it. And the timer must have a loud ring...which many of them don't. Better yet, bring the timer with you into whatever room you are going to. And again...don't go onto the computer reading where you (aka I) always lose track of time and everything else. We are going to buy a small electronic type timer and I am going to hang it on some kind of lanyard. That might help...
  4. Maybe this topic should be called "I will never again...except I know darned well that I will". Made Tahini Cookie Strips this morning and the recipe calls for switching the cookies on the oven racks half way through. I heard the timer at the half-way mark and switched the loads but alas, that was it. By the time I remembered again that I was baking cookies, said cookies were horribly charred and straight into the garbage they went. I was so angry at myself. I usually take the timer with me so that I actually hear it. This time I forgot and was watching a fascinating video about the recent discoveries that the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker may not be extinct after all. Still...I know I'll do it again....
  5. The EST number on that load is EST. 965. And today, Consumer Reports noted another load of ground beef and hamburgers, also potentially E. Coli infected, with the EST of 46841. My question is: is American ground beef imported into Canada? And would we be informed if potentially contaminated beef came into this country?
  6. My thought, exactly. And you can add the bedroom, down the stairs and anywhere else in the house you might choose to add. However, @JoNorvelleWalker, you are a dear and there's no denying that. ❤️
  7. I'm stunned. The government download has 10 pages of affected products. What on earth were they doing?
  8. And then they rip open anyway....spilling the contents wherever...
  9. Actually I do have a pressure cooker. Just don't use it. Afraid I think.
  10. I have a friend who has an IP and she was slated to bring it to our now defunct library cookbook group. Then covid hit. I've written to her, asking if she would find a way to demonstrate it to me.
  11. IP, or not...and I don't have one...that Muffuletta Cheesecake sounds wonderful. I am going to make one.
  12. I am not allowed to wear sandals. Period. Too many accidents where the sandal sole stayed put, but my foot didn't. I had no idea that head wounds had so much blood. I'd never seen arterial spray before. I heard about it, of course, on CSI Las Vegas, but never seen it.
  13. Recently Ed found a commercial brand of foods, products of Mexico, in a local Ontario grocery store. For fun we decided to try the Cochinita Pibil. We love Puerco Pibil which I make regularly (and imperfectly) from a recipe from film director, Roberto Rodriguez. Not sure what we expected to find...we don't eat much in the way of prepared foods...but we won't buy this one again. Has anyone had any luck buying this brand?
  14. My long time go to dessert is a lemon or lime cheese pie with a chocolate ganache topping. It's this amazing cheese pie which calls for only one egg and it actually predates my interest in cooking. From an old Culinary Arts Institute cheese cookbook, 1982. Made it for Easter dinner today after a hiatus of 11 months with no dairy, no gluten, no alcohol, no caffeine , (no fun). Hope my system weathers it well....
  15. Great article, @paulraphael ...who was my ice cream mentor many years ago. We love homemade ice cream and I've been making it constantly for about 14 years now in my little second-hand ICE 100 machine. The David Lebovitz book is still one of my goto books although I don't use any of his basic mixes.
  16. Darienne

    Easter 2022

    The cheese pie is baked and it's from an old cookbook which even predates my interest in cooking. As for lamb...I'd love some...but the big guy won't eat it. When we were first married, 100 years ago, lamb was the cheapest meat you could buy and so we did.
  17. Darienne

    Easter 2022

    Roast beef for two with all the trimmings. Lime cheese pie for dessert. Haven't make a cheese pie in over 10 months of this no gluten, no dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar (well, that one didn't really work too well). Would be nice to have company but apparently the numbers are skyrocketing in Ontario.
  18. Just found this thread by Shai and can't believe that somehow I completely missed it. Spent at least an hour just skimming over the amazing photos. The food! The food! The food! Nothing like that in Canada. Thanks Shai for putting up this marvelous pictorial blog.
  19. No quarrels with the excellence of the Zo. Would be lovely to have one. Along with a lot of other kitchen appliances that are featured in this forum And some amongst us can find the money to buy them...others, for whatever reason, don't or can't. It seems that whatever extra we have goes towards maintaining two elderly 100-pound dogs. Our rice cooker didn't.
  20. OTOH, I've had a really inexpensive Black & Decker rice cooker for a good number of years now. And it's just fine. Is the bare bottom of options, no doubt, but all I want is cooked brown rice.
  21. Question: why is it that liuzhou and chromedome post all the food funnies? Where do they find them? I have yet to find a food funny anywhere except on this thread.
  22. So the eggs are still available...just under a different name. I could live with that.
  23. Not only are the high end hotels hit...the low end motels are also. We stay with the dogs in Motel 6s (and Red Roofs) all over Ontario and the States and they always have a sort of cafeteria/common room where you can get coffee (we make our own) and breakfasty things like pastries and muffins and cereals (which we don't eat). But Ed has been known to drink one of the coffees and I'll often grab a muffin or two for emergencies should they arise. Well, now they aren't there. Nada. Covid.
  24. OK. I'll get the cornbread mix also. Ed does all the grocery now so I have to put it on the list. Thanks CD. He can go there this coming week.
  25. You click on each picture and it tells you all the pertinent details.
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