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  1. OTOH, I have always thought of BC as being much more adventurous than Ontario. My area of Ontario, except for the foreign students at the colleges and universities, is fairly staid. Less so now, of course, but still pretty Caucasian for the most part. Whereas Toronto, where perhaps Kensington market might carry Anaheims, is incredibly multicultural now. I lived in Toronto as a little child and our family, although neither Roman Catholic or actually French, were severely discriminated against on our street because of a French last name. My Mother used to say they rolled up the streets at sundown every day.
  2. In Ontario, this would be called Bok Choy and the first cabbage pictured would be called Napa Cabbage (as far as I know.) Thanks liuzhou for this thread.
  3. Hi all, Tri@Cook: Good points is simply an expression we use in our family for well, good points. And they were. TFTC: I love Anaheims and Hatch peppers. Never, ever seen either in Ontario. They might have them in Toronto in Kensington market? I have no idea. I don't know the Hispanic population in Ontario. Certainly few live where I live. An very unmixed Caucasian area, with a very heavy senior population. And we love Poblanos, but we were talking about them this morning and realized that we couldn't serve this dish to most of our guests. If you don't like the taste of Poblanos, you won't want to eat this casserole. BruceW: Right. You just ate horrible Chile Rellenos. They are neither greasy nor soggy if made properly. Are you sure your friend ate a Poblano? Traditionally Chile Rellenos are made with Anaheim or Hatch peppers. I use Poblanos because that's the only pepper of that sort that I can buy and it's only been for a very few years now. As for stuffed Bell peppers? Yuck.
  4. Good points. Chile Rellenos don't contain tomato. This recipe does. That's OK with me.
  5. Chile Rellenos. Every Mexican or Mexican type restaurant we've ever been in almost, I've chosen Chile Rellenos. I keep thinking I'll pick something different...and then I don't. I've made them. Once. So much trouble. And deep fat frying. And of course in the Far Frozen North where we live, we've been able to get Poblanos (that's it) for only about five years now. Imagine my delight, the appeal to my very lazy side, to discover the following recipe just a few days ago: https://www.homesicktexan.com/2018/09/chile-relleno-casserole-el-paso-style.html . And yesterday I made them and served them to guests with Mexican rice and black beans. Died and gone to heaven. OK. Truth time. I used Poblanos and I did not roast them to remove the skins. In an electric oven, it's not a nice job. And besides the skins have never bothered me or Ed at all. But I did roast the Poblanos in the oven. And then I used commercial salsa because we had one we liked. (Did I say that I can be lazy sometimes?) And I used Pepper Jack cheese. Jack cheese is not always available in the small Ontario city we live outside of and pepper jack is even less common. Buy it when you see it. I defrosted some frozen guacamole I had in the freezer. But by heavens the casserole was delicious and now it's on our menu permanently. So shoot me. But I thought I'd share my joy anyway.
  6. OK woman......I'm still getting tired of this cold but the hubs wants to stay near his family in the Hudson Valley....


  7. Darienne

    Foraging for favorites

    What about a hand food mill? That's what I use for apple sauce. I don't peel them or core them...just cook them and then into the mill. ps. We have no apples this year. Two years ago the harvest was so heavy that a branch actually broke right off our Macintosh tree.
  8. Darienne

    Can You Help Identify This Pepper

    Ditto here.
  9. Do you suppose there is there a message behind the cake with the sinking ship?
  10. Darienne

    Celiac Disease

    We are lucky in our family that we have no such problems (to date anyway.) But what I wanted to add is that a dear friend has Lyme disease and that it led directly in her case to Crohn's. Lyme is one insidious disease.
  11. Darienne

    Fair Fare

    DOUBLE CHOCOLATE FUNNEL CAKE : Deep fried double chocolate funnel cake topped with chocolate icing and chocolate chips. I would just hope that it would be Belgian chocolate. That might be a little much to ask for at a fair.
  12. Darienne

    Homemade Crackers

    I'm no expert in this one, but I can't see why the crackers should be placed 2 whole inches apart on the baking sheet. They don't expand at all.
  13. Darienne

    Homemade Crackers

    Have to say that I am quite delighted with myself. I made my very first crackers. Cheesy Crackers from Williams-Sonoma. Better From Scratch. by Ivy Manning. 2014. I've joined our Library Cookbook Club and this months challenge is an appetiser, local, seasonal, and still from our local library book. So having made lots of wild grape jelly (local and seasonal for sure but an online recipe), I made the crackers (not local or seasonal, but from one of the library books), The crackers are delicious and with the tart jelly? wonderful!
  14. So, it would be a lot easier to come to your house for a meal...or even cooking Indian lessons...
  15. I hope it works. When the FreshCo in Peterpatch redid itself and opened up, they carried all sorts of goodies which one doesn't expect to find in the 70,000 town of mostly WASP old folks. Well, a lot of those items have disappeared from the shelves and bins. Very sad.