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  1. Had no idea of the Navel orange situation. Fascinating. Thanks Smithy
  2. So many reassuring posts...I did feel a bit edgy about it. Now I don't.
  3. Darienne

    Foraging for favorites

    You can't beat those Champion juicers. We are on our second one in 59 years.
  4. Three years later and many tasteless oranges later also. About a month ago, Ed bought some oranges..'Midnight' from South Africa...and miracle of miracles they were so good, so tasty, so yummy, I could scarcely believe my mouth. Then last week, he bought another batch of the same. Tasteless, flat, the usual. I guess the good ones simply got in there one time by mistake. And now some lowly worker has been fired from his or her job for allowing tasty oranges to get through the regular practice and now all is normal again with dreadful oranges. Right. I am ranting.
  5. Darienne

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    Which, of course, brings to mind one of the cookie varieties we exchanged this afternoon at the Cookie Exchange...Moose Farts. Have to say that I think my Fannie Farmer Viennese Crescents were the most popular of all. Went home with nary a one. Not that I am a good baker, but rather that you cannot go wrong with butter, sugar, pecans, chocolate...shortbreads. Is there anyone who doesn't love them?
  6. Darienne

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    Fanny Farmer has them rolled in confectioner's sugar before baking and after. I can't remember where I read the accompanying text to the 'crescent' part of the name...the crescent shape represents the repelling of the Turkish army by the Viennese in 1529. I am just too lazy to make the crescents. I hope the Viennese will forgive me.
  7. Darienne

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    This cookie is the one in my photo with the chocolate squiggles on it (my take). My very favorite cookie. And yes it is the Russian Tea Cake and Mexican Wedding Cookie (Polvorones) and a dozen other names depending upon the country. It's in the Fanny Farmer cookbook as Viennese Crescents and other online websites credit her with the recipe. Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook lists it twice: Nut Crescents and Mexican Wedding Cookies. I make it with pecans and have never tried it with almonds. And it does melt in your mouth. Five dozen go to my Cookie Exchange...can't believe I am a Virgin Cookie Exchanger at the ripe old age of 77.
  8. Darienne

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    And here they are...and no, I am not much at the decorating part. Much better at the eating part. Hmmm...sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy. I'm not much of a photographer either. Much better at ice cream and toffee.
  9. Darienne

    Food funnies

    Recently on another topic, there's been a lot of discussion about that wonderful Greek dessert, Baklava https://www.wimp.com/baklava/
  10. Thanks to Heidi for sending me to this thread. Wow! I am going to do this very thing. I just happen to have two boxes of Phyllo in the freezer and orange blossom water and the nuts and all. Such an interesting thread. Thanks all.
  11. Darienne

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    The sad face is for the pecans.
  12. Vietnamese and Israeli cooking. A great combo. Welcome to the forum Bryan. Coming here was one of the best things I have ever done.
  13. But what about this aluminum getting into the food issue?
  14. Darienne

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    I'm not much of a cookie maker either. Funny how so many of us can really make some or many different kinds of dishes...I'm a whiz at ice cream. Cookies? Not so much.
  15. I used to use my Mother's pressure cooker pot for deep fat frying. I don't know what metal it was made from but it was really heavy. Now my friend has given me an aluminum pressure cooker and I thought I could use the pot the same way...except that it's aluminum and although heavier than your average aluminum pot (of which I have none), it's not as heavy as my Mother's pot was. The information I can find on deep fat frying in an aluminum pot is contradictory and I don't have a very good sense about it. Can I burn a hole in this pot with the heat? Will the aluminum get into the food? Who knows about this one, please.