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  1. But then institutions seem to have the same story.... Ed taught at a local high school for a few decades and for the first decade or so, the ladies who ran the lunch room were local and not part of any large company. The food was pretty darned good. Then somehow either to save money or from a directive from on high...which also would have been to save money...or placate some company which was in some or all the other high schools, the ladies were dismissed and a large company moved in. Good-bye decent food. Hello lowest common denominator bilge. @heidih; As for fo
  2. Had our third child in Montreal at the Jewish General. The food was outstanding. That's where I first fell in love with cheese bagels. Yum. We could buy them in Montreal. Then we found a Jewish delicatessen in Ottawa which made them. Then we moved to the culinary wasteland of East Central Ontario and I've never seen one since. That was 50 years ago. By heck, we are getting old.
  3. Darienne

    Breakfast 2020!

    Have a Scrapple story if I can be excused for inserting it into an otherwise legitimate thread. Friends came from Delaware to the Annual Dog Weekend with 2 huge blocks of Scrapple for us all to try for the Saturday morning breakfast. We are a very long-time and varied group from North America held together by our one-time ownership of Epileptic dogs going back into the 1990s and we meet every year with our current dogs in August and stay at the farm. Sheila cooked the Scrapple on her electric frying pan which she had brought along for that purpose and we all...dug..
  4. Interesting topic. We live in a 150 or so year old farmhouse and Ed has rebuilt the entire inside of the house...it had no insulation. We've been in it for 25 years but won't be able to stay forever as we are both 80 plus (well, I'm still 79 but not functioning well any more). We have 100 acres and the land has been in production of one kind or another since we got here although we don't farm it ourselves. So the place needs repainting. The kitchen needs cupboard door refacing and counter tops also. And so on and so on. At this point anyway, we've decided to tak
  5. This is so true. I'm mostly with Heidih. Cheap buns, cheap yellow mustard, sweet relish...but the hot dogs must be charred. And, of course, potato chips. Miss VIcki's please. Oh hot dogs, preferably Red Hots.
  6. Good Heavens. Just looked up the Two Not Touch puzzles and am wondering if this old brain could do them. I still find most Sudoku above my happilly-functioning brain level these days. Never was any good at maths of any kind except for Algebra.
  7. Of course you can't buy them anymore. It was just too good. However, LeClerc has out a new one. Célébration Finger Cookies. That's the one I like best, while Ed prefers their Butter Cookies. I hope they'll be around for a while.
  8. As of yesterday, I do have a 'fun' thing on the horizon. A friend and her husband from the GTA are coming to dinner on the 14th. She is bringing me her castoff long sleeved jerseys to pick through...and her castoffs are better than my first runs. No, I am not a clothes horse. Last time round she offered me her castoff short sleeved tees. She brought...wait for it...79...SEVENTY-NINE... t-shirts, many of which had never been worn. I went through them. The neighbors went through them. Friends went through them. The Dog Weekend folks went through them. And the rest went to
  9. Alas. I haven't gotten any fun stuff...but I wish I had. Life has been distinctly lacking in fun recently. Although we did eat fish and chips today at a local chip wagon. We sat at picnic tables. Observing social distancing. Now that was fun. First time eating anything out in many months.
  10. Gotcha. I have a friend who is a health care worker and sometimes a older client will give her his late wife's cookbooks. She is a dedicated non-cooking type so she passes them on to me. I then have called in friends and neighbors to take what they want (after carefully taking the best for moi-même ) and then the remainder, if any, goes to the library.
  11. You are incredible Ms. Suzilightning. So generous. And, pray tell, why do you keep having reams of cookbooks to give away? I am really curious.
  12. My summers were spent at camp. In fact, I was the only kid I knew whose parents sent their child away for the entire summer, year after year. I think there might be a message there. And then I became a CIT and then I became a counsellor and waterfront. In fact, I was a canoeing instructor. And just to prove it's all true, here's a photo of Ed, my husband of 60 years now, visiting me when I was a counsellor up at the YWCA camp. And yes the food at camp was always pretty awful.
  13. Sorry to read that. Most of the mods were always nice and polite...heidih helped me through a lot of gaffs on my part. However, I do remember a few shits who were mods when I joined. One in particular, who will remain nameless......
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