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  1. Thanks for all the information. Sorry. We had family and I never got back on line. And @Okanagancook had such a good solution. I'm in for that little doohickey.
  2. OK. I'll do a citrus peeler search. I don't peel English cucumbers and I actually have to slice them in half length-wise to cut them in my food processor...but the cellophane won't cut along with whatever knife I use. I have to unwrap them first. Also, I use the entire cucumber at once. In fact, I use three cucumbers to make a salad which Ed loves. We eat at night a variety of long-keeping salads which I make as we run out of each one and we cut fresh the greens each time. But thanks for the information.
  3. That is what I do, @lindag. But I seem to have a lot of trouble with the sliding the paring knife and slicing through... I've tried serrated and non-serrated, etc, etc, but I'm always frustrated. OTOH, my hands are less than working well at this point. I just wondered if someone, like one of those YouTube culinary hackers, had some brilliant method. ...oh, not suggesting you are not brilliant, my dear, ...but there's always someone who spends their time dreaming up these things.
  4. Where I live in Ontario, English cucumbers come wrapped tightly in cellophane and it's such a pain unwrapping them. Nothing dramatic...just a nuisance. I wondered if anyone had some clever hack to get the job done.
  5. Darienne

    Food recalls

    Well, there you are. Those who misspent their youth when I was in mine, lo these many years, did not use that expression. They had other ones...
  6. We have a Butter Tart festival in Peterborough. But there you have it. I don't like butter tarts...too sweet. Perhaps I am only a fake Canadian. Ed used to like them...doesn't any more...all that 70% Belgian dark chocolate will corrupt the true Canadian taste buds. Ed's Mother was French Canadian and like her entire family, had none of her original teeth by 40. Ed still has his teeth...well, most of them anyway. What can I tell you? We don't attend the local Butter Tart Festival.
  7. I'm as Canadian as they come, eh? But dulse is the only one that I've heard of and personally I don't like it if I can taste it. But then, I guess I am one of the uneducated Canadians, eh. And I don't like Canadian bacon either.
  8. And so we ask the same questions as were asked last time: were you in pain, drunk or on pills? (but said in affection....) And I expect the same answer...
  9. Darienne

    Food recalls

    As always I am grateful to CD and Toliver for keeping us up to date on the recalls. Beggars the imagination almost. But not quite.
  10. Welcome to the forum, Nn,M.D. I've never tried to make ginger jam or jelly, but what I have done is to make other spreads and simply mix in an amount of grated ginger to the finished product.
  11. Kim, I am so sorry that you've had such a painful experience. Losing your best friend is a terrible thing to live through. And all paws crossed for our collective futures and may we all have the options we hope for.
  12. The question then is: were you in pain, drunk or on pills?
  13. Wise and wonderful words, kayb.
  14. My Mother became demented in her later years, vascular dementia, the good kind if you are going to get dementia. Probably in her lateish 70s but my parents did not move back to Canada until she was 78 and my Father at 83 who knew he was dying...which he promptly did. Eventually Mother ceased being able to talk. But she could still feed herself and if you put a cup of coffee in front of her she knew what it was and how to pick it up and drink it. And related strongly with the staff in the chronic care home. With Alzheimer's as far as I know, this is eventually not so. She had no idea who I was after a couple of years of thinking I was her sister, but she retained 'personhood' until the end. And she was 97 when she died. My Mother had always been the secretary/treasurer of every group she ever joined and I watched her deteriorate over the years and how incredibly upset she was about the losses. I have always been the 'meds' nurse with a prodigious memory and disciplined organizational skills upon which I rely to live. Now, at close to 80, I am seeing in myself such a deterioration and distressing loss of memory. And an inability to read complicated text, including recipes. Ed always says to me...but look how well you still talk (when I can access the words) but apparently that was something which the author, Wendy Mitchell, also retained. I'm not afraid of Alzheimer's but I do fear vascular dementia. And like Mitchell, I rely increasingly on my organizational skills to get us through daily life. I've read my brain MRI and I do have problems. But below the threshold of MS which is what they were looking for. Needless to say, no one told me of this and it was a surprise to read the 'Impression' part of the report. I do now have severe double vision and wear glasses with prisms in them to return life to one clearer image. And no, I don't really understand the report in detail. And have not asked. Strange for me I guess. Ed has always had a terrible memory and has relied on me for decades to keep him on track which is very hard to do. But apparently he doesn't worry about any of it...but then men in general are not noted for the kind of introspection which women go through or for talking about it. Not sure I should have written this long post in this thread...or at all for that matter. But there you are. The incidence of dementia is increasing in the western world. So some of us reading this forum are going to go that route. I know of many folks who have, including a professor of physics and one of Canadian Studies at my local university along with a chief librarian and the head of my college. Those are only the ones I know of. (Many have simply passed away.) Plus relatives and friends, etc, etc. I'll quit now.
  15. I'm going to get out a copy of this book from our local library. I think it's something I need to read.
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