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  1. It seems to me that you have a Mother's memory. Was that my last problem?
  2. And I shall never (well, good luck on that one) use the hand mixer on a smallish bowl which I am not holding with the other hand. And I don't think I want to say anything more about this episode.
  3. Valentine's Day Plans??

    The sole celebratory plan is to make a new recipe: Dark Chocolate Souffle Cheesecake.
  4. What's your favorite quick-to-make sauce?

    About a decade ago we lived in Moab Utah for 6 months (and loved it). Gave many dinner parties and loved that too. One night I needed a sauce for a dessert...can't recall why now...but threw together my subsequently 'famous' raspberry sauce...which is somewhat of an embarrassment to me. But by Jove, it worked. Raspberry seedless jam plus Chambord plus butter in a small pot. Yumm.
  5. We eat breakfast separately now and for me it circles around meds I have to take. Noon, well actually 12:30 is our main meal of the day. And then supper, which is either a salad or a soup or a vegetable dish is at 6:00 pm Not exciting but it suits us. If we have overnight type guests, we usually revert to the more familiar light lunch and heavier dinner...but I don't really like it.
  6. Sorry...,but does CATO mean Catastrophe at Take Off?
  7. We are just two also...wait, no four...our two 100-pound dogs sometimes eat pork and lean ground from Costco...and find Costco very useful for a lot of basics. And we have the space to store large amounts in our cellar. And I love the snacking aisles. We've found a number of useful items in these freebies that we would never have tried otherwise. Most of our food is from scratch...but oh, those artichokes in oil I do love.
  8. How long have you owned each oven? We have found that all electronic products simply fail after a certain length of time. Just part of this AI life we lead. We used to shop at a certain local appliance dealer which closed up years ago. DH was a former teacher of one of the employees who told him that if someone gets five years from a stove, fridge, etc...that person is very lucky.
  9. New Member from Canada!

    Always good to welcome a fellow Canuck to eGullet. Happy posting.
  10. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    The soup looks good...but it's the pumpernickel photo which gets my attention. Would you be so kind as to send me the recipe for that bread? I'd be indebted to you. It looks like the pumpernickel of my childhood in Montreal. Very dark and moist. Thanks.
  11. Nutella.......mmmm, Nutella

    Imagine if we could have tasted it when it first came on the market...
  12. Hooray for you, Chris Hennes, and I look forward to reading about your Indian cooking experiences. DH and I both love Indian food...but I don't cook it. And I don't really know why. And living in Ontario Canada, even outside a small city, we have access to several decent Indian food restaurants and all the ingredients we could need. So why don't I cook Indian food? ???? So, I am going to be inspired by your delving deeply into the subject and will no doubt start to cook this wonderful and so varied cuisine. My thanks to you, good sir.
  13. This I would love to do.
  14. Wow! But then at our house, DH puts the coffee on each evening and I check. I can't begin to tell you of the disasters we have had with this process. Unholy messes indeed! One morning the coffee was all over the counter, down the drawers, across the kitchen floor and out into the hall. I didn't cry...but it did occur to me to do so. Now I check faithfully. ....he means well....