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  1. Foraging for favorites

    Spring is late this year in East Central Ontario. We had a terrible ice storm a few weeks ago and there was a lot of damage to the trees on our farm. The Fiddleheads are past eating of course...will we ever eat them? ...and now I am on the lookout for the morels. Last year's crop was amazing. I found two in 2016 and then in 2017, we were inundated with them. Strangely enough we had not one puffball which survived. We are usually overrun by them. Last year we had elderberries like crazy. Again, they were the first I had seen on the trail. Contrary...we had no apples after several years of bushels. Oh well. And in the vein of confession...last year's butternuts, all 90-something of them, picked up mold one day and were tossed the next. To my shame.
  2. The wonderful little fishies...what are they made of?
  3. Reading about eating canned bean and creamed soups reminds me of my childhood when my Mother utilized these things regularly. Constantly. Endlessly. When I wasn't eating a tough as shoe leather steak...I was eating canned soup. I have to admit that I hate just about all canned soups, Habitant Pea Soup being the one exception that comes to mind. And then we alter the soup so much that it leaves its original nature far behind. Any dish which calls for using a can of creamed chicken or celery soup is not ever going to be served in our house. I'm not a cooking snob...I just hate the taste of canned soups. ps. Add cream of mushroom to the forbidden list.
  4. Sneaking this one in because David Ross opened it up. Last year we had such a crop of wild morels on the farm we could not believe it. I've marked a lot of the spots and am checking them daily.
  5. I never tasted fresh asparagus until long after I was married. My Mother ate only canned asparagus and if you've ever tasted it, you'll know that it is about as much like asparagus as Cheese Whiz is like aged Canadian cheddar. We moved out onto the farm 23 years ago and for reasons unknown, had a good patch of asparagus growing on the lower dirt driveway. Yum. Our own private patch. How old it was or who planted it we'll never know. One year it rained like crazy in the spring and we ended up with so much asparagus that we actually got sick of eating it. I didn't know that could happen. Then the year we did the major renovations which included a new septic tank, an added living room at the back with basement room, and repointed, reparged the entire foundation (including discovering that there was basically no exterior foundation at the back of the house...a common practice back when), etc, etc, the large trucks in and out destroyed our asparagus patch and we have been forced to buy it ever since. So sad. I mourn its loss. No, I am not a gardener. (We also have an ancient patch of rhubarb but I try to give that away. Rhubarb just takes too much sugar.)
  6. Call that a cake? This is a cake!

    But did it taste good...or did they use the grocery special icing which seems to be made from vegetable shortening...and tastes like it.
  7. My read out thermometer is not meant for cooking and came from Canadian Tire (thanks to Kerry Beal). I have several caulking scrapers and spatulas on hand always. Thank that's it. Not exciting and not unusual.
  8. I'm so tired after reading your post that I have to have a little lie down....
  9. We cook just about everything from scratch - both retired. However, there are some things I either don't make well, like pastry, or am too lazy to make most of the time like canned beans and those I buy. There's probably more, but I can't think of it right now.
  10. Cooking with Grains

    Sounds and looks so good that I am going to make this one. Always looking for new salad recipes to feed the Dog Weekend crowd.
  11. Does this take me back. Got the recipe from CaliPoutine many years ago and she got it from her ex-M-i-L. Serve it each year at our annual Dog Weekend. You can make it days or even weeks ahead of serving.
  12. Meeting-friendly snacks to bake

    I'm with Elsie on this one.
  13. Cooking with Grains

    And I read about Buddha Bowls...the same thing I think...and have yet to make one. We eat a very light and simple supper and they sound ideal. I have to pull myself together and figure this one out.
  14. First Steps in Cooking

    I've spoken on this one before...my Mother hated cooking. And so she did as little as possible. I recall the early TV dinners with distaste. My poor Father never got to leave them behind. My grandmothers were early gone. But I do remember lighting the candles at my Mother's Mother's home once, although I had no idea what it was about. One of my first cooking memories when married (far too young, alas): I knew only Bisquik biscuits. How would I know otherwise? I had run out of Bisquik and it occurred to me that maybe you could just 'make' them. I found a recipe in my one cookbook and was astonished at how wonderful my biscuits were (compared to my Mother's pucks). I still love to whip up fresh biscuits and remember that day more than 58 years ago. My husband taught me how to cook. (Which, of course, means that he still interferes in my culinary processes. Mixed blessing.)
  15. First Steps in Cooking

    That is what Grandmothers are for I guess.