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  1. we've gotten as far as roast beef for Christmas dinner and that's it. with ed doing all the cooking. i'm still bedridden although with some hope of returning health for the first time in a while. no family or visitors however.
  2. oh dear. is your keyboard now officially dead? ed worries all the time that i am going to spill my coffee on the new laptop.
  3. Darienne

    Vegan comfort food

    brilliant...going to try that, heidih. and we are neither vegans nor vegetarians...in the words of Mark Bittman, whom i used to follow many years ago...we are 'lessmeatarians'.
  4. It's really generous of CD to tell us about food recalls in Canada, but the number of recalls and warnings are growing rapidly and I would urge any Canadian eGer's to subscribe to the service themselves. CD can't possibly cover each and every one for us and it's so bother to check in our own email service daily. Here's the sign-up website: https://www.inspection.gc.ca/about-cfia/newsroom/email-notification/eng/1481653931267/1481654078038 I am grateful to you, CD, for putting me onto this service and for all the postings that you have done. Darienne
  5. I use tahini constantly making hummus.
  6. I'm sorry it wasn't wonderful for you. Halvah, when it is good, is excellent. When it isn't good...I guess it's pretty ho-hum. Lior has sent me some wonderful Halva from Israel and we used to be able to buy lovely stuff when we lived in Montreal decades ago. I was raised in Montreal and so was introduced to good Halva at an early age.
  7. My favorite memory of Tucson is the wonderful zoo and arboretum. I'll never forget seeing a Boojum tree. I hope you get a chance to do that. Do let me know.
  8. Takes me back. Just over 60 years in fact. Thanks ElsieD
  9. In my household also, it was the starving Armenians. For our small wedding lunch, in Ottawa, in 1960, before the explosion of the Beatles and the entire world, we had Chinese food, at an Italian restaurant, La Paloma, run by Lebanese people.
  10. Ed takes care of the Bosch and he's not here right now...but somehow it is running through this tiny mind that you might be supposed to add the Jet Dry stuff.
  11. Our bountiful much producing Macintosh seems to be taking a year off. No apples. Nada. On the other hand our almost dead Northern Spy has quite a crop this year. Well, quite a crop for a tree which hasn't produced anything for several years. Northern Spies. That's apple pies. We haven't checked the current taste of the unidentifiable trees on the trail. I'll get Ed to do that soon. (Almost no grapes this year after last year's amazing abundance.)
  12. I had a bad experience with eggs a number of years ago...I mean really horrible...and it took me a long time to accept eating them again at all. And only cooked in certain ways. It's not a scathing criticism of shakshuka at all...it's my own personal difficulty in eating eggs in that format.
  13. Thanks Shai. Some good ideas from you. I'll pass on the eggs though sitting in a mixture though...
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