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  1. Wouldn’t that be an “Oh my! Tai”🤣
  2. Oh my! At least it wasn’t a package of meat sitting in the sun “so it would thaw faster”. Oh, wait, that might be a “spoiler“ for next weeks installment of “Heidi’s Adventures With Elders”...
  3. @JoNorvelleWalker How about this? Covers the switch, yet easily removed, no tools needed.
  4. TimeStack and Google Home. The TimeStack has the four timers set to 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes, but any can be reprogrammed quickly and easily. The Google Home Mini lives in a DockSocket, it uses a recessed light fixture, so on the ceiling and out of the way, it’s available on Etsy, but I can’t get a clickable link that will work.
  5. You’re just like “The Little Engine That Could”! I think I can, etc .... I know I can... Done!! Good job,👍👍
  6. I’ve got two of them, they are great for the Forkish Saturday White or Wheat breads. You can bake using the main pot as the bread receptacle or flip it and use the “lid” as the bottom.
  7. Day two of lockdown, cleaned/organized the chest freezer (5.? Cu. Ft.) and the top freezer of the fridge/freeze combo. This is what ended up in the chest freezer. Chucked 4 things that were way past their “best by” date aka freezer burned beyond recognition. This was my final chest freezer result, plus a few things back into the top freezer that’ll be used this week. I don’t think we’ll starve.
  8. I really like that you’re willing and able to “share the joy”!
  9. ...“This sleek ‘Pata Negra’ black ham hoof prosthetic will bring dignity back to your Ibérico ham.” 🙄 ...”You may want to paint the hoof to make it look even more lifelike” 🤢 ... “If you do decide to decorate your Pata in a festive way, please send us a photo that we can post!” 🤣🤣
  10. I think @Anna N got it with her guess of cheese buttons. Not sure which Urban Cutlery pattern it might be, but the shape of the point is consistent with their other cheese button sets.
  11. I see it too, it’s too late for Christmas delivery, but still shippable.
  12. Bright Side: As well as saving the bread “from the rubble” the hot Emile Henry remains didn’t damage your floor!
  13. Great minds think alike. I’ll just put them around this, they won’t get squashed that way, and I’ll definitely remember where I put them! 🤣🤣
  14. Late on catching this, and I know it was a typo, but, just imagine a 99” pie, much less for $5! 🤣
  15. Me too! Never want to experience e. Coli’s evil effects, least of all during the holiday season. I didn’t realize that it even had romaine in it, it’s one of those cabbage/kale hard vegetable mixes.
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