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  1. ...“This sleek ‘Pata Negra’ black ham hoof prosthetic will bring dignity back to your Ibérico ham.” 🙄 ...”You may want to paint the hoof to make it look even more lifelike” 🤢 ... “If you do decide to decorate your Pata in a festive way, please send us a photo that we can post!” 🤣🤣
  2. I think @Anna N got it with her guess of cheese buttons. Not sure which Urban Cutlery pattern it might be, but the shape of the point is consistent with their other cheese button sets.
  3. I see it too, it’s too late for Christmas delivery, but still shippable.
  4. Bright Side: As well as saving the bread “from the rubble” the hot Emile Henry remains didn’t damage your floor!
  5. Great minds think alike. I’ll just put them around this, they won’t get squashed that way, and I’ll definitely remember where I put them! 🤣🤣
  6. Late on catching this, and I know it was a typo, but, just imagine a 99” pie, much less for $5! 🤣
  7. Me too! Never want to experience e. Coli’s evil effects, least of all during the holiday season. I didn’t realize that it even had romaine in it, it’s one of those cabbage/kale hard vegetable mixes.
  8. I just found out half of tonight’s dinner was suspect, a chopped salad kit. It was baked potato and salad night, but as I was cutting the top of the bag off I saw “Romaine: Salinas”. 😥
  9. Prep sink or wet bar sink as backup? Or do you head to the nearest bathroom for water/sanitation purposes?
  10. I’ve got the “economy” version Vollrath 47943, paid a dollar for it at a yard sale. It gets used for sauerkraut prep, large batches of coleslaw, but most importantly, Thanksgiving stuffing/dressing.
  11. No help, but dayum it’s pretty!! Still we don’t have a green with envy emoji
  12. Sexy, yes. It looks like something one would see in Architectural Digest in a multi million dollar home, and there’s definitely a market for beautiful things that aren’t truly practical. As for me in my humble non-AD home, it would be a no.
  13. Well, that’s one way to increase sales! 😂
  14. I wouldn’t seal the entire rim of the container with plastic tape like that, maybe just a simple cross tape x, and put it on some sort of tray, should it become very active and try to escape the container. I’d rather have an oozing overflow than an explosion of goo.
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