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  1. According to the menu, it’s goat cheese.
  2. Neither does a dried cranberry. I was thinking they might be too tart to sub for a currant.
  3. So, would chopped dried cranberries , aka craisins, be a close currant substitute?
  4. So, what’s your oil level vs. pot height? Looking for the zero mess solution.
  5. Just got online after work and found you’d been returned to your own care. 🎉 Woo hoo! 🎉
  6. Well, it beats “Nan” in a can...😂🤣
  7. Sorry, but, that’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen on eGullet.
  8. All great sunset pics, but pic 6, very cool...
  9. Well, this morning I see the empty bag. Don’t know what I saw last night. 😕
  10. Vaguely ham shaped, but ham hasn’t been shown in your shopping posts.
  11. Oooh myyyy!! Just received my sodium citrate (thanks to UPS it had a nice weekend in Santa Maria instead of arriving last Friday). Just whipped up a batch using 1/2 pound of block mozzarella that’s been languishing in the fridge and 1/2 pound grocery store sharp cheddar, used 1/2 milk 1/2 water for the liquid. @Shelby We’re on the same track, cheese sauce on everything!
  12. They do have an active Facebook page “Barney’s Bargain Barn”, lots of pics, videos, past and upcoming events.
  13. Hey, I see it too, but, on the bright side, you sent me down the googleish wormhole and I now know more Great Lakes shipping history (and how the lakes are linked) than I did before. Thank you!
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