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  1. DesertTinker

    Pasta Inserts

    Is the insert sitting directly on the bottom of the cooking pot?
  2. DesertTinker

    Camping, Princess Style

    For the “rebus impaired” among us there’s THIS.
  3. As @Anna N said, steam, then for mine, 30 seconds in ice water before peeling.
  4. @Anna N Thank you, the two minute IP Mini egg is perfect for me. Fully set white, lovely cooked but liquid yolk. Mmmm...
  5. Not yet, and I’ve done some questionable thing as far as liquid levels go.
  6. DesertTinker

    Smart Speakers in the Kitchen

    Google Home mini here. Love, love, love, the multiple hands free timers! Would buy again, even if that was all it did. Still exploring the capabilities though.
  7. Great stuff!! Many “Happy hours” ahead. Are those spoons in the bannetons? Merry Christmas!
  8. DesertTinker

    Camping, Princess Style

    The first time I tried it, it was with the same “This is probably a really bad idea” thoughts. It’s now my go to way for rice. I cook a bunch and food saver it in 2 cup portions, takes up almost no space in the freezer, and after a few minutes in the microwave hot, fluffy rice! I cook, cool to room temp then bag it.
  9. Great backup for “no power days”. Thanks!
  10. "Beauty aids the appetite". Love it!
  11. DesertTinker

    Kicking back in Manitoulin

    While I do know the difference between an arthropod and an orthopod, my mind still takes me to a scenario where you're being injected by something more akin to a wasp or bee, especially with the butter tarts involved.
  12. DesertTinker

    Commercial flours in consumer sizes

    Uh oh! Now I'm in trouble! Thank you, you are how I want to be when (if) I grow up.
  13. Easy for you to say Ms. Lottery Winner!
  14. DesertTinker

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    Been thinking about it for a long time and then the planets aligned. Now to see if Max ( see avatar ) will fit in 8 qts vs. original 2 qt. cooker.
  15. DesertTinker

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    Instant Pot Duo80. Had Amazon gift cards. Out of pocket under $9 US.