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  1. Tofu fire? Please elaborate! (I might have missed it, so a link to the post would also be great.)
  2. Proof of its organic status, or free pet with purchase?
  3. Reminds me of an Amazon Christmas order I received a few years ago. One large men’s fleece hoodie in an 18” x 24 x 12” box with gobs of air pillows. on the upside, it wasn’t scratched, dented or broken!🙃🤪
  4. Got that pack of Turkish Bay early last year, still working through it. 1) The leaves are huge compared to grocery store brands. 2) They’re vastly more aromatic and flavorful than grocery store brands. Enjoy!
  5. I’ll say onions are easier, based on my several attempts with several different “home grade” French fry cutters.
  6. Sorry to be so late to this, I haven’t seen the picture you refer to, but, food stylists are amazingly talented at such wizardry.
  7. Very appropriate for 2020! No pop and no decent toy.🙃
  8. I got the “super spreader” joke. I thought you really came home to 20 pounds of PB.
  9. At 4 1/2 lbs. you get a bonus upper body workout, especially if you switch hands midway.🤣
  10. I don’t think they do curbside. I think their “delivery shopping” is via Instacart. The only curbside grocery available here would be Walmart.
  11. Should you make your way through Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree/29 Palms and want to shop at any of the Stater Bros., be sure to go early, no later than 9am. We have a fair share of folk who don’t understand the concept of masks and 6 feet. Live here and far too many think an under nose mask makes it ok to be within a few inches of your face. 🤬
  12. Not much out there, but I found this Instant Pot Cottage Roll.
  13. @Kerry BealThese look more like jewelry than edibles. Amazing!!
  14. I see way too many employees with the under nose mask here. I always let a manager/supervisor know what’s going on. No names, just department and when observed.
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