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  1. “Liked” and “Confused”, since we’re only allowed one reaction per post. The mystery lives on.
  2. WARNING! ENABLER ALERT!! @Anna N The above referenced hands seem to be available on Amazon.ca I used “Buddha Hand” for the search. There are, in addition to the one in the link, some sold with the tea strainer. For those of us “south of the border” they’re also on amazon.com
  3. I think you’re safe. Melting point for aluminum is approximately 660c (1220f). If your kitchen burners get that hot, well.... 😳😂
  4. @Smithy Here’s one in use that’s the same style as @liuzhou has.
  5. It would be a test of a diners adaptability for sure!
  6. Now that IP hard cooked eggs have come up again it’s reminded me that I have a question. Has anyone else had “self peeling” eggs? This was about the third time it’s happened. I’ve not had more than 2 eggs per batch do it. I’m doing 1c water, 6 to 9 eggs direct from refrigerator, on IP trivet, 5 minutes on high, 5 minutes natural release, ice water. Shell is “popped” like that when I open the IP. Always come out perfectly done. Thoughts, theories and insights welcome!
  7. Aaaand... one can also get a Laser sight to go with!🤣
  8. @blue_dolphin inspired me to post. This is from the Vons (a division of Albertsons) app. Calling it cuisine is bad enough, but international? I guess the brand name fooled them.😂 The section also included salsa, taco shells and soy sauce.
  9. Here it is. Or at least a very close relation.😀
  10. Thanks so much for the link to your first blog. So much backstory that I missed.
  11. Considering the situation it’s a perfect solution. 🔥
  12. 3 lbs. baby back ribs. 167F for 4 hours, then sear/glaze over charcoal.
  13. Double mistake, I didn’t realize that those were all separate venues, must have been in “skim” mode earlier. Still, huge difference between the two establishments.
  14. Re: Your lunch at the country club. I can see why you were disappointed, what’s lunch without an indoor skydiving session. 😂
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