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  1. I think you’re safe. Melting point for aluminum is approximately 660c (1220f). If your kitchen burners get that hot, well.... 😳😂
  2. DesertTinker

    Unusual & unknown kitchen gadgets

    @Smithy Here’s one in use that’s the same style as @liuzhou has.
  3. DesertTinker

    Restaurant flatware thoughts

    It would be a test of a diners adaptability for sure!
  4. Now that IP hard cooked eggs have come up again it’s reminded me that I have a question. Has anyone else had “self peeling” eggs? This was about the third time it’s happened. I’ve not had more than 2 eggs per batch do it. I’m doing 1c water, 6 to 9 eggs direct from refrigerator, on IP trivet, 5 minutes on high, 5 minutes natural release, ice water. Shell is “popped” like that when I open the IP. Always come out perfectly done. Thoughts, theories and insights welcome!
  5. Aaaand... one can also get a Laser sight to go with!🤣
  6. @blue_dolphin inspired me to post. This is from the Vons (a division of Albertsons) app. Calling it cuisine is bad enough, but international? I guess the brand name fooled them.😂 The section also included salsa, taco shells and soy sauce.
  7. DesertTinker

    I.D.: GBM ' iPot? "

    Here it is. Or at least a very close relation.😀
  8. Thanks so much for the link to your first blog. So much backstory that I missed.
  9. Considering the situation it’s a perfect solution. 🔥
  10. DesertTinker

    What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)

    3 lbs. baby back ribs. 167F for 4 hours, then sear/glaze over charcoal.
  11. Double mistake, I didn’t realize that those were all separate venues, must have been in “skim” mode earlier. Still, huge difference between the two establishments.
  12. Re: Your lunch at the country club. I can see why you were disappointed, what’s lunch without an indoor skydiving session. 😂
  13. Choco dipped crystallized ginger?
  14. Funny considering how often I see things online along the lines of “a few minuets“ as a reference to time.
  15. Uh oh, I seem to have crossed over to the enabler side!