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  1. I was just looking at the old thread "Making memories on Manitoulin Island" It just isn't summer without Kerry's blogs of the island.
  2. Thank you for sharing these sunsets and your adventures. How I miss seeing that island sky and dropping in to see what you have made today. Oh well, I will just have to be satisfied with your postings 😊
  3. There is a review of this smokeless grill on eater.com. It looks like my tiny little closet of a kitchen won't be getting this new gadget. Space is way too limited. It does seem to be smokeless though which is a nice surprise.
  4. What a magical freezer you have.... I have been enjoying your visit on the Island and I am not looking forward to it ending....hope you get to return again soon!
  5. My sister mentioned that the Go train goes from Toronto to Niagara now. You might want to look into it.
  6. The one in Bells Corners. She found it on an end isle with clearance stuff..
  7. My sister got her cso from winners at $99!!!! January clearance steal! I didn't think to look at Winner'#s for one.
  8. I loved mushrooms most of my life. Unfortunately they don't love me back. I will watch you guys enjoy his mushroom soup. I can't wait to see what he does for dinner this time.
  9. I am missing the trip to PMCA and the obligatory stop at Skeeters! You will have to give us the low down on what the hot new flavour combinations are in confectionery for 2017.
  10. A tool I did not know there was a need for. I have to confess my latest guilty pleasure has been watching You tube videos of demos of tools I did not know there was a need for. This one is for vintage tools but there are lots out there for the "As seen on TV" ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MelBWO2ZNmg
  11. I use these type of containers for my coffee, sugar and flour. I like that I can take the lid apart and run them through the dishwasher. They are really quick to open and close. I think I got them at the container store and bed bath and beyond. Very handy, I think the ones I have hold about 9 lbs of flour. http://www.clickclack.com/
  12. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/diy-root-cellaring-traditional-and-eco-friendly-food-storage-techniques-tickets-28197292862 There is a seminar on root cellars just outside of Ottawa. Funny seeing this topic and seeing this seminar in the same week. I think there must be something to this sort of storage becoming more popular.
  13. I suddenly feel the need to open the liquor cabinet, must be Anna's and Kerry's influence! I am so looking forward to this. Summer has finally arrived :-)
  14. I work in a hospital where scents are banned but there are still many who ignore it. Sometimes you can't enter a room for the many visitors all "bathed" in different scents. I am delivering dinner to the poor patient and I wonder how they can muster the will to eat when they aren't feeling well to begin with and they are bombarded with the scent of an overpowering garden of scents. I am not allergic and I like to smell nice perfume and cologne if it isn't overpowering...but when I enter these rooms I have to hold my breath or else the scent will get in my nose and I will smell the rest of the day. Sometimes this happens at breakfast too.. There are signs and reminders everywhere but it makes not difference. It sends some staff home for the day...So disruptive.
  15. I love that it has this keep warm cycle. My old slow cooker did not do this...it kept on cooking til you got home to unplug it and that made for some interesting roasts. I have only tried a few things and can't wait to try more... I am curious about the baking of banana bread in it, what cooking setting gets used?
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