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  1. I would think they would be closer to a sun dried tomato (the original dehydrator) and perfect for a dressing. Sounds like an experiment would be worth a shot. Let us know how it goes.
  2. I was just looking at the old thread "Making memories on Manitoulin Island" It just isn't summer without Kerry's blogs of the island.
  3. Thank you for sharing these sunsets and your adventures. How I miss seeing that island sky and dropping in to see what you have made today. Oh well, I will just have to be satisfied with your postings 😊
  4. There is a review of this smokeless grill on eater.com. It looks like my tiny little closet of a kitchen won't be getting this new gadget. Space is way too limited. It does seem to be smokeless though which is a nice surprise.
  5. What a magical freezer you have.... I have been enjoying your visit on the Island and I am not looking forward to it ending....hope you get to return again soon!
  6. My sister mentioned that the Go train goes from Toronto to Niagara now. You might want to look into it.
  7. The one in Bells Corners. She found it on an end isle with clearance stuff..
  8. My sister got her cso from winners at $99!!!! January clearance steal! I didn't think to look at Winner'#s for one.
  9. I loved mushrooms most of my life. Unfortunately they don't love me back. I will watch you guys enjoy his mushroom soup. I can't wait to see what he does for dinner this time.
  10. I am missing the trip to PMCA and the obligatory stop at Skeeters! You will have to give us the low down on what the hot new flavour combinations are in confectionery for 2017.
  11. A tool I did not know there was a need for. I have to confess my latest guilty pleasure has been watching You tube videos of demos of tools I did not know there was a need for. This one is for vintage tools but there are lots out there for the "As seen on TV" ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MelBWO2ZNmg
  12. I use these type of containers for my coffee, sugar and flour. I like that I can take the lid apart and run them through the dishwasher. They are really quick to open and close. I think I got them at the container store and bed bath and beyond. Very handy, I think the ones I have hold about 9 lbs of flour. http://www.clickclack.com/
  13. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/diy-root-cellaring-traditional-and-eco-friendly-food-storage-techniques-tickets-28197292862 There is a seminar on root cellars just outside of Ottawa. Funny seeing this topic and seeing this seminar in the same week. I think there must be something to this sort of storage becoming more popular.
  14. I suddenly feel the need to open the liquor cabinet, must be Anna's and Kerry's influence! I am so looking forward to this. Summer has finally arrived :-)
  15. I work in a hospital where scents are banned but there are still many who ignore it. Sometimes you can't enter a room for the many visitors all "bathed" in different scents. I am delivering dinner to the poor patient and I wonder how they can muster the will to eat when they aren't feeling well to begin with and they are bombarded with the scent of an overpowering garden of scents. I am not allergic and I like to smell nice perfume and cologne if it isn't overpowering...but when I enter these rooms I have to hold my breath or else the scent will get in my nose and I will smell the rest of the day. Sometimes this happens at breakfast too.. There are signs and reminders everywhere but it makes not difference. It sends some staff home for the day...So disruptive.
  16. I love that it has this keep warm cycle. My old slow cooker did not do this...it kept on cooking til you got home to unplug it and that made for some interesting roasts. I have only tried a few things and can't wait to try more... I am curious about the baking of banana bread in it, what cooking setting gets used?
  17. Thanks to all of you egulleters, I am now the proud owner of one of these handy machines that I would never have come across without these wonderful threads! My slowcooker bit the dust a couple of weeks ago and DH said why don't you get one of those machines you talked about from egullet. I am really liking the Instant pot and will have to review all the notes to see what everyone has done with it. What I really like is my DH has taken to experimenting with the Instant pot too and tonight was his first attempt at stew in the slow cooker. He sauteed the meat and onions and added the rest of the ingredients, put it on slow cooker and went to work. He didn't know that the default time was only four hours on the slow cooker setting and we got home after 8 hours. I see the clock reads 4:36 when I get in and realize that it has been off for four hours and 36 minutes...Oh Oh I think, dinner may be something else if it has cooled that long. I got the thermometer out, lifted the lid and it read 167F! This machine has been so well made and is decently insulated that it held the temperature for over four hours. Now I don't recommend this technique but it has been a pleasant surprise to find that what I thought was a big mistake turned out to be a perfectly cooked stew and a DH rather pleased with the new addition to the kitchen. Thanks guys! Now I have some reading to catch up on, and some counter space to fill up!
  18. If this was possible! Sign me up! Kerry, I always said you are an enabler :-) I have added this darn appliance to my wish list on Amazon, so half considering it now. Hoping the price drops a wee bit more.
  19. I work with the food department in a hospital so I have the double whammy of lots of handwashing in the kitchen and lots of purell on the floors. As soon as I can I wash the purell off, as it creates a thick coating on my hands from multiple applications. The girls I work with swear by cocoa butter mixed with vitamin E. I found the big tub of this in the shampoo isle of my local drug store. It was fairly inexpensive too! It takes a minute to absorb but it sure has done the trick so far! I am hoping this winter will not be as bad as others with frequent applications of this on my breaks. When I was in the long term care facility they had a big tub of coconut oil on the kitchen table for anyone to use and it was popular, but I was leary of the communal use so I never tried it back then.
  20. Oh Happy Days! Dropped in to the local thrift shop and scored a nice little Bamix with extra blades and a holder for a bargain $3. I have had my eye out for one of these for years so I feel like I won the lottery :-)
  21. I am not up on what the difference is between CSA standards vs the states standards. However, I did find out that if an appliance or piece of equipment malfunctions causing an insurance claim, and it is not CSA approved then your insurance company will not allow the claim. Why? Since we do use the same power wattages and outlets, this makes no sense but insurance companies are always looking for a way not to pay. I have been watching this thread with great interest and now I want one!! I just don't have the counter top space until the toaster oven finally dies :-(
  22. Deryn, Good for you to buy the Thyme now even though you don't need it. I lived on Manitoulin for 14 years and the available variety drastically changed from when I first moved there. Shopping in the local stores is what keeps them going. Manitoulin has the same issue with the "truck" that supplies the Island as most of them deliver to Sudbury one day and drive to the island the next with what remains. The result is many island residents then drive to Sudbury for the better variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Sometimes a good shop off the Island was necessary, but there has been some improvement....Once in a while I actually did find shallots in the island grocery store :-)
  23. Wow, just wow! That is a closet full of fun! Thanks for sharing your Manitoulin adventure with us again. It just doesn't feel like summer has started until you start posting all your wonderful creations in that tiny little kitchen :-) Have a safe trip home and I look forward to seeing you unpack that closet in the fall!
  24. I go away for 3 days and come back to discover I have 4 pages to catch up on already! Whew! Thank goodness it is Manitoulin time and I can see the old haunts again :-) Looking forward to your shots of the Island and its fair offerings. DH and I were on a road trip this weekend and tried the poutine chips purchased at the gas station, a total impulse purchase. Needless to say, the bag was emptied pretty quickly. It must be a new flavour.
  25. I never thought about how this would speed up the panning process :-) Nice basket! They are pretty lucky Yummy
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