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  1. gfweb

    Dead oven

    Once burned twice shy. Good judgement.
  2. Herr's ripple chips with spray cheese and sriracha. It started as a way to get a dog to gobble down medicine...and then I'd eat one to show him it was OK...and then the sriracha... 😀
  3. gfweb

    Dead oven

    Perhaps his pickiness extends to other areas and causes his singleness
  4. Heidi Husnak eoSpdnrtosf6t8ac1m65b5:6 g31D1M ut6 h6g2aeaau93e02teccPg mcr · Dear friends, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our beloved mother, sister, daughter and aunt; Heidi Maria Husnak. She passed peacefully on December 2, 2023. There will be a service held to celebrate her life on Wednesday, December 13 at 2pm in the Chapel at Green Hills Cemetary in San Pedro which we welcome her friends to join. Love from her family, Matthew (Son), Chris (Sister) and Heidi (Neice).
  5. The facebook notice is no longer there. I'm hopeful/not quite convinced.
  6. gfweb

    Dinner 2023

    Strip steak, garlicky buttered broccolini and roast root vegetables
  7. Must be a different Heidi. Ours is listed as being here an hour ago. Thank goodness.
  8. I enjoy Tucci esp on AmericanAirlines where the best food is on the screen in front of me. I admit to be puzzled about sauteed zucchini transforming pasta. Perhaps Stosh will cook it up for me one day
  9. I cannot think of one whole book devoted to stewing. Plenty have chapters on braising. The instant pot books certainly deal with the topic too
  10. I found a paper where people got CJD from a corneal transplant (which isn't CNS of course). The time to detecting CJD was 3 to 18 years. So not mad cow, but a similar disease where exposure date was known
  11. The assumption is that prions are limited to CNS and not in peripheral nerves... In any event, fortunately no signs of CWD in venison eaters or hunters.
  12. Whats the status of deer wasting disease in your area? It's becoming a big deal up here in the center of the state. https://www.wesa.fm/environment-energy/2023-12-04/pennsylvania-game-commission-chronic-wasting-disease-rules
  13. Wegman's is a bright light out in the country. I'm not sure how unique it will be in NYC, but I 'm happy for you all.
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