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  1. I agree. USDA says that the dish soap isn't "approved" for cleansing veg is a lot like FDA saying a drug usage isn't approved for a certain disease. Lack of approval doesn't mean that FDA says its dangerous...just that they haven't tested it.
  2. so what happens to the DO from baking bread?
  3. cheeses, pasta, breakfast sausage. pizza, any potato dish, ground beef
  4. @weinoo The boiling dunk will probably do it. So will a wash with detergent or with dilute chlorox. https://www.clorox.com/how-to/disinfecting-sanitizing/cold-flu-other-diseases/how-to-make-your-own-disinfecting-solution/
  5. I'd cover the pot with foil for long cooks
  6. Added to sauteed vegetables...incorporated in salad dressing...
  7. And Instacart is now on strike. I bet Uber would pick up a called-in order.
  8. I don't trust any raw veg at the moment. I'm only eating ones that I can serve cooked. Frozen and canned ought to be fine too.
  9. I don't strain because I'm lazy. The particulates do eventually settle to t he bottom even in a congealed state in the fridge. I have old bottles that seem fine.
  10. Anybody use their products? This looks like a good deal
  11. @JoNorvelleWalker We have hired our local version of these guys to get stuff out of a 2nd floor. Bet they'd be happy to do it if you can't sweet talk the delivery guy. https://twomenandatruck.com/movers/nj/hamilton/reviews
  12. Maybe tip the delivery guys handsomely?
  13. Funny, I have thought I was an introvert, and still do. But I do need contact. And I learned I'm nowhere near ready to retire.
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