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  1. Soft Shell Crab

    I think they have been frozen (like most of the sushi we eat)
  2. I've made small quantities of charcoal by wrapping fruit wood in foil and roasting on a hotplate. Takes 30 minutes.
  3. SV shrimp with pimenton, garlic, butter and sherry vinegar. 15 min 139 F. A tasty tapas-ish thing.
  4. The Air Fryer topic

    Roughly 12x12x21. Takes a 1/4 sheet pan easily. Bet I could get 8 latkes in it. Breville Smart Oven Air. It does lots of things but it isn't cheap.
  5. The Air Fryer topic

    Clearly you need a second unit!
  6. Jeremiah Tower documentary

    Did he last long at Tavern on the Green?
  7. The Air Fryer topic

    Lovely! What was your method?
  8. Pimento Cheese

    @Jaymes I cannot think of a legitimate use for celery
  9. Pimento Cheese

    We have several coffee trees. They get really big ...don't put them too close to the house. Beautiful trees.
  10. You bake the silica gel to dry it out for re-use?
  11. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Duck breast with savory lingonberry sauce, potato gratin, mushrooms
  12. Necco always tasted chalky to me. Mary Janes are the enemy of crowns and caps...sadly
  13. Ramps: The Topic

    I have several test patches in different environments. All are are equally lagging.
  14. Ramps: The Topic

    I'm in the same boat @rustwood My ramps patch is just barely surviving, let alone multiplying.
  15. I just made barley "risotto" using Fathers bacon fat. Just great depth of flavor. If I were a TV chef I'd babble about adding layers of flavor, but I've never had layered flavors except in a parfait or a cake.