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  1. Chocolate fountains are kinda gross, to me. Mostly oil aren't they?
  2. I like the idea of a gravy fountain more than a chocolate one
  3. @kayb looks great. did all the photos load?
  4. Re FN guys... I trust the Iron Chefs esp Flay and Batali. And Fieri who puts good stuff together when he does cook.
  5. I have two giant forceps. Endlessly useful for flipping stuff in a sauté pan, fishing out a bit of detritus from rice etc etc. But my big question is how @Porthos finds all this good stuff at resale places. All I see are George Foreman grills and Ecko knives.
  6. Breville Smart Oven Air

    Pork tenderloin schnitzel cross-posted from schnitzel thread. 375 F 4 minutes till 140 F
  7. And I'd consider fan speed and cooking area. The Breville has a large cooking basket...>1/4 sheet pan sized, but a slower fan. Slow fan may be good...not sure.
  8. Fennel pollen pork tenderloin schnitzel over arugula with a lemon caper dressing, and toasted cauliflower rice. 375 F Breville air (fryer ) for 4 minutes till 140F Left was pretoasted bread crumbs, right was straight out of the can. Taste was the same but pretoasting looks prettier, I think.
  9. I bought the Breville Air to replace a BSO that died. Its pretty sweet. And it airfries.
  10. Air Fryer pork tenderloin schnitzel Pounded flat, seasoned, breaded the usual way...using breadcrumbs that were pre-toasted...spritzed with Pam (not sure its needed) Breville air fry 375 x 5 minutes. Very good...not a hint of grease...still with some crunch. This may be my new standard method. Photos could be better...
  11. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @liamsaunt Magimous Screw Extractor Set Screw remover bits ...cheap