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  1. You've made some statements that are true but the application to braising isn't obvious. Dissolved stuff won't change the boiling point by more than a degree or 2. Oven cycles happen, but the temp in the braise is buffered by the liquid which will even out the variations.
  2. These pix look fine! Thats pricey beer, but less than a semi swanky bar in NYC. Are rum prices better?
  3. I always marvel at how well exposed meat browns during a braise. I've stopped prebrowning the beef..as is called for by many recipes...because I think it might overcook the surface. As an aside I've found that a few slices of carrot in the braised veg will really improve the flavor of the liquid/sauce
  4. Good thoughts. I guess the seal on the pot would be a big factor in letting water escape. I usually concentrate the juices a little after the braise.
  5. Nope. As @rotuts says, there's a lot of tradition in recipes. If you do as I do and just put room temp ingredients in the oven I suppose the the longer time to reach boiling in the 275 F oven might be a gentler cook than 350. That could mean either better done or tougher meat. But if you boil it first and then into the oven. No difference.
  6. For stock/chili you don't need a high performance pot. Just a pot. Go to a restaurant store and get a cheap one. Maybe $30. There is dignity in a humble pot that is suited to the job.
  7. Great questions. Water can't get hotter than 212f so a lid wont raise the temp. It will keep water from evaporating though . A basic method is to put a layer of carrots and onions on the bottom of the pot along with a couple cloves of smashed garlic. Put in red wine to cover halfway up the meat and whisk in 2 tbsp of tomato paste. Salt and pepper. I might add a little bit of cinnamon or 5-spice Cover it and put in a 300F oven and ignore it for 2 hours. Then turn the meat over and give it another hour or so. Remove t he meat and take the liquid and remove the fat...perhaps then thicken with starch and serve with the braised veg.
  8. gfweb

    Jiffy love

    Or add diced jalapeño
  9. PA is slowly allowing wine shipments. Who can and who cannot is mysterious. Fortunately I can shop in DE. But the PA liquor control board does a pretty good job with wine. They are a megabuyer and get good prices. Liquor prices suck though. The stores have many more employees than needed and are a nice little patronage job. As much as I think the state shouldn't be inthe booze business, they do a decent job of it
  10. PA's state-run stores are stocked.
  11. gfweb

    Dinner 2021

    Thigh cooked in CSO, diced, generous shake of sweet pimenton, splash jalapeño vinegar, salt, mayo and diced piquillo peppers. I let it sit for 30 min or so.
  12. gfweb

    2021 Farmers' Markets

    We have a big orchard and veg grower near here. They sell their own stuff which is very nice. But they are open all year with a full selection....
  13. gfweb

    2021 Farmers' Markets

    Half of it probably came from Jersey
  14. The various ethnic groceries around here sell humongous aluminum pots at a great price.
  15. Always a good plan
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