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  1. Old cookbooks

    Not all that old, but not new either, is James Villas' The Glory of Southern Cooking. A reliable compendium of tested recipes that covers the variations of southern cooking nicely. There must be 5 cornbread recipes at least. Good cookbook to read and ponder and incorporate.
  2. A sandwich to go

    Alcohol itself has anti-oxidant properties, @Duvel. You certainly should press-on with your research.
  3. A sandwich to go

    But cranberries have magical anti-oxidant powers*, so its healthy. *What benefits antioxidants actually add to a body filled with native anti-oxidants remains mostly to be shown.
  4. We use our LED counter lights all the time. For us, it was a great investment.
  5. In SE PA we have a food monopoly...Acme Markets. Not pretty
  6. Best Flour for roux

    Flour will certainly lump up in an aqueous pan "gravy". That is the strength of using Wondra, no lumps in aqueous sauces but you still get the gravy look without the sheen of a starch-thickened sauce.
  7. The Air Fryer topic

    So in an air fryer you spray oil on the food and bake it with a fan going. Is the fan stronger than the BSO or something?
  8. The Air Fryer topic

    Where do you put the oil? Is it spraying around inside? Like a steam oven but with oil?
  9. The Air Fryer topic

    Damn you all. Now I'm getting interested. So what separates this from a convection oven? Why not just put the Breville Smart Oven at 450 with convection?
  10. Costco meat quality decline?

    I just got some choice sirloin. Unlike the last few NY Strips, the sirloin was tasty and tender.
  11. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Costco has it in a not-too-crazy size
  12. @rotuts a sandwich or a wrap would OK from an FT. But plastic forks...feh. And Styrofoam plates balanced on your lap ...annoying and awkward. Give me a table to eat at, it'd be OK I guess.
  13. Yes. That's true. But its just really unattractive to me.