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  1. Smithy

    Darto deal?

    Aww, how cute! Thanks for the link. 🙂
  2. I'd like that insurance adjuster to come see what hail did to my airplane's paint one year! Still, it could have been worse here. Just before I climbed up to the roof I was talking to some RVers who are staying in a campground a mile or two away. Their hail was somewhere between golf ball and baseball sized. Punched holes in all of the air conditioner covers! We only had cracks in the one skylight, and no other visible damage to the Princessmobile. Thanks on the compliment about the food! My best friend and her husband trade off cooking duties. More than once this year she's texted
  3. Since we arrived in Texas we've been eating a lot of 'cue, some of it excellent and some a bit less so. I'm still working on the excellent ribeye you see in the picture below. His brisket was a bit overdone, to our dismay. I think tonight I'll be working to use some of the less satisfactory leftovers in a vegetable-heavy dinner. My darling's a bit under the weather and there's no point in spending beaucoup bucks if he isn't going to enjoy it. In the meantime, I am working on a good late-afternoon salad as I type. Speaking of being "under the weather",
  4. I didn't think of that. I think it's ceramic, but it's still heavy enough that it might make a good stable watering bowl. Thanks for the idea!
  5. Spotted in a Dollar Store today: a $10 "Dutch Oven". At least, that's how it's labeled. It looks like it's about a quart, maybe slightly bigger. It also looks pretty useless, if one's used to cooking in a real Dutch Oven. 😉
  6. I have one more New Mexico post. We drove 30 miles north to Deming one day for groceries. There are two grocery stores in town - three, if you count the Walmart Superstore - but we prefer Pepper's. We're pretty sure it's a one-off grocery store rather than a chain. Their produce is pretty good, and their selection of ingredients for Mexican or New Mexican food is very good. I was surprised by the diminutive size of these pomegranates. I didn't buy any. Their tortilla selection is broad: flour or masa, large or small, with or withou
  7. No, we didn't see a difference either way as far as Covid-19 precautions. Officials in both directions were masked. Signs in both directions (and languages) said to wear masks. It was easier to cross into Mexico, as it always has been in our opinion, than to come back. (We always bring passports.) We were on foot. There's $5 parking next to the border crossing, so it's quite easy to leave the pickup and walk.
  8. ...and I remember being able to wander Pier 1 stores! I was so sorry when they announced they were closing the stores; they were favorite Retail Therapy places for me.
  9. Yesterday we drove south 3 miles from Columbus, New Mexico and braved the border crossing into Palomas, Chihuahua. Our objective was The Pink Store, quite distinctive for its garish pink exterior. It's a Mexican import shop of sorts, carrying goods from all over that country at inexpensive prices. I love to shop there, and the food is good. We'd been told that the Pink Store paid careful attention to Covid-19 precautions, and it seemed to be the case. A masked woman met us at the door with a spray bottle of hand sanitizer. Masks were required inside the st
  10. I too love these trips and the seafood and seascapes you show us. Many thanks!
  11. I love tamarind, but have always avoided the pods that you show because the blocks of paste are trouble enough for me. I also have no idea whether the "fresh" tamarind pods I see in the New Mexico grocery stores are really fresh. Next time you're snacking on these, would you please post photos of the interior part that you actually eat? Is it a soft pulp, or fairly dry, or...? If I thought I had a clue about these things I might try some from a USA grocery store.
  12. I mentioned that the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum was only partly opened, and that the restaurants my friends and I visited were opened with reduced capacity. I'm sorry to report that Old Tucson, the theme park and movie studio, was not as fortunate. It isn't a temporary closure. According to news articles I found, Old Tucson's attendance and revenues had been declining for years. When their Paycheck Protection Program funds ran out, they closed indefinitely. In September 2020 they announced that it was permanent. I'm sorry they didn't survive, and glad we went when we
  13. The color of the sauce was right for cilantro, but we couldn't detect that distinctive cilantro flavor. You might have a good guess about how that lasagna is made! I'll have to try that and see whether it gets the texture right. Fresh pasta especially sounds on the target as far as the texture goes. I have no idea how one would accomplish the characteristic ruffles of lasagna noodles, though. They weren't flat.
  14. Thank you! We are still far from home, and I have a few more stories that may be of interest. I'll start with my trip to Tucson just before we left. My best friends, who live in San Diego, masterminded an outing for themselves, 3 other friends and me. They're all suburban dwellers who've been severely more locked down than we have due to crowded living conditions. All of us been fully vaccinated and were outside the 14 day post-vaccination window, so they decided that an excursion to Tucson would be great fun. They swung by the Princessmobile for a picnic lunch and to pick me up.
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