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  1. I wish I'd thought of this sooner! I'll be in Sweetwater, TX late this week. Although the purpose of the gathering is not culinary, my partner and I may be on our own for some meals, rather than being part of a crowd. Any recommendations?
  2. Lucky you! Moosehead used to be one of my favorite beers. I've moved away from lagers on the whole, but I still firmly associate Moosehead lager with happy times of discovery when I first began visiting northern Minnesota. We'll expect regular reports on their microbrews. :-) I hope they're a success.
  3. Good for @helou! It does look like a fascinating book. I have her Mediterranean Street Foods cookbook and enjoy it.
  4. Yes, she is. Suckered me in, right there.
  5. It all looks good, but the hamachi aguachile and raw oysters especially caught my eye. I do love good, fresh oysters on the half shell - and that's something that doesn't travel well. I had to look up hamachi aguagchile. That looks like a great dish to try making! Oh, and those desserts....
  6. Smithy

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    The colors and swirls in the bottom photo make me think of deep-space photos. Nice work, Kerry.
  7. Got a recipe, or a link, for this? It looks good.
  8. It's a shame about the weather, but it looks as though what you cooked was good eating, anyway. (Well, maybe except for the flatbread. ) I especially liked the looks of that hash, and the way you had everything measured out and pre-packaged in reusable jars. Did you opt for the foil bowl to cook the hash so that it could be closed up like a foil packet? I'm wondering about using foil vs. using the cooking pan in the top photo (that looks like a very nice pan, btw) or the pannish thing holding your dinner in the next photo down.
  9. Nor have I. Congratulations on a beautiful and creative masterwork, and a story well told. I particularly like the two dragon head pictures. In the sequence you've shown them (first without the eyes, then with) it looks like - well, it looks like the dragon just awakened to our presence. That's an impressive effect. Oh yes, and congratulations on the financial success of the project - at least for the dragonboat stall! eta and yes, that drum is also very clever.
  10. Smithy

    Kitchen Thermometers

    What you're asking for, then, is a wireless sensor inside the oven that transmits to a receiver outside the oven, like the wireless indoor/outdoor thermometers so common these days. That's a lot of heat for a transmitter to withstand, and would probably be expensive if it exists at the consumer level. Even in the industrial applications I used to see, we'd run probes with long wires into the heat source, and keep the measurement device out in the relative cool. You're probably better off sticking with the old-fashioned needle-style oven thermometer.
  11. Smithy

    Best pot luck recipes

    I'm glad you just went through this exercise, @kayb. I've been thinking about what to bring to a weeklong family reunion / campout. I had already decided, for various times during week, on persimmon bread, your Jailhouse slaw and @Jaymes' cornbread salad. I'd forgotten the devilled eggs trick. Now devilled eggs are on the list as well.
  12. How 'bout you, Nicole0x? What area do you call home? What do you like to cook and/or eat? Now's the chance to introduce yourself!
  13. I guess the thing about asparagus is that if it's good (fresh, flavorful, ripe) then an elaborate preparation can seem like guilding the lily. So it was with our dinner tonight. These asparagus spears were larger around than my thumbs. We generally avoid the thick spears, expecting them to be woody, but they smelled fresh. I bought them. My darling gave me the fisheye. He thought nothing good could come of them. He then picked up the first ears of corn of the season. I was as skeptical of his choice. Corn, in northern Minnesota, in May? Ha! I used a trick picked up somewhere along in these pages, and peeled the bases of the asparagus spears. Lo and behold! That yielded far more length of tender and flavorful asparagus. Dinner was salmon cooked in brown butter, then removed to the oven to finish cooking. The asparagus went into the browned butter after the salmon was finished, and slivered almonds spent the last few seconds in the butter as well. Those who wished could add a squeeze of lemon at the table. The plating is disgraceful, but we were delighted with the flavors. I'll remember the peeling trick, and sauteeing in brown butter. It was a nice celebration of spring. We forgave each other our skepticisms.
  14. @Okanagancook, I like the flavor of lovage but have trouble working out what to do with it, except use it occasionally as seasoning in a soup or stew. What do you do with yours?
  15. Is that okra from this year's garden already? Or from last year's garden? That's high praise - and doubtless well-deserved!