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  1. Now that we have a fireplace and grill, I'm figuring on a meal of stuffed-and-grilled stuff before long. Stay tuned.
  2. On a different note: today was breakfast-fruit-salad making day. I was especially interested in how much time and effort it takes me to deal with dates the way I normally do, due to this discussion. I don't think I'll be changing my method.
  3. We went to Yuma yesterday to get some supplies, see the doctor (routine visit, nothing serious), pick up meds and mail. The Wal-Mart customers were generally good about masking up, although we saw a lot of noses. Fry's grocery store customers were even better, with people giving each other room and waiting patiently when someone was perusing the same shelf or bin area. Supplies were generally good, although the shortages on paper products and cleaning products continued. Fortunately for us there's no apparent shortage of bread, wine, beer or fresh produce! We saw some amazingly good prices.
  4. Smithy


    I just finished pitting and chopping dates for my husband's fruit salad. The dates were a blend of barhi and medjool, admittedly not the freshest in either case. I think I'll stick with my method: pit, then lay flat and chop with a large knife. It didn't take long. I realize that in a professional kitchen and with professional-scale quantities a faster method might be necessary, but for my purposes this was much faster than scissors. (No lectures about cutting toward my thumb, please. The dates are soft enough to do that with impunity. )
  5. Maybe soak them in syrup, then incorporate into a sweet bread with other dried fruits, along the lines of a stollen?
  6. I circled back and took a look because of this post, and then also bought the book. One of the things I love about these bargain prices is that I'm getting a chance to try a recipe for just the time, ingredients and a couple of bucks. If even one is a winner then I've gotten a bargain. The Nashville-style Hot Chicken looked way too interesting to pass up.
  7. I can't decide between giving a "Thanks" or a "Groan / Wow" response above. Do you know whether Stater Bros in 29 Palms does curbside pickup? If we go that way, early morning won't be an option. 😒
  8. No, we're just across the border in California. Still desert. Quite a bit less crowded than Tucson.
  9. Ham 'n' mac 'n' cheese last night for dinner. The ham will keep on giving for a while - there's a lot of it! - and bolstering it with pasta and cheese sauce just added to the congestion in the refrigerator. No cooking will be necessary for a while, except for vegetables. It's funny: the last time I made this dish I used penne rigate and we thought it perfect. This time, we thought the penne too long. Maybe I used a smaller gauge last time around. I finished this pasta, though. That made room to move another pasta from an outside cooler to an interior canister. I also f
  10. Assisting kayb here, since we happen to have a couple of smoked pork shanks purchased last fall at a favorite meat market. This shank weighs 1.79 pounds so is plenty for two of us, with leftovers. Hmm, since we have two of 'em, I may try Kay's treatment with one instead of our usual pork shanks with spuds and sauerkraut. Her idea seems a fine one.
  11. I'll be curious to see what you think about the book, Porthos. I thought it an interesting idea, then decided I make up my own mind about that anyway, so I saved a couple of bucks spent that money elsewhere.
  12. Cotton-pickin' sonofagun, Toliver. Every time I open this topic my tablet gets heavier and my bank account lighter. At least I was reminded that I'd already bought The Cuban Table (and no, I haven't cooked from it yet). Nonetheless I've added Diana Henry's book and For the Love of the South to the collection.
  13. In my very-quick search of this new-to-me technology, it looks as though the autoclave strip indicates a minimum temperature but not time at that temperature. Don't you need both? https://ehs.princeton.edu/book/export/html/485 That's pretty interesting stuff, though. I'm glad you mentioned it. ETA or is that high temperature enough to kill bugs regardless of time?
  14. Sous vide is out of the question for now, but for future reference: what time and temperature?
  15. The neighbors have cleared out, we've relocated to our usual location, and there isn't another trailer within a mile. If we hadn't been here for Thanksgiving Week, we'd have had no idea how 'crowded' it can get. Crowding is a relative concept, though. As noted before, there was plenty of room between them and us for privacy. Still, we didn't want to go to the trouble of setting up an outdoor kitchen when we expected to move in a couple of days. Yesterday, we (mostly my darling) set it up. It was more of a production than usual. Our neighbors, or somebody before them, had torn apart
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