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  1. I didn't know there was a group devoted to ERB, but I'm not surprised. I am DELIGHTED at the J.A.N.E.S. Somebody really had to swing to reach that one! I haven't actively tried to participate in the great freezer cleanout venture yet, but today was a step in the right direction. Earlier this year I picked up three 5-pound blocks of frozen Hatch green chiles in varying heat levels. The 'mild' and 'hot' peppers were roasted, peeled, seeded and chopped before bagging and freezing. Today was the day to begin testing the results of my great shopping spree. I pulled the packages from the freezer and set them to thaw. In addition we had a container of frozen sweet corn from last year (5 cups' worth?). We had leftover ham that hadn't been frozen but needed to be addressed. (Irma Rombauer is credited with defining eternity as "two people and a ham" and I'm starting to agree.) We had pasta, cheese, ripe bell peppers and a lot of onion. They were all destined to meet. The mild green chiles were mild indeed; the hot green chiles had a definite kick. Neither had the fruity and acidic heat I associate with good green chiles (NOT green bell peppers) when I began tasting the barely-thawed chiles, but I picked up more of the desired flavor as I worked. To the left: the packages of chopped chiles, thawing. Upper right: onions, celery, ripe bell peppers and Hatch green chile chunks sweating; bottom right: the finished dish, with cheese browning on top. It needed a bit of salt, but otherwise was satisfactory to us both. Good thing, too, because there are a lot of leftovers. I don't think I made any gains on freezer space. "You wrote down everything you did, right?" asked my darling. Of course I did. In the Journal of Irreproducible Results.
  2. This is a fine trip, and thank you for bringing us along! Never mind relativism at Molly's Cupcakes, I'm trying to make sense of the Periodic Table. :-)
  3. Thanks for this message, Andie. The citrus greening disease (I hadn't heard the name 'huanglongbing' or its shortened 'HLB' until now) has been a matter of great concern for our friends who raise citrus in the Central Valley of California. They've been watching the spread of the disease for some years as it's moved closer to them, hoping it can be stopped - or a cure found. Finding the psyllid in the L.A. Basin is bad news. Won't the tulle you mention in your last post also stop pollenation of your neighbor's citrus? If so, is she just figuring that this is the lesser of two evils?
  4. Chicken breasts cooked this way, cubed and turned into a salad - with or without pasta - have become a favorite for me. Thanks to sous vide, boneless/skinless chicken breasts have new potential.
  5. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Using a cake pan for an egg-baking dish: now why didn't I think of that? The eggs with ham and cheese look very appealing that way.
  6. Welcome, @blbst36! I think you'll find this community very helpful; members range from professionals to enthusiastic amateurs, and they live in all parts of the world. (Well, I don't think we have anyone in Antarctica or Greenland.) If you want help cooking fish, you'll find help here. If you're just cooking for yourself most of the time and looking for strategies, there's a topic for that as well. You get the idea...we like to talk about food and drink. Come on in, look around, and join the conversations! If you need help finding things or figuring out how the forums work, don't hesitate to ask a host (I am one) by Personal Messenger or ask in the Moderation and Policy Discussion forum.
  7. New here

    Welcome, olofliddin! This is a good opportunity to tell us a bit more about yourself, if you wish: do you cook for others, or only for yourself, or not at all? Do you have family? Do you rush off too the nearest corner store for the night's dinner? If you have any questions about navigating the forums - how to search, where to post, or other questions - don't hesitate to reach out to a forum host. I'm one, but there are others.
  8. I'm on my third batch of yogurt made using the Instant Pot, and based on the first two batches I'm very pleased with the ease of making it and the final product. I've tried using the whey in bread baking. I read somewhere (probably here) that the whey from yogurt is considered "sour" (it certainly is tart!) whereas the ricotta whey is "sweet". What difference might that make to the bread? So far my bread using yogurt whey may have a tighter crumb than if I only use water, whether I want it to or not, but I'm not sure I can tell a difference otherwise.
  9. What is this cooking vessel?

    It looks to me like a bean pot, or a stew pot, for cooking in the fire. I'm not a food or cookware historian, though: it just reminds me of earthenware I've seen in Egypt. I'll be interested to learn more information. What a cool find!
  10. Cheerful and bold colors, and glorious tilework - very pretty!
  11. I love the stories in this book, and I think Emily Kaiser Thelin captures Paula's 'voice' and character perfectly. I don't know Paula well, but met her once and conversed with her on the telephone enough that I can clearly hear her in the stories. The recipes look enticing as well. Recently my darling and I had dinner guests who also had met Paula and her husband Bill. I served the Potatoes Dauphinois from that book, and gave them a copy of the book. Last night they returned the favor, and served Paula's Deconstructed Hummus as an appetizer at their dinner party. They sent half of the leftover hummus home with us. I just finished it. I almost wish our hosts had disliked it, so I could bring it ALL home. Both these photos are of leftovers just before they disappeared. They were just as good the next day as the day they were cooked. \
  12. That is a funny writeup. I haven't seen that model (or the others mentioned already) but I've been reasonably happy with my Starfrit chopper of a similar design. It doesn't seem available any longer on Amazon, but the basic concept seems to be well-established.
  13. We keep our mint under control with the lawn mower, but it quite definitely would spread out from around the deck posts otherwise. I made the mistake of planting some around a thriving, healthy clump of chives a few years ago. Can't find the chives any more, and had to establish a new bunch elsewhere.
  14. Hello, jeffrey30, and welcome to the forums. I used to work in El Monte. I can't say I was crazy about the area, but I enjoyed going to the airport at lunch time and watching the airplanes. What sort of food do you like to eat? Do you like to cook, too? What's the food truck scene in El Monte these days?
  15. Would that I had been part of that tragedy.