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  1. In what way is it getting weirder, weinoo? I assume you're referring to the dough itself?
  2. I think it is. Consider yourself enabled. You're welcome.
  3. I couldn't decide whether to laugh at your story or thank you for the compliment! Both, by way of this post!
  4. Superburgers are supposed to be his thing to cook. It's easy and (supposedly) straightforward. Yet they've been consistently overcooked for the last several times. Last night he asked me to cook them. I used the camp stove. I flipped, monitored, adjusted the heat -- you know, all the things you should do instead of cooking by rote. Cook until done. They still aren't photogenic, not with his slapped between two pieces of plain toast and mine sitting next to the last splat of mayo out of the squeeze bottle. But they were juicy and flavorful - in fact, almost too hot. (The spicy heat must be carried in the juices that are usually cooked out of the meat.) They were definitely done right. I think I've been outfoxed. One more cooking job for me instead of him! Think I can break him of the rote-cooking habit?
  5. That's what I'm getting from that article. I suspect the "bang for your buck" would change at some point, when the market saturates or demand drops. If the entire Valley switched to growing almonds (where they could be grown) then the picture would change. I'm surprised at how much lower the water footprint is for citrus than for nuts...and for olives, of all things!
  6. I'll make sure to use maxima chulpa when I get around to using it.
  7. I think that's what I tried, with the same result, but it's been too long to remember clearly.
  8. Bacon finished, and broccoli salad complete. I've never tried adding cauliflower to the salad, but it seemed a logical way to expand the salad. It turned out to be very easy to find the Inca corn. There it is, right next to the star anise I'll need for my tea!
  9. Thanks so much for that reference! I'm ready to go down another rabbit hole...as soon as I get tonight's broccoli salad made. I'm microwaving the bacon right now, grateful to have been taught that trick last season since it saves me from cooking in this heat. I'm glad we aren't low on paper towels...or bacon grease!
  10. Are there any special tricks or considerations for making, then freezing, stuffed pasta? I'd like to make ravioli and have it at a later date.
  11. I've always wondered where the "1 gallon of water per almond" claim originated. Do you know its source and veracity, Heidi? It seems awfully high - which is, of course, the point of the claim. Whether it's exaggerated or not, the water usage is a big deal. It's harder all the time to be a small farmer in the San Joaquin Valley, thanks to the large corporate interests. Thanks for the article link.
  12. Or use that juice as a marinade for carne asada....
  13. Yes! I'd forgotten all about that! Discussion and recipe(s) here: Johnnybird's Toast Dope.
  14. It fascinates me to see how water is managed here. It's more like the irrigation I grew up with in the San Joaquin Valley than like what is done now. At least, citrus there is now irrigated by fine misters or sprinklers rather than running the water down furrows. It saves a lot of water. It may be different in nut groves. Here, the pecan groves get massive amounts of water. This went on all yesterday, and now the water is turned off again. The pecans are just beginning to leaf out. I wish I could find someone to ask about water supply, costs, and management systems. There must be a lot of evaporation loss. I'll admit, though, that the water flowing through the supply canals is cool and clear and great fun to wade in.
  15. That's good advice. Another possibility is to use that juice for citrus-marinated roast chicken. It's a forgiving recipe, and I think you'd use up most of the clementines getting enough juice unless you can supplement it with other citrus varieties. And yes, by all means dry the peel, or freeze the zest! That dried peel is not only good in stews, it's also a nice addition to oatmeal.
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