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  1. racheld


    Oh, My Heavens, D-for Darlin'! This is simply unimaginagle---I can smell all the fabulous aromas from here, and hear nothing but sighs, crunches and smacks. What a splendid menu---so imaginative and put together with an expert eye and hand. Oh. My. Just signing in to say Congratulations and WELL DONE. I hope you're all well, and can see that you are supremely happy and prospering. That BRIGHTS me so much. love from the Heartland, rachel -
  2. AWWW, Sweetpea! What a treat just at bedtime!! It's a lovely chronicle of whatever was in front of as we talked and laughed and talked and giggled, guffawed, chuckled and hee-hawed our way through the week. My face hurt from laughing, and it was all such happy chaos, running back and forth between two floors (did you mention that my kitchen has been out of commission for two months?? and whatever we needed---including water or ice or the forgotten thing---was always either up or down eleven steps. We did barely anything of all the notes and plans I made for months before, of cooking a
  3. racheld

    Dinner 2015 (Part 2)

    Absolutely splendiferous, M'Darlin! Everything is simply perfect, and perfectly co-ordinated for a lovely repast. And I'm so glad that Little Green Teapot has such a wonderful new home. r
  4. Oh, MY STARS! We haven't met, and I seldom check in to comment, but this is simply marvelous! I'm not familiar with the lovely, intricate bread, but the entire table is absolutely perfect, down to my MOTHER'S china! The devilled eggs, the three-bean salad, the pineapple-upside-down-cake, the sweet potatoes and the GREEN "Pink Salad" lend an air of The Perfect Southern Easter Dinner, almost all of which appeared on our own table this year. The photo is simply so nostalgia-perfect of all my years in the South, and I thank you for these lovely memories, all captured in one welcoming,
  5. Kerry, I haven't looked in a quite a while, and it's so good to see you two still having such a lovely friendship and such wonderful outings. rachel
  6. Beyond imagination---it feels like my time with the Grandchildren, cramming a whole month into a few days so as to get all the possible goodness. I'm SO glad that you two got to share this trip of a lifetime, though I hope you another as soon as possible. C'est Magnifique! rrrrrr
  7. Ahhh, the surfeit and the abundance and the tongue-curling photos and descriptions! The crudite and aioli---in Paris, radishes are a revelation---and the dessert plate and the cheeses would have been enough, but THIS. . Just looking into Herme' IS akin to a jewelry-shop, but I could have taken EVERY SINGLE tomato in that market stall home. In a bag. Past airport screeners, if necessary. Thank you for all the sharing of your lovely adventures. love and, r
  8. Oh, Baby Girl! I've signed in for the first time in a coupla years, just to admire and applaud. I DO love your posts and photos and all your adventures. r
  9. I just peeked in to comment on the lovely creations Y'all have been posting. Caro told me that they were spectacular, and they're just wonderful. Kim---your coconut cake!!! That's the most scrumptious-looking cut cake I've seen in a LONG time---it just begs for stray fingers to sneak some of those lovely crumbs. Just beautiful, everyone!! rachel
  10. Absolutely Breeeelyant, Maggie, as always. Your mastery of the concept and the execution is impressive, but not surprising. And your research and knowledge are a formidable team with your incomparable way with words. I learned to make White Sauce at a very young age, in exactly the same 1-2-3 over-the-shoulder that you did; my Mammaw would be boning chicken for a la King, or skinning the tiny blanched pearl onions (specially ordered once a year, for Christmas Dinner---no canned mush for HER table). After about the second “making” I noticed that she just kept right on with her work, hummin
  11. Well, it's about TIME!! The Voice To Be Reckoned With is finally recognized. I just hope she realizes how great a talent she has. And is. Congratulations, Sweetpea!! And to Daily Gullet for recognizing The Real Thing.
  12. Oh, Kim!! I'm so glad you told me about this!! It's so beautiful, and such a continuation of the generations and their recipes. I have visions of your going to see your Grandma, taking a small box, a la Evelyn Couch and the Fried Green Tomatoes for Ninnie, only yours would have a fresh hot biscuit and a little pot of those incomparable preserves. Your writing just blows me away, every time. rachel
  13. Randi, I'm so sorry about your BIL---we are just so grateful for the wonderful people who pass through our lives, no matter how brief the time. And I wish I could be there to fill your fridge with Things in Dishes to help you keep up with the cooking. And the PIB's were tiny sausages, wrapped in PCR's---cut each roll to wrap six or eight. Melt a stick of butter and 1/4 c. each brown sugar and honey in a Pyrex cup in the microwave, and pour gently between all the sausages. It's best if the tops are bare and brown and crisp, and the bottom dough cooked into sweet, delicate dumplings in the s
  14. Ham! I love ham. And, for a reason I cannot fathom, it's something you hardly ever find in restaurants nowadays. The carveries seem to focus on prime rib, leg of lamb, and pork loin, but that cheerful red meat of the ham is getting rarer and rarer. Beautiful shot. ← Another thing about a big old pink ham is probably a tradition in most families: having a taste of the ham while it's being carved. See that little sliced-off spot at the very top? It was shaved off just as the ham came into the house after its several hours out on the grill, probably for Chris to test to see if it was
  15. Ah, my Dearie!! What a lovely chronicle of our weekend!!! It flew too fast, and was too soon over, but these pictures and these words are a wonderful reminder. Thank you for the charming company and for speaking of us and our visit so beautifully. And I must add: Maggie made the gorgeous apron in the picture of Kim peeling asparagus---it's some of the most exquisite needlework I've ever seen. It's also reversible, to a lovely tiny print, with rick-rack on the edges It's a wonderful blessing to have such lovely friends.
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