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  1. I tried to reply to this a few minutes ago, but somehow I am not seeing my reply. I just made these. These are a staple on my Thanksgiving table..have been since I encountered the recipe years ago. Very easy to make and so good. Christine
  2. I am joining your ranks soon. I just ordered teh 7-1 which has also come down in price on Amazon. Anxious to start using it.
  3. Kristin isn't gone totally yet. Did you watch Last Chance Kitchen?
  4. I am looking forward to the US version of Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries II that is slated to come out in the next month or so. I forget the exact date. I couldn't wait for this book (and I still don't see a US release date for it) so I ordered it from Amazon UK. The book is huge (400 pages) and great to read. Same style as the first Kitchen Diaries but he compiles a few years worth of recipes into one calendar year. I also ordered the Fuschia Dunlop book from Amazon UK but haven't really started it yet; it's up next after I finish Kitchen Diaries II. Nigel Slater is on Twitter, and I follow him. He was talking about it there, and I asked him when it was coming out here. He told me he is working on the US edition now. I thought he told me the date, but I cannot find where he told me. Somewhere I saw a release date for it.. Christine
  5. I am looking forward to the US version of Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries II that is slated to come out in the next month or so. I forget the exact date.
  6. Ahhh..Monterey Market. I always miss that place when I leave the bay area. I am heading there this afternoon.. I love the outside.... You should have taken a picture of the mushroom section...that always just blows people away. Christine
  7. Now I want to try this place out. Where is it located? Christine
  8. Go to Monterey Market too. It is much smaller than the Bowls, but is unique in it's own way. Great produce. I am such a Berkeley fan, myself. I went to the original Berkeley Bowl, when it was in the old bowling alley. Will you be giving a "tour" of the Gourmet Ghetto? Berkeley and Oakland have so much to offer... Christine
  9. I recognize the Tokyo Fish Market.. It's in Berkeley, one of my old haunts. We need a visit to Berkeley Bowl... Christine
  10. I have that Williams-Sonoma cookbook, Fresh From the Farmers Market. It has some really good things in it. Christine
  11. I agree about Vallarta supermarkets, as well as other Mexican megamarts, like Ranch Markets. I have been able to get limes at $1/pound, or even 2 lbs/$1 sometimes. Haven't been lately so no idea what prices are now. But they never seem to get very high.
  12. I definitely agree with that. In fact, I'd take it one step further and say it applies to me personally, for the most part. But Platter of Figs really got me thinking, because all the recipes sounded like things I'd normally pass over for not sounding "interesting" enough. Every single one of them turned out spectacularly, though, and it kind of made me reconsider whether something has to be exotic to be delicious. I have this cookbook as well as his Platter of Figs book. I tend to agree with your reconsideration of something being exotic to be delicious. I have a continuing argument with a friend of mine, who doesn't really see the value of something simply prepared. He likes to go over the top, with menus, and with cooking various dishes. He says he gets bored with food such as David Tanis cooks. Having eaten at Chez Panisse, where David Tanis is a chef, I saw where simplicity could be mindblowingly good. Christine
  13. I am coming late to this thread.. That isn't my understanding from what I have read. That cut is supposed to promote even browning. When potatoes or anything else is cut that way, they just roll around in the pan very easily...and thus cook more evenly. I could be wrong on that though, but that was the impression I got from my own reading.
  14. This is a big draw for me, because that's exactly what I have to do. It's not that I can't fit my cookware in those two cabinets, but what I find is that in general I use the bigger pieces more, and the dynamics of cookware cabinets pretty much dictate that the big pieces are always under several other pieces. ← If you only make this one change to your kitchen you will so happy! Ever since I put up my rack (shown on another thread) I am forever wondering why I didn't figure out a way before! The thing is, not only is it easier to reach for a pan, you end up reaching for the RIGHT pan rather than the one that is easiest to get at. ← Okay, I am coming late to this discussion. I have a pot rack/pan tree that I haven't seen anywhere else, except in the catalog from where it was obtained about 30 years ago. I have no idea of what catalog it was now..but I sure wish I knew. This pot rack has been a lifesaver for me in many ways..and is a wonderful solution to small spaces. I am going to try to upload an image of it. This is my first attempt at posting a picture in a post..so bear with me. If any of you know where to find such a pot rack, let me know. I suppose it could be made specifically for a person.. I did have a few extra hooks added many years later. This rack is an extendable one..and it wedges in between floor and ceiling. It has to fit tightly, as when it is loaded down with pots, it tends to be a looser fit. It doesn't damage ceiling or floor, but then again, I covered the edges with a cup fitting. I hope this comes through. Christine
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