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  1. Content advisory: this is going to come across as an unalloyed rave, so let me say at the outset that I have no connection with Pen-y-bryn other than having stayed there. Now we have that out of the way - we visited Oamaru for the annual steampunk festival at the end of May this year. Oamaru, a small (pop. 13,500) town in the South Island, 250-odd kilometres south of Christchurch, is home to one of the best-preserved Victorian precincts in the country. The Victorian heritage has been embraced by the community, first with Victorian re-enactments and now with the steampunk. Oamaru calls its
  2. We only had four people this time: franktex, future eGullet member Anthony, my girlfriend, and me. We still managed to order nearly everything we've gotten in the past. Pork intestine. Proper high-heat stir-fry with a bit of a crispy crust on the intestines and rich, smoky flavor from the peppers. This treatment of intestines doesn't leave them as chewy, which is more palatable for Westerners. Overall, one of the best intestine dishes I've ever had. Seafood dumplings. OK. Filling overcooked, packed too tightly. Not as good as Zhong dumplings at Asia Cafe. Pork stomach and pickled vegetable
  3. The building and the name are pretty much all that remain to tell the visitor that this was once a pub. Inside, it’s fitted out and staffed in entirely restaurant style. So, let’s regard it as a restaurant and, indeed, one with a Michelin star, rather than a gastropub where one might go to drink as well as eat. There’s no freebie amuse bouche, but there are a few nibbly pre-starters to buy. Scotch egg, perhaps, or a couple of rollmops. Or, for me, rabbit rillettes on toast. Well seasoned bunny with a few slices of cornichon to contast. Game, in the form of pigeon breast salad continued to be m
  4. NOTE: For planning-related questions, please see the PLANNING TOPIC. The eG Heartland Gathering (2011 edition, eG HG v7, and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Society!!) is almost upon us, thanks to NancyH's indefatigable efforts! The schedule is as follows: Thursday Evening "Tremont Crawl" 5pm: Fahrenheit, 2417 Professor Avenue ($11) 7pm: Lolita, 900 Literary Road ($32) 9pm: Dante, 2247 Professor Avenue ($38.30) Friday Lunch 11am: Meet with Chris Hodgson of the Hodge Podge food truck 11:45am: Eat at the food truck, Voinovich Park (pay per item, $3-$12 per) After lunch: Tour of the soon
  5. Thursday night twelve of us put together a solid effort at tasting a plethora of salted French butter. In total there were 16 butters (although two were from Pennsylvania). The butters ranged from basic Monoprix brands, to market butter scraped from an urn, to the much lauded Bordier. We tasted blind, and simply started by tasting the butter that was situated closest to us on a table filled with butter plates (pics coming soon). After two hours of smearing the pale yellow pats onto little nuggets of baguette, we all felt a little tired, a little nauseous, and a strange mix of being full and de
  6. Tarantino, you did it again! It was a fabulous Chinese new year Banquet at Joe Poon's studio. Pics to follow. Anyone else take pics beside me? I think I missed some of the courses! I am a poor food pornographer. Damn near 70 of us (and about 20 newbies) partied, laughed and ate and just devoured the heck out of Joe Poon's hospitality. What a great DDC night. Kudos, Jim!
  7. First Annual Asian Lunar New Year Dinner Saturday, February 9th, 2008 - 7:00 pm Kirin Court Chinese Restaurant 221 W. Polk St., #200 (Central Expressway & Main Street, S.E Corner) Richardson, Texas 75081 $35, included tax, tip and $5 contribution to the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters. We had a great time last night at Kirin Court. It was good to meet some local members of the eGullet Society for the first time. The conversation largely revolved around the high quality and authenticity of the food, and people's experiences eating in China and Malaysia, as well as around the
  8. Well - it's Friday night and we'll all just rolling back to our various homes and hotel rooms. We've been eating all day!!!! I've spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday running the contents of my house down to Niagara - and wondering how I'm going to get them all home again Sunday evening. It was a delight to see people again and to see some new faces as well. We drove across the border in a couple of different cars and I dropped off my charges at Landies Candies. I had a few errands to run so wasn't able to join them there. Apparently they weren't allowed to take pictures. We had planned to
  9. Italian Wine Tasting Vin Classic Wines 5717 Legacy Drive Suite 120 Plano, TX (Map) Thursday June 28, 2007 6:30 - 8:00 pm Free, with a paltry $5 contribution per person to the eGullet Society Wines tasted: Frescobaldi Brut Millisimato 2000 Attems Pinot Grigio 2005 Nipozzano Chiant Reserva 2003 Castelgiocondo Brunello 2002 Tenuta di Castglioni Rosso Toscana 2004 Ornellaia 2004 Pomino Vin Santo 2001 Thanks to Darrell Gibson at Vin Classic for arranging this special tasting, and to Gina della Vedova from the distributor, Folio, for the interesting background on each wine poured. This was the most
  10. We tried 8 French olive oils. I will list the 8 and give my tasting notes for each, then let the others chime in with their notes. (1) Chateau de Montfrin (14€): Smooth, soft and warm. The oil lasted on the tongue but never turned bitter. (2) Moulin a Huile Paradis (negrette) (13€): I listed this one has having a sharp green unpleasant bite. (3) Moulin de L'Olivette (12€): I tasted a floral dusty bite, somewhat like the taste of the inside of a flower. (4) Domaine de Marquiliani (21€): Mild and smooth up front with a spicy garlic finish. (5) Huile d'olive de Nyons (26) Tache (15€): Very g
  11. Okay, here is what we had: Moutarde Violette (recette Charentaise) Nice mellow mustard that would be tasty with crackers and cheese. The sweetness of the wine mellows out the mustard seed really well. Moutard de Truffe (Tubissime) OMG, that is not okay! Two tastes that came together as something you would shoot at a fancy fraternity party, as a dare. Moutard au Miel (Champ's) Yummy, a discernible amount of honey created a delicious classic pairing. (While I didn't have time to bring it, the honey mustard from Les Abilles is amazing. It features a spike of horseradish that gives it another di
  12. The annual Heartland Gathering is this weekend in Kansas City: this is the place to post reports about the event, and read about it as it is ongoing. Many thanks to the Kansas City denizens who have been working feverishly to get ready for the onslaught, especially Aaron Deacon and moosnsqrl who have spearheaded the beast. The schedule of events for the 2009 event is: Thursday, July 23, Dinner: Lidia's Thursday, July 23, Cocktails: Manifesto Friday, July 24, Barbecue tour of KC Friday, July 24, Dinner: bluestem Saturday, July 25: The Main Event Sunday, July 26, Breakfast/Brunch: Crum Farm My k
  13. I gotta say, this was a fantastic, extremely well planned, timed and organized tour, with not a weak dog in the bunch, from Dee's Truck (my personal favorite of the day), to Galloping Hill (who COMPED EVERY PERSON ON THE TOUR A HOT DOG AND DRINK to start off the Tour--that is amazing generosity, and evidence of the high regard in which our tour organizers, John Fox and Benzee were held), to The Windmill, to Jimmy Buff's to Manny's to Bubba's, each and every place was unique in its own way, and each place was distinctively great in their own way, a tremendous achievement by the thoughtful plan
  14. Sushi Tetsu opened on Monday night in the very tiny premises formerly occupied by Passage Cafe on Jerusalem Passage in Clerkenwell (next door to the Dove Belgian bar). It's owned and run by Toru Takahashi and his wife. Toru was sushi chef at Nobu for five years before leaving to open his own place. I don't want to burden them with massively inflated expectations, but this was the closest thing to the Yasuda experience I've found in London. Toru served up piece after piece of top class sushi whilst keeping up a patter on Belgian beer, bossa nova (Astrud v. Bebel Gilberto), blues (Does Johnny
  15. Just got back to the hotel after the first day of the 2010 chocolate conference. Steven Lebowitz has done a stellar job of putting together this conference for us here in Gaithersburg, Maryland. A bit of a crisis to start the day - eG was down!!! Making it impossible to figure out where we needed to be and at what time. I remember worrying a lot last year when I was organizing it that something like that might happen - and indeed it did. Fortunately I had Steve's outside e-mail and was able to contact him and figure out where we were meeting. So we started the morning meeting for dim sum
  16. We have our reservations made, and we'll be at the Green Valley Grill at 7:00pm (problems with a 6:30 reservation.) Ask for the e-Gullet or the Tyson group. And if you find at the last minute that you can make it after all, come on - we have extra seats. Hope to see all y'all there. - TT
  17. This was our most successful Chinese New Year banquet yet, with eight people in attendance. Photos by yimay. Jellyfish. Everyone liked it! Kao fu. Wheat gluten, mushrooms, bamboo, etc. Traditionally, a Shanghai breakfast dish. Pork and soy sprout soup. Dumplings with pork, shrimp and scallops. Very interesting, I've never had a dumpling with scallops before. They might have been dried scallops as there was a more pronounced briney taste. Quail. "Lion's head", giant meatballs, extremely tender and fluffy. Peking duck. Ti pang, braised ham hock. Thick layer of skin and fat. Probably m
  18. Moderator's Note: This report topic has been split off from the planning topic. -- CA Thanks for hosting a great event Kent. It was great to meet you all and I look forward to getting to know you all better. -j.
  19. Okay here is the roundup from the chocolate tasting. First off I will tell you what we tried with the prices, origin and cocoa percentage. 3.80 € Michel Cluziel (Mangaro) (n/a) 3.60 € Jean-Paul Hevin (Sao Tome) (75%) 1.50 € Monoprix (Ecuador) (70%) 5 € Patrick Roger (Ecuador) n/a) 6 € Maison du Chocolat (Cuana) (74%) 6.50€ Pierre Herme (Madagascar) (75%) 4.26 € Chocolate Bonnat (Venezuela CHUAO) (75%) 5 € Patrick Roger (Madagascar) (n/a) 3 € Valrhona (Guanaja) (70%) 3 € Valrhona (Dark) (72%) Second I will note that our tasting was a bit flawed in the sense that we didn't have the opportunity
  20. I'm getting the topic kicked off although my time so far has been spent in the kitchen so I have experienced much of the weekend. Chris Hennes and Misstenacity showed up almost at the same time last night. I scurried them off to the tamale/tortilla workshop while I kept prepping for the tasting dinner tonight. I heard many pics were taken so I'll let them talk about the workshop. They'll be off for the Chile Fest in just a bit. Many, many more details to com.
  21. Just waiting for Kathy to get here with some coffee! We're ready to go!
  22. A quick report on our seven nights in Paris last month. The highlight was dinner at Taillevent, which I thought was even better than the last time. The tasting menu is a bargain at 140E. A Remoulade de Tourteaux was extraordinary, and was perfect with a Dagueneau Pur Sang Pouilly-Fume. A simple pan cooked rouget with a dab of tapenade was also memorable. In fact everything was excellent. Loss of a star has only made things better from what I can see. Second place went to Dominique Bouchet, where everything was near perfect. Le Clos Des Gourmets was exellent and quite reasonable for the
  23. What's so great a great about crab cakes? And how do you make them even greater? In response to the gauntlet thrown down in this [link] topic, Busboy, aka Charles Sweeney, and I are hosting the great crab cake cookout at the Busboy residence in DC's Mt. Pleasant neighborhood on the afternoon of August 26, at 3 PM. Everyone in the Chesapeake Bay watershed is convinced that they and they alone have the perfect crab cake recipe, we aim to compare and contrast the infinite variations of this summer delicacy to discover the perfect recipe and technique - or at least to argue about it over beer an
  24. Today I went to Providence to butcher a pig. My train to Providence from New York City was at 7am, but with the spring time-change overnight it made my wake-up time feel like 4:30am. But it was worth it. Many photos were taken, much video was captured, and I'm sure those reports will be rolling in soon. I just had a few impressions of the event (the schedule and details of the day are here) that I wanted to share: First, our hosts Matt Gennuso (the chef of Chez Pascal, where the event took place) and Matt Jennings (of Farmstead and La Laiterie) were incredibly giving of their time, information
  25. Today we started out with a trip to the college to start getting ourselves set up for tomorrow. Then at 10 am we met at ChocolateFX and started our tour. Of course hair nets are obligatory if you are going to go into a food manufacturing facility! Wilma and Art had the small pan set up so that we could pan some raisins. Here's Pat (psantucc), with beard appropriately netted, applying some chocolate to the raisins. Ava (FrogPrincesse's little one) preparing to add more chocolate, Kyle helping and FrogPrincesse awaiting her turn. The fancy packing machine. Listening with rapt attention
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