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  1. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2021

    I am a bit embarrassed to show my lunch from yesterday. My pals in the British expat FB group would call it a Fish Finger Sarnie: Fish stick sandwich sounds much less interesting. But is was those good Costco fish sticks. 😄
  2. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2021

    @Ann_T – thank you, ma’am! I will gladly trade you a batch of biscuits and gravy in exchange for some of Moe’s breakfasts! This morning was the last two slices of bread in the house, a couple of pieces of low-fat cheese, and eggs: I need to go shopping! After breakfast, I dug packages of bacon and sausage out of the freezer and cooked them, so we’ll have breakfast meat for the rest of the week. 😁
  3. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2021

    Notice the word "Kids" on the package. Apparently, they are sometimes in a different section because of that.
  4. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2021

    So much great looking food, y’all! I’m having a massage this afternoon, so I’m trying to eat light and hanging out here is making that less and less likely. @Ann_T – when I see your beautiful seafood creations, I think I could almost be a pescatarian. @Shelby – you are eating pretty good for having no appetite. I’ve neglected keeping up with my menu ideas document, but I’m adding wings to it right now. Those need to happen soon. @Norm Matthews – that casserole and the egg rolls look and sound fantastic. Crab Rangoon is a favorite Chinese-American dish for Jessica and me. I really like the idea of the egg roll version. @gfweb – your entire scallop meal is divine looking. I’ve done shrimp and grits lots of times, but it never occurred to me to do scallops! When our friends were here over the 4th of July holiday they talked about these frozen mini meatballs that they get at Target and how good they were. I was a little concerned that they were going to be tough and bouncy like the ones that are in Spaghetti-O’s. They were actually tender and pretty tasty: I had a bunch of stuff to use up – half boxes of pasta, frozen ground beef, a jar of Rao’s, a bag of mozzarella, so put them all together to make a casserole – two layers of sauced pasta, mini meatballs, and cheese: Baked: Served with salad: Funnily enough, doing this casserole was less about feeding us than about trying out a new dishwashing soap that promises it cleans with NO rinsing. The commercial shows them putting a gooey, cheesy casserole dish in the dishwasher and it comes out perfectly clean. We’ll see.
  5. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2021

    This morning: Toasted pumpernickel and surprisingly good low-fat Cheddar (Cabot).
  6. Hi, @payok! Welcome to eGullet. I'm happy you found us and hope you enjoy your time here. It's a really great group! I'm looking forward to your contributions. Can you tell us a little about what you like to cook/eat?
  7. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2021

    @Ann_T – that gorgeous pot roast sandwich has me starving and I just finished lunch! You know me – now I’ve got a craving for one of those open-faced and dowsed with gravy! 😁 @blue_dolphin – those look like absolutely perfect poached eggs. What’s your method? Saturday was our day to make and deliver the lunches for the homeless shelters. It was the first time that the whole group could gather to do it together instead of just Mr. Kim and I doing it, so we got done fairly early. It wasn’t even 11am when we finished delivering to all 3 shelters, so we had a late breakfast a favorite Richmond institution: The Dairy Bar. Open since 1946, it was the lunch café for the workers at the Curles Neck Dairy in the attached building and was also open to the public. Mr. Kim grew up going there for an end of year milkshake every year on the last day of school. I had the “Tricia’s Special”: It tastes like the best breakfast casserole ever! Biscuits, sausage, hash browns, scrambled eggs, cheese, and sausage gravy. Mr. Kim had the French toast and bacon: Made with cinnamon swirl bread. Yesterday: Farmer’s market strawberries and blueberries, English muffins and OE eggs. This morning: Pretty self-explanatory.
  8. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2021

    @blue_dolphin - oh, dear Lord. That Flintstone bone! I am SUCH a meat and potatoes girl, and beef rib and BBQ brisket is a rarely found favorite of mine. I love beef pretty much all the ways it is cooked, but BBQ is probably my very favorite. @BonVivant – so much beautiful and delicious looking food, but what I kept coming back to were the lamb meatballs. I adore lamb and ground lamb is a favorite. Stopped for lunch yesterday at Mr. Kim’s favorite downtown lunch place, Union Market. I had the U. M. Cheesesteak: Roast beef, sautéed onion, American cheese & Duke's mayo on a Lyon Bakery baguette with a side of salad greens with Dijon vinaigrette: Mr. Kim had the half Italian Hoagie: Genoa salami, soppressata, capicola & provolone with tomato, shredded romaine, red onion, Duke's mayo, cherry pepper relish & vinaigrette on a Lyon baguette with Spicy Korean Pork soup: He said that the soup was especially good. Dessert was saved for home:
  9. Today was her birthday. Someone who was obviously a dear friend wrote this on FB: "One year ago today, we were talking on the phone and planning your escape from Shady Acres. You were healing and your p/t was going so well. You were excited to get to see your girlz again. I remember our conversations about what comes next after life here on this earth. Maybe you had a premonition of what was right around the corner for you. I remember that you weren't so sure about God, Jesus and heaven and you told me you wished you had my faith. I remember telling you that there would come a time when you stand before God and you would know without a doubt that he is real. That he is love. That you are invited to join him in paradise. I didn't know that would be our last conversation. But I am glad I got to talk to you about God. I'm thankful I got to tell you again how much I love you. So here we are a year later and you've been walking with God for almost all of it. I am so happy for you! I celebrate your victory. I cherish the 30 something years of having you here with me as my best friend and I look forward to the day I get to be with you again. Until my time comes, know that I love you long time. Jubits P.S. I hope somebody made you a chocolate cheesecake and I'm sure that Tia made you pierogis or lasagna or both! Can you get chili cheese carne asada fries there? haha Oh how I miss you "
  10. I agree. I always have to giggle when I see some piece of $400+ MacKenzie-Childs tableware over her shoulder and then see some of the dreck that is apparently good enough for her Walmart shoppers! LOL
  11. Thank you! They are a Pioneer Woman product. I think they may take the place of my pasta bowls/soup plates a lot of the time.
  12. I've been wanting some new salad bowls/plates for a while now. Everything we have is either DEEP (more suitable for soup) or way too wide (fine for when I'm doing a separate salad course, but too big to sit beside or just up from the dinner plate). I found these 7.5-inch pasta plates online at Walmart which I think will work just fine and will go with the white everyday dishes:
  13. Haven't bought Wise potato chips in years, but I've started noticing this flavor lately: I've been buying them a lot. Really good.
  14. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2021

    Jessica made some egg salad from some IP eggs I had hanging around the fridge:
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