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  1. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2022

    @BeeZee – oh, wow! A clam pizza. I’d LOVE to have a piece of that. One of my life goals is to go to New Haven for pizza. And a clam pizza is on the list. I didn’t know that they were also a thing farther south! Dinner’s main ingredient was some Schuller & Weber Weisswurst sausages that we got at Foods of All Nations last time we were in Charlottesville VA. Served with red cabbage (jarred) and boiled potatoes (and pickly stuff): Mr. Kim stopped on the way home and got some really good bread at Lidl: Everything was very good. The red cabbage tasted fine but was mushy. I serve red cabbage so infrequently that I rarely make it from scratch and don’t remember that the jarred stuff is mushy until I serve it.
  2. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2022

    My brown breakfast this morning: 😄 Good bread from last night's dinner and sausage.
  3. @lemniscate - I love icebox cakes. Lemon or key lime makes a great summer dessert, too. Mr. Kim's birthday is Sunday and he's requested Apple Pie ala mode Parfaits for his dessert (weirdo). One of the layers is oatmeal cookies. So yesterday I made a batch of the CI Thin & Crispy Oatmeal Cookies: They are addictive. I practically had to hide them away to stop everyone from eating the whole batch. They are also so different from my big, chewy Oatmeal Raisinette cookies. Proof to me that it makes no sense to insist that there is only one RIGHT WAY to do something. People who insist that only chewy cookies are good or only crunchy cookies are good are missing out. Like those folks who only support one kind of BBQ.
  4. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2022

    @Captain – yet another delicious creamy pasta dish to lure me! @Ann_T – Like @Shelby, it never occurred to me to make Italian sausage patties. What a great thing to go with pasta and tomato sauce. You could even put some cheese on it to make it into Sausage Parm! And the beef burgundy looks wonderful. @Shelby – thank you! We are lucky to have avoided spending the money for either a service call or (God forbid) a new fridge. And, so far, everything is fine. I really wish ours had the beep. I think we bought it just one year too early for the ones in our kitchen at church have it and so does our friends’ who got theirs a couple of years after us. I’m so sorry about the poison ivy. I’ve been lucky as an adult, but I remember repeatedly getting into it at my grandparents’ farm. My grandmother would bathe me in the yard in a galvanized tub (they didn’t have a finished bathroom for years and used a makeshift shower) and then dab me all over with calamine lotion. It was miserable. Take care!!! Your gyros looks really good. I’ve actually never had chicken! I need to try that. @Tropicalsenior – stunning meals. I now have no interest in what I’ve got planned for tonight. I want salmon cakes, and ribs, and those amazing beans, and deviled eggs, and potato cakes, and empanadas…and on and on and on and on. Even the humble burger. Good LORD what a roll call of great meals! Dinner was Nathan’s hot dogs: With chili (purchased) and sauerkraut, fixed up baked beans, and tots: And marinated cukes. Because it’s summer: 😁
  5. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2022

    i agree 100%! Breakfast this morning was ham and cheese on an English muffin and some watermelon: Watermelon is one of my very favorite fruits (and the only melon I care for) and I'm always sad when summer ends and the good stuff is gone!
  6. It's always been a favorite word. I don't know when I started using it, but I think in college. It isn't a word that my parents would have used.
  7. The whole concept just blows my mind - selling ersatz "ethnic" foods in the countries that they are trying to emulate. And they always have indigenous partners. In the US, I'd assume that it was some kind of tax dodge - setting up for failure to lower their taxable income. I don't know how other countries work, though. I love Chinese-American, Italian-American, and Mexican-American food. But I confess that if someone from another country came here and tried to serve weirdly prepared "American" food, I wouldn't expect them to succeed.
  8. Jessica wanted to try growing romaine from the cut off ends. We are decidedly NOT a farming family (my Italian grandmother only grew azaleas and my farm grandparents only grew calves and a neglected apple/pear orchard), but they are doing well: She wants to transfer them outside to a planter, but everything I read says just let them get some leaves and then harvest - that trying to grow whole heads almost never works.
  9. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2022

    @rotuts – I love B&M beans! For some reason, I’ve always thought that the jarred ones tasted best. Being influenced by my English stepdad, I’ve have had to heat them up and put them on top of some heavily buttered toast 😉! @kayb – thank you, ma’am! It wasn’t Benton’s – it was Appleton Farms and we just got it at Kroger. It was delicious, but maybe not quite fatty enough. It made very little grease in the sheet pan when I roasted it. @blue_dolphin – those fig crostatas are amazing looking. We’ve been without a refrigerator since Saturday (long story – thought it was gone, but it looks like the door was open all Friday night), so I treated myself to a good breakfast this morning. A grilled fried egg sandwich and sausage patties: There were a couple of good, gooey yolks in the middle. I haven’t yet perfected @blue_dolphin‘s method of spreading out the fried egg yolk yet! This is my favorite way to have an egg sandwich. Grilling it like a grilled cheese gives you a nice, buttery crunch on the outside and a soft, pillowy bite on the inside.
  10. Welcome to eGullet, @marialma! I'd say you found your people here! Like @TdeV, I'm no candy maker, but love looking at a reading about all the folks who are!
  11. Not a joke, but still hilarious to me - Domino's exits Italy. Next up Panda Express in China? 😂
  12. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2022

    @liamsaunt – gorgeous scallops! And I love the sound of the risotto! And I would LOVE your nephew’s goodbye meal. @Shelby – I’ve been craving Alfredo for weeks now and here you go showing off that creamy goodness😁! And no apologies for the Whiz. I like it just fine! I’ll be making that. Also, Whiz or Velveeta is great as part of the cheeses in mac and cheese or broccoli and cheese soup if you are going to freeze them. Those processed cheeses help to stabilize the sauce. @Dejah – much love to you and your husband! Your food looks wonderful! He is well taken care of. @mgaretz – I love how big your mushroom pieces are – I could fork those to the side and chow down on the rest of that delicious looking meal 😁. Friday was delivery sausage and pepperoni pizza: and I put together a salad: Well, we’ve been eating toast and fast food for the past few days. On Saturday morning, we thought our refrigerator was dead. The freezer was fine, but to be safe we emptied it out and put everything in the two shed freezers. We sorted through all of the refrigerator stuff and tossed all the warm meat/deli/dairy products (fridge temp was 67F at this point) and took everything else over to Mr. Kim’s mother to put in her extra fridge. On checking the temperature throughout the rest of the weekend and yesterday, the temperature was dropping steadily and now is 42F. The appliance guy we finally got in touch with yesterday says he thinks the most likely thing is that the door to the fridge was open all night and it’s just taken this long to recover. Sigh. So tonight we are going over to my MIL’s to get our food back, go to Kroger for the stuff we tossed and fill up the fridge again. Fingers crossed please.
  13. I guess I'm a weirdo. I never peel celery. I love the strings. LOLOLOL
  14. I hate the stems and buy the heads when I can. I still trim those really close to the florets. One thing I do like the stems in is broccoli slaw.
  15. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2022

    It was two eggs - I only popped one yolk for the photo "shoot". 😄 There was plenty of good, gooey, runny yolk to dip my toast into!
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