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  1. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2020

    On a melted cheese binge apparently:
  2. I don't know why I didn't think to tag you! Thanks for that. I suspected, once I did a little research on the question, that my times on both of the recipes I posted were a little long. I'll pause at 50 minutes next time I do them and see how I like them. Thank you, ma'am! We gave my MIL an IP for her birthday in August and she sent me a picture of her first real meal that she made in it tonight - kielbasa, cabbage, and potatoes and she really liked it.
  3. I honestly don't know the answer to that. It seems like small pieces would cook quicker, but I don't know that that is so. Anyone else know?
  4. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2020

    @Shelby – gorgeous fries (and you had FOUR😳😄). @Margaret Pilgrim – every single item in that pork tenderloin/potato/sprout meal looks wonderful, but especially those sprouts! @liuzhou – thank you so much for sharing that meal and ceremony with us. @Duvel – love the gyros! I really wish I could find that bread here. Restaurants have it, but I never see it in stores – they just have pita pockets or lavash. Friday - The start of a delicious weekend thanks to Mr. Kim: He was so busy trimming and rubbing and wrapping that we decided
  5. Well I finally got to the pie shop I’ve been wanting to go to for ages. We’ve been before with houseguests to get some of their sweet items, but I hadn’t had any of their savouries yet. It is called Proper Pie Co. The owner/chef is a New Zealand native and they make NZ-inspired pies – sweet and savory. Mr. Kim and I ate the same things and we should have shared. We each ate exactly half what we ordered. They aren’t making their full menu right now, but Mr. Kim and I got sausage rolls and beef and vegetable pies: The sausage roll: The crust and sausage are so
  6. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2020

    @KennethT – you are quite the gardener. Mr. Kim would be very envious. @BonVivant – that fruit is just astonishingly lovely. Today: Bacon-cheese toast made with @Shelby's bread.
  7. Kim Shook

    Old Menus

    My granddaddy was Cary Easterwood. He was born and raised in Memphis.
  8. I agree with @rotuts - chuck is a great choice. So is brisket. Here are two recipes I use - just so you can get an idea of timing and what the meat should be like going into the IP: Brisket Pot Roast (Chuck) I'd like to hear from others, because I am NOT an IP expert by any means, but 22 minutes just doesn't seem long enough for braised beef.
  9. Kim Shook

    Rosh Hashana

    That is fabulous news!!! Babies are the best news in the world.
  10. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2020

    Had these breakfast sandwiches for dinner last week. Had them for lunch today: Hash brown patty, egg, American cheese, breakfast sausage patty on a sesame seed bun. Served with a white nectarine and tangelo: It was a glorious mess:
  11. Kim Shook

    Old Menus

    How cool! It must have been a special place to them because they kept the menu all those years. I wonder if my grandfather knew yours? Thanks for the link to the article.
  12. Kim Shook


    Only raw. I even pick them out of canned soup.
  13. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2020!

    Ann – I need some guidance re: pork gravy. I’m planning on some sort of SV pork roast for Xmas Eve (my butcher says let her get past Thanksgiving and she’ll fix me up), but I’d love to have the gravy wrapped up and in the freezer soon. I found a good amount of meaty pork neck. Do you have a recipe for pork gravy that you can direct me to? Also, any pointers/advice would be very welcome. Tuesday: Frozen waffles and bacon. I confess to stocking waffles in the freezer. On good days, they are ones I’ve actually made and frozen myself. On other days, the store provid
  14. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2020

    @liamsaunt – Cape Cod Reubens sound and look fantastic! Care to elaborate? @CantCookStillTry – thank you for the stuffing ball info. A couple of questions, though – you say, “Roll into balls and cook for 20 mins in a little stock.” Stove top? Oven? Temp? I can’t wait to make these! Also, I love beans on toast and so does my daughter. We’re Americans but I was raised by an English stepdad. Converted me to that and sprouts! @Shelby – that’s a good looking pizza, my friend! @robirdstx – I love the crust that you get on your burgers. Is that a grill?
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