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  1. Kim Shook


    I made these. Do they sound like the same thing to you? Some pictures: I made them back in 2013. I noted that the rise I got was not what I expected, but that they were delicious and flaky.
  2. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    I wanted to "like" and "laugh". The meat looks absolutely gorgeous!!!
  3. Kim Shook

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    I did that with Korean BBQ flavor pork jerky from Costco. In about 3 weeks I ate almost 4 Costco sized bags of the stuff. The last unfinished bag has been sitting in my pantry for about 4 months.
  4. Kim Shook

    Oreo Cookies

    Jessica tried them (she did a live video on FB). She was underwhelmed. She said that the cooky part tasted a bit like Biscoff cookies and the creamy part was just sweet and a tiny bit tangy. She's bringing me some to taste. I'll report if she remembers.
  5. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    Saving that! Thank you!
  6. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    @shain – those bialys are gorgeous! @Norm Matthews - You made me giggle - after going to all that trouble! But it looks good and I'm sure Charlie enjoyed it. I know I would have. What is in the sauce? Dinner tonight – grilled ham and cheese on my bread: And Campbell’s vegetable soup: What can I say? I grew up on Campbell's. I actually like it. I like home made soup, too. No hard and fast rules with me. I love all kinds of BBQ. Never understood folks who insist on only ONE kind of BBQ. My mom insists that the ONLY way to eat crab is steamed or cake. Seems like you miss a lot of good things when you insist on such narrow parameters. Getting awful philosophical over a can of soup, aren't I? 😁
  7. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    @suzilightning – glad the hear that you seem to be on the mend! @scubadoo97 – those lamb shanks look fantastic. One of my favorite things in the world to eat. @Shelby – my BD is 7/9 – I’d like the same meal, please. I could eat fried chicken once a week, easy. @Ann_T – As Mr. Kim was rushing out to work this morning, I made him stop and look at your photos. Big mistake, he’s requested chicken and gravy soon and says he might be ready to try clams again. Breakfast for dinner last night. Despite having home made bread in the house, Mr. Kim decided that medium eggs, bacon and good tomatoes cried out for squishy white, so: That new (to us, at least) Sara Lee Artesano white bread has become our house bread. Mr. Kim doesn’t eat much bread and I, being a philistine, love white bread. It has much better flavor and texture than the other white breads I’ve tried. It actually reminds me of the supermarket white we had in England. I went with my own baked bread, toasted, with eggs and bacon:
  8. Kim Shook

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    I can't count how many times I've done something similar. Now, I just get Alexa to give me 19 minutes and put in my add-ins then. The bread machine beep is so freaking quiet that I was always missing it.
  9. Kim Shook

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    snow day – I always seem to want to bake bread. Even though we bought a loaf of bread from the store on Friday in anticipation of the storm. CI American Sandwich Loaf – my go-to simple loaf of bread. Did the initial proof in the oven, the second (in the baking pan) in the CSO and baked in the CSO. Got a little overdone: I should have checked it earlier – got a little dark on top and temped at 210F. But, it was fine – flavor, texture and crumb were all great:
  10. Kim Shook

    Tampa treasures?

    I gave a Bern's gift certificate to my dad and stepmother one Christmas. He was amazed at the wine selection and loved the steaks. I think he's pretty knowledgeable about both.
  11. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    Happy Birthday to @Captain's mom and @Shelby's Ronnie!!!
  12. Red Velvet cake for the birthday of one of Mr. Kim's co-workers: Topped with cinnamon pecans. We are not fans of red velvet, but it is her favorite. Mr. Kim said it had a great texture and everyone loved it. He didn't even get to bring me a smidge to test!
  13. Kim Shook

    On Waffle House

    Good article. I admit to skimming through the more philosophical bits! I never knew about the FEMA Waffle House Index! Side story - Mr. Kim and I ended up having Christmas dinner at Waffle House this year. We were supposed to be at his sister's for dinner, but my mother got sick that afternoon. We had to take her to the ER. By the time they checked her out and decided to admit her, it was too late to join the family and neither of us felt like preparing anything. We ended up at Waffle House with a lot of other disheveled travelers and sleepy children. And you know what? It was warm, they made us feel welcome, the food was hot and good and we didn't have to cook it or wash dishes. I think Mr. Kim tipped about 100%.