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  1. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    A toasted slice of the Holiday bread I’m making to give away for Christmas: 5 done, one in the machine and 2 more to make!
  2. Treasured Culinary Mementos

    My maiden name is Younger and we are supposedly related to the Younger brothers who rode with the James gang. So, maybe your family entertained mine! Your advice is apt - my mom gave away a bunch of childhood books that meant a lot to my daughter - she wasn't "that bad yet".
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Mr. Kim smoked a whole brisket for a work party this week. (Nibbles while I sliced it were enough for a 2nd dinner, so I guess this is where this belongs) Out of the smoker: It was as tender as can be and had great flavor, but wasn’t as moist as it should have been: He was very disappointed and is going to have to do some research. But the taste was fantastic.
  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Dinner tonight was salad: Ho-hum. Homemade white bread in the background. Frozen chicken Kiev and roasted smashed potatoes: Mr. Kim had riced cauliflower instead of potatoes (I'm not a fan).
  5. I tested out bread machine Holiday Bread for possible gift giving a few days ago. Froze it then and thawed today. We really like it a lot – even Jess. This will be added to my Xmas goody baskets this year. Loaf (1 lb.): Slice:
  6. What would you not part with?

    Funny coincidence - I just posted a picture of this very bowl in another thread. My stepdad's mum brought it for my mother from England many years ago - a "welcome to the family, even though you are a Yank" kind of gift. Along with pudding basins that she taught Momma how to use. We adore the bowl, but neither one of us can use it because of hand issues. It is just to heavy. But lovely nonetheless.
  7. Looking for Breadmachine recipes

    I appreciate all the advice and have bookmarked the sites recommended and reserved some books at the library. I intend to tackle that Apricot Spice bread that @Isabelle Prescott recommended after the holidays when I have more time. I tried out a recipe that a friend recommended called Holiday Bread. It is very simple, with candied fruit and walnuts. I made it a few days ago and froze it. Thawed this morning and it came out great. It is wonderful toasted and I'm sure would make great French toast. I'm making one-pound loaves. Loaf: Slice:
  8. I love my metal bowls and never use anything glass unless I have to microwave in it. I have one very large glass measuring bowl with a lid and spout that I do large amounts of chocolate melting in. I hate the weight, but don't use it very often. I don't like the rounded edges of glass baking dishes. I do have a couple of glass and ceramic that I use for casseroles. I have hand and wrist issues and big, heavy bowls - no matter how lovely - just don't work for me. My English grandmother brought my mother something similar to this years ago. It even had a little slanted part on one side so you could easily tilt the bowl. Neither one of us has been able to use it for a long time. I actually like Melamine and have something similar to this set. It is light, seemingly impossible to damage and dishwasher safe. Melamine isn't microwave-safe, though, so that limits their usefulness.
  9. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    @HungryChris – I also find fish and chips a major PITA. Prep, clean up, getting everything crispy and hot at the same time. But, at least where I live, if I want really good fish and chips, I have to do it myself. And when you eat it, the PITA kinds of fades away. Kinda like having a baby. Breakfast for dinner tonight: Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and homemade white bread.
  10. Christmas Cookies Redux

    Jeez, @Shelby - for someone who doesn't like to bake cookies, you did an incredible job!! They all look delicious! And not one apology for Ghirardelli brownies. They are what I use, too. I cannot make a better brownie, so I don't bother trying. I'll use my efforts on something that I can improve. Doesn't mean I don't fix them up and play with "add ins"!
  11. Christmas Cookies Redux

    They work just fine. I've done both the ones that are just rolled on the edges and also the ones the are balls and rolled completely in the sugar.
  12. Christmas Cookies Redux

    My best cooky hint is: if you don't already have some, get some cooky dishers. For drop cookies, you wouldn't believe how easy they make it. I use them for everything - so often that I actually keep them on the counter with my other oft-used utensils. Probably you already know this.
  13. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Man, I wish we could get sub rolls like that down here. It seems such a simple thing, but impossible to find. They are either too dense or like fluff.
  14. Christmas Cookies Redux

    Yep. I sometimes place the bags in cheap cardboard boxes (like shirt boxes from $Tree) to protect the more delicate ones. Mark the outside with a Sharpie and it makes them easier to store and FIND!
  15. Another New Member

    Hi, tralfaz! Welcome. I, too, lurked for ages before joining. You already know that you will find lots of good friends and help here. Our chocolate folks are amazing - and very generous with advice. Looking forward to your input.