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  1. This is available now. What I did was google "cuisinart CSO".
  2. ...who don't fricking make pasta. So, the sheets are all rolled and cut. I still have to cook them (fresh hell, I'm thinking) and fill them. I truly cannot imagine doing this again. Wegman's has their own brand of fresh pasta and we are lucky enough to have a pasta store. AND I've made this with egg roll wrappers and it was delicious. Oh, look! More inaccessible dough to dig out: Bye-bye, pasta machine! See you never: I know, I'm being petulant. I was the same way when my IP failed me a few weeks ago. I'm sure I'll give it another try. But not for cannelloni, dammit.
  3. I've ended up actually doing the Alton Brown ironing board thing. It seems to be working fine, as far as that goes. The crank has fallen out three times onto my foot. Who designs these fricking things????????????
  4. Ok. Hoping to actually make the pasta today. I've made the tomato sauce and the filling. All that's left is the bechamel and the pasta. I don't know if it is all the stress of life lately or what, but I am just a fuzzy headed mess. Nothing sticks in my head and I can't seem to process information very well. I've made the dough and it is resting. I ended up following a BA recipe and using my KA. My dough out of the KA: I let it rest a bit and started to "season" the machine, according to the "directions" by running a small bit of dough through the rollers and the cutters. The clamp is giving me problems: It won't work on my actual countertop and this keeps happening on the cutting board. I'm considering trying Alton Brown's ironing board hack. It rolled through the rollers just fine, but I'm afraid I've ruined my cutter. When I ran it through the skinny one, it just clumped up like this and never fell off: and now, this is what I'm using a brush and a crochet needle trying to clean out: I am getting frustrated. Egg roll wrappers are starting to look a LOT more sensible. 😟
  5. If you can get ahold of one everyone who has one will tell you to go for it! Some of us ( 🙄) even bought back ups when we realized that they were going to be discontinued. Here is a CSO font of information (and also rabbit hole) that you can skim.
  6. But, sadly, I will. I have been incredibly clumsy lately.
  7. The perfect formula for anxiety for me is two respectable sources saying the exact opposite thing: CNN BBC
  8. My first experience with it, but we had some with dinner tonight and it was fine. How do you mean, weird?
  9. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2020

    Thank you and not a bit wrong. I have had many summer meals over the years of platters of corn and tomatoes and nothing else!
  10. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2020

    @BKEats - All of your meals look wonderful. I am not normally much for tomato and fish, but the sauce you made with the snow crab looks lovely and light and I think I’d love it. I’m from Washington DC and grew up going to the Eastern Shore and oddly enough, I’ve never tasted shad roe. I think I find the idea a little scary and I’m not willing to order a whole serving of it. I’d taste it if someone else would order it, though. Especially if it looked like yours! One question: your steak and eggs. What are the eggs? It looks like soft cooked yolks only? How is that done? @liamsaunt – your salmon looks delectable. I love miso with fish and seafood. I have a scallop dish that uses miso and it changed a fish hater into a scallop lover in one meal. @nakji shared it with me in 2008! @gfweb – lovely meal. I love that perfect stack of potato slices, but the cauliflower is gorgeous and so perfectly charred. What is your secret? It doesn’t even LOOK like the cauliflower I buy. What I find is so tightly packed that I can’t get that even roast. Tried a new thing in the IP for dinner tonight – cooking from frozen. Looking a little gnarly right out of the IP: Sauce – soy, peach syrup, ginger, garlic, and a cornstarch slurry: After a session in the CSO under the broiler with some of the sauce on top: Looking a bit better! Served with long grain and wild rice mix and some surprisingly good corn from Kroger: Dessert:
  11. @Smithy - it sounds like he is really talking about the color of the crust, not how dark the inside would get upon toasting. I wonder if anyone has even written about that. BRB - Googling! Well, whataya know! Apparently, I'm not the only one with this problem. Someone asked thekitchn.com why her wonderful no-knead bread wouldn't color when toasting. They really didn't know, but suggested it was either not enough salt or that the sugars weren't being given enough time to develop. They suggested a longer proofing time - I guess they mean the refrigerator time????? Well, I'll try adding a little honey/Golden syrup next time and letting it go for the full three days that my recipe suggests. We are almost out of regular bread. Mr. Kim bought 3 loaves at the store a couple of weeks ago and put them straight in the freezer. No extra wrapping or anything. 🙄 I just found this out when we did our inventory last weekend. So, I'm pretty sure that they will only be good for toast or dressing. Sigh. Anyway, I made a loaf of ATK American Sandwich bread today. It is just a basic, tasty, firm loaf of white bread. Good for eating as is or toasting. Got a nice bubble on the first rise: But I was afraid it wasn’t rising enough during the second rise in the CSO – it didn’t get as high as the last time I made it: It looked nice after the bake (CSO), but was suspicious until I cut it open: Perfect. And it tastes good, too!
  12. Of all the functions I've tried, the only one I find less than useful is broil. It seems to take forever to do anything. And yet that same element will burn the top of my bread in a minute! Made the ATK American Sandwich Bread today doing the 2nd rise and baking in the CSO. I remembered to cover the bread after it browned this time, so I got a really nice looking loaf:
  13. They look very much like what I've seen labeled as "spring onions". Nice and mild. If they are similar, I wouldn't cook with them.
  14. They sound like what we get as "spring onions" which are extremely mild. I do not care for raw onions at all and I can eat these in a salad. Are they mild?
  15. Thank you! I did not know that and sure enough no sugar. Would it hurt the loaf to add some sweetener? Would it help the browning? And if it would, how much?
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