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  1. TENNESSEE!!!! 😮 Hey. Folks in Tennessee can bake. Hell, that's where I learned to make cathead biscuits. 😉 Half my family is from Memphis, so I know Tennessee has awesome bakers. I just was surprised to find Polish bakers. 😂
  2. Welcome, Steve! Nice to have you here! I, too, wish I could make it to Brooklyn and meet you and sample your pie!
  3. Our Kroger has them every year and they are surprisingly good. They are made by a company called Bake Crafters that supplies "Value-priced baked goods for schools, healthcare, sandwich makers, in-store bakeries and restaurants." They are out of TENNESSEE!!!! 😮
  4. See! Even when I make a joke, I am in such august company that I end up learning something. So, this "VI transformation" is why some years my chocolate candy looks good for a couple of days and then starts looking a little dusty after that? Good to know. Thanks, ma'am!
  5. @Kerry Beal, I know you are busy and all, but Kerry, I think I might have a lead for you😉. Please observe this candy I bought a couple of days ago. It is called Butter Krak and is a special candy only available around Easter. It is very good – dark chocolate, regular and toasted coconut and butter cream. But, please look at that chocolate. That is the worst temper I’ve ever seen on a commercial product. It is truly worse than mine. And that can’t actually be fingerprints visible on the surface?
  6. No, not a whole sleeve and a whole stick. Just that a sleeve of crackers, a knife and a butter dish on a table makes a fairly complete snack for me that goes back as far as I can remember.
  7. I nearly fainted when I saw this thread pop up! I thought it meant THIS WEEK and that I'd lost an entire week. My in laws are coming to dinner on Ash Wednesday and I still don't have all of our Christmas decorations put away yet. Tuesday we are going to the pancake supper at church. The youth put it on every year as a fund raiser.
  8. This is good stuff. I really like the low sodium BTB beef and chicken, too. I use them to 'bolster' things or to take shortcuts. I really prefer to make my own stock, but - like the name says -BTB is miles better than old fashioned bouillon!
  9. I was wondering something the other day as I was perusing eG and noshing. Is there anywhere else in the world besides the Southern US that a sleeve of saltines and a stick of butter constitutes a reasonable snack? This and @racheld's "things in dishes" are the items that come out when house guests arrive in the wee hours or when card games go on and on. @caroled?
  10. This was very good, but preaching to the choir a bit. The folks who should see this probably would never watch it - especially with it being on MSNBC.😟
  11. I agree! I’d love to see a report on your Wednesday dinners!
  12. Kim Shook

    Krispy Kreme

    Wish they had made them with Clark bars, which has REAL chocolate. Unlike Butterfinger. When I saw that they had supposedly “improved” Butterfinger, I hoped that meant they had switched to an actual chocolate coating. Alas, no.
  13. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2020

    I am not normally a big fan of potato soup, but that looks wonderful to me tonight! Breakfast for dinner tonight - mini quiches & Benton's bacon: @Captain's Pikelets: We loved these, @Captain! Thanks so much for the recipe!
  14. Half Fig Newton and half nutty oatmeal cooky sounds like heaven to me!!!
  15. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2020!

    Benton’s bacon on toasted multi grain Italian from Publix.
  16. I am not a candy maker, but what @Saturable has described is my favored sort of caramel. I love the texture of a Storck Riesin. If someone would post a recipe similar to that, I might just give candymaking a try!
  17. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2020

    We need a pouting emoji.
  18. I thought of that before starting - I added a minute to the cooking time and a little extra water. I'm flummoxed. And petulant: when I put the IP away this morning, I muttered, "Last time I use you for a while." 😊
  19. Doesn't this look yummy: Well, it wasn't. Last night's dinner was a complete failure. I made spaghetti (linguine) with meat sauce in the IP. I’ve made it twice before – once with regular spaghetti and once with ziti. Both worked great. This time I kept getting a “burning” message. I carefully scraped the bottom, added a little water and tried again. Decided to take it out of the IP and see what I could do with it stove top. It went from way too al dente to complete mush in just a few minutes. Not fit to eat. We ended up getting take out. Equanimity is not my super power. And being sick for so long is making me a little fragile, I know. But I was SO disappointed. I haven't the slightest idea what I did wrong.
  20. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2020

    @Dejah – thank you so much. Would you use soy to season and moisten, or something else? The dish that I’m remembering had a very thin light sauce that LOOKED like soy sauce, but tasted sweeter maybe? @Shelby – I believe that prime rib gave me a relapse into a coma. And where in the world are you getting such lovely strawberries? I’ve just been bitching about out of season rubbish strawberries on the Valentine’s thread! LOL @Duvel– gorgeous crust. I pass on the fungus, but I’d pick those off and devour that slice!! @TdeV – that peel is the one recommended by ATK, I think. I saw it in action on an episode and it looks fantastic. A couple of Saturdays ago, we road tripped 2 hours up to MD for a dim sum brunch (eG folks are the only ones I know who don’t find that fact bizarre – our local friends think we’re insane). We then went to the National zoo and stopped on the way home at one of our favorites in Ashland VA, the Trackside Grill. Jessica started with a Caesar: We shared the baked crab dip and I had a cup of chili: Mr. Kim had nachos and Jess had potato skins: One of our very favorite restaurants in Richmond, Acacia closed this month. It is one of our top 2 or 3 places to eat in the area. We take out of town guests there and recommend it to folks coming into Richmond ( @Steve R. went after my recommendation and very much enjoyed it). We were so sad to hear the news and as soon as we did, we made reservations. Ended up getting a table during the very last week. They could be excused for being low on supplies and not really up to par with employees going on to new jobs, but that was NOT the case. Every single bite was delicious and up to their standards. I started with oysters: Fried with slaw and spicy mayo. As usual, absolutely the best fried oysters I’ve ever tasted. Mr. Kim had the white anchovies: With grilled romaine and radicchio, fourme d’ambert (an ancient French bleu cheese), pine nuts and garlic dressing. While everything we had was fantastic, this was the dish of the night. Just outstanding. People who don’t think they like anchovies should try the white ones. My main was crab cakes: With grits, Brussels sprouts and their remoulade. Mr. Kim had the pork schnitzel: With mac and cheese, broccolini and mustard sauce (under the pork). This looks so plain – it was anything but. Perfect crust on the pork and swoony mac and cheese. Dessert was an apple cobbler bar: With dulce de leche and caramel ice cream. Acacia is just a stellar restaurant. The chef/owner was voted one of the best new chefs of 1999 by Food & Wine Magazine and since then he’s gotten 4 Beard nominations. They insist that they will be opening another restaurant and we really hope that is true. Another day and another one of my “I’m sick, but hungry” meals – before dinner nibbles: Sourdough, bleu cheese, dipping olive oil, and Alp Blossom Austrian cheese. Shrimp Alfredo on linguine: The sauce was refrigerated, but I did cook the shrimp. Salad: Last night’s dinner consisted of all the leftovers from Valentine’s day (shrimp, crabmeat stuffed soft pretzel, CSO bake/steam broccoli and coconut cake) plus a few things. I set out a few cheeses: Some crab (snow and king) claws that my cousin and his wife sent us for Christmas: Salad:
  21. Interesting article. Jessica and I make chocolate covered strawberries at church to serve after the Saturday Easter vigil service and the strawberries are usually pretty good then. But these were pretty tasteless.
  22. I did broccoli in the CSO on Bake/Steam at 450F for about 15 minutes Valentine's night. Tossed it with a little butter and lemon pepper seasoning and it was perfect. It got a slight char on the edges like when you roast it, but not as much (which is a good thing to me - completely roasted broccoli is not my favorite).
  23. @chromedome– congratulations on your precious new little love. I got all verklempt at the photo (grandma wannabe here – never going to happen, but I still adore babies!). @gfweb – gorgeous salmon. I’m always amazed at how miso complements seafood. @FeChef – no veg? My kinda meal! 😁 As I mentioned before I had a lovely meal all planned out including scallops with miso mustard sauce, an unusual salad, spinach/cheese souffle, etc. With being sick for a month +, that didn’t happen. Instead, I went to Wegman’s and bought a bunch of stuff that didn’t need much attention. Started with crab-stuffed giant pretzel and olive/cheese mix: I could see what looked like some green pepper flecks in the crab stuffing but was thankful they couldn’t be detected. I am a serious Eastern shore purist when it comes to blue crab and have a deep-rooted prejudice against cooks who add peppers of any sort to it. Steamed shrimp with saltines and store-made cocktail sauce (which was surprisingly robust): I added some Old Bay to the shrimp. They were very good – large and not at all over cooked! Sourdough and CSO bake/steamed broccoli: Salad bar salad: Coconut mini cake with some chocolate dipped strawberries: I don’t really understand how chocolate dipped strawberries became a Valentine’s day “thing” considering February is hardly prime strawberry season, but I always fall for them and get a few. Well, they ARE pretty and the chocolate is good. 😉
  24. I am the designated birthday dessert maker for Mr. Kim’s staff at work. One particular guy has chosen Tin Roof Brownie Bars for at least the past 10 years. They are a brownie base, topped with marshmallow crème, salted peanuts and a coating of chocolate. The only change that he requests is no nuts since so many folks are allergic. That is very thoughtful, but to us they are just WAY too sweet without the salted nuts. Here are the brownies right out of the oven (Ghirardelli brownie mix – no apologies since I cannot make a better from scratch brownie) – applying the marshmallow crème: After applying Hershey bars: Melted chocolate all spread out: And the mess that results when cutting, even with a hot knife😟. The chocolate on top just breaks into a bunch of shards: After years of making these, I’ve finally realized that if I score the chocolate when it is firm, but not hard, it might not do this. I may be slow, but eventually I get there!😉
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