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  1. I don't think they get it wrong but here is a good article by J. Gold which explains nicely for what special type of restaurant this list is looking for. And if you go for this trype of criteria than the list makes a lot of sense (but obviously is not perfect) http://www.latimes.com/food/jonathan-gold/la-fo-gold-worlds-50-best-list-2018-20180620-story.html
  2. It is not possible to answer what is authentic German food as it would be similarly impossible to say what is authentic US food. Everybody would say that there are way too many different parts of the US and all of them have very different food cultures, dishes etc. And it is similar in Germany as for example the Northern part of Germany around Hamburg has often quite seafood heavy dishes (with dishes like Finkenwerder Scholle (plaice) or Labskaus (dish with potatoes, red beet and mixed smoked fish) whereas areas in the south like Baden-Wuerttemberg have dishes like Kastaniensuppe (soup made ou
  3. The quality and selection of cheese at TJ is dreadful. If you have places like Fastachi closeby the nuts are also not something good. Same with chocolate which isn't really high quality - so if you don't care about quality TJ might be a decent place but otherwise they are just good at marketing and hype
  4. I have tried the Market Basket in Waltham but there was nothing which you can’t get anywhere else in often better quality for a similar price (we mainly by produce, meat etc but no processed stuff in supermarkets). And I know TJ is for some reasons quite popular in the US but for me it is the most overrated supermarket if you are not heavily using processed food - I can’t see what people like about TJ
  5. Just curious - where do you live (as I live close to Alewife and don’t think driving to Natick is very far away) ?
  6. Visited yesterday this Wegman in Natick and came away completely underwhelmed - product section had a lot of low quality stuff, e.g. different berries and grapes with tons of mold, baby bok choy just looked awful, for a lot of stuff they force you to buy in bulk, e.g I needed one leek- the smallest bundle had at least four pieces etc. (overall very little care in the produce section), meat section had surpringly little selection and some of the stuff didn't look good, especially the ground pork which had more the look and consistency of slime. The selection of a lot of other stuff I was lookin
  7. Cooking is too much of chill-out/relaxing time after a long day at work that we would at home “waste” it with any highly processed/low quality food. Also dinner is every day a good time to sit and talk about the day as a family without any distractions and so good food is even more important as it is a great foundation of good discussions
  8. Honkman

    Cooking with Grains

    I like this book https://www.amazon.com/Bowls-Plenty-Recipes-Delicious-Whole-Grain/dp/145553658X
  9. There might be more tourists than at other Thai places but the food is much, much better compared to Chada. Now living on the east coast LOS is actually one of the restaurants I really miss from LV visits. It is one of the best Thai restaurants in the US
  10. It would help if you could describe how you currently make your bread, e.g. hydration level etc.
  11. Coming form Germany I am still surprised what money people in the US think characterizes German food today. Most of the people tend to think that the stuff served in most of the "German" restaurant is indeed what most Germans eat on a regular basis even though it couldn't be further from the truth. (But most Germans also still think all Americans eat only burgers, ribs and mac'n'cheese everyday.)
  12. Jacob Wirth is (and most likely soon was) a horrible restaurant with unbelievable low quality food and had very little to do with German food. If you want German (or better Central/Eastern European) food in Boston the only good option is Bronwyn http://bronwynrestaurant.com/
  13. This book sounds related to a German book called “Foodpairing: Harmonie und Kontraste” written by Thomas Vilgis - he is a well known professor who has written a number of cookbooks which rely heavily on chemistry and looks at key chemicals in many different ingredients and how they can be matched or oppose. He worked with some of the best known chefs in Germany for some of his books. If you can read German all of his books are highly recommended https://www.amazon.de/gp/aw/d/3037804807/ref=mp_s_a_1_23?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1521423471&sr=8-23&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&k
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