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  1. Oh wow, like all of you I always enjoyed his posts.
  2. @TdeV here’s the recipe and I used an industrial potato masher although an immersion blender would have worked
  3. @TdeVmy ex and I used to make at least 4x a similar recipe - twice in one night! It was about 80 bottles of the stuff. It was his German great-great grandfather’s recipe which used brandy, rum, and bourbon. We gave it out to his employees.
  4. @SweetSymphonybyM yes the lemon rehydrates quickly and you get the fresh lemon taste.
  5. Was at Costco today and the price of beef tenderloin was $22.99 a pound. The price of Dungeness crab was $9.99 a pound, up $3.00 from last year. Bacon was about $3.00 a pound more than last year. That maybe California prices due to the new regulations on raising pork, not sure.
  6. I used to have access to an enormous amount of Meyer lemons. I zested them, juiced them and froze both. Still had too many and freezer was well stocked. I tried dehydrating them and use them in tea, water and things like chicken piccata. My relationship with the source ended, but now my friends that I have gifted with the dried lemons are on the lookout for lemons for me. This was half of today’s haul. I have a small cheap 5 tray dehydrator so I expect to to be going full blast for a week.
  7. I was in Costco today, did not seem to be a shortage of anything. Food prices are higher for some things like bacon. Limit of one per customer Costco sized toilet paper.
  8. What sad news. I always looked forward to his posts with recipes included.
  9. @Anna NI must have missed @blue_dolphinpost, I’ll have to go back and read it. Thx
  10. I was gifted this box of hybrid plum/cherries. They’re much sweeter that plums which I often find too tart. The person who grew them is a professor of horticulture at the local university. I’m going to make chutney, preserves or jam. May dehydrate some. Any other ideas are welcome.
  11. I was a picky eater as a child and in some ways still am. My brother not at all. I didn’t eat meat until I was 12. Family MD told my mom I was too lazy to chew. Red sauce with ground beef was acceptable. BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs were my gateway. Then well cooked bacon. Ate every vegetable. We had a salad every meal, my parents felt it was a luxury to live In California where the vegetables were so abundant. Mom was from Kansas, Dad from Texas and we were barely blue collar. Didn’t and still don’t drink milk. My only real issue now is any hunk of fat in meat or overly fatty mouthfeel. My son is much less picky than I am but as a child could eat red bell peppers and cucumbers every day.
  12. @liuzhou so sorry for your loss. Glad you had that last trip back for her birthday.
  13. I get a lot of lemons this time of year and slice them fairly thin and dehydrate them. Use the slices in tea and water. Also as @Anna Nsaid, freezing the juice in ice cube trays and decanting into a zip loc is good too.
  14. Here’s my over the fridge cabinet. It’s full of bags of dehydrated lemons some stuffed into the vases stored there. The front of the cabinet has sugar and flours. I can reach the stuff in front but need a step stool to get to the lemons. I use the lemons everyday in tea but I have one zip lock in a lower drawer where I can reach it.
  15. Definitely counter space. When I remodeled my kitchen , I doubled the counter space and it’s the thing I appreciate the most. Next best improvement is the six burner gas stove. Under cabinet lighting is also worth it.
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