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  1. Ok I’m in, I have a pasta machine that hasn’t been touched since I got it a couple of years ago. Luckily I bought 00 flour in anticipation. May have to wait until this weekend since I’m crazy busy at work.
  2. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2020

    @TdeVi threw the prosciutto in the pan with the fresh mushrooms while I was sautéing them. It was my ‘one less dirty pan’ solution.
  3. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2020

    Risotto with fresh and dried mushrooms, peas and prosciutto chips
  4. I’m also eating less but cooking dinner most nights. I’ve been given new duties at work, given two hours of training. It involves very detailed attention to financial matters which is way out my wheelhouse. I forget to eat lunch most days. So like @Shelby, probably drinking more. At least I have a job, a comfortable home and plenty of food. All in all, grateful. And glad the tornado missed you @kayb.
  5. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2020

    Another so so picture. Chicken Marsala, salad with sesame ginger dressing and Red Lobster biscuits
  6. Jacksoup

    Dinner 2020

    I’m cooking almost every night but haven’t been taking pictures. Here’s tonight and I need practice on taking photos. Will work on that. Aidell’s chicken apple sausage with onions, red pepper and mushrooms over couscous.
  7. @JoNorvelleWalkeri had left over basmati rice tonight and told my son that I’m making rice pudding out of it. I’m going totally depression era grandma. Have also planted a sprouting onion.
  8. One of the wine clubs I belong to in Amador County(Northern California), is offering free shipping. They only have reds and all are really good. https://www.jeffrunquistwines.com/
  9. The restaurant/ bar I drop into most Fridays to see friends, most older than me, but a great group of people, has laid off all waitstaff. They are doing curbside pickup and put their house wines on sale for $99 a case. I just picked up two cases so will not have to be in the early bird senior line at the grocery store, for a little while anyway.😄
  10. @Margaret Pilgrim I know, although I’m almost 65, I certainly don’t feel like it. I’m almost tempted to take advantage of the early senior shopping hours many stores are now offering. I’d probably just buy a lot of booze right now since I have most everything else I need.
  11. I haven’t been to any store since last Friday, I stocked up on mostly protein at Costco the Tuesday before. I’m afraid I’ll run out of wine but my 10 years younger neighbor called to check in last night and told me she has plenty - she used to work at Silver Oak. Told her I had extra frozen pesto so I think we have a quite uneven trade. My son has decided I’m on total house arrest so I’m making a grocery list although I could use pickup or delivery. Feeling very grateful here after hearing some of your issues.
  12. @rotuts we had the same dairy when I was a kid. Our milkman dressed just like that, his name was Fergie. And I’d forgotten all about the wheel but it fascinated me, easily amused as a kid.
  13. I cleaned and organized my freezer today, mainly to see what was there. It’s just the bottom drawer of my fridge. I have a lot, lot more protein than I thought. 3 bags of frozen peas, all opened. 3 large zip loc’s of lemon juice cubes. Two large zip loc’s of pesto. Lots of other things. Lots of lemon zest. With what I’ve got in my pantry because I overbought pasta and have a gifted excess of quinoa, I could live for two months. Plus my Costco run included 42 lbs of cat litter. Me, my cat (overbought cat food as well) and my son will have plenty to eat. May have to buy more wine though.
  14. I went to Costco yesterday. Like @kayb’ s comment, they had signs saying they were out of TP and paper towels. But when I went back to the area they had one measly pallet of TP out. Everyone that walked by grabbed a package. I did too, even though I feel like I already have enough. Costco was much less crowded than usual. Most people had cases of bottled water. Everything seemed pretty well stocked except the large bags of rice. They did have 3 packs of cans of San Mariano tomatos for $6.99. I only bought two of those🙂
  15. Thank you, this has been so enjoyable
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