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  1. I actually lived in Tucumcari when my dad worked for the old Southern Pacific railroad. At that time the town of approx 3000 had one stoplight on Route 66 which cut through the middle of town. As teenagers we 'dragged the strip', which means we had nothing to do so we drove back and forth on Route 66 every Friday and Saturday night. Now I believe the freeway bypasses the town. There's a railroad siding named after my dad somewhere south of Tucumcari.
  2. I remember the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum from way too many years ago as a teen. I was very impressed with the outdoor animal displays and I believe some kind of otter display. My fading memory may not be accurate.
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

    @Thanks for the CrepesThat's really interesting. In the middle of California, I can find pretty much any kind of lettuce. Haven't paid much attention to the price, but I did buy a big plastic tub of spring mix for $5.00 a couple of weeks ago. Actually couldn't eat it all before it wilted.
  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

    @suzilightning I have never heard of butter bean honey, Will you tell us about it?
  5. @dcarch @Anna N Anna is correct, I don't watch entire shows on this TV. It's not a bad angle because I'm looking at it while standing up. Also it has a Pandora app, a lot of the use is for music
  6. One addition to the kitchen. Finally found a utility cart at IKEA to house the CSO and Instant Pot. Now they're off the countertop and everything looks cleaner. I collect aprons as souvenirs and decided to hang them up behind the CSO. I know fire hazard. Will roll the cart out to use the CSO. Just got a new apron from Silver Oak winery in Napa this weekend. Some others are from Paris, London, Cinque Terre, Culinary Institute in Napa, Florence, Telluride and Salty's Restaurant in Seattle.
  7. Biba has a restaurant in my city. She's had it for 31 years. http://biba-restaurant.com/about-biba She's usually in there every day. She had breast cancer a while go and I believe her public persona did lessen after that. I did see her in the restaurant a few months ago.
  8. @andiesenji thank you! Then this must be my grandmother's skillet. My son ruined one of the two I had and I was never sure which was which. I also have two small 6.5 inch cast iron skillets but they are 'Wagner Ware'. Now I'm ambitious to clean up the aged beauty. Thanks again!
  9. @andiesenji this is not a thrift store find but am curious about this pan. I believe it was my mothers. Any info on the age of this would be appreciated. Hard to read but it says Wagner Sidney at the top and 8 on the lower part
  10. pulled out a hunk of pork shoulder and made carnitas in the IP. My new freezer part of the new counter depth fridge is so small compared to the old freezer space, I'm considering getting a stand alone freezer as soon as I make space in the garage.
  11. Used frozen Pesto with Pasta. Chicken breasts with Citrus. Started eating in front of the TV before I remembered to take a lousy picture
  12. @Thanks for the Crepes I feel unbelievably lucky to be able to drive to Trader Joe's, Safeway, Whole Foods and Asian, Indian, Mexican and so many ethnic groceries. I need to go more often just to enjoy my luck. Trader Joe's is the only one I go to regularly because they have my favorite wine.
  13. I was amazed at the big difference in wine prices between Toronto and my hometown. Of course I'm in Northern California where wine is plentiful, but the price was pretty much double. My lack of math skills did not allow me to truly calculate the actual difference. And I was in Toronto two years ago so it may be different now.
  14. Pork tenderloin with pomegranate glaze, Pasta with Pesto. Broccoli with anchovies, garlic and chilies. The alliterative items, pork and pesto were from the freezer. My son's plate before and after. He and his gf did all the clean up and were pretty funny cuz they're tipsy.