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  1. Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    @Toliver I swore I was going to stay away from this thread but the Le Bernardin was irresistible. I waver between staying strong and then saying what the heck, it's only $2 or $3. I'm more often on the what the heck end of the spectrum. And enjoying the results!
  2. This trip has been so interesting. Can't wait for Paris!
  3. Hmm, I'm a Prime member and only see the $54.76 price. Maybe it was a very limited time deal.
  4. I bought a bottle of 19 Criminals hard chard and a bottle of their red blend at TJ's today. Haven't tried it yet but was drawn By the labels. Am loving your blog. Thank you so much for sharing everything.
  5. This is really interesting. Please continue the story.
  6. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    @Anna Nlove the plating/dishing of the green beans. I'd send you wine from CA if I could, my daughter works in Napa, I have access to lots and lots
  7. This weekend, due to an over abundance of squash I made the squash and pistachio crumble. I had pecans but my goodness it was amazing. Was confused by the amounts of 1 cup chopped pistachios and 2 cups roughly chopped pistachios when the recipe said to add them all at once like I believe @Shelby noted somewhere. But it tasted great. Also made the squash and fontina casserole pudding. Only had Jarlsburg but again it was great. Need to explore more in this book.
  8. Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    @Toliver Stop Stop Stop you enabler. I bought them all. Haven't even peeked at the last ones you made me buy.
  9. I've had a ziploc with 3 big abalone in it for about two years. They were frozen in water/ice so never got freezer burn, but due to that they took up a lot of room. With all the pesto and @ElainaA's roasted tomato sauce I'm freezing, I needed to free up some room. Abalone is a lot of work, but I gave my son the meat tenderizer and he went to town. Then I dipped in egg and Ritz cracker crumbs and fried it. The Ritz crumbs are a thing an abalone diver told me about years ago. I only cooked one and it was so rich, my son, his girlfriend and I were done. It was good but messy to cook.
  10. This is likely most of the last squash out of the garden. It's just been too hot here for anything to really grow. Had a poor crop of tomatos this year, last year I had my hands full. It's predicted to be over 100 degrees for at least the next 7 days, 110 on Friday and Saturday, ugh. I can't remember what the big pale yellow ones are but they are destined for the squash and pistachio crumble from Deep Run Roots.
  11. @SJMitch yes I should have said The Spice Companion. Shouldn't multi-task:)
  12. @Porthos @Toliver I bought the Campinile book and The Spice Bible. Thanks again for enabling:)
  13. Thank you for sharing your adventures once again. I always look forward to these trips.
  14. My boyfriend, the Italian gardener, has 15 chickens and we usually have 6 dozen or so eggs hanging around. They're fed on organic food and vegetables from the garden. Wish you were closer @Anna N, I'd keep you supplied. When I leave his house on Monday morning I have a couple dozen to deliver to friends. Just have to keep reminding folks that we need the empty cartons back for refills.
  15. Thank you so much. This has been fascinating.