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  1. Jacksoup

    Dungeness crab

    @lindagIt just started showing up in stores here, but from Washington state. I picked up 3 for dinner. $6.99 a pound. We just make garlic butter and garlic bread, spread newspapers on the table and hand everyone crab crackers and picks.
  2. @Kerry BealI’ve Googled and found many recipes that call for removing the pits and soaking. I even bought a 'pectin bag' from Amazon. Then I stumbled on the Ina Garten recipe that just calls for sliced oranges and lemons, quick boil, dump in sugar and overnight soak. Then 2.5 hour cook. Good thing too since my oranges have absolutely no seeds.
  3. @suzilightning that sounds really good except for the Miracle Whip
  4. I’ve taken a one day break from canning and dehydrating citrus. Been using an Ina Garten recipe for the orange marmalade, it’s rather hands off and doesn’t require removing the pith. But you have to start one day and let it sit overnight, then boil and can. I’m over it for the moment. I’ve got 12 pints, 30 half pints and 8 lemon ginger marmalade. And 30 zip locks of dehydrated lemons. I think we’ll avoid scurvy this year
  5. @Okanagancook I am so jealous of your many freezers. I’ll be moving to boyfriend's house within the next 6 months and there is lots of room for freezer(s). And a huge garden area, so I’m hoping to have lots of produce to freeze.
  6. @Kerry Beal check out my good friends at booth 6389. Their product is Super Food Bites. Tell them Jackie sent you. They are fun, smart and good people. Oh darn. I see you've left
  7. @blue_dolphin that sounds really good, plus it uses za’atar which I love.
  8. @Shelby I’ve done that before and need to do it again, thanks for the reminder!
  9. @JoNorvelleWalker that looks delicious. I’ve not been into the cocktail world but you’re pulling me in there with that
  10. We have given away bags and bags to neighbors. There’s a local group called Senior Gleaners that go where produce is available and not useful for commercial purposes and ‘glean’ it and deliver it to local food banks. Thanks @heidih for the idea. Brilliant.
  11. I have preserved lemons in a quart jar in the fridge. I need to be more aware of opportunities to use them. They’re tucked away in the back and I forget about them. Give me ideas please. Limoncello is a great idea, thx
  12. @JoNorvelleWalker googled jack rose. I don’t have that many friends. Make your way to the west coast and we’ll make a dent in all those lemons. I also have an over abundance of limes. Say the word and I’ll send you a box of Meyers
  13. @JoNorvelleWalkerWhat’s jack rose?
  14. And here’s a small sample of the dehydrated Meyers. They rehydrate rather quickly. I use them every day in water and tea. Also in chicken piccata. Any other ideas for them would be appreciated.
  15. I’ve just made some lemon ginger marmalade, last weeks orange marmalade is canned and given away. I’m overwhelmed with Meyer lemons. I’ve dehydrated them , still have frozen cubes of juice from last year. Have two batches of Ina Garden orange marmalade to can tomorrow. Any ideas to preserve this bounty are welcome.