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  1. @SJMitch yes I should have said The Spice Companion. Shouldn't multi-task:)
  2. @Porthos @Toliver I bought the Campinile book and The Spice Bible. Thanks again for enabling:)
  3. Thank you for sharing your adventures once again. I always look forward to these trips.
  4. My boyfriend, the Italian gardener, has 15 chickens and we usually have 6 dozen or so eggs hanging around. They're fed on organic food and vegetables from the garden. Wish you were closer @Anna N, I'd keep you supplied. When I leave his house on Monday morning I have a couple dozen to deliver to friends. Just have to keep reminding folks that we need the empty cartons back for refills.
  5. Thank you so much. This has been fascinating.
  6. I also bought the Ted Allen book for Kindle and while I was there also bought Behind The Great Wall Kindle version for $2.51
  7. It had to check the current time in Hong Kong so I could determine approximately when the next posts will show up. This is fascinating. Thank you for all the photos
  8. Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    Amazon says my Anova was delivered July 17th at 10:08 PM and left in a secure location. Apparently one that I'm not aware of. I called customer service yesterday and they said I was one day too early to make a claim. I called tonight and they promise I will have the replacement Saturday. I get at least a package a week from Amazon and this is the first that has gone missing. Pretty easy to reach customer service and get a live person.
  9. Today's haul. The gardener thinks bigger is better so he lets a lot of squash get over large. The extra large one pictured with the basil was a complete oversight. I also have 3 large zip locks full of frozen yellow cherry tomatos which ripened while I was on vacation. Making the roasted tomato sauce today. Also some fennel fronds with pollen which I'm going to try to harvest.
  10. I just used my Cuisinart spiralizer for the first time two days ago. After I mutilated a zucchini, I finally got out the instruction book and got zoodles. I was too verklempt to do anything but sauté them with onions, but now that I think I can make zoodles, more fun is on the way. The zucchini ribbons were easier.
  11. It's only my son and me, but I do keep a running list of what I need from Costco in the Notes app in my iPhone. When there is a certain recipe I want to make, I write out a full list. Otherwise I wing it, which probably leads to me having ingredients that I think I need for a recipe I liked but can't find anymore. Eat your books is helping with that when I remember. Sometimes it's just cheese and crackers for dinner with a fridge and cabinets full of stuff I could/should cook.
  12. @rotuts stop with your Amazon links, I'm buying too much stuff! Just kidding, I'm buying good stuff.
  13. Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    @rotuts after I considered and agreed with your logic, I went to,purchase the 900W Anova, the deal had ended and the price went up. The 800W was still on sale so I grabbed it.
  14. Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    Is the Anova Bluetooth 800W at $149 a decent deal? It's time I started to SV. I now see the 'checkout' price is $99.
  15. I love following along on these trips!!