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  1. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2019

    Stock or cook it along with the ribs for a cook's treat.
  2. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2019

    I grab it from the small end using a paper towel to hold it. I can usually pull it off in one piece.
  3. I've "rediscovered" putting potatoes and veggies in foil and then onto the grill. I use a Weber kettle with hardwood lump charcoal and usually a chunk or two of hickory, pecan, cherry.. etc. I add the foil packets along with whatever I'm grilling, say salmon to keep on topic. I don't notice the smokey flavor the night of, but it's very noticeable when I heat up the leftovers in a hot skillet the next morning for breakfast. So, foil may not be all that much of a barrier after all.
  4. Thanks Alex. I got your PM. I'm going to have to back out. Too much life getting in the way of a good time at the moment. Wish I could make it, hope everyone has a great time. I'm looking forward to reports and pictures.
  5. It's been several years but when we competed in Kansas City, the real home of great barbecue, our team name was Briskets & Gravy. One of the other team's name was Roadkill Redeemers.
  6. It was a couple of years ago on our anniversary. Nice place in downtown Lexington. My wife ordered the special filet and asked if they could make it well done. (Yeah, yeah, I know) She will not eat steak if there is even a hint of pink or moisture left in it. We explained that very clearly to the server and said that if it's a problem, she can order something else. She offered to have it butterflied and said it would be no problem. It came out a perfect medium rare. Looked pretty good to me. Of course she couldn't eat it. I would have swapped plates with her except I ordered fish and she won't eat that either. Server was a bit taken aback by how undercooked the steak was and took it back immediately. Meanwhile I can't eat in front of her and my fish is getting cold. Ten minutes later, same steak is again placed in front of her. This time it's medium, still quite pink in the center. Server is horrified, my wife does not want to try again and just eats the sides. The server said the manager would be right out. He never shows. She gets us a dessert on the house that we don't want and drops the bill. Steak is on it. Still no manager. We pay, and leave a nice tip because none of this is her fault, she was great). We go to get our coats that the manager had checked but he's no where to be found. Neither is the server at this point. I go back into the coat closet to find our coats and we're outta there, never to return
  7. That was disappointing, but tweaked a little and it could be really good.
  8. Smoked cauliflower. I cooked on the Weber on high, indirect heat with lump charcoal and pecan. It took forever so I pulled it and finished it off using the steam function in the IP. It was awful. Too much smoke and bitter. Might be better with a shorter time in the smoke. A friend said that the pic looks like a white plate with a hole in it.
  9. Ten days is really pushing it.
  10. Dry beans Green beans Hard cooked eggs Braised chuck roast Chicken noodle soup Wild rice
  11. Frigidaire here. Ice machine quit several times, while under warranty and out. Frigidaire replaced the whole fridge. Ice machine in the new one is currently not working.
  12. I make a big pot of something on Sunday and portion it out for the week. I rotate between a few different things. But, yeah, sometimes it seems like a rut.
  13. Having lived for 50 years in KC, competed in KCBS competitions, and become a KCBS judge, I love this thread. I've eaten at many of these, some are new to me. LC's burnt ends are the best food on the planet. Q39 is very, very good. It's a nice, sit down restaurant with excellent barbecue. Not really a barbecue joint in the classic sense. SLAPs (Squeal Like A Pig) is a classic barbecue joint. Very divey. Really good brisket. Gates, double yuck. I swore them off years ago when my burnt end sandwich was scrapins from the smoker floor. Bryant's, when they're on the their game, really good stuff. BB's Lawnside is cool. Not the best barbecue in KC but certainly very good. Cool blues bar. Woodyard has a lot of outdoor seating and very good ribs. Hayward's was truly awful, but they sold their building to Q30 South and moved. My brother reports that new location is very good. Rosedale, meh. Joe's Kansas City, consistently excellent barbecue. There's a reason for the long lines. Not mentioned is Brobeck's. In my opinion, the best ribs in KC and often one of my first stops when I'm back there.
  14. I have a Good Grips that works very well.
  15. I'm tentative as well. Daughter is due in June. She's in Minneapolis. Not sure what our plans are going to be.
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