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  1. Cabela's used to do a series of barbecue competitions where wild game was a separate category. I judged one and it happened to be wild boar ribs, so I got to sample six different cook's versions. Richer and darker than commercial pork ribs. I liked them.
  2. I use granulated as well. I don't see the powdered stuff around here.
  3. Judging Coffee

    I'm a BBQ judge as well, I went through the KCBS certification. They went through objective qualities of good and bad barbecue and talked about subjective ones. I'd be curious if there's a judging body for baristas and what objective attributes a good cup of coffee would have. Are they judging on the cream designs? Flavor? Body?
  4. Hatch Chili Peppers (Merged Topic)

    I have. It's been a few years, we moved into a house with a very small yard and I've been reduced to growing a couple jalapenos and cayennes. Ripend poblanos lose the grassy taste and are sweeter. I've used them for chile rellenos. I've also smoke dried them over pecan with good results. My home grown poblanos were smaller than I've bought in the Mexican market or grocery store.
  5. Hatch Chili Peppers (Merged Topic)

    I got these at our local Kroger. I've never seen them this hot. Not sure if it was a fluke or what. Heading there for more.
  6. Hatch Chili Peppers (Merged Topic)

    I just bought some and roasted them over lump charcoal. Peeled and diced and added them to a chicken chile verde. Holy smokes this stuff is hot. I can handle heat and they taste great but these are hotter than any batch I've bought before. Finishing up lunch now and my eyes are watering, nose is running, and I'm probably sweating. Good stuff.
  7. Stuffed Poblano Pepper

    I roast them and then put them in a container to steam until they're cool enough to handle. Then I peel and seed. Then I stuff them and batter and fry or bake them. I've never tried to stuff them after cooking.
  8. So I got the au jus sauce of tea? Thanks, as I said, I really don't know anything about tea. I do like the ones I got though.
  9. I used to drink a few beers in the evening after work. The last time I visited the doc, my labs were not good. I have given up all drinking, started exercising and went to our local tea store, MonTea. I tried to pick a slow time to talk with whoever would be working. It happened to be the owner. Told him that I know nothing about tea but wanted to learn at get a variety. I left with a couple of Oolongs , a Pur eh? aged 5 years, one green tea, and an Irish Breakfast tea. 1oz each set me back about 20 bucks. My favorite of the bunch was the Black Dragon Oolong. The aged Pur eh is very good as well. I did not really care for the Irish breakfast. New labs will be drawn in Sept. Hopefully they will be better.
  10. Johnsonville Sausages

    I like them grilled over charcoal then served in a bun with dijon. If they're crazy expensive there, I'd pass.
  11. Your Home Appliances are Junk

    Good idea, thanks.
  12. Your Home Appliances are Junk

    We bought our house new about 5 years ago. Our only option for appliances was Frigidaire. We upgraded to their Gallery line. After many service calls for the fridge, they replaced it. We're still having problems with the ice maker and just gave up trying to fix it, we make our own now. Element went out on the stove the 1st week. Light fixture broke on the microwave the 1st time I had to replace it. Never again.
  13. Your Home Appliances are Junk

    Service guy gave last rights to the Frigidaire. Seems the element overheated and broke the nut holding the heater on and cracked the tank, thus leaking copious amounts of water. When they built the home, they only laid enough tile to make it look good leaving a void near the back of the unit. This caused any water leaking, not sure that much water can be considered a leak, to roll downhill under the wall and into the living room. Everything seems to be dry now, we'll check the wood as much as we can to make sure it's dry and avoid mold. New Whirlpool will be installed this afternoon.
  14. Your Home Appliances are Junk

    Frigidaire dishwasher started leaking mid-cycle last night. Not onto the tile kitchen floor, but into the living room, seeping under the carpet. I walked through and thought to myself, "Why is this carpet squishy?" I kept sopping it up, and 30 minutes later it would be swampy again. Finally managed to get most of the water up about midnight and put some fans on it.
  15. I flew from Lexington to Cebu, Philippines last year via Delta and Korean Air. Stop overs in Detroit and Seoul. Delta food was awful. The "omelette" they served for "breakfast" was a cube of yellow stuff that should have been used as a chuck for the wheels. KAL food was pretty good, they served a beef teriyaki, rice and some kimchi. Back in the day, I used to work for a small company who exclusively used Midwest Express. They had their own wing at Kansas City International, the most convenient airport ever, baggage pick up was 10 steps from the gate, the door was 10 steps from baggage pickup. All seats in MWE were 1st class, leather, and 2 across, window and aisle. As you boarded, you could smell chocolate chip cookies baking. Meals were served on china, with real utensils, glass salt and pepper shakers, and your choice of complementary red or white wine. The food was hot and fresh and every flight they had was direct. The only way to fly and a far cry from begging for peanuts and a couple extra inches.