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  1. When I hear/see "melty cheese" I assume Velveeta. And yes, I know that stuff ain't cheese.
  2. Thanks, I have, Probably going back
  3. It's been a while since I've posted here. I've been really sick with a nasty cough, congestion and weirdly plugged up ears for the last month. I just put the turkey back in the freezer. Not doing it this year. I have no energy and I don't want to make anyone else sick (although I think they already are). We will try for Christmas.
  4. Thanks liuzhou. I did a google search on them, it said the top one is a parasol and the bottom is a false-parasol. Interesting, Again, I am not going to eat these things.
  5. Found these in the backyard after some rain and cooler temperatures. Don't worry, I ain't eating them no matter who says they're delicious. Anyone have any idea what they are. There are a bunch of them.
  6. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2023

    I run mine through the fine plate on my KA sausage grinder. Works pretty well.
  7. chileheadmike

    Breakfast 2023

    We have the grandkids over for Sunday breakfast every week. Gives my daughter and her husband a break and I get to cook for them. My daughter stuck around for overnight yeasted waffles with fried apples and whipped cream. Bacon and a half a ton of fruit alongside. Clara (foreground) seems to like it. I caught my daughter by surprise. Gigi is in the back stuffing her face
  8. I was in a discussion, many years ago, regarding at what stage you should add briquettes. Some argued that you should wait until ashed over and white, others said, there's nothing on the outside that isn't on the inside so it doesn't matter. I can smell it, both on the initial fire-up and after it's been burning a while. When I judged, I could smell it when they opened the box. If the team used lighter fluid, that was worse. In my experience, lump burns hotter, briquettes burn longer and probably more evenly. I'd be curious to read what Norm has to say.
  9. I've been barbecuing for a long time, both back yard and competition. I used to use Kingsford with some wood chunks. It does have a distinctive odor, and I can test it in the meat. I've gone to using lump. Usually Cowboy brand.
  10. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2023

    Probably the same reason the store bought jalapenos here taste like green bell peppers.
  11. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2023

    Thanks, using the two outside burners. The grill does not have a back burner. I gave my Weber kettle to a neighbor before we moved. We now have a screened in deck with a roof, and I didn't want live coals under it. I may get a Weber in the spring for off-deck usage.
  12. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2023

    It's been a very long time since I've cooked on a gas grill. Trying a rotisserie chicken for the 1st time. My usual dry rub with soaked hickory chips in a smoke box. Not bad, I may have overcooked it a little.
  13. I was a kitchen manager for a Mexican restaurant. We cooked 25 pounds of beans almost every day. Sometimes 50. Never soaked them. When they were soft, we drained them and mashed them until smooth in the big Hobart mixer.
  14. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2023

    Hickory smoked country style ribs, potato wedges, and green beans from the farmers market.
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