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  1. It all look delirious to me. Including the clam roll. Very nice photography. Thanks for sharing.
  2. chileheadmike

    Lefties in the kitchen

    We're exact opposites. I write, use a fork, use a knife with my right hand. Everything else with my left. I used to play A LOT of basketball and while I can dribble with either hand, I'm better with my right, I shoot with my left. Pretty good for confusing defenders. I was adopted and both of my adoptive parents are left handed. My brother, their biological kid, is right handed at everything. I went to Catholic school where using your left hand was strongly discouraged. My parents were both avid bowlers, so when I got old enough to join a league I was all about it. At one point the coach came up to me and said, "I don't care which hand you use, just pick one and go with it". I had no idea I was using both. I was once chastised for the way I cut my steak. I hold it with a fork in my right hand and use the knife in my left to slice off a piece. Works pretty well for me, not sure about he etiquette though.
  3. I know that smell.
  4. chileheadmike

    Hatch Chili Peppers (Merged Topic)

    The ones I bought last year were insanely hot. Pretty tasty too. That was at a local grocery store called Lucky's. They had a chile roaster in the parking lot. They sold mostly local produce but had a nice selection of cheeses and big selection of different kinds of bacon. And the best olive bar I've been to. Sadly, they closed up this spring.
  5. You stiff the server to punish the owner?
  6. chileheadmike

    Problem with BBQ/Sous Vide.. is it safe to eat?

    What gfweb said. ETA: Yikes!
  7. chileheadmike

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    We get both Hellman's and Duke's here. I'd never seen or heard of Duke's until moving to Kentucky. I can't taste much of a difference. I usually end up with Hellman's because Duke's is only sold in 32 oz jars and I really don't use that much.
  8. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Rainy Sunday here. Seemed to call for a nice roast. Beef chuck braised in San Marzano tomatoes with onion, green bell peppers garlic and herbs from the garden. Finished with parmesan.
  9. I enjoyed reading along and checking out the pictures. Thanks for putting this together.
  10. chileheadmike

    Pork Rind Recs?

    Are you in Kansas City? If so, Bichelmeyer Meats in KCK has excellent chicharronnes. They may only sell them on Saturday though. If you go, get the tamales as well.
  11. chileheadmike

    Nathan's Hot dog Contest 2018

    After reading this, I have to agree with Yiannos' initial reaction.
  12. chileheadmike

    Who makes your birthday cake? (I do.)

    Happy Birthday, Darienne. You share a birthday with my oldest daughter.
  13. chileheadmike

    Cooking while Primitive Camping

    We always took some country style pork ribs and put them into leak proof freezer bags with what ever marinade sounded good at the time. Fired up the smoky Joe and cooked them with sliced, foil wrapped spuds and maybe some corn on the cob. Pretty easy. Breakfast was usually bacon, frozen hash browns (that had thawed in the cooler) and eggs on a Coleman campstove.
  14. chileheadmike

    From Memphis to Lexington

    Cool, I hope you enjoy your time and meals here.
  15. chileheadmike

    From Memphis to Lexington

    I haven't been there so I can't comment on quality, but I've been trying to talk my wife into Middle Fork. She greatly prefers chain restaurants to anything individually owned and she's very picky/unadventurous. But that's a different story. The menu changes frequently and they always seem to have something interesting. Holly Hill is very nice and well liked. Cole's 735 Main is excellent For more casual eating, Wallace Station is in the middle of horse country and surrounded by beautiful farms. For breakfast and lunch there is the Lexington Diner. A little funky but fun. Blue Grass Hospitality has several restaurants, include Malone's, OBC, and Sal's. All of which are very good. Sal's is more of a bar that serves some food. The restaurant scene here is changing so fast. Old favorites have closed, new one's popping up weekly.