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  1. The Kroger stores here all had Hatch chiles. Lots of them for the last several weeks. I was there earlier this week and they were gone, but I have a bunch of roasted and peeled chiles in the freezer.
  2. There are a bunch of races that day and the previous day known as The Oaks. It's held about an hour and a half down the road, but I have no desire to go. I dislike crowds, especially drunk crowds. I do watch it on TV.
  3. I hope that's very soon. Get well.
  4. Etiquette? We don't need no stinkin etiquette.
  5. I have a wireless thermometer with two probes that I use with my smoker. One probe goes into the meat, the other through a small potato. The meat probe (that sounds weird) tells me when it's done and the one through the small potato reports the cook temp at grill level.
  6. I agree with gfweb, I would love to hear more of this story.
  7. I grilled them over hardwood charcoal on the Weber kettle. Once blackened and blistered, I put them into a container with a tight fitting lid until cool. Peels come off easily.
  8. Just finished roasting another batch of Hatch. Off the Weber just before it rained.
  9. According to my wife, milk turns to poison on the exact date printed on the carton.
  10. Mustard donuts? I'll pass. https://www.mccormick.com/frenchs/mustard-donuts
  11. I bought a bag of fresh Hatch chiles at Kroger this weekend. I roasted them over hardwood charcoal in the Weber. $1.49 here. They were labelled as medium heat. They did not have any labelled as hot. The mediums aren't very hot. They do taste good though.
  12. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2022

    Hot dogs with some homemade sourkrout that my daughter's friend made. Pretty tasty.
  13. Thanks for sharing, I hope you're home soon.
  14. It had a scoop of sour cream taken out of it previously. The rest went down the drain. It was Daisy brand. There is always some liquid on top once you scoop into it and it sits in the fridge for a while.
  15. Drain off the liquid from a full container of sour cream without holding the sour cream back, preventing it from falling into the garbage disposal.
  16. There is a brand new Buc-ees in Richmond, KY. About a 45 minute drive from us. I'm tempted to just make the trip to see what it's all about. Seems they have a giant variety of beef jerky, barbecue and a lot of other food choices. Probably not great bbq, I am from KC, but curiosity may get the best of me.
  17. We've been to Charleston several times but not in the last five years. My wife loves the ghost tours at night and the carriage rides. I love just strolling the neighborhoods. We took the kids out to Ft Sumpter. It was about a billion degrees every time were there so we've always skipped the Yorktown, but I'd love to see it. Never attempted Hyman's but had some really great meals. Husk was really good. There was a converted church on Market St that we really liked. We've wandered in off of the street to several and have always had good luck. I wish I could remember the names of two of the places that really stood out. One that we had lunch at upstairs in a beautiful dining room in the tree tops. Another really good breakfast. We went to Grill 223, which was in a hotel we stayed at. It was our first night in Charleston and I had my heart set on seafood. The server said all of our steaks are 45 day dry aged prime and I ordered the ribeye. Best steak I've ever had. They did have a lump crab cocktail that was really good. My wife will not eat seafood (and a LOT of other good stuff) of any kind so it can be hard to pick a restaurant. The only bad meal we ever had was barbecue on E Bay St. The last time we were there was with our two daughters, 20 and 13 at the time. I would sneak out of the hotel while they were getting ready for bed for some late night carousing. Oldest daughter just wasn't quite old enough to tag along. I usually hit up Pearlz for some oysters and then Blind Tiger for love music and drinks. Thanks for your report. I miss Charleston and would love to get back there.
  18. I'd never heard of Duke's before I moved here. It seems to be a local favorite. I bought a jar and honestly, I can't tell the difference between Duke's and Hellmann's. Duke's only seems to come in the 32oz size which is about a year's supply for me so I usually get the smaller Hellmann's.
  19. Mystery solved. IO error. It somehow got set to low pressure. I've never changed that setting, it's always been set to high. Not sure how that happened. Apparently, it matters.
  20. 6 minutes, high pressure. Just like every other time I have done it.
  21. I did eggs in the IP today. Four large eggs. Six minutes with natural release. These things were raw. The whites were not set and the yolks were hadn't even thought about setting. Defective eggs?
  22. My boss and I spent a month in Cebu, Philippines. I had no card and no expense acct so I was at his mercy for most dining. He refused to eat local food except for once, roast pork, grilled marlin ribs and lumpia were highlights. He did insist we eat Mexican food at the mall attached to our hotel. It turned out to be Filipino versions of Tex-Mex I'll never forget his fajitas. They got the look right. Nice sizzle platter with beef, onions an green peppers. A side plate of "cheddar cheese", sour cream, canned guacamole, flour tortillas and beans and rice. All topped off with copious amounts really sweet, brown gravy.
  23. Thanks Scoop, I look forward to reading more on this thread. I bought some green Kona beans from Sweet Maria's a few years ago. I'm assuming they were real. Expensive and the beans were very large. I had difficulty getting them to go through the grinder. Coffee was good though.
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