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  1. Working from home today. Good price on pork butt so I fired up the WSM.
  2. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2020

    Nothing brings the kid home from the dorms like chicken and noodles.
  3. Zeemanb hasn't posted here for a long time. For several years he used a hot air popcorn popper. I still do. He said he got a real roaster, Belmor I think.
  4. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2020

    My wife and I had pizza and beer there. Really good pizza. We went after spending most of the day at the Mob Museum around the corner. Also very cool.
  5. We have a couple. I don't like cooking in them because I think they cook too hot. Even at "low" setting, I get a pretty strong boil. If I'm doing low and slow stewing or braising, I'll do it in the dutch oven on the stove.
  6. Wings tonight. I tossed in some flour, cornstarch, and a lot of coarsely ground black pepper, then sprayed with pam. After cooking tossed in a mix of half Frank's hot sauce and El Yucateco.
  7. I tried one of Arby's fish sandwiches for lunch today. Not bad, it was served hot and crispy. Tartar sauce was waaaaaayyy too sweet. They have two, I ordered the non-gross one without "cheese" "sauce".
  8. I will never again taste test cellentani pasta for doneness without first making sure there is no boiling water in the hole. I got a nice blister on my lower lip.
  9. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2020

    It's been several years now but Martin Yan showed how to break down a chicken in 12 seconds. Pretty amazing. Takes me a minute or two.
  10. I have read that adding carrots will help tame the heat, although I've never tried it. Peanut butter works instantly when you've bitten into more than you can handle. Worked wonders for my daughter when she was building up a tolerance. Kind of a funny story, we used to make our own hot sauce every year from chiles in my garden. Usually, cayenne, thai dragons, ripe jalapenos, chipotles and whatever else was in there. We made a batch and let it sit in the fridge for about a week and then took it out to try it. Her boyfriend was over at the time. She commented on how it wasn't as hot as the previous year, but she thought it had a smokier flavor from that year's batch of chipotles. BF wanted in on the tasting and my daughter tried to warn him off but he had seen both of use try multiple tastes seeming unaffected. He tried some on a chip and his eyes bugged out and he started jumping up and down heading for the faucet. I was too busy laughing at him while my daughter got the peanut butter.
  11. No pics but we had; deviled eggs, spinach salad with warm bacon vinaigrette, lasagna Bolognese, and chocolate mousse for dessert. A lot to eat, we had the eggs and salad then took a break before the lasagna, and then another break before dessert.
  12. So, I'm pretty tall and at just about burner height, uhm, yeah. Pass.
  13. Great looking brisket.
  14. I made a batch of buffalo wings in the Ninja Foodi during half time. They came out pretty good. Crisp and still juicy and no real cleanup. I'm starting to like that thing. So I missed most of the halftime show.
  15. Gotta gloat. NFL Superbowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.
  16. When I lived within range of the radio broadcast, I always turned the teevee sound down and piped the radio feed through the surround sound. The local guys were as biased as me. Doesn't seem to work as well streaming over the internet.
  17. Got email from them yesterday. Royal Corona are back in stock. Really good beans.
  18. My wife decided she was going to understand football. She sat down with me for about 20 minutes during a game earlier this season. She wanted to know what a down was, what 1 and 10 meant. What's a touchown, extra point and why do they kick the ball. I explain it all and she kind of, sort of gets it. A couple weeks later we were talking to friends. She exclaims proudly that she knows everything about football. I don't think she's watched play since. She's got it.
  19. I'm a lifelong Chiefs fan. I grew up in Kansas just outside of Kansas City. I remember watching the last time the Chiefs were in the SB with my dad. It's been a lot of disappointment since then. Hate the Broncos, I like Shelby a little less now (nah, how could anyone?) No one here seems very interested in a SB party. It's late on a Sunday night and no one wants to go out. My wife hates all sports. It will just be me in my man room with the TV and surround. Kinda sad. I would love to do a brisket on the smoker, but with just my wife and I here, it would take a month to eat it all. I'll probably do some ribs and mac n cheese and collard greens. Depends on what I find in the stores.
  20. I was in polite company so I refrained. Atomic buffalo turds. Here is a picture of some ready to go on.
  21. We used to do them by the hundreds for barbecue competitions. They were always know as ABTs. Cut the chile in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds and pithy stuff. Fill with cream cheese and top with a little smokie and then wrap with a half slice of bacon a 1/3 slice if it is stretch-y. Secure with a toothpick. Put them on the smoker for a couple of hours. I have used my Weber kettle with indirect heat for 30 to 40 minutes with good results as well. It's hotter than a smoker and crisps the bacon more. A teammate once brought a turkey fryer to a competition, we ended up dipping the already smoked ABTs in beer batter and fried them. Pretty good stuff.
  22. I start my chicken stock with a box of Swanson's chicken broth. It may be overkill but it seems to work well. I use Better Than Bouillon as an enhancement for roast beef gravy.
  23. The one time I made my own vanilla extract, I didn't even try it until it had sat for 6 months.
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