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  1. We have a Skyline and a Goldstar here in Lexington. I have yet to try either. Doesn't seem right. And yes, I'm aware of my cinnamon roll post upthread.
  2. Thanks, I thought I was going crazy. So, KC area and West Tenn/East Ark areas. I think there must be more but the reaction on the sports board was similar to the one here.
  3. Sounds odd, and only the people who grew up in KC were aware of this. It was a highlight for us kids.
  4. There is a current thread going about chili on a sports bored that I'm on. It's Kansas Jayhawks bored so, Midwest US. Many of us had chili for school lunch, served with big homemade cinnamon rolls. It was interesting that some had never heard of this and those who had it loved it. Seems to be specific to the Kansas City area and maybe more specifically to Catholic schools.
  5. I love El Pato and keep some stocked at all times. Growing up in KC, it was not available. My dad would take a couple weeks off in the summer and we would drive route 66 to LA for to visit my uncle and his family. Along the way, we would pick up a few cases of Coors that was illegal in California and we would bring back a couple of cases of El Pato.
  6. Yes, it is. I've had it for so long I forgot it was there.
  7. My go to is El Yucateco, the Mayan recipe if I can find it. Original if I can't. I also like Frank's, it isn't the slightest bit hot but has good flavor and vinegar. I still use Tabasco for Creole/New Orleans cooking.
  8. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2022

    The meat department at Kroger was sorely lacking but they did have turkey thighs, so...
  9. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2022

    Hot turkey sandwich
  10. chileheadmike

    Baked Potatoes

    My method is as follows: Scrub Dry Poke Rub with bacon fat Sprinkle with coarse salt Wrap in heavy duty foil Bake for an hour at 425F I make extra to dice and fry with eggs for breakfast the next day.
  11. The food doesn't look bad, definitely better than what I've had. Here's hoping you're out and eating at home soon.
  12. We are headed to Kansas City again this year. My daughter, her husband and two kids will drive down from Minneapolis. Last year was a bit of a fiasco. My brother met me at the door, said he was sick and didn't want to spread it and would spend the day in his room. Told me that his electric smoker was not working so I had to do the 22 lb turkey in the oven. He told me the rest of the food was in the fridge, good luck. The dishwasher had quit working, we had to kill the power and reset it for the entire house to bring it back online. We did manage to eat.
  13. The Kroger stores here all had Hatch chiles. Lots of them for the last several weeks. I was there earlier this week and they were gone, but I have a bunch of roasted and peeled chiles in the freezer.
  14. There are a bunch of races that day and the previous day known as The Oaks. It's held about an hour and a half down the road, but I have no desire to go. I dislike crowds, especially drunk crowds. I do watch it on TV.
  15. I hope that's very soon. Get well.
  16. I have a wireless thermometer with two probes that I use with my smoker. One probe goes into the meat, the other through a small potato. The meat probe (that sounds weird) tells me when it's done and the one through the small potato reports the cook temp at grill level.
  17. I agree with gfweb, I would love to hear more of this story.
  18. I grilled them over hardwood charcoal on the Weber kettle. Once blackened and blistered, I put them into a container with a tight fitting lid until cool. Peels come off easily.
  19. Just finished roasting another batch of Hatch. Off the Weber just before it rained.
  20. According to my wife, milk turns to poison on the exact date printed on the carton.
  21. Mustard donuts? I'll pass. https://www.mccormick.com/frenchs/mustard-donuts
  22. I bought a bag of fresh Hatch chiles at Kroger this weekend. I roasted them over hardwood charcoal in the Weber. $1.49 here. They were labelled as medium heat. They did not have any labelled as hot. The mediums aren't very hot. They do taste good though.
  23. chileheadmike

    Dinner 2022

    Hot dogs with some homemade sourkrout that my daughter's friend made. Pretty tasty.
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