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  1. Besides the cheeks, collars (and belly) are some of the best parts of the fish. My favourite is Kampachi collar. Lots of salt on a very hot grill. Mmmm.
  2. My nearly 4 year old son would go ape sh!t for this! He loves Peppa and Georgie pig. Great job.
  3. Not sure I would buy seasoning either - in fact I would not. But I am interested to learn more about how one distributes it while keeping it attached and maintaining crispness.
  4. Never been, but I heard his restaurant here (Toronto) was vastly overpriced and very poorly executed food.
  5. Thank you @&roid - I will check it out! And by check it out, that means passing it along to Mrs Tac, as she does most of the baking, whilst I handle the cooking.
  6. I joined the Yan Fan Train during the Wok with Yan days....loved that guy. I will look further at another local Chinese supermarket next I go for rice noodles. I have a load of Ramps which I think would go really well in a Ramp Ho Fun.
  7. @kayb - I can assure you that you do not want Chrons - certainly not vs. Celiac (and better yet - neither!). I have seen both, and at least with celiac there is no need for medications and no scary effects so long as you manage your diet. We have yet to bake bread (found a good local one) and sweets - I would suggest recipes with almond flour (think marzipan, choc marzipan, etc)
  8. Sorry, I should have said 'cross bred to eliminate the goodness' tomatoes.
  9. It often is simply 'may contain' as wheat noodles are produced in the same facility. With Celiac disease, there is no taking chances. The poor kiddo cannot even go into bakeries or pizza parlors as flour remains airborne for up to 24h. Knock on wood we are doing something right, we just got his 6 month test results post diagnosis and his number (which was over 4,000 - off the charts - they expected to be closer to 1000) was down to 181. Sick Kids Hospital is an unreal facility and I tip my hat to the teams there. Now, if only I could find some GF Rice Noodles!
  10. @KennethT - No way I would expect anyone to ever remember that! No apologies needed! Some fish, yes - it's quite odd. Anchovies, sardines, some white fish (salmon, tuna, cod, halibut - she is all fine with) but anything with a shell (the real good stuff!) is off limits. Shrimp I cannot even cook at home without it triggering her asthma - though recently I discovered steaming lobster is acceptable, so I will take the win!
  11. Heirloom tomatoes are fantastic. Far superior to the genetically modified run of the mill supermarket varieties. From whites, to pink, purple, orange, green - nearly every color under the sun can be found. Tastes range from far less acidic and neutral to extremely sweet (mostly anything bright orange, especially 'Orange Zingers' are super sweet - and my preference).
  12. @Wolf - buckwheat is a very good substitute - have note experimented much with it myself as of yet though. @&roid - thank you, I will check out that link. @Kenneth - I seem to find locally the rice noodles (least the fresh ones) contain some sort of wheat or may contain. Need to keep searching as you said, rice is now the staple. Wish I could use fish sauce, but my wife is allergic to shellfish, unfortunately. (I keep some Nuoac Chom in the fridge!)
  13. If you are too lazy to weed, either let it grow and turn it over into the ground or just put newspaper over top. That robot sounds like a terrible idea. Shelby, you have my respect - nowhere near your scale, but I just finished planting our newly expanded 150 sf plot: 12 Tomatoes (6-5 varieties) 4 Zuccini 6 snap peas 4 yellow beans 20-30 Bunching onions 2 Huskberry's 2 Poblano's 2 Aurora peppers 3 pickling cukes 3 English cukes Basil plants thrown in around the 'Maters. Oh and at the farmers market this morning my farmer and I were chatting, he gave me a present he was growing for some other clients (and himself) - a beautiful little (legal) Cannabis plant
  14. @CatIsHungry - Sweet potatoes are a staple in our house. Never made an actual sweet potato pie myself...*shrug*! Luckily he has no other food intolerance's - Almond flour is a staple in our house, as is coconut. I will have to look into Coconut Aminos, never heard of it before. Great thoughts, appreciate the input! @&roid - if you have any good Indian recipes, would love to hear. Indian is a big hit in my house, as is Chinese food, Thai, etc. Lately I have been turning zucchinis into noodles and making pasta - did a great tuna/tomato sauce the other day with it, with capers, black olives and goat cheese. Kids loved it.
  15. TicTac

    Tasting Japan

    Fantastic! Love vacationing (and eating) vicariously through your (and others) posts!
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