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  1. Thanks! I go to a Japanese fish/sushi place nearby - https://www.tarosfish.com/ They always have excellent quality and variety.
  2. King salmon, ocean trout, Atlantic salmon, salmon belly, kampachi and hamachi belly turns into.... nigiri and rolls - seared belly with Yuzu soy.. to wash it down wife’s bday dinner - ala isolation!
  3. refried bean taco salad (there is shredded lettuce under there!)
  4. But it sure helps to relieve the stress and forget about the madness that is our world!
  5. Faux pulled pork sandwiches (king oyster mushrooms and onion jam) with Korean swt pot fries and big-Mac’esque inspired sauce - I won’t eat their burgers but the sauce from what I recall as a kid - was great!
  6. TicTac

    Dinner 2020

    @KennethT - Just took out a pack of organic chicken bone in thighs for curry tonight - would love to hear more about your version above - I was going to go the Thai route, but I am happy to veer slightly off my flight course....(assuming I have the ingredients on hand!).
  7. LOL Full disclosure, we only have a set of 8 of our nice 'clean/white' plates and I really do not like the patterns on this one - the rest were in the dish washer, hence my attempt to avoid the eyesore that is that plate and create an EXTREME closeup!
  8. Lobster reduction poutine - cabbage and enoki mushroom - big wok hay flavours (not pictured - but then again who wants to see veggies when you can look at this!)
  9. Don't hesitate - happy to help if I can. From what I hear many of the Chinese supermarkets are offering great pricing on live lobsters - Heard T&T had them for $1 less than what I paid! Also ended up getting some live BC little neck clams, cooked up and frozen for future pasta.
  10. Sunny Supermarket - Leslie and Finch - excellent variety of live and very fresh fish. Here's a question for you folks with more experience than I with Lobster stock - I took the shells and created a very nice reduced stock from the above meal, I would like to make a sauce out of it go to with a deconstructed poutine tomorrow, but I am not sure which route to take....help!
  11. Not the prettiest of plates - but it was tasty. When live east coast lobsters are cheaper than salmon ($9/lb CDN) I cannot help myself! edit - @Anna N - I was at Ambrosia's the other day and they had plenty of frozen organic veg - if you need, I can pick some up and we can figure out a transport method to get them over to you...
  12. TicTac

    Dinner 2020

    I do too - but I want to reduce trips to the market under current circumstances, figured someone might have some experience / knowledge on the topic!
  13. TicTac

    Dinner 2020

    Speaking about fresh seafood - I am curious... I am headed to the seafood market today as we need fish (and I want to freeze some)! I am contemplating buying a large amount of live clams - I would like to preserve them - the question is... - Do I freeze them on a sheet tray alive - in shell, and use in future dishes from frozen? or - Do I quickly cook them in a bit of butter/garlic and then place in jars, top with olive oil and freeze? Which would offer the best result (not looking for long term storage, just the best tasting product from frozen)?
  14. LOL. I laugh, stemming from some of our chats - I used to have a big 250 bottle fridge, then I moved, and had kids, I now have a 45 bottle island wine fridge with a case or two in the cold room. Money seems to go elsewhere these days.
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