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  1. Got my popcorn! Love those indoor gardens. Nothing better than the rain forest!
  2. https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20240715-gond-katira-a-natural-way-to-cool-down-in-indias-scorching-summers After reading the above article recently and delving down the rabbit hole that is Gond Katira, I found myself intrigued and poised to click "place order" on my amazon cart. Prior to doing so I thought I would share this with you fine folks to see if anyone has ever heard of this stuff, let alone used it - and if so; your thoughts? Seems pretty interesting....
  3. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    Busy summer driving around to baseball tournaments, not as much time to cook - but a few random meals of late: fish monger had some super fresh porgy - shallow fried - amazing. garden salad - cukes and a few tomatoes; pickled ginger, black vinegar, lime. my “Chinese master stock” going on about 10 years now. This time chicken legs, with a fresh batch of aromatics.
  4. Also to add onto the onion topic - I grow Welsch onions, red bunching onions and green onions and leave them all in the ground and only ever cut off the above ground parts. I also let them flower every year as they are one of the BEST pollinator flowers out there.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to take us along and share in your adventures. I am in for all that cheese. I can only imagine what trouble you are about to get up to at some distilleries!
  6. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    @Paul Bacino - curious to hear what you think of the Dryads Saddle - and how you prepare them.
  7. Gardening season is so exciting. And this year it seems as if we are at least 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule (it was 33 here yesterday and feeling like 35 today!) which is ..... great (and a bit scary). All tomatoes are in ground (I think about 18 plants) as are my mix of Fish peppers and sweet reds - sugar snap peas, bush beans and 4-5 types of spinach have been in ground for weeks now and are rolling along. Confetti cilantro and tuscan basil are finally sprouting - ton of rain last night, so next few days things should explode.
  8. Disgusting. ETA till they start eating from a communal troft!?
  9. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    Some meals recently enjoyed… cod cakes turned into (I don’t claim to be able to know how to roll sushi! lol) the making of cloud cake (yes that’s a big ass merengue) crossed bbq ribs and lasagna all the hard work makes you thirsty
  10. Looking good. I made the mistake of putting my seedlings under 24h straight light, which unlike another fine plant I have grown in years past, is not required during the vegetative state. The 6h daily break now has done wonders and they are rebounding nicely. Oddly enough, the genetics I have saved myself seem to have some issues as the leaves are curling upwards, the rest of the strains (newly purchased) seem fine. Maybe too much backstock/inbreeding and needs fresh blood. Ground cherries after almost 10 days finally sprouted. @Senior Sea Kayaker what hot peppers are you running? Got some Fish peppers along with my favored serranos to play with this year.
  11. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    Curious to hear more about this salad!
  12. Thanks for taking us along. Agreed, the fruit and seafood in Hawaii was top notch. I still recall the unreal (though pricey!) Hayden mangos. It's been 15 years since we were last in Hawaii and we stuck to Kauai (what I call paradise on earth) because I have an aversion to too many people / concrete!
  13. Honestly, non-competes are bullshit. A company cannot prevent you from making a living. Plain and simple. Also keep in mind, it would cost them a lot of money to come after you - to what end? Here in Ontario (Canada) within the last year or two the gov has put an end to them as these clauses are immoral and unjust. Unless you are in a high profile job with access to industry 'secrets' I would not worry too much about it and just go for it.
  14. TicTac

    Dinner 2024

    Love this idea. My uncle is actually writing a book on a similar vein, but the concept of 'doubling up' or making a bit extra for future use is such a great, efficient and ecological method to practice.
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