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  1. I couldn't help but laugh at the need for interpretation of our fine Dr's scratch!
  2. If you want a bit of a splurge meal, Coi was very good when I was there 4 years ago.
  3. Indeed. Which is why it is our responsibility to be mindful of such things and endeavor to each do our part in lessening the environmental impact. I have yet to throw out a cloth napkin. Once they are no longer suitable, they get turned into 'shmatas' to clean with. Don't get me started on the paper plates and plastic utensils!
  4. It's not just the killing of trees which one should be mindful of when considering the environment, it is the processing footprint which has a significant impact as well. Then there is the waste or recycling which also has an impact.
  5. Manager note: This post and the 5 that follow it originally responded to the OP of another discussion. Though perhaps my response might not be the desired one - I would suggest considering our environment and using a reusable cloth napkin. Far stronger than any paper and minimal environmental impact.
  6. Anna - I have to ask..... Who is this mystery person who is so generously 'donating' a consistent stream of quality Cumbrae meats!? And....where do I sign up?
  7. Amazing. I adore eel. I would adore it even more if there were no bones! Also, those bay Mackerel....unreal. Never seen those before. Can only imagine!
  8. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your fantastic travels and delights with us. Curious, were there many bones in the eel (hard to tell from the photo). I love eel, but after an incident as a child with a fish bone caught in my throat and a trip to the ER, those little elusive calcium needles have always frightened me!
  9. Love these blogs. Looks like I was far off, but that's fine by me. Doubt I will ever get to that part of the world, so this should be fun.
  10. Incense or a really strange looking doobie
  11. Yes - thank you, Shelby. My vote is now official
  12. Though unfortunately I do not remember their alias - the person who bakes often and lives in South America - believe they are an ex-Canuck.
  13. Love this blog. I think the spirally things are banana shoots/blossoms. A few years back we found a local place that does some awesome Vietnamese, including a great BBH, served with the spirally things, oddly enough, no mint, which might be nice. They also serve with congealed blood (not my preference) and the home made pork sausage - which itself is quite addictive. Thanks for all the additional 'work' in sharing your trip.
  14. Picked up a 6 week Deckle End Rib Eye and a Chuck Eye (no specified age) steak which one of the butchers kindly cut to order for me. Shockingly enough the price was 1/3 of the Rib Eye. The Aged Rib Eye had gorgeous marbling, the Chuck Eye minimal to none. Equally amazing was how the Chuck Eye nearly rivaled the Rib Eye surely in tenderness (cooked the same way as the RE - turned every 2 minutes over coals) though not AS flavourful (has to be the age variable). Thank you for turning me on to this cut. So glad you made it and enjoyed. Hopefully you enjoy your haul (would love to hear!). I too can't get out of there for under $100....
  15. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Shelby - are those cheese slices my eyes spy adorning your dog!? Never tried nor heard of that combo! Though I have heard of chilli cheese dogs, so it makes sense...