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  1. Store bought salsa and chips

    When not able to make my own, one (with a little doctoring) that is suitable is: http://www.gardenfreshgourmet.com/jacks-special-medium-salsa/
  2. So I brew like you in a larger mug as well - Does that mean I should throw these brewing times out the window? So much to learn.....
  3. Tell me more about this 3 minute steep. My 'instructions' said 5 - 10 - 20 - 60 second infusions for the green tea.
  4. Oh these posts make me green with envy! When any family member goes to France (or Italy, or Spain for that matter); a large tupperware container is always taken in order to haul back as much fantastic cheese as possible. While Canada does some great cheeses (Quebec leading the pack) we still cant touch the amazing cheeses that France produces (don't get me started on how much I miss a good Tomme or some funky unpasteurized goat cheese!).
  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 1)

    Seconded & Third'd!! I have made ravioli with a similar filling before, the idea of a bechemel (curious to hear your method) on top of it, oh so decadent!
  6. Tomato soup - How to perfect it?

    The key, clearly - are the tomatoes. By far the best tomato soups I have ever had are from my own grown heirloom tomatoes. Simply cook with onions and garlic, put through a food mill to remove seeds/skin and reduce a bit if desired. It is so sweet and unreal - my best tomato risotto's are also made from said liquid.
  7. I figured as much, but I noted you mentioned that you decided to brew it at a higher temp, which prompted the question - how would one know which oolong's are suitable for such prep methods? Furthermore, I was lead to believe (my knowledge is extremely limited - so take that with a few grains of salt!) that oolong's are brewed with water right off the boil. Whereas white/green/yellow tea's the water should be left to sit 5 or so minutes post boil before brewing.
  8. Currently onto some Green Snail Spring green tea. Enjoyable; certainly one of the nicer examples of Green tea's I have tried, but not as profoundly unique as the 2 aforementioned samples. Curious, what makes an oolong 'milk'able' (for lack of a better term)? Excited to try some of the other Oolong's and the Pu-erh's!
  9. Perhaps I should have clarified.... I do not 'shred' mine in any machinery - I believe the more appropriate term for what I do is 'pulled' (as often it is white meat - we eat the dark meat and usually save the white for other uses) and can easily be pulled into long strings. I agree, I do not like the idea of a processed pulp!
  10. My grandmother always made chicken salad for us as kids and I try to recreate it when I have a chance - typical ingredients included: - Diced pickles - Hard boiled egg chopped - Often Capers - Mayo - Sometimes dill - Little vinegar and a touch of sugar. It's amazing how taste is so closely tied to (fond) memories.
  11. Dinner 2017 (Part 1)

    Both dishes look great. Would like to hear more about your method for the Chicken.
  12. Onto some Oolong... Red Heart Oolong (one of 3 Oolong's in my taste test pack) to be exact - A nice mild overall aroma and flavour - somewhat earthy, but subdued, a slight bit of background sweetness but not near as much as the aforementioned white. I am thinking that a longer brew (5 seconds was suggested for the first) might help with this. Very enjoyable none the less.
  13. Contrary to Anna, I believe the best chicken salads are shredded (which also takes the most time and effort, but the texture is ultimately superior). Though in a time crunch, diced salads suffice.
  14. Good to know. Finally hooked up with the owner of Chinese Tea Canada and got a fantastic variety of samples. Currently enjoying some Peony White tea - on it's second brew, very floral and perfumed, with some definite sweetness. Oh this is going to become an expensive hobby!