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  1. Interesting - as that's what the bottom of my 5ply AC's bottoms look like as well (dirty AF!) I will try BKF - also heard something called 'goo off' works well... I have challenged my wife
  2. Thanks for sharing - I was very interested in the topic as my desire was to get the "OG" AC sets but after much searching, I could only find a few random MC pieces, but nothing I found, information wise - suggested there was any major differences between the two. So I pulled the trigger on the MC2's - so far, so good.
  3. I have done a lot of research on this topic - they are both made in the US, of what appears to be the exact same gauge of aluminum exterior/steel liner interior. The only discernible difference are the handles - the MC appear to be rough cast steel - the MC2 handles are polished. Both I am guessing conduct heat (the only drawback I have found thus far in my new set. While the pots/pans themselves conduct heat beautifully, even on my Wolf range's lowest setting - which would often simply produce a hot spot of heat on D3 AC's or my defunct previous set of inferior pots).
  4. TicTac

    Dinner 2021

    Good looking cheeks!! Your fresh fish selection is pretty amazing
  5. TicTac

    Dinner 2021

    Salted and grilled Kampachi collars, Argentinian grilled shrimp in a ginger/aurora pepper/lime/sweet soy sauce. Haiga rice and baby bok choy braised in chicken stock.
  6. MC2 are aluminum with steel liner inside - same beast, I believe - handles thus far are the only discernible difference.
  7. Sarcasm, rotuts - hence the tongue sticking out! Yes, paid in CDN$ as they no longer were accepting Florins!
  8. TicTac

    Dinner 2021

    Great idea. They are absolutely a meaty texture. I have done something similar (creating a meat substitution) pan frying with onions and finished with a BBQ sauce to create faux pulled pork on a bun.
  9. From the pictures (and what little info I have seen on the matter) the thickness looks to be the same (though mm's are tough to determine with eye alone!) - the handles do look different, the MC appear to be rough 'cast' steel and the MC2 appear to be polished SS. Regardless, both appear to be superior to the new MC lines and at less than $100 CDN (like $30.75 US! 😛 ) per pot; a relative steal!
  10. Interesting. I read somewhere that they are the same gauge... I have found that both the 3ply and copper core AC range (of which I have both) are very 'stainy' on the outside. I read that the exterior aluminum pots do stain/scratch on the outside, quite frankly, I do not care about the aesthetics nearly as much as functionality.
  11. Curious if anyone is aware of the technical differences between the MC and MC2's? Could not find any data to that regard...
  12. At less than $100 per pot/pan, I could not pass it up. As long as its not the new mass produced crap made in China, I am happy. Very thick aluminum - significant improvement over the 3 ply.
  13. Ended up pulling the trigger on the All Clad MasterChef set - it's the old school set and in perfect condition, looking forward to putting them to work!
  14. Robuchon's mashed potatoes. Half butter, half potatoes, bit of cream. Case closed!
  15. Not sure how small the Iguanas are in FL, but the ones I have seen are large and will not fit through the wire, and certainly will not chew through it. IMO, it looks far better than a square mesh wire option. Either way, frame it, use your fence as a back drop - and make some nice 'rustic' swing doors that are very wide so you can access the garden to weed and prune. Lastly, drainage holes are key - make sure you put them in a place where your property is slanting away (or create some viaduct to run the water elsewhere to either be reclaimed or moved off pro
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