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  1. TicTac

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Green peppers, in their raw state, are somewhat tolerable, albeit bland and fairly one dimensional. Cooked green peppers however are horrid, vile beasts and should be fed solely to animals and compost piles.
  2. Your figures seem off, otherwise I am sure many would flock down that path as well... Here one can purchase 5,000 of said seeds for $830 http://www.johnnyseeds.com/vegetables/tomatoes/cocktail-tomatoes/mountain-magic-f1-tomato-seed-2513.html Google suggest that there are roughly 120,000 - 190,000 cherry tomato seeds per pound. Which puts it roughly at $25-30K/lb Still a nice chunk of change! If you want an amazingly sweet and fairly low acid cherry, check out 'Sweet Orange Cherry tomatos' - I grow them every year and they are the nearest thing to candy grown on a vine.
  3. Thank you Kerry. I will make note and see if we can locate one!
  4. Have had the Spanish Valdeon before, v. nice - curious to hear how the smoked one is - have seen it before, but have not ventured down that path as of yet. If you ladies ever stumble upon Big Blue's brother/sister/cousin in your travels, let me know - I have been on the lookout for one that is not exorbitantly priced!
  5. TicTac

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Looks great Shain! Love the taste of sun chokes! Though I cannot say the same for the....*ahem*....'after effects'....
  6. Odd. Unless the vendor was blowing smoke. Though that was 2 weeks ago, maybe the recent dry spell has hit the patches. Not cheap, but boy are they good!
  7. Wild blueberry season has started early and Sudbury has a good crop (had some at the farmers market from there last week). Keep an eye out!
  8. Deer are beautiful animals and it is fantastic seeing them in the wild. Sadly us humans believe they are 'vermin' as WE encroach on THEIR territory, yet when they simply try to survive, they are negatively labeled... 'Tis an overcast day in Ontario - wonder what it's like up in the Northern parts....heard rain in the forecast - will be great for the gardens (and my dead lawn!)
  9. Very interesting. I think I might finally succumb to the sous vide craze and get one... I see the Anova is very popular on here - is that the recommended unit (in terms of cost vs. value - I dont mind paying for high quality, so long as there is a case to be made...) Heard we are supposed to get some weather tomorrow, Anna - blue skies at the moment South of you ladies.
  10. That is very sweet of you both. Glad no nonsense occurred and we were able to have a fun filled day. On the plus side, my 3 year old made friends with nearly every officer there, so perhaps if I ever get pulled over they will remember him! I for one look forward to seeing more interesting test recipes you ladies attempt. I am always impressed with how much you are able to get done up there! It is almost like a foodie cooking vacation (least for one of you!), with a waterview to boot! Can't beat that!!
  11. Thanks Anna - it was a beautiful day for it - though when we pulled into the lineup to get into the parking lot, we noticed a huge police presence - ETF teams, helicopter circling above, etc - low and behold, in this wonderful world we live in, Terrorist threats were made towards the GTA and York. At first we were hesitant and were going to leave, but I do not believe in living in fear, and surely if it was that serious they would not have opened the park! We are back home now after numerous water slides and multiple trips down the lazy river. I would enjoy beer there, if they didn't charge $12 for a small pint! Hope you ladies have had a nice day!
  12. One thing I love about small towns in Ontario (and abroad) are the relationships you are able to form with local specialties, like Max for example. Need to move out of Toronto and get to gods country! As you ladies head out on your treks today, we are headed to Wonderland. Should be a nice one out - looking forward to more tales upon return!
  13. I did not - not due to lack of desire, namely, capacity! I have a fair bit of first hand experience and through family members also in the field (lots of GI's in this brood). It is rare that one is able to go to sleep and only the next day feel the ill effects of 'food poisoning'. Not saying it does not happen, but typically food poisoning presents quite fast. Either way, glad you have recovered and lived to tell the tale
  14. Corn cobs have tons of flavour! Simmer in a mixture of milk, water, 1 fresh garlic clove and you will have the base for an amazing soup, risotto, sauce for scallops, etc.
  15. Kenneth - though certainly possible......most food born illnesses will present within 2-6 hours after eating.