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  1. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Fancy - BT! A top down shot of that plate would look p.cool!
  2. If possible - would love to see some foraging shots of your mushroom and other edibles in their natural environment. I think for anyone into food, Hunting and Gathering has to be one of the most rewarding activities imaginable.
  3. Awesome. Foraging is one of my favourite things to do. Just starting my education and sadly only know about 2 types of edible mushrooms around here - one of which is in season now (Elm Oyster). Would love to see more 'shroomage and hear more about how you gained your mushroom hunting knowledge.
  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    How did you form that conclusion? What makes them (a west coast based organization) more reliable than say the East coast, aforementioned organization which liam linked to?
  5. Have had Wolf ranges for the last 10 years and would never go back to anything else. A solid piece of equipment.
  6. Sadly not. My eldest just started JK last week and there is Curriculum night which I will be preoccupied with. Though if I were going, I would most likely try for an early reservation at Scaramouche and avoid the rush!
  7. I try to avoid driving into downtown Toronto in any traffic (it is all heavy and painful!) Just purchased a Pizza steel, though for now I will stick to Pizzas and for breads, BlackBird!
  8. Pizza Baking Steel

    That looks like an ingenious product, bt - thanks for linking it. Now to find out why on earth it costs more than twice as much on Amazon.ca than Amazon.com - I have emailed Super Peel and am waiting to hear back.
  9. Pizza Baking Steel

    Had a great interaction with the owner of Baking Steel - ended up getting the one bt has above - curious, did you end up with the issues because it was exposed to water - as I understand it, they come pre-seasoned. Really looking forward to generating some nice char on my BBQ Pizzas! Now to find a good pizza peel!
  10. Pizza Baking Steel

    Thanks btbyrd. I emailed the owner of Baking Steel - shipping is expensive, so perhaps he might be flexible (as I might order multiple). Pizza craft is made out of Iron, which is not what I am interested in. The Baking Steel one appears to come pre-seasoned, which I am a big fan of. What is the upkeep like?
  11. Pizza Baking Steel

    Would love to hear more and perhaps some actual suggestions on Pizza Steel's I have looked a bit on Amazon and ones being touted as a "Pizza Steel" are in fact Iron, which is not what I want. FWIW - This would be going to Ontario, Canada.
  12. Do you find dried parsley retains any of its original resemblance?
  13. An awesome new discovery for green tomato usage - Slice 'em fairly thin Liberally salt them and weight them down in a colander for 5-6 hours Rinse them with white vinegar Place on a plate and add white wine vinegar and good evoo Add (up to you - though so far my favourite combination) a mix of chopped oregano, garlic chives, pepper and a bit of salt Enjoy. So good. Edit - The above appears to be Vietnamese Coriander.
  14. Favorite Thermometers....

    I wonder how accurate my Wolf range is and whether I would benefit from one of those....I like the idea though.