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  1. Just keep cooking at medium heat until all the moisture is gone - crisp bacon is inevitable, just gotta keep cooking the stuff!
  2. TicTac

    Culinary Creations

    Often (at least in my house) the old adage 'necessity is the mother of all invention' rears it's head and presents opportunities to create! Lately I have been thinking far more out of the box with the recent Celiac diagnosis of my 3 y/o son. I have always loved cooking and creating, but given newly imposed restrictions, the need to be creative has multiplied! I thought this might be a nice thread to share things we create (which we have perhaps not heard of elsewhere) either intentionally, or not! I will offer last night's innovation: Lately I have enjoyed creating zucchini purees (an extremely healthy and often overlooked veg) - essentially searing diced zucchini, typically with onions and garlic and some other flavour profile (have done Indian, Thai, Italian iterations, to name a few). Last night's was the leftovers of an Italian/Japanese fusion iteration with the combination of garlic/onion/tomato puree and I used a fresh made Dashi as the braising liquid. Everything was reduced and the contents pureed, consumed as is (great way to get veggies into kids!). The smokeyness from the Dashi really worked nicely. Last night a bowl of said puree was leftover and I was in a creative mood and got to tinkering! In went some soft goat cheese, a bit of S&P and some Gluten Free flour (regular flour would certainly suffice). Some butter in a pan on med-high heat and my newly minted 'zucchini goat cheese pancakes' were born. The texture was fantastic, flavour was excellent (the additional caramelization of the tomato paste and goat cheese worked really well) and before I knew it they were all gone with my 3 y/o asking 'Daddy, you make more of these!?' A keeper concept/recipe for sure. I bet a number of other veggies would work really well in this application - creating a very healthy (and fun to eat) side offering.
  3. TicTac

    Dinner 2019

    No disrespect to the Yorkies... Just give me those onion rings!!! 🤤
  4. Not in the least. Oh, and if you can find me a Robot Coupe at $300, I will take 5!
  5. TicTac

    The Air Fryer topic

    Thanks. Flexible when dry? Haven't seen such a beast around here (I am well familiar with the 'pliable when wet variety')...though I will be at an Asian grocery store today so will keep my eyes peeled.
  6. TicTac

    The Air Fryer topic

    Curious. Does anyone use a wrapper that is gluten free? I wonder how rice paper wrappers react to frying....or baking even, for that matter...
  7. $1500?! 😂 Not that I am an IP fan, but one could purchase an IP for each day of the week (and blenders) and still have money to spare, for that price tag!
  8. TicTac

    Lunch 2019

    Wouldn't curl up like that if it was raw.
  9. TicTac

    Dinner 2019

    Looks awesome @Shelby - only change (for me at least) is swapping the cheese till the end of the meal! 😛 I would happily depart from sweets for a nice variety of (mostly) aged cheeses!
  10. TicTac

    Click and Grow

    Re: Trench system - what are the benefits??? (Had to watch the video without sound!)
  11. If anyone, let alone a 'dude' had hairy PALMS, I would be terribly concerned, massage or not!
  12. Avocado soup is also excellent. It can also be used in baked goods to create a far richer/moister texture.
  13. Correct. Thanks. I probably should proof my posts before hitting submit...oh well, least I have my very own Editor in Chief(s)
  14. I believe it is fair to say that the Avocado has already found popularity in the kitchen! One interesting application - substituting Mayo for Avocados (to increase the health and flavour factor) in tuna salads. Same concept with an egg salad. Equally so, chicken salad. I also often use it as a thickening agent in salad dressings.
  15. TicTac

    Dinner 2019

    Typically - Oregano, Garlic, Lemon, Olive Oil.