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  1. I do recall hearing about determinate vs indeterminate tomatos before; though I admit I have no clue where mine fall. I am growing varieties like green zebra, cherokee purple, black krim, goldie & orange sun gold. Also in southern Ontario - similar climate to yours, I believe...
  2. Ken - Your gardening knowledge is impressive. Clearly some experience from the 'past' Question, I have some Heirloom Tom's in the ground which are about 1 foot tall but starting to flower - I had never until you posted this though about pinching their flowers to promote more growth and less fruit production (yet) - though this is the nature and no manipulation of light cycles, so not sure if it would be wise.... Would like to hear your (and others) thoughts...
  3. Not just butter in the fountain, but cream and seafood stock too! Nasty. Just give me the lobsters. Keep your butter-monstrosity!
  4. Sad indeed. I feel for those who are left with no alternatives (to them, at least) but suicide. I do not want to imagine what they must have felt to put them in that place. I feel even worse for those they left behind. Having gone through this very recently with a drug OD of a BIL (38) who left behind 3 boys under age 10. Sadness, soon replaced by anger and more sadness. Unimaginable.
  5. Looks nice, too bad great (rarely even good!) rum does not make its way to Ontario (regardless of the fact that we have one of the largest liquor buying powers in the world)!
  6. Bay of Fundy is a gorgeous piece of the country. I remember staying at a beautiful hotel right by the Bay, it was almost castle like - years ago. I also fondly remember the best (and freshest!) scallops I have ever had.
  7. But you have the Ocean!
  8. You Southerners are lucky with your early (or constant) produce! Looks great. And Ken, those are going to be some expensive strawberries! Up here in Southern Ontario, we have thus enjoyed: - Various types of lettuce started from seed in early May - Garlic Chives - Asparagus - Ramps First snap peas of the year showed up from my local farmer, so that is always exciting... Oh, and young spring garlic....one of the loves of my life!
  9. TicTac

    The Kindest Cutting Board

    Either your '?' key is broken or you are a SuperMario Flame Throwing Hooded Munchkin of very few words!! Perhaps the query should read - 'What is the best cutting board with my knives edge best interests in mind'?
  10. FWIW - those would be Betel leaves. Traditional wraps for beef in Viet cooking. Great stuff. If you are ever in Markham, give 'The Pho Restaurant' a shot, husband and wife run front of house, mom and aunt cook - best Vietnamese I have had in the GTA.
  11. Vegan, vegetarian....potaYto...potAto!
  12. I am assuming that the flavour increases via dehydration? Sounds interesting. Almost like a vegan botarga!
  13. Preserved yolks...interesting. What use for it? Lately in our house it has been ramp season, so lots of pounding with the mortar and pestle (a far superior product than the blender) and good olive oil. So far, 12 jars have made their way into the freezer.
  14. TicTac

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I think we could all do with some Morels! Am I the only lover of good quality sushi who does NOT like raw Uni!? Some great meals folks - on my end, they didnt have soft shell crab at the Japanese fish market, so I picked up some gorgeous tuna and made Tuna Tartar w/ bay shiso, garlic chives, and a basic avocado/shiso/black pepper 'sauce'.
  15. I am signing up for 3rd Party QC duties. Surely there is a need for such a role....
  16. Lailey is quite a nice winery. I recall having enjoyed a number of their wines over the years. For Ontario, they are in the top 20%. Enjoy, folks. Oh, and if NCT has their Meritage (they do not often make it) grab a case!
  17. Is that for CDN customers as well?
  18. TicTac

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Many thanks. Will give this a go next time and report back!
  19. TicTac

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Ann_T - great result. I recently purchased a Pizza Steel (http://modernistcuisine.com/shop/baking-steel/). Haven't had an opportunity to try it outdoors yet, but the indoor results (gas oven) have been good - but not as good as what you posted. I am wondering if convection might be a good idea next time..I have also yet to try putting it flat on the bottom of the oven....
  20. TicTac

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Great crumb. What surface do you bake on/in?
  21. TicTac

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    You just have to find the right market! My beloved Japanese supplier 'Yu Seafood' closed its doors last year, so lately I have been buying from Sunny Supermarket ( Leslie and Finch ). The Chinese sure do know their food, and are nearly as stringent as I am when it comes to quality/freshness and variety. He pulls in not only the typical EU (stripped bass, bream, etc) but also some nice stuff from Florida (Grouper, lots of live offerings - geoduck, lobsters, various clams - razorback, etc among other oddities - like live eels which chances are I will never buy!) And to ensure I am staying on topic - from said market, I procured both a nice piece of salmon for the wife and little ones, and I picked up some fresh Boston squid for Calamari!
  22. Fantastic. Thanks for taking us along. I would have picked both the sweet breads (how were they? hopefully not overdone!) and the red fish as well! Love the shots of the menus - gives not only a greater perspective but also a creative blast to us living vicariously through your efforts.
  23. Oh - but we do! I give you SUMILICIOUS! (5631 Steeles Ave E) (the most recent, and arguably strongest contender on the 'scene'). Gives Montreal a huge run for their money. Huge portions of fantastic smoked brisket with tons of fat....oh man.....
  24. TicTac

    Ramps: The Topic

    I would avoid picking any for 2-3 years. Let them strengthen and spread naturally. I transplanted some I dug up last year and have about 2 dozen shoots this year, will transplant some more this year for future years to come.
  25. TicTac

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    No, but perhaps 'environmentally destructive'? I always bite my lip (or perhaps in this case, fingers) when I see all the paper plates on this site, but I realize some people have accessibility issues so I cannot presume anything.