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  1. As the globe faces recently unprecedented inflation, it makes sense to think outside the box when shopping. If youre willing to take a leap into the unknown, you may find product otherwise overlooked. All you can lose is the cost of that one item and you may open an new door. I have long been willing to try the untried, visit a venue without its being vetted by someone "in the know", trust my own taste. I've always been willing and fortunately able to spend what I need to to get the product or service I want or demand. But I'm also loathe to spend a dime more for the same product or quality. I often laugh at the old San Francisco social judgment, "Who IS she? Nobody knows her mother!"
  2. b_d, I imagine that my referenced off-brand qualifies in his context.
  3. An excellent point. I usually pay little attention to items that are constantly in our pantry, but somehow the manipulation of commercial mayo prices bugs me. I have always used only Best Foods or Kewpie, and having lost my mayo virginity with Banquet, i was startled to see how an off brand could so outdistance the other major brands.
  4. "None that I know" and "most" does not equal all.
  5. I was brought up on Best Foods but its price hike pushed me to try Banquet which Grocery Outlet was selling for $2.49. It is astonishingly acceptable! But now out of stock. I would buy it again in a heart beat.
  6. Not so here. In the '60s Green's restaurant, one of the nation's first vegetarian restaurants features cheese heavily in its menus. Vegetarianism is a continuum. Like politics and religion, each person finds a place for himself on the arc.
  7. Technically correct. Cheese is usually allowed a lacto-ovo veg. I was neither, just avoided meat. It was strictly how I felt like eating and wasn't the least philosophical.
  8. If they don't, you're at the wrong boulangerie.
  9. Rough bread, strong Cheddar and a pickle that Americans would more likely akin to chutney all fall within the ordinary lacto-ova veg regime. But, certainly they are not vegan.
  10. I might love that! During the vegetarian period I spent in the UK, ploughman's lunch was my pub order. You see, you need the butter to cut the strong cheddar and pickle to brighten both. Yes, I could do that!
  11. One of my favorite sandwiches is a half baguette, generously buttered, with thick slabs of camembert end to end. (A glass of white wouldn't clash with this.).
  12. My current sandwich is seeded bread, pastrami, razor thin slice of red onion, dill pickle, seeded jalapeno, mayo, lettuce. Not for purists.
  13. My lightbulb sandwich moment was at the lunch counter at Grey's Antique Market in London. Chicken sandwich on white bread. Mayo and "salad" (lettuce). BUT, the guy salted and peppered the chicken. All the difference in the world. Salt and freshly ground pepper.
  14. Rereading previous comments, it occurs to me that time is a factor in preventing splitting. Low and slow, and they heat evenly and don't split.
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