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  1. This is devastating news. I wish I had taken time to tell her how much I appreciated her input. Very hard for me to digest much less accept.
  2. It's an inside joke I tell myself when I realize that my habits don't parallel those of my alter-ego. In this case, choosing convenience over the daily ritual of choosing products from individual specialty vendors.
  3. Two crab stories. As a child, I used to visit my aunt in San Francisco, traveling by train and alone. My father would book me tickets in the bar car because there was always an attendant. I would always get my aunt to take me to Fisherman's Wharf to buy a couple of crab for my mother. I later laughed at the scent that must have emitted from my package for those three hours in a warm train car. Fast forward some 25 years, my husband used to help out an elderly neighbor with small tasks. One night, the doorbell rang and this neighbor handed in a gunny sack full of crab! Small crab. What to do with several dozen probably undersized/underage crab? We had friends over at the moment. Sent one out to find French bread. Start a tomato base. Wash crab. Finally combine with sauce -> 2am cioppino. Husband had gone to bed in the meantime, but staggered out for a bowl. A night of guilty pleasures.
  4. Our season still is not open here. We've been pretty satisfied with picked Dungeness out of Washington state. Good fresh taste and close to zero shell bits. Last ( a couple of weeks ago) at $60/lb with liberal leg and claw meat. I have always found that in terms of net meat, picked and in-shell run about the same price.
  5. Smithy, have you made Mississippi Roast? It is most improbable but utterly delicious. ( I do NOT use packaged seasonings! But confess I have become a user.) Not only the intended meal, but leftovers that range from tacos to cottage pie to poor-boys to,,,,,
  6. Looks like there are few "no nos" at Nonno's. Actually, the Nonnos (Italian grandfathers) I have known would flick those hat off you before you could plop yourself on a barstool.
  7. Not sure I'm dying to tuck my toes under the table with this group, the article's feature shot.
  8. Pork Marsala or Pork Stroganoff; certainly schnitzel (with white gravy).
  9. I remember ordering dove in Paris. The waiter warned me that it was "sauvage", "forte". I acknowledged that I understood that it was game and might be strong.. He picked up my finished plate that contained only a pile of bones and the head. He shook his head in disappointment. I had not sucked the head. I'll never be French.
  10. Thanks for making this. The last time I made it was ??? 40+ years ago. A good recipe. I'm guessing that the excess liquid came from the potatoes. We have been having the same problem with classic scalloped potatoes.
  11. I believe that egg was the norm mid-Century but went out of favor due to food-safety concerns. Eg in bird contamination, being held at a room temperature, etc
  12. AKA my get up and go got up and went. Mine did too.
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