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  1. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    From sublime to ridiculous....dinner for granddaughter who is sleeping over tonight. Pork belly, mac and cheese, cauliflower and GREEN GODDESS DRESSING, a new adventure and new favorite food!
  2. We were introduced to brandade many yesrs ago by a friend who was taught by his French grandmother; Not only a dip but a main course. Since then, we've learned to make it also from freshly salted fish, fresh tasting and equally good.
  3. Thanks. The reason I questioned this is that I always precook scallops, prawns and chunks of white fish (halibut, monk) when making a "big fish soup". I stop cooking when they are seared but undercooked, then remove them to a covered ceramic casserole which I leave on the stovetop until serving...the fish added to the broth a couple of minutes before plating. This has worked a charm with guests asking how the fish was so perfectly cooked. When I noticed the CSO "warm" setting and temps a low as 125F, I thought maybe I had an alternative method. But afraid not.
  4. Thanks, Anna and roruts. An honest answer is always appropriate and appreciated.
  5. Stupid question: can I keep grilled fish warm in the CSO? Like an hour? Am thinking I'd slightly undercook it first. Am I flirting with disaster? And overcooked fish?
  6. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Absolutely stunning.
  7. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Fresh mozz, evoo Iceberg, Green Goddess dressing (Packaged) cheese tortellini in butter sauce
  8. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    I like your style.
  9. Great idea! I just munch them down. Delicious!
  10. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    ABC, "anything but chardonnay," became wine snobs chant some years ago, referring to not well made bottles. These same people slurp white Burgundies.....so go figure.
  11. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Mimi Thorisson's chicken standby: lightly seared chicken breast, splash of marinara, melting cheese -> oven until chicken is cooked through and cheese is melted. Here, with garlicky beet greens. Husband invoked a corollary of the 90's chardonnay invective: ABC....ANYTHING BUT CHICKEN. Sorry, Mimi. Even you can't revive his saturation with this meat.
  12. You might have read how loyal a supporter of BM I've been. I LOVE Carl Jr's Beyond Burger. Its juicy patty, ton of fresh veg, good bun. Only problem they are BIG. Half one with fries on a combo is good for me...and also for husband. So we're driving to the country and starting to plot our lunch stop. Husband suggests splitting a Beyond. Sure. So we walk in and husband spots the promo poster for a Barbequ Beyond. I can't squelch his enthusiasm altho it sounds gross. Wasn't wrong. Soggy bun. Overcooked patty that resembled the typical/worst real burger. NO VEG except for a thick deep fried onion ring. Just about everything I dislike about fast food burgers. It was, in short, awful. Thank God for the fries.
  13. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Left a plate of fuyu on the table in order to ask husband what dressing he wanted. He attacked the plate, happy with nature's flavors. ....all gone. Green chili and cheese enchiladas
  14. Margaret Pilgrim

    Lunch 2020

    I kinda learned my lesson in high school. I had a job after school, came home, dashed through the house, pausing at the stove to snag a good looking bite. "Croquettes?", I asked as I scarfed my score. "Brains", she answered. I now wait for plating and service.
  15. Suggest that you make double batches and freeze half. Always wonderful to have on hand when the yen strikes. Just using excellent bacon, and a respectable knob of butter at the end will bring you close enough to the real thing.
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