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  1. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2019

    Too much of a "fire drill" for pics, but yesterday I threw a Grocery Outlet miniature beef chuck roast in the oven mid-day:along with usual suspects, @ 275F and let it be, counting on doing "something" with it for dinner. DH got an SOS from our son asking for help in a project that needed to be completed before today. So at 4pm DH had a plate of meat and jus plus cantaloupe. He got home around 11p.m. Leftover pot roast is a good thing.
  2. Walnut bread for cheese course and breakfast toast. Long rise, stretch and fold method. I also substitute home-brew green walnut wine for about 40% of the liquid.
  3. Are you talking to me? This is "fly by the seat" cooking. I use a very small amount, half to a teaspoon, for strong cheddars. Yes, different cheeses, even ages of same cheese, may respond with different amounts of vinegar. But considering how little vinegar you are using, it shouldn't be a substantial difference.
  4. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2019

    We do what we can. Grapefruit segments with thyme. Salmon cakes with potato and ginger and soy. Yogurt. Meyer lemon, dill sauce. Garlicky greens.
  5. Thanks for this reboot. FWIW, I have found that in lieu of sodium citrate (should you jut not want another container of something on your shelf), a tiny amount of vinegar will allow your cheese to relax. Like a teaspoon in a cup of cheese and liquid. There is no noticeable flavor added by this. Anyway, works for with recalcitrant cheeses.
  6. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2019

    You all are making me SO HUNGRY today! Such gorgeous plates.
  7. Before any kind of storage, you are remembering to always remove mushrooms from any plastic wrap and place in paper instead? One of my major laments is grocery stores' replacing small paper bags in the produce section with plastic. NO, NO, NO, NEVER!
  8. Hoping this is more tangential than thread drift, whenever I want to make a big fish soup I go to my local freestanding fishmonger and ask him to save me a halibut frame. These he would normally throw away and he doesn't charge for them. There is the head, collar and a LOT of usable chunks of meat to reclaim for a chowder, salads or a quick salt-down to make fresh salt-fish brandade.
  9. Margaret Pilgrim

    Lunch 2019

    Nice flavor building.
  10. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2019

    Store bought packaged "pub cheese", cheddar and horseradish in this instance. A Grocery Outlet seduction.
  11. Margaret Pilgrim


    FWIW, I read "somewhere" today that it was optimum to use a cast iron pan for your cornbread pan, BUT never cut the bread in that pan. Instead, turn it out on a board. Never had heard of or seen this done before. But tried it tonight. It actually worked a charm. Easy flip out, easy serve.
  12. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2019

    Tonight's dinner was "by popular request". So.. Stuffed celery Chili, And tantalized by our current thread, corn bread.
  13. Margaret Pilgrim


    Thinking ahead to summer, I remember that broken up cornbread topped with a good buttermilk is a cool and satisfying sweet-salty-tangy dog-days breakfast or supper.
  14. Aha.....Thanks for jogging the memory re crepes. Perfect 24/7 building blocks. Will bring them back into rotation.
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