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  1. I don't have an instant pot but would alternatively let it simmer on lowest heat, stovetop, if I didn't want to use the oven.
  2. Rabbit is a favorite of mine although I seldom encounter it. It is a delicate, mild meat. I used to just moosh legs in salt, pepper and evoo, then grill to barely cooked through. Two of the finest restaurant dishes I've ever had were rabbit. One at Delfina in SF and one by Eric Frechon in Paris. Both were braises, and both were Italian influenced. Here is one idea. I would add that at each restaurant, I snagged the last portion which probably means it was prepared the day before. This is one of those dishes that might well improve with a day of rest.
  3. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Flammekueche cucumber
  4. My mother's recipe calls for using dry milk, whole or 2%, dissolved in water for the liquid. She made fabulous bread, totally by hand, no machines, just elbow grease. Is that a future possibility for you? In these days, I wish I had some.
  5. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    When bread comes out of the oven, husband stands over it counting "one thousand one, one thousand two..." and begs to cut it while it's still crackling. You two should get together.
  6. Margaret Pilgrim

    Lunch 2020

    In a day or so, straight Campari sounds like a plan. Remember to order oranges.
  7. Wow! Thanks, Kim. I own that perforated pan. Will try this next bake. Nice instructions, too.
  8. And once you get your sheets, don't be intimidated with filling ingredients. You think every Italian grandmother waited to have every morsel in stock before feeding her brood?
  9. Me too. KISS pasta....keep it simple, stupid.
  10. One tip, Bernie, is to always question, when heading to the kitchen with snack in mind is to STOP at the door and ask, "Do I really want/need something to eat or do I really just need a glass of water." 90% of the time, the latter is the answer.
  11. Husband and I have week long intermittent domino games in the country. It's funny but I somehow always do better after dinner than after breakfast. Should be the other way around.
  12. We'll be looking for typos on your term paper.
  13. Makes us aware of the psychological ticking time-bombs this pandemic is creating. People who are already living on the edge. Think of the mind state that would even temporarily value meat and toilet paper over rent.
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