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  1. eta, riced cauliflower is a pretty good way to fed it to people who hate cauliflower. With enough butter or curry sauce or gravy, whom cares?
  2. We all probably have a version of the kitchen tool, the "ricer". It forces food through tiny holes, it "rices" them. To reice is a verb. Of course people are using cauliflower "rice" as a carb sub because it works that way,. But it is a sub. One would never think one is creating actual rice from cauliflower. Or would one...
  3. I have had the same soft results following the directions on the Minute Tapioca box. Made it last month for the first time in many years. Next time, I will let the pudding simmer on minimum flame for a good five minutes. And also may incorporate the egg whole rather than separated. Or maybe add an eggyolk to the pudding and add the whipped whites at the end. This was the first time I'd made it in years, and I'd never had problems with consistency before This last batch was delicious but thin. Like most custards, the flavor depends totally on the quality vanilla you use
  4. What astonishes me is that some consumers are confused by the marketing term, thinking that it is actually rice made somehow from cauliflower.
  5. (With the wide availability of jumbo tapioca, you can make veg flavored/colored balls to use in off-recipe ways. Kinda fun and unexpected. Like room temp beet balls with crab or shrimp or calamari in a lemon/garlic vinaigrette.)
  6. Altho my mother was a thrifty cook, having survived the Depression and WWII deprivations, I can't remember her ever making chicken soup, from a carcass or from scratch. I don't ever remember eating it. My M-I-L, on the other hand, made fabulous chicken and noodles. Heard tales of my paternal grandmother making noodles for soup but not referencing chicken. While my chicken soup is good, I can't say that it is quintessential comfort food, altho our son thinks so.
  7. I have to speak up. (Maybe Anna will join me?) But I am older than God. Have been cooking for some 60+ years so I've lived and cooked through a whole bunch of trends and gurus and false idols. When I cook, I look in my pantry and if needing inspiration I may Google those ingredient suspects to see if someone has an outlier way to use them. I skip the narrative, am totally put off by the verbiage that precedes the recipe, finally scan the recipe and then modify it to our stock and taste. I have no interest in the blogger's story or philosophy. Like Joe Friday, '"just the fac
  8. FWIW and tangentially, I add crumbled nori to 18hour bread dough, great with a fish soup or stew. About 7gr to a 500gr flour loaf, + additional water to allow for nori's rehydration.
  9. Me exactly. I cherry pick from sites so have no idea of editorial stance or input.
  10. Pasta! eg cacio e pepe, carbonara He's probably been eating it for years and never knew it.
  11. You are using plain nori sheets? Like for making sushi? Sounds right since the snacks can have many added flavors.
  12. Quite right. We've basically come to dressing each salad from scratch in the bowl, well, green salads. Salt and pepper, a favorite EVOO, vinegar of the moment. At this moment we are enjoying Banyuls, a soft red.
  13. In my experience, EVOOs are all over the board in flavor (grassy to fruity) and viscosity. You may well find differences in emulsifying abilities. If you want a "creamy", well emulsifies dressing, use an immersion blender. Or simply whisk it for an eternity.
  14. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Sunday NYT white beans au vin, essentially beefless beef stew with white beans. A splat of leftover mashed potatoes as additional sop. Divine.
  15. I love all baby and teenage summer squash as well as haricot verte sized green beans. Also baby leeks.
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