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  1. If you keep looking with Maker's Mark, it will get harder and harder to focus...😉
  2. mgaretz

    Dinner 2020

    Back on semi-regular food. I say "semi" because I still have to avoid anything "stringy" that will get caught between the teeth. So beef and pork are still out (unless it's ground). Spaghetti with my chunky red sauce, along with Mexican Gray Squash.
  3. mgaretz

    Dinner 2020

    BBQ Chicken breast, served with baked potato and butter and the last of the mashed cauliflower and mushroom gravy.
  4. Toasted coconut is great as a topping to cherry pie, especially if it has no top crust.
  5. mgaretz

    Dinner 2020

    Last night's dinner: Burger, cooked SV then seared, topped with mushroom gravy made out of whole cloth (mushrooms, water, soy sauce, caramel coloring, spices and cornstarch) along with mashed cauliflower also topped with the gravy.
  6. mgaretz

    Dinner 2020

    First not mushy meal: Salmon with maple-bourbon glaze, cooked on the PAG. Served with sweet potato with butter.
  7. I don’t have that model, but I have Smart Oven Air. It takes 45 minutes to heat the DO to 450 degrees. Bread bakes in 30 to 35 minutes, plus 5-10 minutes with the lid off if you want a crispy crust.
  8. mgaretz

    Smoking Meat

    It all depends on whether or not you want crispy skin or rubber. If you smoke at 375F or higher you'll get crispy skin, but not much smoke flavor. Lower temps like 225F will give you more smoke flavor, but the skin will be rubber (and not just rubbery). You can smoke for 30 minutes or so at low temps, then bring up the temp to crisp up the skin and you'll mostly get both. I smoke mine at 400F for about 45 minutes and get nice crispy skin. That's a mix of bone-in thighs, drums, wings and breasts. But I always double check internal temps with an instant read thermometer. Breasts can get pulled at 165F, thighs can stand more temp (I have pulled them as high as 190F and they are still juicy), so one timing usually works for all.
  9. mgaretz

    Food after Dental Work

    You can directly sub split peas. My wife is currently off them but lentils are fine. Not that she’s eating any of this.
  10. mgaretz

    Food after Dental Work

    Over in the dinner thread I posted my soup to get me through my recent periodontal procedure. It's lentil-carrot-oatmeal made in the instant pot: 1/2 pound of dried lentils, I like the brown ones 1 cup oatmeal (the oat meal is in here to create a complete protein with the lentils) 1 pound of carrots, sliced to about 3/8" thickness 32 ozs chicken stock 3 cups or so of water (may need to add more if the soup is too thick for you) 1 tsp soy sauce 1-2 tsp lemon juice salt to taste pepper, onion and garlic powder, bay leaf, all to taste, cumin if you want it more of an Indian bent 1 tbs olive oil to prevent foaming Everything goes in the IP for 10 minutes, then natural release Could be made on the stove top, leave out the oil in that case. You could sub rice for the oatmeal but it's forbidden by my periodontist. Today I made egg salad and will be having that with the soup.
  11. mgaretz

    Dinner 2020

    This an example of my dinners as of late. Meatless lentil soup made in the IP and with oats for a complete protein and carrots. Tastes better than it sounds and you really have to look to find the oats. Accompanied by either baked or sweet potato with butter.
  12. Isn't that basically true of cream and milk too?
  13. So I found a new item in the market the other day, non-dairy whipping cream (Silk brand). Wondered if this coul be part of the base for non-dairy (or at least lactose-free) ice cream? I am posting a picture of the ingredients and nutrition label.
  14. I saw goat milk the other day in Sprouts.
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