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  1. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Breakfast for dinner again. I overcooked the eggs a tad. The hash browns were from dehydrated (I guess that's what you'd call them). They came from Costco in an eight-pack of 16 oz cartons like small milk cartons. Each one is supposed to be 7 servings, and you add water right in the carton. Not wanting to make that much, I weighed out the carton into four equal portions on 30 grams apiece, packaged up three of them in sandwich bags for use later and re-hydrated the last portion. It works out to 4 ozs of water. They were pretty good actually.
  2. The Air Fryer topic

    Did you do the 3 minute preheat? I forgot to mention that.
  3. MAP-Pro Torches

    This one: https://www.bernzomatic.com/Products/Hand-Torches/Instant-On-Off/BZ4500HS I bought mine with a Sansaire label (also painted white) that came with their searing pan and grill and I am quite fond of it. After I bought it folks pointed out that it was the model I linked to above with different paint. I don't use it with Map-Pro, just the standard green Coleman camping cylinders. Map-Pro evidently doesn't burn that much hotter than Propane and costs a lot more, so the common wisdom seems to be don't waste your money on Map-Pro.
  4. This book has been in my local Costcos. I looked through it for a few minutes. Looked up cherry, one of my favorite flavors, to see what they paired it with. No entry for cherry. Next to where cherry would have been, there was a page for citrus. Really? Like orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit all taste the same? I passed.
  5. Non-stick pan suggestions

    Almost all my pans are All Clad - most are all stainless but I have had two non-stick pans for the last 9 years and they still work and release fine. I use them for eggs, potatoes and hash. I recently bought a small, 8" non-stick WS by All- Clad pan just for doing an egg or two. It's anodized aluminum like the Costco set I bought before I got the All Clad. So far I like the WS pan and it wasn't expensive.
  6. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    New York strip steak, cooked SV then seared, with green beans cooked ALV in butter. Served with salad and several glasses of a nice Lodi Zin. Homemade peanut butter/caramel ice cream for dessert (dairy free of course).
  7. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Dinner last night was a package of Yakisoba frozen noodle/veggie mix (Costco), thawed. Added mushrooms, green beans, cabbage and chicken with a little extra soy and hoisin sauce and stir-fried in my new Helen Chen wok which I am really liking a lot.
  8. The Air Fryer topic

    Soak fries for 30 minutes. Dry with paper towels and toss in oil. About a tsp per spud. Cook for 5 minutes at 360, toss. Raise temp to 390 and cook for another 10, tossing half way through. This is for fries about 1/4” wide.
  9. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Been on the road. This was dinner before I left, as there was no time to post it. Salmon, cooked SV, glazed with maple-bourbon. Served with green beans cooked ALV and salad.
  10. Home Made Ice Cream (2015– )

    For 16 ozs of liquid, I use 1/4 cup of peanut butter powder.
  11. Home Made Ice Cream (2015– )

    I have used peanut butter powder with great success.
  12. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Simple burgers, cooked SV then seared, topped with sauteed mushrooms and served with salad.
  13. The Air Fryer topic

    Remember to up the temp in the BSOA by 25 to 35 degrees or so if using recipes for an air fryer to compensate for the lower air speed and larger area of the BSOA.
  14. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Home for a couple of days. Made lentil soup with ham and copious amounts of carrots for dinner last night and tonight. Froze the rest.
  15. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Got a new wok today so of course I had to try it out! Char siu with young bok choy, snap peas, mushrooms and onion in a sweet sauce of hoisin, soy and cream sherry.