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  1. A standard house dishwasher with regular soap. Melissa Coppel blew my mnid in her class saying there is no reason not to do that, and I completely agree.
  2. lol, I meant not the traditional way 😂
  3. I do not temper my cocoa butters and have 0 problems with shine and release. I melt them in their bottles, let them cool down to about 32 celsius, shake them like crazy in the bottle for about a minute and then use. For cleaning- dishwasher, and then alcohol with exfoliating rounds. I don't see much of a difference with/without alcohol in the molds that have round cavities, but in those that have some sort of detail (such as the skulls i did for halloween), I need it to really get everything out.
  4. my lazy way to deal with this is not using tape to actually seal all the connections to my airbrush, meaning that within less than a day after I finish using it the air has slowly leaked out (and I dont feel any impact on pressure while spraying) 🤣
  5. I have a website I am building on Wix (mmm-chocolate.com), not sure if they have that option, but will check, thank you!
  6. 😂😂😂 I just ordered some chocolates from her recently. Shipping was almost $30 and it arrived in perfect shape (but no way am I going to spend so much on her packaging to keep it cold)
  7. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help, thank you! You have answered every single one of my questions and I can move forward now 😁 I am definitely small enough to be focusing on my area now, and don't want to get into this shipping nuisance, it's more of a one time thing- I belong to a foodies facebook group where I have been sharing a lot of my process setting things up and my chocolates, so a lot of people from outside my state have asked to purchase some (shows the value of very targeted marketing, even though that was not the intention 😂)- I will likely do a one time thing where I ship orders for anyone interested from that group and that's it.
  8. After taking a break from chocolate making for a few years, I am now back in full speed, and actually opened a chocolate business called mmm-chocolate (which is what my 2 year old says every time he sees me making chocolate ). Currently I have a permit for my residential kitchen and am working out of my house, offering pickup or local delivery in my area. There are a couple of questions : Labels: 1. I am required to add an ingredients label for each product- since boxes can have different flavors, how can that be precise? Or should I just list all ingredients I use? 2. Any suggestions for how to print labels that doesn't cost a fortune? What I have looked at online is about $1 a sticker which is insane Shipping- I am not looking to expand there yet, but I do want to send some boxes to a few people across the US 1. Each chocolate is in its own cup, with a candy pad on top, inside a rigid box. What would you put the box in in order to send it? 2. For the future- how do you even price shipping costs- whatever USPS just says?
  9. Completely luster dust (with painters tape for the line) and just dark chocolate backing it. I got the powders from bakedeco, and have never had an issue with them mixing with the chocolate So just luster dust or cocoa butter?
  10. I just got my california air compressor after thankfully being stopped by jim at the last minute before buying a husky. The husky is much louder, and weighs twice as much- i covered all the connections with painters tape per jim's recommendation, and it barely turns on while working. I highly recommend getting it replaced vs getting the husky
  11. Ive done quite a bit with luster dust till i got my airbrush- polish the cavities, brush the dust with a makeup brush and then pour chocolate- the ones in the photo are just luster dust, no CB. What is your process?
  12. ahh.. that makes sense. and wow, so time consuming! Also metallic- is the jewel line by chefrubber considered metallic? I use it and definitely do not get those colors...
  13. but how do they get those black smudges? if it were just backed with black, then theoretically it should look more uniform, no?
  14. I live these! Any ideas how they get the black/shimmery effect?
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