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  1. my lazy way to deal with this is not using tape to actually seal all the connections to my airbrush, meaning that within less than a day after I finish using it the air has slowly leaked out (and I dont feel any impact on pressure while spraying) 🤣
  2. I have a website I am building on Wix (mmm-chocolate.com), not sure if they have that option, but will check, thank you!
  3. 😂😂😂 I just ordered some chocolates from her recently. Shipping was almost $30 and it arrived in perfect shape (but no way am I going to spend so much on her packaging to keep it cold)
  4. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help, thank you! You have answered every single one of my questions and I can move forward now 😁 I am definitely small enough to be focusing on my area now, and don't want to get into this shipping nuisance, it's more of a one time thing- I belong to a foodies facebook group where I have been sharing a lot of my process setting things up and my chocolates, so a lot of people from outside my state have asked to purchase some (shows the value of very targeted marketing, even though that was not the intention 😂)- I will likely do a one time thing w
  5. After taking a break from chocolate making for a few years, I am now back in full speed, and actually opened a chocolate business called mmm-chocolate (which is what my 2 year old says every time he sees me making chocolate ). Currently I have a permit for my residential kitchen and am working out of my house, offering pickup or local delivery in my area. There are a couple of questions : Labels: 1. I am required to add an ingredients label for each product- since boxes can have different flavors, how can that be precise? Or should I just list all ingredients I use?
  6. Completely luster dust (with painters tape for the line) and just dark chocolate backing it. I got the powders from bakedeco, and have never had an issue with them mixing with the chocolate So just luster dust or cocoa butter?
  7. I just got my california air compressor after thankfully being stopped by jim at the last minute before buying a husky. The husky is much louder, and weighs twice as much- i covered all the connections with painters tape per jim's recommendation, and it barely turns on while working. I highly recommend getting it replaced vs getting the husky
  8. Ive done quite a bit with luster dust till i got my airbrush- polish the cavities, brush the dust with a makeup brush and then pour chocolate- the ones in the photo are just luster dust, no CB. What is your process?
  9. ahh.. that makes sense. and wow, so time consuming! Also metallic- is the jewel line by chefrubber considered metallic? I use it and definitely do not get those colors...
  10. but how do they get those black smudges? if it were just backed with black, then theoretically it should look more uniform, no?
  11. I live these! Any ideas how they get the black/shimmery effect?
  12. Did you ever figure this out?
  13. Also Papermart is pretty cheap and has a good selection
  14. Chef Rubber cocoa butters- After going back and forth with their support (hey, at least I got them to eventually respond which is a win), I am even more confused around the different lines they have- artisan, decor, jewel, natural, infused, zen. Here is what I have gathered so far: artisan- regular colors. natural- same type of colors made from natural ingredients (whatever that means) jewel- artisan with added luster dust. zen- natural with added luster dust. infused- infused with real flavors. I bought one which clogged my airbrush (and the color barely
  15. I haven't actually figured out how to set the psi in the compressor, so don't actually know- whatever it was set to when I bought it? It seems pretty strong when I open the GMAC till the end- when I spray the GMAC is open just a little bit, and I can finish a mold very quickly no backspray at all, I do have some overspray but also because I am not experienced yet with aiming the airbrush to the right place
  16. Yes. Although at some point i started painting them on after they were out of the mold (less shiny, but otherwise the darker green was sometimes stuck in the mold)
  17. Finally have all the equipment and did my first big airbrushing project for Rosh hashana- after the first 100 or so, I finally got the hang of the apples and making the seam less visible, same for the pomegranates https://www.instagram.com/lironpg/ www.mmm-chocolate.com
  18. Just finished reading through this thread, but apparently missed this part- arre you saying washing the mold with soap reduces the need for polishing each cavity?
  19. oh, and my "spray booth" is a big cardboard box Because it is very easy to control the pressure with the GMAC regulator, I don't get much overspray so nothing outside of the box gets color on it (and I did just spray around 20 molds at once)
  20. Adding my 2 cents for @SweetSymphonybyM as Jim recently helped me a ton with this Here is the setup I got that works like a charm: TG5 GREX Tritium Top Feed w/ 0.5 mm Needle TK-7 GREX Nozzle Conversion Kit 0.7mm (I switched to the 0.7 needle straight away, but I think there was someone using the 0.5 needle and said it was ok) CP50-1 GREX Tritium Top Feed Cup 50mL (I actually don't need the large cup yet- I prefer several small cups as I switch colors quite a bit so far) GMAC GREX Quick Connect w. Air Flow Valve (this is genius- allows you to control the air
  21. That's a very good point regarding tye overspray, and final convincing in getting an airbrush now. The grex sounds like it is worth the extra price- small oversray, large tip, changing fan and piston which is more comfortable. I contacted their support to ask what the compressor requirements are for the 0.7 tip, and it requires a more industrial one (they recommended California air 4620ac. (60 psi is not enough with 0.7 tip according to them). Since it is double the price of the husky, and the spec is actually not as good (smaller container, less HP and CFM), I think I w
  22. Thanks Teo I do have a full time job in software, so this isn't professional for now. However, because it isn't professional, I am also ok on spending more money to make things less arduous so I keep enjoying it (so am fine going up to in budget), I just am having a hard time figuring out what the best solution is for me, considering I don't have a lot of volume. If I up my budget to the $400-$500 frame, it sounds like the grex + appropriate compressor would be the best solution for me, does that make sense?
  23. I don't :) i do use mycryo to temper chocolate which is super fast, and for splatter pattern with a toothbrush i would just wait for the CB to cool down, then give it some good shakes in the jar and and that would do the trick, although I don't really know what the official temps are for just CB. regarding the compressor- thanks again for your help, you sound nothing like a know it all and I do appreciate your advice! it seems that to get a compressor that is strong enough for a spray gun, even a cheap one would probably be $300+ , not to mention a massive toy I dont have
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