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  1. Can I say that its a very strong maybe for me?
  2. Yeah, I don't think this is the correct link.
  3. Yes, I agree with Erika. He said he sprayed the mould, used a toothpick or such (he couldn't think of the word in English) to remove a fine line of the color, then backed it in copper. Really beautiful effect.
  4. Count me in for Thai! So excited for this weekend with all of you!
  5. Soma and pizza for me. Glad to hear there will be a panning machine. I was going to ask. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  6. Saturday dinner for me too. Itinerary sounds good! Thanks Kerry!
  7. Well congratulations! Sad you wont be there though.
  8. They look great Keychris. I had the same question on the marbled effect. I would love to know. Thanks.
  9. I have the same compressor Jim. This is my question as well. I would love to find something that works with my compressor. I will investigate and let you know what I find out.
  10. Dang girlfriend! They are so beautiful!!! Awesome job! Love the mango chili on the left. Looking gooooood. So very impressed! Your flavors typically are so amazing that Im sure your experiments will turn out awesome! Nice job Willow!!!
  11. Mousse Ganache

    I would love to have this recipe as well. If you can't post it, would you please PM me?