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  1. Hello all. Super excited to reconnect and to meet future friends at this year's workshop! In order to prepare for the workshop, I wanted to share a document that @YetiChocolatesand I had put together several years ago. This is a suggested list of items to bring and I would love to hear additions from previous attendees. Hopefully this will help as you plan for the workshop. Can't wait! Chocolate workshop items to bring.docx
  2. Please do tell the Melissa Coppell method of excess CB scrape technique. Would love to know how. Thanks @Chocolot
  3. NOOOO! Was so looking forward to chatting with both Robyn and Phylis! Rob, please change the Lulubee Artisanal Chocolate to read: 0 for Thursday dinner. 1na Saturday night. Thanks!
  4. Gwbyls

    Dried Fruits

    Jim, I source North Bay Trading Co and have been really happy with what I have received. I’ve only purchased berries from them but have been happy. Good luck.
  5. Rob, if someone can tutor me on sponsorship requests etc, I can take this on. Let me know!
  6. I was at their manufacturing store last week and while I did not pick up any of the beer pieces ( now I wish I had), I think I remember being told the tops were made with fondant.
  7. So I just googled tuits. ( Um blushing over here)
  8. I’m somewhat close and willing to help. Let me know Rob! Gaylene
  9. It’s obviously gone. Would love a copy. Gwbyls@hotmail.com thanks!
  10. It’s so nice to see that you have failures too! I feel less alone right now.
  11. Gwbyls


    Thanks to you both. I made it today and it is exactly as I remember it. Thanks again!
  12. Gwbyls


    Thanks so much! I think this is the recipe I wrote down (I must have converted it to grams), but it looks similar. I appreciate it. I remember when I made it last year, I couldn't stay out of it. They were so good. I tried a different recipe last week and did not have the same reaction. This one is a keeper! Thanks!
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