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  1. Gwbyls

    Dried Fruits

    Jim, I source North Bay Trading Co and have been really happy with what I have received. I’ve only purchased berries from them but have been happy. Good luck.
  2. Rob, if someone can tutor me on sponsorship requests etc, I can take this on. Let me know!
  3. I was at their manufacturing store last week and while I did not pick up any of the beer pieces ( now I wish I had), I think I remember being told the tops were made with fondant.
  4. So I just googled tuits. ( Um blushing over here)
  5. I’m somewhat close and willing to help. Let me know Rob! Gaylene
  6. Gwbyls

    Banana Ganache

    It’s obviously gone. Would love a copy. Gwbyls@hotmail.com thanks!
  7. Gwbyls

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    It’s so nice to see that you have failures too! I feel less alone right now.
  8. Gwbyls


    Thanks to you both. I made it today and it is exactly as I remember it. Thanks again!
  9. Gwbyls


    Thanks so much! I think this is the recipe I wrote down (I must have converted it to grams), but it looks similar. I appreciate it. I remember when I made it last year, I couldn't stay out of it. They were so good. I tried a different recipe last week and did not have the same reaction. This one is a keeper! Thanks!
  10. Gwbyls


    Hey all, I need some help. I am looking for Nightscottsman's marshmallow recipe. Every link that I have found ends up in a "page not found" link. The last time I made (delicious) marshmallow was a year ago and have the recipe that I used written without instructions. I'm pretty sure it is his recipe, but can't confirm. It uses 2 gelatin envelops. Can anyone help me out with the link or the directions? Thanks in advance!
  11. Congratulations! Will miss you this year and super excited for the possibility of a Midwest workshop! Can’t wait to hear about and see your new space.
  12. Saturday dinner and afternoon master class if possible please.
  13. I use an over the counter dental rubber tip instrument to scrape inside the mold. It works great and doesn't scratch. I personally would prefer to scrape than paint. Something like this https://www.kleenteeth.com/g-u-m-gingival-stimulator/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6ueM9oe82QIV2rrACh0D4ArqEAQYASABEgIq3_D_BwE
  14. Plane tickets have been booked! It's a definite for me now Kerry! Yeehee!