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  1. Thanks @Francois Royal for the info. I guess as an update to the fallout of all this, pretty much all the LCB agent was looking for was for me to get a Class 5 liquor permit, which in Washington state is a permit that states the alcohol you are using in your production and in what quantities and where you are buying it. It costs me $10/year and has so far kept them off my back. I also learned a lot about the law of alcohol in confections and know how to answer the question if someone comes knocking again. One thing the LCB agent got wrong during his inquiry was asking what the alcohol by volume was within the confection, which according to the law doesn’t apply, it’s alcohol by weight. Regardless, moving forward I now state on all ingredient labels where alcohol is present, “This product contains alcohol, but less than 0.5% per weight of the product”. I did learn that the particular agent that I was dealing with last year got redistributed within the agency and isn’t an LCB agent anymore. So at least I don’t have to worry about him moving forward. I think it is important to at least have a basic knowledge of liquor laws within your state and how they apply to confections. And when in doubt, if they ask if you add the alcohol during the cooking process you always say yes...
  2. I realized I didn’t post a couple days of food photos 🤭. So here they are... last night in MI dinner of fish & chips and a beer flight. Both were good but filling! Only ate one piece of fish and some fries (admittedly I ate a lot of chocolates beforehand 🤣) The next day at O’Hare I had a Kale & Quinoa salad at Wolfgang Pucks...it was meh. Nothing too exciting When I made it back to Seattle I had some Pho at Pho Bac with a friend. It was excellent. @Gwbyls and I usually get Pho when we are together but MI was a bit lacking in this option...so I had it Seattle and thought of Gaylene 😉
  3. I was definitely in tears, it was an amazing three days. Luis has such a good soul.
  4. Here was my dinner and drinks - fish n chips and a beer flight. Would definitely recommend Silver Harbor beers, especially their strawberry rhubarb sour and imperial stout. Fish and chips were good, although admittedly I ate so many chocolates at Luis’s place I didn’t eat much for dinner...
  5. Taking a break from the continental breakfast scene to enjoy some leftover pizza 😋
  6. Sorry for the delayed response, here’s my dinner from last night at Tosi’s. My entree was house-made bucatini, burrata cheese and arugula with a tomato basil cream sauce - heavenly! Minestrone for soup course and arancini appetizer. And a lovely 2017 malbec. It was a satisfying meal.
  7. Continental breakfast...nothing too exciting. There was a hard boiled egg but I ate it before I forgot I needed a photo, as reminded to me by @Kerry Beal
  8. Here was my airport dinner in Minneapolis...and I got to watch high school hockey on the TV! It was like being in Canada ☺️
  9. I also picked this guy up...never a bad time for a little r&d!
  10. My preflight snack, savory scone and white mocha. Both are delicious!
  11. My breakfast - I had a nibble on the scone but saving the rest for later. Honey cardamom latte and potato breakfast burrito. Quite lovely, loads better than yesterday
  12. Gaylene and I went to the Tower Park area for some Pho and then finished the evening at Ted Drewes!
  13. Gaylene and I are currently 40 minutes out...breakfast and lunch were not picture worthy unfortunately...but here’s the view from the car
  14. I saw that you were bringing it and then completely forgot so I'm SOL in that department...
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