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  1. YetiChocolates

    Melanger experimentation

    I use a Hamilton Beach food processor for pre-grind, works well for nuts, which is primarily what I’m using the melanger for. @tikidoc curious to hear what they say about the clearance issue...
  2. YetiChocolates

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Green works dishwashing liquid...
  3. YetiChocolates

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Ok... I’m now a convert. I decided to wash my molds with soap and buff the water out with a cotton ball (because of the calcium content in my water) and I have to say the chocolates do come out pretty shiny! Here’s a couple photos. And it cuts my cleaning time in half so I’m pumped!
  4. YetiChocolates

    Water Ganache

    Thanks Kerry!
  5. YetiChocolates

    Water Ganache

    Did you use the greweling recipe as in your previous posts or something different?
  6. YetiChocolates

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    This is why my mantra is “I am not the master, chocolate is the master”
  7. When you say NRA, are you referring to National Restaurant Association? Because my mind definitely defaults to a different acronym... I think finding a space big enough with enough tools to work with for attendees, or if there is a shortage of equipment be up front so folks know to bring more of their own...we ran into difficulties in lack of equipment in Niagara this year. Maybe demoing how to mix your own cocoa butter using powders (and people who are interested could purchase and bring powders if we can’t get donations/samples? - just a thought)
  8. YetiChocolates

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    That’s interesting. I can usually spray 4-5 molds at a time before I need to reheat my gun, so I typically swap back and forth between handpainting and spraying. When I splatter I can get around 10 molds before I have to reheat. Not sure if the type of gun has anything to do with it as well? I also feel that everyone has a different technique and can get similar results so it is hard to ascertain what are the best conditions to create the best result. I feel I have been having good luck with what I’m currently doing so I’m just gonna keep doing it for now
  9. YetiChocolates

    Cream cheese ganache?

    I use a variation of a butter ganache recipe in Greweling’s Chocolate and Confections book and then substitute cream cheese for butter. I make a strawberry cheesecake and use strawberry jam, cream cheese, white chocolate, strawberry freeze-dried powder and some strawberry vodka and some citric acid.
  10. I fill a sink with hot water, add the molds, then rinse and wipe the water out with cotton balls, then polish with 90% alcohol. Never use soap. I have to wipe out the molds right away because the water in my space has a fair amount of calcium in it. I do agree that it’s funny how we all have different techniques to clean molds! As for cocoa butter, I have a dehydrator that I warm my cocoa butter and keep my gun in, and have it set at 95F. When I get ready to airbrush I take the cocoa butter out and shake it a few times then use it in the gun. Rarely do I have issues with sticking. As for handpainting, I’ve become a lot more diligent at checking temps before using and making sure it’s below 90F, and have had much better success.
  11. YetiChocolates

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Sounds like when you’re doing a home remodel project... All the feedback the 3 of you (@gfron1, @Kerry Beal and @Jim D.) provided I feel was quite generous and definitely gives those of us that couldn’t take the course a lot of food for thought. So thanks! I just took the time to read the thread and I will say that I keep my kitchen at 65F (18C), and didn’t make the correlation between the shine I get and the temperature. And I just bought a substantial amount of cocoa butter, but will consider mixing my own in the future once my supply runs out if the results are that noticeable.
  12. Noooooooo! This makes me so sad! I hope you feel better soon Ruth.
  13. Idk, looked like Bob and Donna were doing some prelim research, so I vote one of those two! Otherwise I would be more than willing to take on the task, but I can with full confidence say I will not be able to make any arrangements until I'm on the ground in either Detroit on my layover or in Buffalo on Thursday morning...so if everyone thinks that is enough time to make a reservation, then sign me up!
  14. Obviously I'm in for Thursday dinner Sorry for the late reply...been busy getting stuff buttoned up with wholesale and online orders before the exodus!
  15. Sorry Erika they’ve all been claimed