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  1. My breakfast - I had a nibble on the scone but saving the rest for later. Honey cardamom latte and potato breakfast burrito. Quite lovely, loads better than yesterday
  2. Gaylene and I went to the Tower Park area for some Pho and then finished the evening at Ted Drewes!
  3. Gaylene and I are currently 40 minutes out...breakfast and lunch were not picture worthy unfortunately...but here’s the view from the car
  4. I saw that you were bringing it and then completely forgot so I'm SOL in that department...
  5. Hello Haley! For the workshop there will be a demo in the morning on Saturday and then after it’s over people generally start working on things, either individually or in groups. Others will do some basic instructing for new comers or those who are looking for some basic chocolate skills. Then on Sunday we generally finish up things we worked on the day before and do a show and share (sort of) at the end. As for things to bring - I would say bring tools you prefer to work with (i.e. scrapers/spatulas, dipping forks, thermometer), maybe a mold or 2 if you have room. Also if you want to experiment with a new recipe, bring it along. I know my first workshop I attended I didn’t have anything to work on as I just wanted to observe what others were doing, which is entirely acceptable - though expect others to hound you about doing something 😉 It’s a very laid back, friendly group of people who enjoying getting together every year to nerd out with other chocolatiers and pass along their knowledge. I hope this helps!
  6. I say bring what you want. We’ll figure out a way to make it work
  7. I took the opportunity to get a second large bowl at the Niagara workshop and recently finally got the stones and holder to have two set ups, more because I do nut butters a lot, but wanted to experiment with nib to bar chocolate and wanted to keep the two separate.
  8. The only thing I've run into recently is a bad/old batch of cocoa butter that had some form VI crystals forming in it, I heated it up and retempered it with silk, but it still had some leftover form VI crystals in it, so there were times that my chocolate would be in temper and then go out of temper (pretty sure the form VI was the culprit). I ended up doing was Kerry suggested and heating the cocoa butter up to 60C and melting all the form VI out and then put it in the EZ temper and "Voila" good silk! But other than that I am definitely with you on it being foolproof and not every doing a temper check anymore. It is quite amazing!
  9. Last year before the Niagara workshop I ordered a bunch of Zephyr and then brought it back across the border myself because on their website it said you could not order chocolate outside of Canada. Maybe they have since changed their policy?
  10. If only I was closer to Kerry 😉 And if only I lived in Canada I would order it from chocolat-chocolat, but since they cannot import chocolate (which I'm assuming cocoa butter falls into that category) I'm SOL on that option. I ended up getting an order of Cacao Barry from Divine Specialities, mainly because they offer free shipping on orders over $99, so I got 2 3kg buckets, which will hopefully last a little while. Doing a price comparison with all the suppliers I can get it from it was the most reasonable since I want it sooner rather than later.
  11. Gotcha, I'll have to get some and give it a try, thanks for the info!
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