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  1. Noooooooo! This makes me so sad! I hope you feel better soon Ruth.
  2. Idk, looked like Bob and Donna were doing some prelim research, so I vote one of those two! Otherwise I would be more than willing to take on the task, but I can with full confidence say I will not be able to make any arrangements until I'm on the ground in either Detroit on my layover or in Buffalo on Thursday morning...so if everyone thinks that is enough time to make a reservation, then sign me up!
  3. Obviously I'm in for Thursday dinner Sorry for the late reply...been busy getting stuff buttoned up with wholesale and online orders before the exodus!
  4. Sorry Erika they’ve all been claimed
  5. I posted on Facebook as well but if there is anyone interested in molds, I have some I want to liquidate, so if you're interested, I'll post photos tonight.
  6. Well they’ve all been taken!
  7. That would be correct Kerry. 4 sheets have been claimed so I have 14 sheets left at $2.40/sheet. Let me know if there are any other takers or if Erica is claiming the rest!
  8. Hey does anyone have a want/need for loose gold leaf? I used 5 sheets out of 20 and pretty much vowed to never work with it again, but someone else might have a need. Let me know and I’ll bring it along!
  9. You absence will definitely be missed (I was really hoping you would make it!) but I am super excited that you're finally signing the lease!
  10. I recently found some for $18.78 a kilo, so I bought 10 kilos of it...hopefully it’s as good of quality as Cacao Barry, especially since I’m using cocoa butter in my peanut butter and almond butter cups now. I’ll report back once I get it.
  11. That someone would only want to come for the presenter...
  12. I never realized this could be a thing for participants...
  13. Hey Kerry do you just fill the molds with straight gianduja or do you make a ganache with the gianduja. Just curious....
  14. Is anyone going to be heading to Buffalo on Monday perchance? Trying to figure out rental car logistics...
  15. It was super easy! Nice work Kerry!