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  1. Hey Kerry, I’m bringing some chocolate bricks I got as samples at the NW choc fest last fall that I won’t be using, people can probably use them in ganaches, and also some transfer sheets that I’ve had but don’t have a use for and they are simply taking space at this point. Happy to donate to the cause.
  2. Hey Kerry! Is there going to be access to a Fuji during the workshop this year?
  3. Yeah, given that I only just recently started washing my molds with dish soap, the idea of putting them through the dishwasher is an absolute hard pass. But not spending hours washing bowls, pots and utensils sounds appealing.
  4. Thanks for the info Rob, I passed it along to my landlord and he thought it was an excellent idea so hopefully we can find someone other than Sysco to use 🤞
  5. Just paid Kerry, sorry it took so long, just realized this morning that we are less than a month away! Anyone else feel like this year is passing by via light speed!?! 😬
  6. Who wouldn’t suffer for those pastries is the real question!?!
  7. If anyone needs/wants any of these items for their tilting melanger from Diamond Custom let me know I’ll bring them along…
  8. Hey all! My landlord is building a new building and I get to move into the new space and design it how I want! 🤩 I'm very excited to say the least because I have quickly grown out of my current space. With the new space I asked if it would be possible to add a commercial dishwasher to the common dish cleaning area for a couple reasons - one I'm tired to spending a ton of time doing dishes 😆, and I feel overall it will save on water so I'm not constantly filling 3 sinks every time I need to do a load of dishes. I'm trying to do some research on the best options for commercial dishwashers, and specifically ones that would work well for a chocolate kitchen, so was hoping those of you who have a commercial space that might have a commercial dishwasher could give me some advice. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!
  9. So originally I thought I couldn’t attend because of a friend’s wedding but they have too many attending! Since I’m politely bowing out to help ease the stress I will indeed be coming! And I’ll be bringing one of my employees who’s showing great promise that I think can get a lot of the workshop - if nothing else being able to learn from some right-handed folks 😂. Already excited to see the list of folks joining this year!
  10. Do you think if I were to order something from them they could deliver it to Tomric? I need some epoxy for my bowl...
  11. @patris I'm planning on being there and pretty sure @Gwbyls is as well
  12. Not sure if I'm the best one for this, but would be happy to pass along whatever knowledge I can that might be of help.
  13. Real sad I won't be seeing you and Nancy this year! 😢
  14. I'm in as well! Excited to ring in the big 4-0 with all of you attending 😁
  15. The group is called “Chocolate Equipment, Packaging and Ingredients for sale
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