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  1. I have some fun egg molds that I want to make for Easter, but they are an awkward size. Too small to leave hollow and fill with small candies, but big enough that my normal bonbon fillings are just too rich. I plan to keep them as half eggs. I will do some peanut butter filled ones but am having trouble coming up with other ideas. Any suggestions? (Picture to show size)
  2. Just simple salted caramel and chopped roasted pecans for the filling.
  3. A friend requested turtle bonbons and I love how my “turtle shells” came out.
  4. I tried this new flavor combo for valentines this year. White chocolate cherry ganache, dried cherry, with a smoked almond/dark chocolate gianduja on the bottom. I wasn’t too sure about each layer individually, but together it made a very delicious combination.
  5. Just signed up! I’m sad I didn’t get in fast enough for the master class but I’m very excited to meet everyone and learn.
  6. The green at the front is key lime. The other flavors I did are: maple bourbon pecan dulce de leche coffee bananas foster caramel mango habanero espresso salted caramel peanut butter pretzel turtle pecan gianduja ganache salted caramel and black pepper ganache fresh mint ganache peppermint hazelnut gianduja cookie butter crunch chai jasmine orange blossom toasted coconut blackberry mojito white chocolate grapefruit raspberry passionfruit black sesame soft chocolate nougat I think I got a little carried away with trying new flavors this year!
  7. My Christmas collection is finished! 😅
  8. Thanks! I have The Greweling book and usually skip straight to the recipes (until the inevitable troubleshooting is needed 😂). I’ll look back at it for steps to properly freeze some.
  9. I always make hand dipped and molded bonbons for friends and neighbors at the holidays. This year I have already had so many people ask if they can buy boxes of chocolates from me to give as gifts so I have decided to up my quantities this year. But now I’m trying to figure out how to schedule out my time. In past years I have set aside one week where I have just resigned myself to a completely messy kitchen, fast food every night for dinner, and basically neglecting my family and all other responsibilities for 5-7 days. I would really love to find a better workflow this year. When do you start your holiday chocolates? Do you make any in advance and refrigerate or freeze them? Would a wine cooler be better for storage? I live in Alabama, so it will still be hot and fairly humid even in December! Any advice on workflow would be appreciated as I would love to keep my sanity at an already busy time of year.
  10. @curls I tried to match the flavors to the planets and some were easier than others. I knew Earth needed to be something “earthy” and I wanted Neptune to be a cool flavor and I wanted to be sure that one of the gas giants had some fluffy marshmallow. But Saturn was one that I was stuck on and since everyone seems to love salted caramel, that’s what I went with. I’m just starting to experiment with layers in my bonbons so a layered Saturn might be in the next round of planet boxes I make because that’s a great idea!
  11. @curls the flavors were mercury: dark chocolate coffee ganache venus: bananas foster caramel earth: milk chocolate rosemary ganache mars: layered white chocolate cherry ganache and dark chocolate chipotle ganache jupiter: peanut butter saturn: salted caramel uranus: layered marshmallow and strawberry balsamic white chocolate ganache neptune: peppermint white chocolate ganache
  12. I did a box of 8 this year at Valentines (that’s all that would fit in my packaging) and they were so fun!
  13. Haley

    Bonbons in NYC

    I'm going to NYC in a couple weeks and I feel I need to do a little R&D for my chocolate making hobby 😉. Any chocolate shops that I should be sure to make it to? I live in a small town in Alabama, so anytime I go to a big city I try to seek out the chocolate shops, but there are so many in New York that I need to narrow the list to the ones that will blow me away. I'm most interested in bonbons, since that's mainly what I make, but I wouldn't turn down any chocolate dessert!
  14. I'm putting this on my calendar now! I can't wait to meet everyone and learn from real live people! So far I've been self-taught and I've been wanting to find classes that are above novice level, but also not super intimidating and this sounds like a great fit. I'm interested in learning to formulate new ganache and filling recipes, working with colored cocoa butter, and understanding the different flavors and accents in different couvertures and finding their best uses (ganache, molding, dipping, etc.) and flavor combinations that work well with specific chocolates. Mostly I just want to get tips and ideas and help from anyone else who is familiar with this niche market we are in!
  15. I really really wish I could, but my daughter has a dance recital that weekend so I won’t be able to make it.