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  1. I'm not sure how to send a link from Instagram, but I just saw a video of someone doing this the other day. The instagram is Montezuma788 and it is a video from Sept. 7th. They use a small spray bottle with alcohol and water (or just water), spray it into the mold cavity then lightly spray over the water droplets with cocoa butter. I'm not entirely sure how it doesn't cause blooming, but the final result looks the same. Hope that helps!
  2. Thank you, I'll have a look at the craft store/dollar store for a sponge that has bigger holes. Mine might be too fine and causes more of a suction when dabbing it into the mold. @Jim D. I follow Monde du Chocolat on instagram (stunning work) and I would love to know how they achieve the water color look. Exactly what I'm trying to go for.
  3. Thank you @Kerry Beal and @Rajala. Sorry it has taken me a minute to get back. It has been a little hectic with Valentine's day. I tried with and without using a sponge for the "crashing wave" white. Neither look very good compared to hers. She makes the design look so soft and delicate whereas mine looks a lot more forced. I'll keep playing around with it in my spare time.
  4. Hi guys, This is my first time posting on here, I've read through the whole thread and I'm trying to figure out how to do this effect. I've read a few earlier posts about how to achieve the marbling effect and the empty blowing but I'm still not grasping how to accomplish this design she has done. The tablet reminds me of ocean waves with the hints of white popping through. It almost looks as if the cocoa butter has been blown around. Maybe the blue first then the white? Any time I have tried blowing the cocoa butter around it ends up quite circular with distinct edges. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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