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  1. Well, I mean... better than "The Brussels Sprouter." Apparently they are only interested in carnivorous uses of their gadget, but I bet you could "hack" it to cook vegetables too!! Their marketing department needs to get on that!
  2. The flame temperature of a well-tuned gas burner is something like 3500°F, what's the big deal ? (As a real side note - I wonder how/where they are measuring that temperature.)
  3. Well, in that case I better buy two! I mean, who doesn't need a "luxury burger roaster"?
  4. I finally got the Breville Juice Fountain I've been eying for years. I haven't really done anything with it yet (a couple of apples to make sure it worked), but I'm looking forward to playing.
  5. We've upgraded to the 4.5 branch of Invision Community Suite. This upgrade comes with a bevy of under-the-hood improvements to the security and speed of the site. It will take us a few days to get the last few upgrade items sorted out (strange font colors, unexpected display quirks, etc.), but if you experience any technical difficulties you can post about them here.
  6. Or just to cut a slot in the one you have.
  7. Very appropriate here in Oklahoma, anyway!
  8. I recently made a video about Cassandra Reeder's recipe for Turkish delight in her cookbook "The Geeky Chef Cookbook." It met with mixed reviews here at the library (see reaction shots in the video...) -- it is a gelatin-based recipe which gives something more like a rose-flavored Jello than the more candy-like texture I associate with Turkish delight.
  9. In the non-sparkling realm, I also picked up a bottle of Ensédune Cabernet Franc. I wasn't all that impressed with this bottle, it felt a little "generic white" to me. Some light berry notes, some light floral notes, but mostly not that interesting. Fortunately, the environs made up for it (we stayed the night at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma... what passes for an exciting vacation in 2020).
  10. Yes, it was indeed the Gruet that I was thinking of, my local store even had it chilled: It's quite dry, with good mineral character and minimal fruit. I think it was $16 at my local store, and I've run across it at restaurants in this part of the country in the sub-$40 range, so I think it's a really excellent value if you are looking for fizz.
  11. The label isn't ringing any bells, but it's pretty generic. A search doesn't yield any other promising results, so I'd guess that's the one I'm remembering.
  12. I seem to recall a sparkling brut rosé out of New Mexico that I've enjoyed several times in the past. Gruet, maybe? I'll have to check to see if my local wine shop has it.
  13. No, just a normal propane model.
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