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  1. Well, now I can say that at least it is possible to make a delicious pizza with artichokes on it -- so whatever the reason it's not on menus, artichoke pizza can be excellent. I made two slightly different takes on it for dinner tonight. I started with the Serious Eats recipe for Carciofi alla romana. Then I crumbled/shredded the artichokes and the contents of the pot together (with a few samples to ensure quality, of course!). For one pizza I made a bechamel and just used the artichokes as a topping along with some feta, and for the other I made a sort of "artichoke cream" like @weinoo sugges
  2. That's really interesting about the lack of artichoke pizza on all those menus. I wonder why not? It just doesn't seem that outlandish to me to want to put artichokes on pizza. I mean, grilled artichokes are a thing, so it's not like there's a problem with high heat. And as you suggest, I'm making white pie, not a tomato sauce variety, so it's not a disagreement with tomatoes stopping it. Too much liquid?
  3. I categorically reject the notion that I should only seek a "better use" for these artichokes. Maybe if they were some rare, exotic plant that might make sense, but that's not the case. I have some artichokes. I want to put them on pizza. That pot of @weinoo's certainly looks good, and I bet I could turn its contents into a pizza topping .
  4. Nah, I have two fresh ones to use up from this week's Imperfect Foods order.
  5. When using artichokes as a pizza topping, how do you prepare them? I haven't decided whether to make Neapolitan or grilled pizza, but it will be something that cooks hot and fast. Can I basically make Carciofi alla Romana and put it on pizza? Or should I do something else?
  6. In today's episode: Today I got an unusual email apology -- apparently I had ordered yellow onions, and they had to substitute white. And the limes are back. And the size of baseballs:
  7. Well, @dtremit really did get all the limes, because there were none for me this week... but I did get some stuff: The site said they had lots of leafy greens with frost damage because of the weather in TX... I don't know about any frost damage, but this is a 2600g cabbage: They had to use the larger box size for our order this week, and that thing was the culprit. Fortunately, I love cabbage.
  8. I'm just crap at tossing pizza. I will keep practicing :).
  9. The middle of that pizza was paper-thin (to the point of translucency), so that definitely couldn't have gone thinner. I could have stretched the edges out -- I don't usually roll, I'd guess it would be fine, but I haven't tried it.
  10. After another day in the fridge, here's the second half of that dough: That's broccolini (brocolette? whatever we are calling it...) tossed with black pepper, red pepper flakes, and lemon zest. One of my favorites.
  11. Yeah, for sure - I had a good six hours to work with.
  12. Normally I am pretty good at planning ahead for pizza, but this afternoon I decided that what sounded really good for dinner tonight was... well, pizza. So no poolish, no aging, in fact no refrigeration at all: It was still pretty decent, but I do prefer the flavor of a more aged dough. Topping are just canned crushed tomatoes, chopped fresh tomatoes, and one of those vacuum-packed things of fresh mozzarella.
  13. It's a little outside of Nashville, but Loveless Cafe is quite good -- really great biscuits.
  14. I betcha that number's more like 99%, or even 99.9%. There is a lot of mediocre pizza in the world, even in NYC . Someone making a home pie who actually gives a damn is going to beat almost all of it, even if they don't quite hit the absolute highs of the best places.
  15. Our Imperfect order was cancelled last week (no surprise there, everything was cancelled last week), and delayed by a day this week. But what a haul... The leeks are enormous, the greens look great (including the watercress, in those packages in the back), and check out this fractal beauty: I've never even seen romanesco in the stores here. I'm loaded on brassicas at the moment... I hear Plenty (or maybe Six Seasons...) calling my name...
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