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  1. It's a little outside of Nashville, but Loveless Cafe is quite good -- really great biscuits.
  2. I betcha that number's more like 99%, or even 99.9%. There is a lot of mediocre pizza in the world, even in NYC . Someone making a home pie who actually gives a damn is going to beat almost all of it, even if they don't quite hit the absolute highs of the best places.
  3. Our Imperfect order was cancelled last week (no surprise there, everything was cancelled last week), and delayed by a day this week. But what a haul... The leeks are enormous, the greens look great (including the watercress, in those packages in the back), and check out this fractal beauty: I've never even seen romanesco in the stores here. I'm loaded on brassicas at the moment... I hear Plenty (or maybe Six Seasons...) calling my name...
  4. The library's been closed for a few days due to the snow: today is the first day we've been open since last Saturday. There's still plenty of snow on the ground here, and it's cold by Oklahoma standards, so I made croissants and pain au chocolate for everyone who came in to work today:
  5. And second, another take on those figure-eight Danishes, this time with an apricot filling: Still working on that icing... too stiff this time.
  6. We're snowed in here, so once the electric company told us the danger of rolling blackouts was over for the day, I started baking. First off, cream puffs filled with vanilla ice cream (a cross between Bo Friberg's and Rose Levy Beranbaum's recipes). I barely got a photo off before they were absconded with...
  7. I posted a little while ago looking for help forming a figure-eight danish. I hedged my bets that day and only used half the dough. Well, the danishes worked out great (thanks to everyone's help here), so the other evening I pulled the other half out of the fridge, rolled it out pretty thin, sprinkled it with cinnamon and sugar, and made a kind of cinnamon-roll-esque pastry (I was going for a kouign amann sort of thing): Maybe not kouign amann, but spectacularly delicious.
  8. It's cold here today (I mean, by Oklahoma standards... it's actually below freezing at the moment), but the refrigeration-required stuff still came in that mylar pubble pouch. Bummer. On the plus side, since I suspected that might be the case I took the opportunity to buy a bunch of refrigerated stuff, on the theory that I won't do it again for a while. So today's haul is a little unusual for me: Some mahi mahi, some chicken thighs, a package of Impossible, a couple of bagged salads, and some sort of bowl thing that you heat up (lunch for my wife, I presume). I don't k
  9. One of my favorite cocktails is the Rubicon, though you'll have to drink a lot of them to use up a 5' bush!
  10. For today's order we decided to see if they would omit the insulated packaging here during the winter, at least for items that really didn't need it. Well... no. That is two tiny bagged salads sitting on an ice pack that weighed more than they did, and all wrapped up in a bubblewrap and mylar pouch that would have been large enough for my entire order and then some. That pouch was just sitting on the bottom, under all of the non-refrigerated items: Which included a shallot that was nearly as large as the onions:
  11. Great idea, so I stole it: I made Julia's potato leek soup for dinner last night. Thanks!
  12. Also, makes me hungry for mole verde! I might give that recipe a go.
  13. This week's Imperfect box: One of the heads of garlic was rotten through, and the potato is the size of a small sedan. Otherwise it all looks pretty good.
  14. Hey, they worked! After proofing they were solid enough for filling: I used peaches that I pureed and then cooked down to a fairly stiff and dry consistency (reserving a few solid chunks to add on top), and I made a sorghum-sweetened cream cheese for the other side: Both fillings were excellent: not too sweet, but sweet enough. I used Rose Levy Beranbaum's recipe for the danish pastry itself. It includes a little bit of cardamom, which I was worried would be overpowering, but it turned out great. Thank you all for your help recreating this bit of childhood n
  15. I ended up going with the technique in the video @Kerry Beal posted -- I cut strips 2.5cm x 50cm, twisted them up tightly so they looked like a rope, then formed the figure like in the images on that site (I think...). Here's what I ended up with: They are proofing now, and I am taking @gilbertlevine's advice and not filling them until after that step. I have also hedged my bets, I only made half of them so far. I am going to bake these off and see how they turned out, and if necessary do the second half of the batch differently, using @Alleguede's strategy.
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