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  1. (That said, I've used one of those generic 7-grain mixes, all cooked together obviously, and still gotten excellent results)
  2. I'd say that the True Modernist Way™ would be to cook each grain separately. And I think you'd want to use 210g total cooked weight for the 1kg dough recipe, but I guess it depends on how much you like inclusions! They have demonstrated that you can include a nearly arbitrarily large amount and still get a successful loaf.
  3. And for giggles, a video showing the production of the Modernist Focaccia (I made it into pizza, which I cooked on the grill because it's still quite hot here).
  4. This weekend I returned to sourdoughs after a summer-long heat-induced absence. It wasn't actually the plan, but a friend of mine stopped by my office the other day and asked if I had a starter he could have, his had gotten infected and was on its deathbed. I didn't (now that I'm comfortable starting new ones I didn't see a reason to maintain it all summer long), but I had previously given my starter to a colleague at work. So she brought in hers, and after my levain-killer friend took what he needed, I also grabbed a bit and figured I may as well bake with it this weekend. My colleague had been feeding it whole wheat flour, but the levain didn't seem to mind a feeding on white flour Friday night, so by yesterday morning it was definitely ready for baking. I made six loaves total: two Modernist Focaccia, two Master Recipe Sourdough, and two Chocolate Cherry sourdough (now a marital obligation, I think!). Here are the latter two loaves: They are all a touch over-proofed (overnight at 13°C), and honestly I was also really lazy with the shaping and just sort of let the dough drop into its banneton. So not perfect, but functional and delicious anyway.
  5. Chris Hennes

    Strange Pizza Toppings

    I love the translation on that first one: "Pizza with meat fragrance".
  6. @JoaoBertinatti - I usually split mine at feeding time, so feed both the part I plan on using and the part that is continuing on at the same time. If you are talking about feeding earlier or later than your normal feeding time I'd only feed the part you plan on baking with, and feed the other portion at the normal time.
  7. Chris Hennes

    Strange Pizza Toppings

    Meh, pizza is a flatbread. If it's good on bread, it's good on pizza. I'm making one from the New York Times tonight, roasted eggplant and ricotta. I've made this one before, it's pretty good. Lots of basil and chile flakes.
  8. Chris Hennes

    Strange Pizza Toppings

    I recently ate at Moose's Tooth pizzeria and pub in Anchorage. At our waiter's recommendation (and because it sounded really weird) I had the Amazing Apricot: Blackened Chicken, Cream Cheese, Apricot Sauce, Red Peppers, Carrot Threads, Green Onions, Cilantro, Mozzarella, Provolone. It was actually not all that interesting, flavor-wise, everything just sort of blended together into a suprisingly bland non-thing. You can see the rest of the menu here, most of their pizzas are on the strange side.
  9. Chris Hennes

    Dining in Tulsa

    Sounds excellent, they should feel free to open an outpost in Norman! I should be in Tulsa later this fall, I'll try to check them out then. It looks like some nights they have a live band, too.
  10. Great idea - I think the Anova is the best of the several I've tried in terms of very simple controls. Although the new ones come with Bluetooth, they can still be used with just the dial on the top. Set the temp, press the start button, and away you go. They are compatible with a large variety of pots, though your library might consider including a cambro with the kit.
  11. 😞 As usual, I'll most likely be out of the country then (coincidentally quite close to ptw1953, actually!). Maybe we could have the thing in Scotland in 2020! (Not volunteering to plan it)
  12. I've been a bit remiss in reporting this summer's experiments (summer is my busy season at work). It's pretty hot here in the summer, so I literally haven't turned my oven on since May: my grill, however, has been getting quite the workout. I've been playing around with their various flatbread doughs and different styles of grilling pizza. My favorite so far is a thick, fluffy pan pizza made with their direct focaccia dough. You can easily retard it several days in the refrigerator so I get a couple nights of pizza out of it. I tweaked the dough by adding 4g of polydextrose to it so that it maintains its crispness off the grill, and I've been cooking it in a big skillet with a lot of olive oil over relatively low heat (about 400°F, give or take). While I basically love all styles of pizza, I haven't been all that thrilled with most of the direct-on-the-grates techniques out there. By migrating to an entirely different style of pizza I've ended up with something I'm really happy with.
  13. Chris Hennes

    Forums Upgrade

    This morning we updated the eG Forums to the latest software from Invision, Community Suite 4.3. The bulk of the changes are under the hood, but a few things of note for those who like technical details: You can now use real emojis (rather than just emoticons). So, 🎉 and/or 🥂. This is particularly nice for those using mobile devices. Emoticons will still work, though . We've switched from MySQL Fulltext searching to ElasticSearch. This should give better search results in the long run, but will take us a bit of time to really dial in. Although we don't ever give your information to third parties, and we don't accept advertising, this software update does help us comply with some of the other requirements of the GDPR. If you experience any problems with the software, please see this topic. 🍾
  14. @Tri2Cook -- I made those for a party last week and had the same reaction. I made a second batch and increased the mint by a pretty substantial amount (at least double, maybe more). I preferred the mintier version.