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  1. We've just upgraded the eGullet Forums to Invision Community Suite 4.6 -- as usual for a point release, most of the changes are under the hood, and should not affect your use of the site. That said, if you encounter any bugs or unexpected behavior, please let us know in the technical support topic.
  2. I suppose it doesn't count as baking (in fact, not baking is the whole point!), but it certainly was sweet... my colleague and I just produced a video on food safety aspects of raw cookie dough: Having done three takes of that last scene, I don't really want to eat any more raw cookie dough for quite some time now!
  3. My colleague Loren and I have started a new video series where we goof around with cookie recipes (all in the name of science, of course)... we just published one about white vs. brown sugar: Our colleagues at the branch love this series, we have been baking a TON of cookies!
  4. It was a pawpaw pate de fruit, if I remember correctly. The combination worked very well, and the ham is spectacular.
  5. We had the chance to dine at Bulrush last night: the meal was excellent, as usual. Earlier this week @gfron1 posted a photo of a Red Wattle country ham he’s been curing, so I was especially hoping that would be on the menu. I was not disappointed! Blue room at Angad Arts this time, completing our collection:
  6. For me this is our fundamental difference: I cannot possibly name what I like "best". I make Neapolitan(-ish... home oven limited for now...) most often, but it's not at all uncommon for me to use other styles. I have maybe a half dozen crust recipes I alternate between. Sometimes I add stuff to the tomato sauce, sometimes not (well, almost always black papper, I suppose). I change up cheeses, I change up toppings, and I like to experiment (sometimes resulting in... disappointment). I intend to use Modernist Pizza as a framework to focus a concerted effort to become well-versed in making Pizza in the broadest sense, however they choose to define it. I have spent the last several years baking extensively from Modernist Bread. Despite having baked quite a lot of bread before it, I have learned a ton, both from things where I think they got it right, and in things I think they got wrong. I can only hope that MP does to my pizza skills what MB has done for my bread.
  7. The PR material says this book has 1000 recipes in it (or something like that)... so I sense a LOT of practice/repetition in my future .
  8. I suppose it goes without saying that I've preordered my copy . I own their other three cookbooks and use them all the time, particularly Modernist Bread, so I've definitely been waiting for this one.
  9. After several years of development, Modernist Pizza is finally available for pre-order, with an October 5, 2021 release date. (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)
  10. It uses mixed units in the US: for larger quantities both grams and whatever the traditional US measurement would be (cups, pounds, etc.). And it uses simplified Chinese.
  11. Well, now I can say that at least it is possible to make a delicious pizza with artichokes on it -- so whatever the reason it's not on menus, artichoke pizza can be excellent. I made two slightly different takes on it for dinner tonight. I started with the Serious Eats recipe for Carciofi alla romana. Then I crumbled/shredded the artichokes and the contents of the pot together (with a few samples to ensure quality, of course!). For one pizza I made a bechamel and just used the artichokes as a topping along with some feta, and for the other I made a sort of "artichoke cream" like @weinoo suggested and used that as the sauce. Here's the first: And the second (I swear it's different, but it basically looked the same after baking): They were both delicious, but I think I'd give a slight edge to the first: the bechamel is the Modernist variant, which has a really excellent texture as a pizza sauce.
  12. That's really interesting about the lack of artichoke pizza on all those menus. I wonder why not? It just doesn't seem that outlandish to me to want to put artichokes on pizza. I mean, grilled artichokes are a thing, so it's not like there's a problem with high heat. And as you suggest, I'm making white pie, not a tomato sauce variety, so it's not a disagreement with tomatoes stopping it. Too much liquid?
  13. I categorically reject the notion that I should only seek a "better use" for these artichokes. Maybe if they were some rare, exotic plant that might make sense, but that's not the case. I have some artichokes. I want to put them on pizza. That pot of @weinoo's certainly looks good, and I bet I could turn its contents into a pizza topping .
  14. Nah, I have two fresh ones to use up from this week's Imperfect Foods order.
  15. When using artichokes as a pizza topping, how do you prepare them? I haven't decided whether to make Neapolitan or grilled pizza, but it will be something that cooks hot and fast. Can I basically make Carciofi alla Romana and put it on pizza? Or should I do something else?
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