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  1. I've had good luck with New York Bakers, too. The proprietor's books on rye bread and Jewish Bread Baking are very interesting. Too hot to do much baking right now in the AZ desert and I'm still working but expect to do much more soon when I'm retired, or at least partially retired, and the weather is cooler.
  2. Peanut Butter and Jelly - The Sandwich

    I've been having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch my entire working life. I'm not too picky about the peanut butter and jelly, whatever is on sale, but always on homemade bread. I used to like a liberal amount of peanut butter and jelly but now prefer just a thin layer. My appetite isn't what it used to be, there's less mess, and I can taste the bread better. I occasionally substitute honey for the jelly. I'll be retiring shortly and expect my consumption of PB&J sandwiches will be greatly diminished.
  3. Hospital Time

    Get well soon! I'm sure you'll be happier eating your own cooking and knowing what you're eating.
  4. Do You ALWAYS Clean Your Kitchen As You Go?

    I don't want to have a giant mess to clean at one time so I clean as I go.
  5. Yikes! An avocado for $1.69?

    Small to medium in my case.
  6. Yikes! An avocado for $1.69?

    Occasionally find them as cheap as six for 96 cents at one of the Mexican markets here in AZ. Frequently get four or five for a dollar. Haven't noticed any sales in the past month, though, so maybe something has changed.
  7. Aging and Eating Habits

    The older I get, the more I want to spice things up. Maybe my taste buds are getting numb?
  8. I will try this on the next loaves. Thanks, Andie!
  9. Follow-up after six months of use. Both ovens continue to function. I've used the BSO mainly for things other than loaf bread, namely pies, cookies, brownies, and corn bread. Due to the extra headroom, I mainly use the ODO for loaf bread. However, even with the extra headroom, there is still a problem with the tops of loaves scorching. The upper heating elements in both ovens are on during baking, perhaps at a lower level than if toasting or broiling, but still so much that it is necessary to put foil over the tops of the loaves about halfway through the bake to keep them from scorching. My old Toastmaster oven didn't suffer from this issue unless it was a very tall loaf and I don't think the top elements were on during baking, or at a very low level if they were. When the warranty period is up, I may consider disconnecting the upper elements on the ODO because I have no plans to toast or broil in it and this may solve the bread scorching problem. Otherwise, both ovens are functioning well even though I could have gotten along with just the ODO had I not just gotten the BSO.
  10. Ingredients via Internet

    White Lily flour from Jet.com. Good price and quick delivery. Got some of their "famous" self-rising flour for biscuits and 50 Lbs of bread flour recently. Can't get it in the stores around here.
  11. My first two breakfasts of 2017 were black-eyed peas with little pieces of ham cut up into them and corn bread with butter. Probably tastier than my usual breakfasts so shouldn't save them just for New Years. Best wishes to all for a safe, healthy, and happy New Year.
  12. Favorite Quick Breads?

    Looks and sounds tasty! I use whole mangoes, chop them up in small pieces, and call it good. I like the taste of the pieces in the bread. It gives a strong mango taste when you get one in a bite and a good contrast with the rest of the bread. Waiting for the next sale on mangoes . . .
  13. How do you decide what to cook

    Since I prepare meals only for myself, there is no pressure other than to have something ready to quickly heat up in the microwave during the week. My meals are based upon what I like to eat, what is on sale, and what I have in the pantry. Even though I have a copious collection of cookbooks, I rarely refer to them anymore and just fix what I think will be nourishing and taste good. I cook a big batch on the weekend and put the rest in the freezer and fridge for weeknight meals. Works for me and I have sufficient variety based on different things being on sale.
  14. Favorite Quick Breads?

    Hello fellow Arizonan! I do but they're at home. I'll try and remember to bring one in to work tomorrow to share.
  15. Ingredients List on Package

    I use fresh mangoes from time to time and the residue is very sticky. Can't say whether there is anything else in the frozen mango chunks but one would think it would have to state that sugar was added if it were.